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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Ok so I didn't expect 50+ messages in 24 hours about this omg... I locked my journal because I was getting spammed hard out in the last 2-3 days and also because I lent my laptop to the new intern and two staff yesterday and I thought I left my LJ open. I've been out at work and stuff and only just got back now so this is the first time i've been able to figure out what to do. I've reported all the spam bots but I still need to run a quick eye over my fics OTL

I made an announcement over tumblr too but I guess most of you didn't see that... Sorry for the panic! You'll get my journal back sometime today.


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you seriously make me panic.
the thought not able to read you fic is frightening.

I'm so sorry!!! I was in the middle of a meeting and did it on my phone and I was pretty busy yesterday and I guess it didn't occur to me to make an announcement on LJ itself OTL I did make an announcement on tumblr though and thought that would suffice hah! Silly me.

idk at all! but gladly i didn't have to feel all panicked like old times.. my heart weak you know LOL

and the spamming message, it's happened to me too. irritating

hope you can solves the problem soon

actually i didn't aware of this but my dongsaeng yoojiyool want to read ur latest update of sb drabble, and she said ur lj is locked. she thinks u deleted ur fics but when i go to my history link and try to access, it popped up access denied.

I feel like crying author-nim... I mean, I just found your LJ and suddenly I can't found your account :'( but then I open your tumblr and I feel more relief after that...

now we may all calm down and go read in peace. :D

because some of us did freak out. lol my friends texted me that they want to cry like why they cant read the stories. now is all CLEAR ^_^

OH thank you.. I just discovered your LJ too and hadn't even started reading yet and then I was not authorized to view .. I thought you may not want someone you don't know to read it...
So glad I can see your journal again...
THank you..

it was Saturday when I opened your account and I couldn't read anything anymore and I was going ballistic really good thing I remembered your tumblr ;)

Oh thank God, I fricking panicked yesterday. Wasn't even funny! D: I don't want to sound weird but I can't imagine a world w/o your stories, I am truly addicted, woman! I almost lost it when I saw an empty LJ yesterday. Glad you figured sth out ♥

I'm glad everything came out alright.

Good luck on running through your fics!!

It's because your that awesome of an author. We all love your stories and your wit. Sorry but the only place I follow you at is on LJ, so if you posted anywhere else, then I wouldn't have noticed. I know that you were having issue before and I thought that you finally threw in the towel and declared you have had enough. It was heartbreaking but me as a reading am not allowed to beg. It's a previledge just to be able to read the stories you have written in a genre and in a fandom that we all like.

I am thankful beyond all belief that you are back.

someone in fb panicked at seeing nothing from your lj,good thing i was following you in twitter and found a link through your tumbler and found out what's happening. My friends and I almost panicked thinking you've locked all your fics because of another plagarism issue : D

thank god... i really thought that you locked your journal...

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