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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love In The Ice [10]
Title: Love in the Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Non-AU, mild angst, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here.

Summary: A script for a new mini-series is left in Yunho’s apartment by his manager, and as he reads it, he becomes more and more intrigued. Unbeknownst to him, one of the leads has already been cast, and the contracts signed. When he too is cast in the project after expressing interest in the part, he gets the shock of his life when he arrives for the script reading to be faced with a person from his past. Someone that he has spent years trying to pretend never existed. How will they be able to get through filming this without killing each other? Or worse…

AN1: This scene actually started from YunJae’s POV just before the kiss… BUT for some reason I wasn’t quite feeling it lol so I ditched a couple thousand words so it may feel a little odd in parts. Also…this is moving at a crawl. I’m at chapter 10 and they only just kissed…I AM CRAWLING.

AN2: Oh and if you’re a new reader who has never read ICE, I really think you should because I will make a few references to it without actually spelling it out because the assumption is that everyone has read ICE and are familiar with the plot…


How about you tell the crowd here what my favourite spot is?Collapse )

Why on earth would I ever, ever stop reading this story?

I'm so glad you are back. Finally YJ are back on track.
I've to agree with Su about the punishment from SM. However they are the one that insisted Yunho be in LITI & they have full knowledge that Jae will be partnering Yunho. Come on Man, they can't be so stupid to think that they can put YJ in a gay drama without any spill over actions. So the question is, what's SM motive for doing so?

Come on guys, enjoy the freedom to be as clingy & sexy as long as the press conference is on. Think about backstage later. I'm SOOOOO with them to give it all out.

PS. Wonder how many YJ fans died of blood lost hahaha.....

OMG i dont think i'll be able to breath if i'll be one of the crowd at that time. love this <3

Reading this chapter almost killed! Yunjae's hotness will be the source of my death one day!

Thanks for updating^^


i've been putting off reading this bc i wanted to read it as a reward for finishing my paper and omg totally worth it i'm in tears, laughing, and squirming all at the same time i think i need a time out.

jxktdkrarklttfxkrrdydksjdztiktltddltdktztdwgdltagdkzfkgxlgtkzktysgg IT'S ALL SO PERFECT I just love their teasing omg.... and ugh it sounded so poetic in the middle, I loved it ;____; when they were communicating without words ah ;;; ♥️ I can't wait to see how their relationship will improve even more after this ;~~; ah I just have hearts in my eyes, I'd be either crying or vibrating like Junsu if I were there hahahaha OH MAN SO GR8

\\(^o^)\\ //(^o^)// \\(^o^)\\ *Waving arms in happiness* STILL HERE!
I am not really surprised that this fic is crawling compared to your other fics. This fic is non-AU, and as a result has a lot more introspection of the relationship between not only Jaejoong and Yunho but the other members of DB5K. Plus this is not just a YunJae story but also Ice. You are trying to write a story within a story.
This story may be at a crawl but the quality is really good and I, as a reader, am really happy with how the story is progressing so far.

Edited at 2013-10-08 09:29 pm (UTC)

I am faithful to this fic. I will never get tired of waiting for an update.

I've had no problems so far reading your content, but I'm willing to follow you anywhere.
Any updates, no matter how long it takes, is well worth the wait.
Oh how I love the tension between these two.

I sometimes go back to re-read the previous chapters. So yeah definitely sticking around for this fic. These two, driving everyone, themselves included to insanity. I want that free show, but alas only in my head.
Thank you!

Helllooooo i've been busy with work last week. just got free time today since i have to have bedrest due to exhaustion. I've add ur dreamwidth account. Hope u check it and add me tooo.

well i guess its definitely official now..lol
and i wonder what SM will do to cover this up.
cant wait until all five are together again.

thanks for posting.