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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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I really want to face palm my sub-conscious o________O

I'm sick so I took some meds and really, I get the weirdest fucking dreams with my meds. I wanted to write this out before I forgot it :O

It was a variety... I have no idea what variety but Shinhwa and SuJu were also there. AND YES MY DREAM WAS OT5 OK. And I just read what I typed and I really should have put in one of my fics hah!

I wish my OT5 dreams were a little more normal. Other people dream of them singing onstage together or something and my sub-conscious comes up with THIS.

Anyway, it was a food challenge and the competitors were:

Shinhwa - Eric, Hyesung and Andy
DBSK - Yunho, Jaejoong and Changmin
SuJu - Kangin, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun

It started off with a battle of the maknaes. They had to eat the sourest candy in the world or something and Changmin spat it out first hahahaha. Followed by Kyu and so Andy won. God, the faces they were pulling. I wish I could describe it in detail. It was so fucking hilarious. Changmin was howling about how his tastebuds are all dead and he and Kyu were busy commiserating arm in arm with each other while Shinhwa laughed at Andy who was trying to get the taste off his tongue by licking Minwoo lmfao!

And then basically the games actually started. Everyone had to choose a member to participate BEFORE the dish was revealed and the MCs would give clues. And so the MCs started talking about how the dish will enhance male vitality or something and then Changmin automatically volunteered Jaejoong saying he needs his MALE vitality enhanced. And yes, he put emphasis on the MALE.

Cue Soul Fighter smacking as Jaejoong chased Changmin around the set yelling "I'll teach you about male vitality you punk!" But YooSu were also yelling from the sidelines saying the maknae is right so with a HUGE POUT, Jaejoong agreed to be the chosen one.

Eric jumped in quickly after that saying since Jaejoong is DBSK's lead vocals, he'll offer their lead vocalist too much to Hyesung's disgust but he didn't protest overmuch lmao! Kyu was already backing away at this stage, complaining VERY LOUDLY that he just had to eat sour candy and he doesn't want to go up again and why can't it be lead dancer or lead rapper instead? Anyway, naturally he got outvoted so with a giant pout of his own, he was the sacrificial lamb for SuJu, literally dragged to the table by the scruff of his shirt by Kangin.

Anyway, the dishes were revealed, and cue the howling.

Holy fuck it was noisy as hell as the entire studio just cracked the fuck up. YooSuMin were literally rolling on the floor laughing. Jaejoong was squatting next to Min and smacking and smacking and smacking him. Poor kid was rolling around laughing and trying to avoid being smacked and he was finally saved by Yunho who dragged Jaejoong away from the maknae who crawled to YooSu and sat between Yoochun's legs, still howling.

The dish? Bull testicles.

They had one minute to finish the dish and naturally, Jaejoong won hahahahahahaha!!!!! Hyesung and Kyuhyun were making bizarre faces and what have you.

Next dish wasn't as exciting. They had to eat a skewered water rat. All the teams chose their members by rock paper scissors. Kangin won this one.

Anyway, the final dish (before I fucking woke up), the MCs were all laughing as they read their cue cards and the nine people in the eating segment were all looking nervous. Then the MCs said that this dish might be embarrassing to eat cos all the men might be found lacking as they looked at the dish.

Shinhwa started laughing first. Flat out howling, and because of the way they were laughing, I think Jaejoong caught on and he IMMEDIATELY volunteered Yunho cos he said "I'm sure our U-Know Yunho won't be found lacking." Poor clueless leadershii was all o___O what's going on expression because seriously, Shinhwa couldn't stop laughing and Jaejoong was laughing too. I think then Yoochun and Kyu caught on because both started laughing as well.

Anyway, Yunho said since he's the leader than the leader of Shinhwa should do it too and Kangin is default leader as the oldest so he's in as well. The other two agreed, though Eric was shaking his head with that weird smile of his the whole time. Kangin was still looking a little lost, i'm sure he didn't know what was going on.

Then the dish was revealed.

Yunho immediately ran off camera.

The dish? Donkey penis.

I'm telling you, the studio erupted even worse than earlier. The MCs were all yelling over the laughter trying to get Jaejoong's attention. It was kinda like.

MCs: Jaejoong-ssi! Jaejoong-ssi!
Jae: Yes? (Still laughing like hell)

Jaejoong kinda looked at the MCs like they just asked a very stupid question and he replied.

"We've lived together for over ten years. Do you really think we all haven't seen each other's bits and pieces?"

Shinhwa interrupts at this point, all of them trying to out-talk each other as they agreed with what Jaejoong said, and they kept harping on how they've been together for fourteen years. And the reason for it was revealed when Junsu started yelling "THIS IS LIVE TELEVISION HYUNG! IT CANNOT BE EDITED!" I think Shinhwa was trying to cover up Jaejoong's slip but IDK... Ask my sleeping brain.

And then camera pans to Yunho who has his face covered with BOTH hands and being dragged out from behind the cameras by the ever helpful Kangin who is also looking extremely amused.

One of the MCs then said "U-Know Yunho will now be known to have a bigger AHEM (yes he said ahem in my dream) than a donkey" and Yunho ripped his hands from his face, with that expression of his, as he literally wailed WAEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Then he looked around stricken and was all CAN WE CUT THIS OUT? CAN WE EDIT THIS? EDIT EDIT EDIT! All while flapping around agitatedly.

And then I fucking woke up.

I just realised, I could've written this into one of my fics hahahaha! It was honestly so vivid and the dream was actually longer cos there was a swimming segment before the food segment and the only thing I remember from it was there was a diving thing and Jaejoong was almost in tears cos he can't swim and flatly refused to have the safety divers in the water cos he doesn't trust them. Yunho and Changmin ended up waiting in the water for him while he jumped from the one metre springboard. That man is so melodramatic omg... I remember he was coughing and sputtering even though his head was under water for all of one second and he basically clung to Yunho for dear life. I'm sure it was all contrived hahahahaha! SuJu won cos Hyukkie jumped from the 10m platform.


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That was hysterical. You should go ahead and write it into a fic. Or maybe you are channeling a show that was being filmed. Ha, ha! In our dreams I guess. LOL.

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