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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love In The Ice [11]
Title: Love in the Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Non-AU, mild angst, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here.

Summary: A script for a new mini-series is left in Yunho’s apartment by his manager, and as he reads it, he becomes more and more intrigued. Unbeknownst to him, one of the leads has already been cast, and the contracts signed. When he too is cast in the project after expressing interest in the part, he gets the shock of his life when he arrives for the script reading to be faced with a person from his past. Someone that he has spent years trying to pretend never existed. How will they be able to get through filming this without killing each other? Or worse…

AN1: PLEASE READ THIS - He sings in Korean but I’m writing the lyrics in English but imagine he’s singing in Korean ok? OK? :P The part JJ sings in real life I did fit it in as Korean but the rest is English here but use your imagination and imagine him singing in Korean! I’m repeating myself so much oh god. You’ll figure out why I decided to use the translated lyrics instead of the hangeul. Um… put this on while reading - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbCNWm0rAVo I’ve listened to this song so much I can sing it in full now even more than some DBSK songs OTL

AN2: Oh and if you’re a new reader who has never read ICE, I really think you should because I will make a few references to it without actually spelling it out because the assumption is that everyone has read ICE and are familiar with the plot…


Everyone watches as the rockstar confers quickly with his band.

Yunho looks away briefly, switching his microphone off as he turns to the silent man next to him. “Are you ok?”

“I feel like I should be asking you that. I keep expecting something to go wrong, and my belly is knotted up so bad I feel like I’m going to throw up. This feels far worse than the first time we went onstage with just the two of us at SM Town.”

Yunho pats Changmin’s knee comfortingly, unknowingly mimicking Yoochun’s actions with Junsu back in the VIP room.

“Can you?” Changmin asks quietly.

“Can I what?” Yunho leans in to try and hear the maknae, because the noise swells just as the younger man speaks. A quick glance at the stage shows Jaejoong replacing his microphone to the stand and looking like he’s preparing to talk.

“Can you promise it’ll be ok?”

Yunho turns fully towards Changmin. He doesn’t even react when Jaejoong exhales into the microphone, a sound asking for silence.

He looks seriously into his member’s eyes, his hand searching to find the maknae’s clammy palm. “I cannot promise you something when there are too many factors involved in being ok…” he pauses as the crowd around him quietens as well. And still he doesn’t look towards the stage, squeezing Changmin’s hand in his lap. “But I will promise you this much. You will have your hyungs back. I can do this for you, Changdol-ah…”

Changmin bites his bottom lip hard as he nods, the pain distracting him from the prickling heat in his eyes.

Then he smiles.

That gorgeous lopsided eye smile, as he nods towards the stage.

“You better give him your attention before he decides to sing Fuck Me Like You Hate Me.”

“That’s an actual song?” Yunho asks incredulously, just as Jaejoong clears his throat.

“I was going to sing in just English tonight, since the only Korean songs I want to sing are mine…”

The quiet murmur from the crowd explodes instantly at his words, and the man has to raise a hand for silence, nodding somewhat amusedly, a wry quirk of his lips to show he understands.

“But I don’t have to sing my own songs for all of you to know what’s mine.”

Jaejoong’s eyes drop towards Yunho, his face betraying nothing. His face is a mask, shuttered to everyone including the man who kissed him so thoroughly not ten minutes ago.

The crowd starts to scream as they watch Hero unbuttoning whatever remaining buttons he has on his shirt, pulling it free from his leather pants as he walks slowly towards the front of the stage, where his mic stand it waiting. The arena is slowly darkening, a single light blazing down onto the superstar idol whose countenance is almost grim, a complete contrast to his earlier playfulness. His sculpted body is slim, yet very, very toned and the naturally muscular man looks every inch the rock god he is meant to be playing. The planes of his abdominals are sharp in the light, his pale skin almost glowing against the background of his black clothes.

A fallen angel.

“Is he going to strip on stage? What the heck?” Junsu asks, eyes practically bugging out of his head as he stares at his hyung standing almost nonchalantly, the aura of I really don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks is so palpable he can practically feel it from the VIP booth.

“Yes,” Yoochun answers, knowing his soulmate enough to be able to answer for him. “He’s stripping, but not the way you’re thinking, Su-ah.” He grabs the younger man’s clammy hand, holding tight, knowing full well they’re going to be in for a rough ride.

Jaejoong doesn’t do anything by halves.

Not when it comes to Yunho.

“Hyung…” Junsu whispers as Jaejoong lifts the microphone to his mouth and starts to sing acapella.

”Odiye innayo…”

There are odd screams here and there in the Olympic Gymnastics Arena, as the singer’s powerful voice rises up to the rafters, echoing all around as his note trails off.

The arena itself though, is largely silent, waiting with bated breath, some unable to believe what they’re hearing and others, desperately hoping that this isn’t just part of the script. The hopes of those wishing this are many, even including some who really shouldn’t be hoping for it.

“Hyung…” Changmin whispers, aghast and stricken as the man sings the one song that ties him so irrevocably to Yunho. This is not a song between Hero and Dohoon. This is a song between Jaejoong and Yunho.

Jaejoong really couldn’t have picked a more blatant song to sing, and Changmin is starting to feel a serious pang of worry. He wanted his hyungs to sort their shit out, not come out in grand style!

The lead singer of JYJ is laying claim in an even more spectacular way than he did earlier, for any YunJae shipper worth their salt knows what this song means.

And any South Korean worth their salt, knows this song.

The message cannot get clearer than this.

Or so Changmin thinks…

”Je yae-gi jongmal…turrishinayo…”

Hero’s head is bent, eyes closed as he sings the lines, his entire being embodying the song as his voice carrying a yearning that is bringing tears to the eyes of thousands.

The pause is longer this time, and all eyes are fixed on the man stroking fingers down the middle of his torso, starting from where his heart is, nails scratching and leaving a thin red line as he looks up, staring dead into the camera.

”Kurom pi hal-linun…kayomsun che sarangul… Algo…kyoshin gayo…”

That end note is the longest yet, and the packed arena is practically vibrating with the man’s pain-filled lament.

Each and every one of the audience feels everything he feels.

For it can be heard in every breath he takes, and in every exhalation as he expends himself over the note.

And the way he hunches ever so slightly, as if curling into himself, a subtle movement, but his eyes betray him.

There is a slight sheen in them as he sings to the camera.

The world now knows of his poor, bleeding heart.

”Yoso hae…juseyo…”

A complete contrast to the soaring notes of earlier, he sings this line quietly, dropping low to almost a whisper. His shimmering eyes holding the audience captive, his stare defiant.

And as he closes his eyes once again, hiding behind a mask, the only telltale sign of any emotion is the tightening of his jaw as the quiet sound of a piano starts to play; a single tear streaks down his pale cheek.

In the VIP area, eyes are torn between the man standing onstage and the frozen man staring at the stage.

Gone is the playful captain.

In his place is a man in pain.

The ridges of his jaw are held so tightly, one could figuratively cut diamonds on them. There is a camera on him, but he cares not for it as he whispers a single word, unheard by anyone, not even Changmin.

But everyone can read lips.


And it is their final view of the gorgeous man in the captain’s jersey, for the lights are dimmed absolutely.

The arena is hushed, captivated by the man onstage standing quietly, so still, he is practically a statue.

Yet in his immobility, a pulsating aura of deep anguish is radiating out from him, touching everyone watching and silencing them.

He is in pain.

A whole lot of pain.

Gone is the man stalking angrily about the stage, wearing his regret and misery like a badge of honour, wailing his angst out.

This man is humbled by it.

It is just him, and his heartache, and he is even more exposed now than he was earlier.

And as if to remind you of it, his hand plays at the hem of his unbuttoned shirt as he replaces the microphone in the cradle of the stand. His eyes are clenched shut, as he starts to sing, a husky timbre to his voice, and a wealth of quiet sadness so profound.

”What should be done?
What should I do?
I dare…
I dare to love him”

The song is so well known that everyone knows the lyrics.


And the screams start immediately, when they realise he has adlibbed it.

But Hero…


He doesn’t care, keeping his eyes closed as he now wraps both hands around the body of the microphone, singing for his life.

”Living quietly without even knowing…
Pretending to forget…
Though I’m alive…
I felt dead…”

Yunho starts to move, making to stand up, but Changmin grabs him, tugging hard, and the maknae is much stronger than he appears.

“Don’t, hyung. Don’t.”


The maknae closes his eyes, gritting his teeth against the familiar prickle of tears. That tone, his hyung is lost.

“Let him do what he must. Let him atone. Hyung, for once, don’t try to protect him.”

”The world blames me and thinks I’m crazy…
I know of it all…
I am afraid of it all…”

He opens his eyes then, unerringly finding a small face in the crowd, that he shouldn’t be able to see in the darkness. He is the sole light in the arena, but he knows where to find his own guiding light.

”…but I love you”

Only Yunho knows they made eye contact. The shudder that wracks his body almost causes him to bend over, but he fights the urge, wanting to keep the singer in sight. Jaejoong might as well be inhuman, for his projected pain is felt so acutely by the leader of TVXQ.

It is a shared pain.

”Where are you?
Can you really hear me?
You must know…
My bleeding love…”

A complete contrast to the soaring acapella, Hero keeps it low, the strength and control he has over his voice in the lower register is breathtaking, and yet still overriding it all is the additional note of grief.

”Please forgive me…
If you were to punish, I will gladly accept it…”

His movements have been small this entire time, barely doing anything but cling to his microphone, so there is an audible gasp from the audience when he pulls the microphone from the cradle, dropping to his knees.

It might seem contrived to the cynical, but Hero’s legs have been shaking badly the whole time, and it is honestly for self-preservation that he stays low, dropping to the ground on his terms, and not when his body finally gives up on his emotional turmoil.

His eyes are clenched tightly shut, one hand clawed at his bare abdomen as he hunches over, continuing to sing.

”But him…
Just this one person…
Let me have him…”

As he begs for his love.

“Hyung…oh god hyung…” Junsu is a mess, tears running unchecked down his cheeks as he clings to Yoochun for dear life. They wanted Yunho and Jaejoong to fix themselves. They wanted to fix their own ripped up relationships, all patched together haphazardly at the moment. “What is going to happen to him?”

Yoochun is long gone.

His nose is red and stuffed up.

His eyes are swollen.

But he manages to try and offer some comfort to his dongsaeng.

“He is still Hero on that stage.”

“Do you really think people are going to buy that?”

“We’ll just have to sell it harder if they don’t.”

Junsu draws back, staring incredulously at the older man through a film of tears. “You? The President of the YunJae fanclub is going to sell the fact that this wasn’t a YunJae moment?”

“Hyung’s gone too far this time,” Yoochun shakes his head seriously as he looks over at the man hunched over the stage. He can see the tears dropping from the man’s eyes as he sings, even though he doesn’t lift his head up. “Remember X Man when Yunho hyung was treating Jaejoongie hyung like a fucking pole for his pole dance routine? This is infinitely worse. It will be a complete disaster for their careers if people believe this to be the slightest bit true. We have to sell it, no matter what. What happens between them offstage is nobody’s fucking business, and whatever happens onstage is for the drama. Got that?”

Yunho tries to get up again, and this time Changmin lets him, too stunned at Jaejoong’s audacity.

Yes, he is Hero.

Yes, Hero thumbs his nose at everything and everyone.

Yes, Hero can do whatever the fuck he wants and damn the consequences.

But Jaejoong is not Hero.

Jaejoong can be hurt.

Jaejoong can most certainly be punished.

And in this very moment, Changmin knows with crystal clarity that Yunho would take that punishment for him if he had to.

Changmin loves his hyungs, but he refuses to let Yunho do this again. He doesn’t want 2008 all over again. He wants 2013 and for everyone to move forward.



Changmin is far from religious, but in that moment, as Jaejoong sings those fateful words for the last time…

”But him…
Just this one person…
Let me have him…”

…he prays.

The lights cut out completely, and when they come back on, Hero is gone from the stage.

The crowd screams their indignance, but none of the organisers pay any mind, everyone running interference and trying to diffuse what just happened the best way they can.

The PDs are on the phone to their head writer, urgently asking for this scene to be put into the script somehow so they can use the footage, and also to cover their asses should anyone question what just happened.

The cast itself are busy mingling, throwing out words and phrases here and there to imply that the entire thing was scripted and part of the show. Their acting chops are put to a serious test for all of them are just as flabbergasted as the rest of the audience.

That pain was too real.

Those tears were not eyedrops.

It is X Man all over again, though this time, the cast is much better at schooling their expressions compared to the variety show guests of yesteryear.

They throw the names Hero and Dohoon liberally around.

Not a single person mentions Yunho or Jaejoong.

This is undeniably the strangest part of the whole mess. No matter what their personal views are on the matter, they are bound to the ironclad NDAs they have signed. And beyond that, after witnessing the strangely choreographed tango their two leads are dancing, everyone involved in the cast and production is united over one thing.

Protect Yunho and Jaejoong.

Yes, even TVXQ’s manager who has managed to head off the furious battalion of SME executives currently trying to get into the dressing rooms of the artistes. He, along with a rather large proportion of “Anyang Halla” are blocking the hallway in an effort to delay the inevitable.

Yunho stares at Jaejoong in the mirror.

Jaejoong stares back.

Their expressions are inscrutable.

Neither knows what the other is thinking, and both are perfectly content with that.

It is not Yunho’s place to scold the lead singer, no matter how much he wants to, because the man had come way too close to crossing the line.

A little voice nags at the back of his head, whispering that the line has already been crossed.

Where do they go from here?



Frozen in stasis the way he was for over three years?

The way they both were, his mind chides him.

He makes his decision.

“I’m sorry.”

Jaejoong’s eyebrow quirks, though he hides his surprise at the quiet words of the leader of TVXQ.

“I know I might have professed to understand, but today has showed me that I never truly understood… I’m sorry, I let you go.”

Jaejoong closes his eyes, chewing on his bottom lip, he can feel the tears pooling behind his eyelids once again.

I’m sorry…

They have uttered the three words that unite them, but not the two words that truly heals them.

“I’m sorry…” he whispers, feeling a hot tear slip out from under his clenched eyelid. “I’m sorry I didn’t fight hard enough for you.”

Yunho doesn’t touch the older man, simply staring at him in the mirror, waiting.

He can hear the commotion outside the door, and it knows it is coming closer.

The both of them will have to face the proverbial music sooner rather than later.

But Yunho believes they will have enough time for this.

They are owed this time.

Long minutes pass, and the noise outside the door just gets louder, before Jaejoong finally opens his eyes.

Cloudy doe eyes, blinking away the tears as he tries to focus his gaze.

And as always, it lands inexorably on Yunho.

They both take a deep breath at the same time, shoulders squared, just in time as the door is flung open and irate men start streaming in along with all manner of cast and crew.

The room is uncomfortably crowded.

“Jung Yunho!”

Yunho knows most of the execs, and this guy is new. He bows in greeting, saying nothing else as the man is practically purple in his rage. He recognises the other men with this bristling suit, and all of them are looking varying degrees of uncomfortable.

Some even look apologetic as their eyes dart back and forth between himself and the man on his left, as Jaejoong stands shoulder to shoulder next to him.

“Do you have any idea what’s happened? What people are saying?”

Yunho, honestly having no clue since to his knowledge, it has all happened under the auspices of the production, simply shrugs.

“With respect, sir, we were filiming.”

“Filming? Filming? What is this? A gay porn? Have you decided on career suicide to end your time with us? No one is talking about Hero and Dohoon,” he sneers. “Everyone is talking about YunJae.”

“Did they ever stop?” Someone questions from the back of the room, and a couple of uncomfortable titters are heard, but the room falls silent quickly.

“Pack your things. And bring Changmin-ssi and Yeon Hee-ssi too.” The man snaps, fully expecting to be obeyed.

“Don’t you fucking speak to him like that.” Jaejoong who had been quietly simmering ever since the man opened his mouth, steps forward to stand in front of Yunho. He glares at the row of executives, most especially the loudmouthed one, his beautiful doe eyes flashing with barely suppressed anger. “You have absolutely no business being backstage. You are not part of my band nor are you part of the production. This is a closed set and you are fucking trespassing. Get the fuck out.”

“How dare you! How—“

“How dare I?” Hero interrupts scornfully, taking another step forward, face twisted in a sneer. “I dare everything. I answer to nobody, least of all you. Your company and I are through. This drama is not under any South Korean company. The cable channel funding it is based in America and it’s going to fucking stay in America. If you want me to stir up shit and tell them that you are interfering with production, I will fucking do it.”

“You wouldn’t—“

“Just fucking watch me. I answer to no man, least of all the likes of you. Get the hell out of here and if anyone from your company doesn’t turn up to the set later today, I will raise hell and you will fucking regret the day you thought you could just bully your way through anything. You have no right here whatsoever. None. Now get out.”

“You’ll regret this,” the man takes a threatening step forward, only to pause when everyone behind the furious idol takes a step forward too. Their expressions are impassive, silently watching and waiting, their countenance serious, but they are all united.

Yunho is looking bemused which is a rather odd expression for that particular scenario.

“I really doubt that. Now go back to the hole you crawled out from, or better yet, go home and lick the boots of the men who clearly didn’t deem you important enough to explain a few details to you.”


“I’m really sick of looking at your face.” Hero interrupts quickly, eyes sliding over to a couple of burly security guards standing near the doorway. “Get out before I throw you out.”

“Jae—” Yunho tries, but he is cut off.

“Don’t.” Hero’s tone is clipped and very final.

Changmin is standing in the back, texting furiously into the phone.

You two really need to get your sorry asses into this production somehow or someway so help me god I’m starting to feel like that vampire chick with the emotional whiplash.

What’s happened now? They’re not going at it like bunnies after that rather spectacular declaration of love? I don’t think any Confession will ever top that one.

Changmin snorts, loud enough to have Yeon Hee gazing at him curiously, but she doesn’t interfere, more interested in the battle between her company’s execs and the very unpredictable Hero Jaejoong.

A Hero Jaejoong who has the solid backing of the PDs, who are now standing alongside him.

Far from it. One step forward, two steps back. Are you familiar with this dance?

Yoochun merely smiles, Junsu staring confusedly at him as they both read the message from the maknae.

“Why are you amused?”

“I’m not amused. I’m pleased. They’re dancing around each other and not fucking, which is progress.”

“How is that progress?”

Yoochun flicks Junsu’s forehead, making the younger man squeal and rear back. “You’re such an idiot. They’ve always been a fuck first, talk later type of couple, and then the talking never happens because they’re too busy fucking. Jaejoongie hyung talks to me more than he talks to Yunho hyung sometimes so if they’re dancing then they’re talking and not fucking so therefore it’s good because they don’t dance if they’re fucking.”

Junsu’s bewildered expression doesn’t let up. “All I hear is fucking, fucking and more fucking. Huh?”

“Pervert!” Yoochun smacks Junsu again who howls his protest, shaking his head violently, eyes honestly shining with innocence.

“Really! Hyung, you put all the emphasis on fucking and so my ears just heard that.”

“Did it just?”

Yunho stares at his reflection in the mirror. The sound of wretched vomitting and sobbing is loud, echoing off the ugly “off white’ tiles of the locker room bathroom. The stand down had lasted a good half hour, and it is only a call from the TVXQ manager that ends it all.

Well, it ends rather interestingly, because whomever was on the line talking to that executive practically had the man in tears.

He’s too drained to try and examine all the external crap that seems to be working around this particular production. His sole purpose for the rest of the day is basically to survive it. They still have filming to do, and of all the things in the world they are meant to be filming, they’re doing the love scene, because Jaejoong has fan meets galore and he has a lot of practice hours to put in for the Dome Tour.

They have a half hour more before the bus leaves to take them to the set, and Yunho has been standing in this out of the way bathroom for at least ten minutes.

Jaejoong had stormed out before the exec was handed the riot act over the phone, and thus missed the rare opportunity of being right. Yunho is still feeling strange about the whole thing. Having Jaejoong stepping in front of him instead of the other way round is definitely something new. He could see the man hiding behind the Hero mask, and yet, he could feel the genuine anger from the man as well.

It feels as if the universe just flipped on him, and in all honesty, he’s not sure he actually dislikes it.

He cannot say he likes it terribly, because his own natural instinct is to protect Jaejoong, and having the man standing in front of him like that seems wrong somehow.

Why wrong though?

He doesn’t want to look too deeply into that just yet, because he has a feeling he won’t like what he sees.

Pride really can be a man’s downfall.

The sobbing has quietened, but the miserable sniffling and now hiccupping continues on.


A choked gasp and a strangled cough.

Then silence.

He tries again.


“Go away,” a hoarse voice responds, clearly trying to inject some fire into it but failing.

“You know I can’t do that.”

“Can’t or won’t?”

“Isn’t that my question?” Yunho smiles at the memory. Jaejoong’s habit of snapping photos in the bathroom led to that question.

”Hyung! You have to leave! You can’t do this!”

“But the view is so nice! I can’t leave.”

“Can’t or won’t?”

“Don’t distract me, dongsaeng.”

Yunho’s eyebrow goes up at that. “Dongsaeng?”

“Yes, dongsaeng.”

The reply is a little snooty, which means Jaejoong is feeling better.

“Alright, hyung.”

An immediate sound of disgust echoes around the bathroom, and Yunho has to bite his knuckle hard to keep from laughing.

“You don’t like, hyung?” he asks innocently.

“Hate it.” Jaejoong bites out, knowing full well he is falling into a trap but he is hapless to stay out of it.

Yunho hums as he spins around, leaning against the sink and staring at the shut cubicle as he folds his arms across his chest.

“Now…what other word do I have available to me…”

“Sunbaenim?” Jaejoong calls out hopefully.

“We debuted at the exact same time, so no can do.”

“Don’t do it…”

“Don’t do what?”

“I can actually hear your smirk, Jung Yunho. I’m warning you. Don’t do it.”

“Do what?”


“I think you’re supposed to be yelling my name tonight, on a bed, not in a grimy bathroom.”

“Oh my god…who are you and what have you done with my Yunho?”

“Your Yunho?”

“Oh god…”

“Not god, Jae…”

A sharp clatter rattles the door of the shut cubicle, and Yunho’s smirk widens as he waits.

“Do you really want me to call out for you?” he asks, injecting every ounce of amusement he can manage into his voice as he stares at the ugly yellow door.

Dead silence.


Yunho counts down in his head from three.

He doesn’t even get to two.

Armful of disheveled rockstar, makeup in a complete mess, but so very beautiful to Yunho.

But he hasn’t lost his mind enough to forget what happened earlier as he holds up a hand, placing it over Jaejoong’s mouth before it lands on him.

Muffled protests, Jaejoong’s doe eyes are wide and confused.

“You were puking off and on for a good five minutes.” Yunho responds by way of explanation.

The lead singer’s brow creases, his eyes showing his disappointment as he blinks sorrowfully up at the younger man.

Jaejoong counts down in his head from three.

He doesn’t even get to two.

Cupid bow meets sinful (slightly sour) rockstar pout.

A husky murmur falls between the two of them.

“The things I do for you…”

AN1: I will admit that I don’t actually know what Jaejoong’s acting talent IRL is like, but by most accounts, he is reasonably good. He has excellent motivation here and he doesn’t have much to actually “act” so I hope it’s somewhat believable OTL Erm… the end of this chapter happened IRL. Well, about the puke kiss thing. I'd been sick and I asked my husband for a kiss and he hesitated, and I was sad, and he gave in and kissed me, and I declared that it must be true love cos he kissed my pukey mouth OTL I was such a prize I swear…

AN2: Guh I was already a little cut up writing the first part of this and then I turn up on twitter to find that Junsu sang Proud, Forever Love and Hug today (and W in encore apparently) and I am REALLY FUCKING IMPRESSED I stayed coherent and managed to churn out the rest of this. Kinda helped that I had a meeting in between it all so I could calm down OTL

AN3: Yunho singing it… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osnJA20nz-Y DISCLAIMER: I’m not 100% if that really is Yunho… It’s like the whole “Kajima” thing… It sounds like him but… I’m torn.

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thank you very much for writing and sharing this fic <3

(i know that i could be the 9867445537th person saying this, but....I LOVE YOUR HUBBY!!!! LOL)

After clicking that link I had tears in my eyes immediately D: And after starting to read I just cried, idek why. This is getting better and better, and OH I LOOOVE how Hero just made that asshole shut up, gonna mention again how much I love your story ♥

Oi! I feel like I've been tossed around on a rollercoaster.... and just like IRL as the car comes to a complete stop, and my heart and stomach settle back to their proper places, I'm gonna queue up and do it again!

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OMG this was awesome. The first part was so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.....

beautiful ending..even more beautiful since it's true ^^

right in the feels! i'm incoherent now.

I always get really grossed out when someone vomits and someone else kisses them afterwards. At least you addressed that. At the end of each chapter I feel so hollow inside. What is love? What is fandom? What is next?

Oh my lovely YunJae hero donghoon whatever I dont fucking care in the end its Jaejoong and Yunho !!
I should say , this is more beautifulthan any love scene .
Jaejoong protecting Yunho
Oh the things he does to him.....