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Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: Heaven
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

Summary: There are many reasons why Changmin is the most beloved of the Jung children… This is just one of them…

AN1: You know, I’m not sure where this came from… Oh and Min is actually waaaaay younger than the gif but I couldn’t find anything else T___________T Wrote this in about forty minutes so there’s probably a ton of weird sentences but augh… oh god.

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE

SB Minnieball

“It’s daddy’s turn to bathe you,” Jaejoong sings out as he cradles the little infant in his arms.

“Really?” Yunho pops his head out of the closet, eyes are wide, mouth gaping just a teensy weensy bit. Jaejoong is way too enamoured with the latest addition to the family, jealously keeping the baby to himself practically every breathing moment. He knows why his wife behaves just so, for his distraught complaints are almost hourly.

”Why did I take summer school? I can’t study and stare at my baby at the same time.”

“Am I a bad mama if I spend more time away from my baby than with him?”

“Can you write a note to the Dean and tell him I’m not attending school?”

“Or better still, tell him to delay the summer term another month so I have four more weeks!”

“I don’t care if it’s unrealistic, Jung Yunho! You’re Jung Yunho! Make it happen!”

And that’s just his grumbling based on the reality of his situation as a final year Honours student. Most of it occured that very afternoon when Jaejoong had received the letter reminding him that school starts on Monday. Yunho had only left home that Tuesday morning to attend a meeting, returning home quickly before lunch time, only to find an extremely agitated wife, and a rather empty house.

Apparently, Jaejoong had been upset enough over the letter to tell his sisters to take the rest of their children out so he can wallow in peace.

For a man now used to having at least two of his sisters-in-law underfoot at any one time over the last fortnight or so, arriving home and being greeted by silence had been alarming.

Well, he should have enjoyed that short-lived silence while he could because all through lunch, Jaejoong had talked non-stop. And in all honesty, Yunho understands this particular train of thought too.

“Every time I blink, he’s bigger!”

”He’s growing so fast!”

“He’s already a three centimetres longer!”

“Why is he growing so big so quickly!”

“300 grams, Yunho! My baby is 300 grams heavier from two days ago! Should I stop feeding him?”

“He’s my last baby, Yun-ah… why couldn’t he be like JJ and take forever to get bigger?”

“He’s already bigger than JJ was at six weeks and he’s only nineteen days old! Yunnie-ahhhhhhhhhh.”

That latest lament was barely half an hour ago. Their little-but-not-little-enough son is currently snuffling against his wife’s bare chest even though he had fed all through their half-hour long lunch and beyond. Yunho had only just gotten the opportunity to change out of his work clothes after watching his wife burp their baby and now he’s looking for a meal again?

He can’t really blame the boy though. Jaejoong’s milk tastes like honey…

Well, that last bit of milk after you’ve just finished a bowl of Crunchy Nut cereal to be exact.

And Yunho really likes Crunchy Nut cereal…

“Yes, really.” Jaejoong nods, eyes filled with love as he smiles ruefully at his husband. “I’m sorry I’ve been so weird. He’s our miracle baby and he’s growing too fast and I’m going back to school and every thing sucks. I won’t have another and I just want to hang onto him forever in his itty bitty state before he grows up and turns into a little shit.”

The baby squawks just then, clawing at his mama’s chest.

“See? Little shit already,” Jaejoong coos at the baby boy who stares at him with his large dark eyes. He snuffles the baby’s cheek, cooing the entire time. “Are you a brat already my darling? I don’t pick favourites but you’re going to be the baby of the family and I’m the baby of my family and I know everyone loves me just that little bit more so you’re going to be loved that little bit more, won’t you?” He starts dropping kisses all over the baby’s tiny face, making him squirm and scrunch up his nose. “Won’t you, my love? Won’t you?” He nuzzles against his baby’s nose, kissing his pouty mouth, murmuring quietly. “I shouldn’t have been able to have you, but you had other ideas didn’t you? I love you so much my little miracle.”

In response to the effusive outpouring of love from his mama, the tiny little bundle of joy yawns widely and disinterestedly, making both his parents chuckle.

“Awwwww look at him yawn. Are you sleepy, baby? Shall I put you to bed?”

Yunho pouts at that.

Yes, he pouts.

Highly uncharacteristic of The Jung but he is home, and in this very bedroom is the only place he can truly act without having to think.

Jaejoong looks up just then, catching the pout his husband is wearing and he starts to giggle. “Minnie-ah…I think your daddy thinks you’re smelly and need a bath before bed.”

Yunho’s eyes lighten up as he nods quickly, making his wife laugh as he cradles the infant against his shoulder.

“Alright, daddy. Lead the way before he falls asleep in the tub.”

Both parents are hovering over one of the sinks at their dual vanity.

In it is a giant sunflower.

Well, a bath in the shape of a giant sunflower.

A very soft and cushiony giant sunflower that protects the baby from pretty much every hazard there is in a sink.

There is no baby in the middle of the giant sunflower though, as there should have been.



“You have to give him to me for me to bathe him.”

Jaejoong wrinkles his nose, holding his naked baby tighter against his chest. Changmin starts to snuffle again, familiar with the scent of his mama, and really, he is pretty much a homing pigeon when it comes to his food.

“He’s hungry.”

Yunho rolls his eyes at his wife in the mirror. “Really? And you wonder why he’s growing so fast?”

“Just one little suck?” Jaejoong whines, moving the baby lower.

“I’d like one little suck too,” Yunho grumbles, turning around to perch a hip against the marble sink, gazing at the gorgeous younger man who flushes oh so prettily, even as he gets a kick to the shin from the angelic doe-eyed beauty. At that very interesting reaction to his comment said more out of habit than intent, his gaze darkens, mouth tugging into a smirk as he quirks an eyebrow at the now blushing man. “Really, Jae?”

“Shut up!”

Changmin latches on just then, making Jaejoong groan and Yunho laugh.

“You’re an ass, Jung Yunho.” Jaejoong bites his bottom lip as he stares resolutely at his infant son.

The baby seems to sense his mama’s discomfort because he pulls away quickly, brow wrinkling.

Jaejoong though, recognises that look and he decides it’s time for payback.

“He’s not hungry.” He passes their son quickly to his daddy, making the older man smile.

Yunho carries him with one arm, his large hand cupping the baby’s head and supporting his neck, while the length of the baby goes down his forearm. There is almost not enough space, and he cradles the baby against his belly.

“You really did mean one little suck, didn’t you?”

Jaejoong coughs, hiding his mouth behind his hand just as his husband’s expression changes from amusement to surprise.


“What?” The incorrigible brat asks innocently, though his continued giggles give him away as he hides his mouth, eyes sparking with love and laughter.

Yunho shakes his head, staring at his son whose brow is knitted, staring up at him with a very serious expression on his face. “You have your siblings beat. It took all of them at least a month to poo on me.”

The baby merely yawns once again in response, stretching up his little arms as bright yellow poo slides down his daddy’s forearm.

“Now I need a bath too.”

“You know, why don’t we just shower?”

Yunho doesn’t question the we. “Lead the way.”

“Watch the poo.” Jaejoong laughs as he turns, heading towards the shower.

Yunho growls at his wife, but he does as he is told, lifting his teeshirt and wrap it under his arm and partway around the drowsing baby who is still relieving himself.

“Only you would sleep and poop wouldn’t you?”

“He’s happy.”

“Yeah, I bet he is.”

“Why didn’t we just do this earlier?” Yunho asks, standing against the shower drumming down against his back, his infant son against his chest and rather enjoying the misty spray of water and the drops coursing down his daddy’s chest and against his skin.

Their son loves the water, whether in a tub or in the shower with one, or in this case, both his parents.

Jaejoong smiles as he soaps both his husband and his son. “I don’t know. I keep forgetting it’s an option. I’ve only done it once before and he was so slippery I almost dropped him.”

Yunho has heard the story before, and he nods.

“But now he’s safe in his daddy’s hands, isn’t he?” Jaejoong takes a step closer, using his hand to direct a little more water down Yunho’s chest so he can rinse their baby who lifts his head up, blinking sleepily before smiling at his mama and dropping his head once again.

Yunho stares at his wife, who in turn is staring at their baby, a little misty-eyed as he continues to rub warm water down his back. “What’s wrong?”

“He’s so beautiful…”

“Like his mama.”

Jaejoong shakes his head ruefully as he maneuvers his husband out from under the shower so as to get under it himself. “You know I’m easy right? Too easy for the likes of you. You don’t have to woo me.”

“When have you known me to say anything I don’t mean?”

Jaejoong tiptoes, leaning up, smooshing their baby between their chests as he gives his husband a contrite kiss. “I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to distract you from him.”

“Hardly distracted, Jae.” Yunho chides gently as he leans forward to steal a kiss from the younger man, licking at his wet mouth.

Jaejoong smiles against his mouth before pulling away slightly and leaning his head against his husband’s shoulder as he stares at the very drowsy infant. So drowsy the baby is practically asleep as his father sways gently under mild spray of water from the shower hitting Jaejoong’s back, a habit that neither of them notice anymore. It’s almost as natural as walking.

Sway when a baby is leaning against your chest.

He links his fingers with Yunho’s against the baby’s back, leaning a little more against the taller and broader man, allowing his husband to support him as he too closes his eyes, swaying with the man. He nuzzles against Yunho’s shoulder as he feels the older man slip an arm around his waist, pulling him closer.

“I feel…” Jaejoong starts, whispering against the wet skin of his husband’s clavicle.

“You feel?” Yunho coaxes, pulling his wife away from the spray of water. He is sure their son is now asleep and Jaejoong is not very far off.

“This is what heaven feels like, right?”

AN: IDEK what to say here… I’m paralysed with feels… I want to give this to them so much but I can only do it here and IDEK how to say it properly… I never feel like I’m doing them justice tbh…
Tags: fic:sleeping beauty, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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