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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love In The Ice [12]
Title: Love in the Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Non-AU, mild angst, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here.

Summary: A script for a new mini-series is left in Yunho’s apartment by his manager, and as he reads it, he becomes more and more intrigued. Unbeknownst to him, one of the leads has already been cast, and the contracts signed. When he too is cast in the project after expressing interest in the part, he gets the shock of his life when he arrives for the script reading to be faced with a person from his past. Someone that he has spent years trying to pretend never existed. How will they be able to get through filming this without killing each other? Or worse…

AN1: Esquire broke me… I was incoherent for a long while.

AN2: Oh and if you’re a new reader who has never read ICE, I really think you should because I will make a few references to it without actually spelling it out because the assumption is that everyone has read ICE and are familiar with the plot…

LITI odg

A kiss that speaks volumes is seldom a first edition.Collapse )

You know I was wondering on how you would bring the other 2 into this story. Now I understand. Even if it is non-AU AU I'm still loving where you are taking this.

kyaaaa~~ love this chapter~ a lottt XD the PD need to recording yunjae's sweet moment too, for bonus making film, fufufu
and yay!! yoosu will coming soon~ can't wait can't wait can't waitttt... LOL I am too excited *bows*

I'm wrapped up in all the Yunjae fluffehness. Yoosu joining the film crew .... All 5 together .... Yesssssss.

Gyaaa!!! So much teases!!! I'm so sex deprives rn! Nicki what are you doing with me??!

I reaaaaaalllllyyyyyy love YH and JJ relationship rn. They are more steady. More mature. And yes, more communicating, which is really good.

About how JJ no longer topless with his friends in his house, I found it really interesting. Like ChangMin said. Interesting. And mentions about JJ not so feminine in front of YH anymore.. A hints for us there will be a JaeHo again here!

Oh you didn't tell us why JJ so high! I guess it's YH's faults... Lol

love it~
its getting hotter and hotter~

Can't wait to have OT5 on set!!!
It's going to be awesome. ><

I really love the armchair scene. It's full of sexiness and love.
And the bed scene, I can't wait!!!

OMG! i can so hardly wait for yoosu to show up for real! altho' may be they'll just worst than minnie at damage control. i mean come on. i bet they'll just ignite yunjae PDA more. how could they not when they could be so lovey dovey while jae2 watch with envy. then jae2 will do anything to get yunnie's attention and all. oh the woes of my imaginations. IGNORE IT. i'm just excited. thanks for the update.

Edited at 2013-10-21 03:52 am (UTC)

I'm on my way home from work, and I'd rather not get seen by train strangers smirking
ahhhhhh I need to reread this again :3.
awesome update , nikki!

love it!!!!!
so much drama!!! and the Jae's pic ahhh!!!! that man is to much!!!!
Thanks for the update! ♥♥♥

oh my god these two

I just want to shove them into a small room with a bed and a camera


ooohhhh memories from Ice
god if I was some staff member there
I would had fainted w so much
yunjae sexual tension xDDD
gosh minnie has survive soooo much xD

this is just a wonderful update~ bickering aside and jaejoong trying very hard (and succeeding to annoy yunho~LOL) to get yunho's attention to just focus on him... wow. this was fluffy and cute. LOL i might have weird reactions but this is fluffy for me~XDDDDD

poor yoosu are now dragged into this... "mess" to help changmin with damage control. LOLOLOLOL. i was kind of waiting for when you'll be dragging yoosu into this~ cause frankly, changmin needs all the help he can get and he can only get them from his two hyungs. XDDDDDDD

can't wait to read more! update again soon!

Oooohhhhh this is getting good. Now let's see what happens if yunho can control himself during the bed scene.

totally love yunjae.. they are mending their love slowly and totally loving them at the moment..
yoosu as anyang halla hockey player.. totally in for that.. then we have a complete tvxq on board.. can wait to see more of it..

cuddling yunjae is so aksshsgakagaaavagjajagagagaajansjdlsjkssj!!!