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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love In The Ice [12]
Title: Love in the Ice
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Non-AU, mild angst, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here.

Summary: A script for a new mini-series is left in Yunho’s apartment by his manager, and as he reads it, he becomes more and more intrigued. Unbeknownst to him, one of the leads has already been cast, and the contracts signed. When he too is cast in the project after expressing interest in the part, he gets the shock of his life when he arrives for the script reading to be faced with a person from his past. Someone that he has spent years trying to pretend never existed. How will they be able to get through filming this without killing each other? Or worse…

AN1: Esquire broke me… I was incoherent for a long while.

AN2: Oh and if you’re a new reader who has never read ICE, I really think you should because I will make a few references to it without actually spelling it out because the assumption is that everyone has read ICE and are familiar with the plot…

LITI odg

The atmosphere on the set is a little tense. It’s almost 5am and no one has gone home. There are pockets of bodies lying all over the place, and no one differentiates between idols, actors or production crew any longer. It’s all for one and one for all at this stage. The set is actually split into two, with filming running concurrently, and there is trouble with both sets.

The two “Anyang Halla” players on the A team are by far, not actors of any sort. The whole idea of having professional players in the cast was sound at first, but even with the last minute re-writes (which led to a tantrum from the head writer) to give them as few lines as possible, it’s been a disaster. They have chemistry with their teammates off camera, but on camera, they are far too self-conscious and it shows. The acting is stunted, awkward, and very painful for the PDs and everyone watching to observe.

Even the on set drama coach has given up, the lady sound asleep curled up on the sofa in the “Park” house, out of sight of the cameras.

After what feels like the millionth NG, a half hour break is called.

“I feel like I’ve said the same damn thing for hours.”

“That’s because you have been saying the same damn thing for hours, idiot.” There is no heat behind Ah In’s voice, much too exhausted himself as he lethargically side-steps Joong Ki’s half-hearted attempt at kicking him. He collapses heavily beside the older man, leaning against him and ignoring the tired huffs and puffs as Joong Ki struggles to get out from under his weight. “As bad as you and I feel though, imagine how they feel?” He nods towards the two poor professional ice hockey players in deep discussion with the PD.

“Whose idea was this?”

“You thought it was a good idea, remember?”

“I didn’t say it was a bad idea, I just asked whose idea it was.” Joong Ki grumbles, still trying to shove Ah In off, but the annoying man is like a dead weight. After a couple more pushes, he gives up, flopping back in surrender as he stares unseeingly ahead of him somewhere. His hand lifts to card through his friend’s styled hair, swallowing his grimace at getting a handful of stiff locks, digging past them to scratch his fingers lightly against the younger man’s scalp.

Ah In sighs happily, eyes drifting shut, humming.

“Don’t fall asleep!”

Ah In cracks an eyelid open to see a familiar face, looking a little rumpled and disheveled.

“Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be on the other set? This is the Park set not the Baek set, princess.”

Yeon Hee shrugs, sitting on the floor in front of the two older men as she hugs her knees, tilting her head to stare up at them. “I was done filming a few hours ago. I fell asleep and just woke up.”

“If all of us can wake up looking like you,” Joong Ki mutters, making the actress smile. “Hell, I’d be glad with getting ten minutes of sleep at this stage.”

“Didn’t the PD call for a half hour break? You can sleep you know?”

“Speaking of U-Know,” Joong Ki chooses to misunderstand as he shifts on the couch, letting Ah In’s head slide further onto his lap. He never stops rubbing his head as he looks curiously at Yeon Hee. “How was he?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean. The acting. Didn’t you have a dinner scene? How was he?”

She shrugs, unclasping her arms from around her knees as she leans back, palms on the ground behind her as she looks thoughtfully at Joong Ki. A quick glance at Ah In shows that he’s taken advantage of the half hour break and the ministrations of his co-star, sound asleep with his mouth open though he isn’t snoring. She hides a smile as she refocuses her thoughts to answer Joong Ki’s earlier question.

“I’m not exactly the best person to ask regarding quality of acting, but he is leaps and bounds better than Heading To The Ground. He gets along very well with unnie and oppa—”

“You mean umma and appa don’t you?” Joong Ki interrupts pointedly as he surreptitiously nods towards the TVXQ manager who isn’t far enough to be totally out of ear shot. The man is busy typing something into his iPad and doesn’t seem to be paying attention, but one can’t always be too sure. Despite his actions earlier with the SME executive, Joong Ki and Ah In are both still a little leery of the man. None of them have their managers dogging their every move like this like the TVXQ manager, and they’re finding it a little disconcerting. The only thing that really causes them all to breathe easy are the NDAs. No one is questioning their existence any longer, yet all are, in some way or other, grateful for it.

Yeon Hee turns around to see what Joong Ki is nodding at, and her brow furrows instantly before she lowers her voice, as she continues speaking.

“Yes, umma and appa. The PD said we all really look like a family. Oppa adlibbed a few lines while teasing me, and the PD praised him for them. He said that it’s obvious that he is used to dealing with a younger sister, and he commended him for it. Oppa was so happy.”

“How long did your shoot take?”

“About an hour.”

“An hour!” Joong Ki exclaims, clapping his hand over his mouth just in time so his shout comes out muffled. He drops his hand, staring incredulously at the beautiful girl. “Are you kidding me? Didn’t you start after we started our own dinner scene?”

“You have clearly never worked with U-Know Yunho, have you?” Yeon Hee shakes her head at the utterly flabbergasted expression on Joong Ki’s face. “Oppa has a work ethic second to none. Before our scene, he apologised in advance to unnie— umma and appa for his shortcomings because he is the rookie.” She shakes her head again, breaking into a soft smile. “He really didn’t need to apologise though. All the NGs were us because we forgot our lines but he had our lines memorised. He not only memorised his own lines, he memorised all of ours. That’s why it didn’t take long. He didn’t make a single mistake, and we had him to correct us quickly instead of waiting for someone to yell our lines to us.”

“Yeah, he did the same for us. What’s the bet he has the entire script memorised?”

“I’d be willing to bet on that, yes.”

“Bet on what?” A new voice joins in.

Yeon Hee turns just in time to watch Changmin lowering himself to the floor next to her with a long groan.

“Bloody hell, my body feels fifty. Did we ever have shoots this late on Paradise Ranch?” Changmin rubs his face tiredly as he hunches over his crossed legs, elbows on his thighs as he hums when Yeon Hee replies in the negative. He stays in the position briefly before he straightens, leaning back, palms on the ground, mimicking Yeon Hee’s body. “The PDs want to try and find actors for the two guys.”

“Isn’t it too late?”

“Yeah, but it’ll be worse if we stick with them. They themselves admit they can’t see themselves improving any time soon. The PDs don’t even want someone who can skate because they’ll use these guys as body double anyway. They just want someone.”

“One someone or two?” Joong Ki asks, listening attentively to the exasperated TVXQ maknae whose scowl is ferocious in his tiredness.

“Two I guess. They told me to talk to you guys to brainstorm some replacements.”

“We can’t come up with a replacement in ten minutes!”

“Hyung, you’re a little slow, aren’t you? Obviously we’re done shooting since we can’t shoot with them.”

“You mean we can go home?” Joong Ki leans forward, a new light of hope shining in his eyes as he dislodges Ah In from his lap and the man wakes with a start.

What follows is a brief comedy befitting a scene from Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Ah In rears up in surprise at being woken so abruptly, clocking Joong Ki squarely in the chin with his head, causing the man to shove him off as a knee-jerk reaction.

The poor man tumbles off, landing on the floor, managing to catch Changmin squarely in the groin with a flailing leg, making the singer squeal like a pig as he clutches at Yeon Hee to try and transfer the shooting pain in his crotch to her somehow.

And the poor girl is having none of it as she starts hollering and smacking at Changmin’s rather inappropriate hand very high up her thigh to try and dislodge it. His grip is painful as hell but she is much too aware of where his hand is to feel the pain. She’s been wearing the same pair of slacks for the whole night and his fingers are lodged against her.

After what feels like forever, though really it’s only a few seconds, Changmin finally lets go.

“Can you guys keep it down? There are sleeping people around.”

All four apologise automatically to one of the staff who’d berated them quietly, watching as the man heads over to the other set.

“Speaking of sleeping, why the heck did you wake me?”

“Wake you? Wake you? Did you have to try and kill me? If my tongue had been anywhere near my teeth I would have no tongue now!” Joong Ki hisses, rubbing his chin and kicking out at Ah In, hitting him rather smartly on the shin, making the man howl.

“Shhhhhhhhhhh!” Three voices hiss at the yowling actor who quietens instantly, looking around apologetically as he gets some dirty looks from around the set.

Yeon Hee scoots away from Changmin who is hunched over glaring at Ah In. He is taking shallow breaths as the pain dissipates slowly.

Too slowly.

No one says anything as Ah In clambers to his feet, trying to sit next to Joong Ki again who immediately blocks him.

“Let Ji Mi sit here. You can sit on the floor. Come on, princess.” Joong Ki smiles and pats the seat next to him.

Ah In, unable to protest without looking like a cad simply sighs as Yeon Hee gratefully takes the seat. He settles next to Changmin, leaning against the man, only to get shoved away instantly.

“What now?” he asks exasperatedly. “Did everyone hate on me while I was asleep or something?”

“Put it this way,” Changmin grits out. “If I don’t have chlildren, I know who to blame.”

“Ji Mi?” Ah In quips instantly, cheekily, and really with no sense of self-preservation as this time he gets a kick from Yeon Hee. It’s a delicate kick, but the sentiment behind it is clear as she glares at him.

“Now, now, children. That’s enough.” Joong Ki waves everyone down. “We have more important things to discuss, like who will replace our two friends on the team.”

“Why are we replacing them?”

“Cos they can’t act.”

“That’s not nice of you to say,” Ah In sniffs, eyes showing disappointment at his friend who rolls his eyes at him.

“Their words not mine, you idiot. Do you really think I’d say a mean thing like that?”

“Well, you’re a jock aren’t you? Jocks are inherently insensitive.”

“Explain U-Know then.”

“Well, he’s the exception. There’s a reason he’s the captain and not us.”

“Can we settle something first? I’m getting confused.”

“What is it, princess?”

“Are we ourselves or our characters right now?”

“Characters,” three male voices chorus.

“Ok, thanks.”

“Glad you could join the class.” Changmin comments snidely, absolutely in character.

“Unlike some people, I don’t just jump to dumb conclusions without checking my facts,” Yeon Hee retorts equally snidely.

Before anyone can say another word, there is a commotion, and Yunho walks onto the “Park” set, trailed by a makeup noona, and two people with headsets speaking rapidly to him. He waves them away, striding towards the foursome who are staring a little stupefied at him. It’s past five in the morning now, and the sight of an irritated Jung Yunho, topless no less, is a sight to behold indeed.

Well, only three people are gaping really. Changmin’s seen it all and more.

“Please tell me one of you has a cigarette?”

“I think Hero would be more likely to have a cigarette than us, hyung.”

Yunho’s eyes tighten slightly at the mention of his lover. He rubs the back of his neck before he rotates it, the popping sound loud in front of the silent group.

“Here.” TVXQ’s manager pops out of nowhere, handing Yunho a pack of cigarettes and a lighter before walking away back to wherever he’d come from.

“I told you he could hear us,” Joong Ki mutters under his breath.

The leader of TVXQ lights up quickly, inhaling a fortifying lungful of smoke. Everyone watches silently, taking in the broad frame of the tall man and his low slung basketball shorts. Both Joong Ki and Ah In can appreciate the masculinity of the man. His shorts are a little too loose though, making Yeon Hee look away instantly as she blinks rapidly trying to clear her brain.

Brain bleach indeed.

Everyone is too busy staring at Yunho that none notice the singer till he plucks the cigarette from between Yunho’s lips.

Four people collectively suck in a breath as they take in the stunning singer clad in the most sinfully tight leather pants known to man, wearing a bulky sweater very oddly on his torso a smirk. Yunho merely glares at the older man who sucks on the cancer stick that was his.

“Get your own.”

“I like to share.”

“Is that why you’re wearing my sweater?”

“Of course.”

“Are you two fighting again?”

“No,” Jaejoong answers his maknae, but his eyes never leave Yunho’s. “Just frustrated.”

Four pairs of eyes drop to his crotch, and Yeon Hee is the one who catches all of them doing so. She hides her mouth behind her hand to stop the hysterical giggle threatening to break free. She’s had some sleep, but being around all these gorgeous men at five in the morning is just a little too much for the sanest of humans.

She was fine until Jaejoong came along.

The man could probably make a monk recant his vows.

Yes, a monk, because a nun would be way too easy.

Jaejoong finishes the cigarette as Yunho lights up another.

Everyone is just staring now, so close to the two men that they can all now feel that strange crackle of electricity in the air. When it first happens, a couple of them dismiss it as their imagination.

But when the staring between Yunho and Jaejoong continue, and the electricity sparking in the air between them intensifies, Ah In finally breaks his silence, his voice awestruck as he turns to Changmin.

“How did you ever survive sitting between them?”

“I thanked the heavens every time we sat in the W formation.”

Jaejoong’s mouth quirks in a smile as he once again plucks Yunho’s new cigarette from the man’s lips.

“Stop that!” Yunho growls, taking a step forward.

But Jaejoong merely smiles again, taking a deep inhale, before he takes the cigarette from his lips and places it against Yunho’s mouth.

Yunho’s lips stay limp, not accepting the proffered cigarette, and the older man shrugs, taking it back. “Suit yourself.”

The leader of TVXQ moves then, taking the cigarette back just as Jaejoong’s cushiony pout holds it in place.

Jaejoong hums as he watches the flare of the cigarette. “You could have said you wanted to take it from me instead of me giving it to you.”

“Stop it.” Yunho growls quietly. “I’m tired and very cranky. Stop with the games.”

“I’m not playing.” Jaejoong straightens, linking his fingers and stretching his arms above his head, arching back, making everyone watching gulp.

Every pair of eyes in the vicinity are now on the topless couple.

“Then why do you keep screwing up? You’re holding everyone up.”

“I’m screwing up? You’re the one who called me Jae twice. I’m pretty sure your memory isn’t that bad.”

“Small slips made over two hours ago! I haven’t been the cause of any NGs since, but you just went and invented a whole new freaking chapter to the story.”

“It’s called adlibbing, Dohoon-ah.” Jaejoong practically purrs.

Joong Ki and Ah In gulp, tugging unconsciously at the collars of their clothes while Yeon Hee shakes her head and Changmin rolls his eyes.

“Adlibbing? I think the PD almost had a coronary at how explicit you were. I saw two gofers running off the set with their hands over their cheeks.”

“That’s the problem.”

“What’s the problem?”

“You’re too busy paying attention to them instead of paying attention to me.”

Yunho’s eyebrow goes up as Jaejoong plucks the dying cigarette from his lips and sits down next to Changmin.

“I’ve never met someone so aware of everything going on in a room. I swear I could see his damn brain ticking the whole time we were supposed to be phone fucking— sorry, princess.” Jaejoong sends an apology Yeon Hee’s way.

Everyone has taken to calling her princess since Joong Ki started it, and it rankles Changmin just a tad that he hadn’t thought of it first.

Yunho perches on the armrest of the sofa next to Joong Ki, scowling down at the gorgeous man on the floor. Jaejoong is glaring right back at him, sitting with his knees drawn up, resting his arms over his knees. His pale torso seems much paler in the artificial light, and his tattoos stand out in sharp contrast. They have not been covered up, though the ones on his lower back have been changed slightly so the Micky and Junsu are disguised. According to the script, there will be no explanations for his tattoos. They just are.

He is exhausted, and that is probably the only reason why he doesn’t really think about the fact that they’re arguing in public.

No one can hear them besides the ones they are sitting with for the PDs have instructed everyone to keep their distance, but he doesn’t know this.

“What do you expect me to do? I’m doing everything the PD is telling me to do. I’m even doing everything the acting coach told me to do, and yet it’s not good enough for you? I didn’t have any problems earlier, but it’s been NG after NG after NG for the last three hours.” He turns towards Changmin who is looking at Jaejoong’s profile in silence. Yunho almost shouts at that sight. Trust the maknae to be once again enamoured by the stupidly beautiful man. Yunho has spent the better part of three hours trying to make sure he doesn’t pop a serious boner. He’s had enough semi-serious boners that he’s changed his underwear twice. He’s even wearing two pairs of underwear right now just in case, and it’s uncomfortable as fuck.

And his own damn member of TVXQ isn’t even paying any attention to him as he complains. It’s really enough to make someone lose their temper! Their head writer has already lost it tonight, and Yunho fervently hopes he isn’t next.

“You know what? Forget it.” Yunho gets up, walking off back to other set. They’d been given a half hour break and he’s going to spend whatever time he has left trying not to give in to his urges.

The urge to kiss Jaejoong.

The urge to press the man into the bed he is sitting on, to feel him move under him.

But the most important urge he has to suppress? The urge not to strangle the infuriating man.

Everyone watches Yunho leave.

Everyone but Changmin.

He has a feeling he should probably get up and chase after his hyung, but for some inexplicable reason, he cannot stop staring at Jaejoong.

How the hell he managed to forget how intensely beautiful the man is all made up he will never know.

All made up and tousled and half naked.

Well, he’s never really seen that combination lately.

Ok, he hasn’t seen that combination since 2008.

But this is different somehow.

2008 Jaejoong was masculine as fuck, but whenever he is around Yunho, he seems to forget he’s a male. It’s the most bizarre thing to witness, and Changmin doesn’t think Jaejoong did it on purpose, but for whatever reason, he loses his masculinity in the face of Yunho.

Yunho and his overpoweringly manly leader concept that he really rode hard as fuck.

Assisted by Jaejoong of course, who never lost an opportunity to remark on how manly their leader is.

Tonight though, or really, this morning, Yunho is still masculine as hell.

And Jaejoong still beautiful as fuck.

But Jaejoong seems to have remembered he is male.

Changmin finally sees the silent fight for dominance earlier over the cigarettes for what it is.

And the result is something even more attractive than 2008 YunJae that he shivers at the prospect, goosebumps breaking out across his arms as his spine tingles.

Heavily lined eyes and the heartbreakingly beautiful face that used to be seen as somewhat feminine is truly, not.

Not right now anyway.

Jaejoong is Hero.

Every single line of his body, from the milky white collarbones to the skin tight leather jeans.

His very presence is masculine, despite the face.

“Who’s going to win this fight?” Changmin asks quietly, more to himself, but he is heard by everyone in the group.

Jaejoong leans forward, eyeing the younger man through his lashes and tousled fringe. His body is so lean that even hunched over like that, there are no tiny rolls of fat over his abdomen. The waistline of his tight pants dig into his skin, but he doesn’t notice as he thinks about his answer.

“We’re not fighting.”

“Yes, you are.” Changmin retorts instantly. “Don’t play me for a fool, hyung. I’m not going to side with you in this fight. You’re on your own.” He winces inwardly as the words come out harsher than he intends, but Jaejoong doesn’t appear to notice, his gaze unwavering.

“We really aren’t. Dohoon just needs to come to terms with a few things.” He smiles as Joong Ki coughs, turning his gaze to his friend as he leans forward, rolling his body and unfurling into an upright position as he stands slowly, muscles rippling under the thin layer of skin. “Catch you later. I’ll make sure he’ll be smiling this time.” Jaejoong smirks, giving everyone a rather good idea as to why he expects Yunho to be smiling.

He saunters off, barefoot rockstar in pants so tight Ah In wonders if they got painted on somehow.

“Dear lord, his tattoo is a damn arrow to his ass!” Joong Ki exclaims out of the blue, making all of them crack up, the tension diffuses instantly. Jaejoong doesn’t turn around though, turning the corner to the other set instead, his steps not faltering at all.

“You haven’t seen it?” Changmin questions a little incredulously.

Joong Ki shakes his head. “He doesn’t exactly walk around topless all the time you know? I’ve never seen him without a shirt on.”

“Hmmm…” Changmin hums thoughtfully, knowing full well that Jaejoong is allergic to clothes. “You’ve been to his house?”

“Of course.”


“What’s interesting?”

“Nothing,” Changmin smiles. “How about we get back to our original discussion?”

“Enlighten us. I can’t even remember my name right now, but I sure as hell can remember Hero…” Ah In groans as he lays himself flat out on the cold floor. “I can remember Dohoon too…”

“Snap out of it,” Joong Ki kicks at his onscreen boyfriend’s prone body. “You’re such a cad, leering at two other guys when I’m right here.”

Ah In moves like lightning, his body protesting but he ignores it as he kneels between Joong Ki’s legs, a hand on each of the man’s knees as he leans up, leering determinedly at the shocked man. His eyes are on the other man’s mouth as he leans forward, crowding the older man who has nowhere to go except to try and press himself as far back into the couch as possible,

“How about you remind me you’re my boyfriend?”

Joong Ki, whose character in the show is the cad, not Ah In’s, remembers as much as he grins.

Yeon Hee has to stifle her gasp when Joong Ki closes the distance between them and kisses Ah In fully on the mouth.

Not his cheek.

Not his upper lip.

Not even his chin.

She is close enough to see the unmistakable connection of lips.

The touch is brief, but the result will last a good long while as Ah In scrambles backwards in surprise, fingers touching his lips as he eyes his friend with an inscrutable gaze.

Joong Ki is exceedingly proud of himself, as he smirks. “Do you remember now?”

Ah In’s heart is thumping madly, and the strangest thing is that all he wants to do is punch Joong Ki for being such a fucking tease. He doesn’t even want another kiss. He really just wants to sock the guy in the face.

Being awake for almost 24 hours will do weird things to people.

“Don’t I have a girlfriend too? Why isn’t she reminding me of this fact?”

“Don’t push your luck.” Yeon Hee mutters flatly. In truth, she doesn’t quite mind, but too much is happening around her, and she doesn’t want to add herself to the spectacle already going on. If the behind-the-scenes shenanigans is anything to go by, this show is going to be explosive.

“What were we talking about?” Ah In cuts in hastily as he resumes his earlier position on the floor. “Can we please discuss whatever it is we need to discuss so the PDs let us go home? We’re supposed to be filming the ice hockey scene tomorrow—“

“You mean today,” Joong Ki interrupts, checking his watch. “We’re filming in Anyang in less than ten hours.”

“Fuck— sorry princess.” Ah In grouches.

“Why don’t you put money in a swear jar instead of apologising to me? We can donate it somewhere at the end of filming.”

“Your first good idea of the night. Congratulations, Jiji.”

“At least it’s better than you since you’ve had none,” she snarks right back.

“Oh, but I do.” Changmin’s eyes are shining with a weird light. “I know who we can call to replace the two players, and I’m pretty sure their schedule allows for it too.”

“Who?” Three voices echo.

“Two idols.”

“Can they act?” Ah In asks. “I really don’t care if they can sing and dance. Can they act?”

“They’ve won acting awards.”

“Ok, I’m sold. I don’t even need to know who they are.” Ah In waves a hand as he closes his eyes. “Whoever they are, you have my vote.”

“I’ll hold off my vote till I know who they are, thanks. Who are they?”

“Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu.”


Jaejoong finds Yunho easily. The man has the most ridiculous blanket wrapped around him that he has ever seen. He is literally swathed in the voluminous material with giant teddy bears all over them.


Yunho is sitting low in the armchair, eyes closed, presumably dozing. The lower half of his face is swaddled up pretty thoroughly in the blanket, with only his closed eyes being visible. Jaejoong’s countenance softens instantly at seeing the exhausted man, and his heart skips a beat as he takes a step towards him, only to have someone catch him gently by the wrist.

“He has a whole scene to film at Anyang in little over nine hours, Jaejoong-ssi. Please go easy on him. I don’t want any accidents to happen on the ice.” One of the PDs speaks quietly to Jaejoong. “We’ll resume filming in twenty minutes. Wake him at the end.”

Jaejoong shakes off the man who lets him go quickly, eyes trained on the lump hidden beneath the world’s most ridiculous blanket.

Alright, fine. It’s not as ridiculous as his own Hello Kitty blanket, but at least he didn’t bring it with him!

Some things are meant to be left at home.

His steps are soft as he approaches the sleeping form of the younger man. Yunho looks so much younger, that Jaejoong can believe that this truly is the twenty-three year old Baek Dohoon. There is an air of innocence about him, something untainted and untouched, probably magnified by the giant teddy bears on the blanket. Gone is the man fighting with him over a cigarette, and yet that man had been there barely fifteen minutes ago.

All too soon, Jaejoong is standing next to the armchair. He can feel every eye on him, and he strives hard to ignore them all. His complaint about Yunho was that the man focused too much on his surroundings instead of on his lover, and so he will practice what he preaches.

He reaches out, stroking a finger along the soft material of the fluffy blanket.


“What do you want, Jae?”

Jaejoong’s mouth quirks as he pulls his hand back. Not asleep after all.

“Wrong name.”

“Not filming.”

“Weren’t we supposed to be in character at all times?”

“I don’t remember agreeing to that.”

“It saved our asses earlier today.”

“You saved our asses earlier today.” Yunho opens his eyes and stares up at his lover. The lights on this set are dim, and they stayed dim during the break. He can make out Jaejoong’s features, but there are shadows over his face and he finds that he doesn’t like it. He wants to see him.

“I wouldn’t have had to save it if I’d sung the song I originally intended to sing.”

Yunho hums, struggling with his blanket, before finally managing to open it. He says nothing, merely waiting with his arms out.

Jaejoong hesitates for a second, before he pulls Yunho’s sweater from his body, dropping it by the armchair and moving to climb into the man’s warm lap.

The soft fleece falls about his shoulders as Yunho closes his arms around him.

Jaejoong is straddling his lap, ass down low, closer to the man’s knees really, as he drops his head against his shoulder, wrapping his arms around his bare torso. Yunho is so fucking warm that Jaejoong melts instantly against him, letting out a contented sigh as he does so.

There are several smiles around the room, two of which come from the PDs themselves.

“Do you think we can wrap this up in the next couple of takes?”

“I think they’re finally in accord. I don’t think Jaejoong-ssi liked Yunho-ssi’s attention on everyone but himself.”

“How did he manage to pay attention to everyone else instead of him? They’re filming an intimate scene!”

“Yunho is too self-conscious in front of the camera. He was fine during the dinner scene, but facing Jaejoong, he seems to have lost the naturalness. There was some invisible barrier between them, like he was aware of every single camera pointing at him, rather than focusing on the fact that they’re supposed to be making each other blush.”

“Hero certainly made everyone blush…”

“And made U-Know angry in the process. See the problem?”

“It doesn’t look like there are any barriers now,” the taller PD nods towards the cuddling couple who seem to be dozing. There isn’t any movement at all from where they’re standing, though the light is low so small movements might be missed. “Maybe we can give them half an hour.”

“A half hour will probably save us an hour later. Good idea.”

“I’m taking liberties with the no touching rule,” Yunho murmurs quietly against Jaejoong’s ear, forgetting for a moment about the vomit-tinged kiss from earlier.

Perhaps, it’s best he does forget.

“I crawled into your lap, so technically, I broke the rule.” Jaejoong’s voice is muffled against Yunho’s shoulder, speaking against his bare skin.

“You feel good in my arms,” Yunho admits quietly as he squeezes the slim idol tighter, pulling the blanket over the man’s back so thoroughly, they are both essentially hidden from view.

They are in their own little cocoon.

They always are, but in this case, the physical manifestation is much more obvious.

“I don’t want to leave.” Jaejoong admits right back, nuzzling against his shoulder. He’s not making any overt movements, knowing full well what kind of position he is in. He doesn’t want to make it hard for Yunho.

Hard being the operative word.

“How much time do we have?”

“PD says twenty minutes.”

“You know how you said we could ask questions?”

“Only on the days the show airs, Yunnie-ah…” Jaejoong reminds quietly. “But I’m feeling mellow and warm and a little high now, so ask away.”


“Is that your question?” Jaejoong teases quietly, pressing a quick kiss to the man’s shoulder.

“Definitely not.”

“Ask your question and I’ll think about whether to tell you why I’m high.”

“Why did you keep screwing up? Sometimes I thought it was going fine, and then you yell out for the cut instead of the PD. Why?”

Jaejoong sighs, turning so his forehead is pressed against Yunho’s neck. He closes his eyes, as he starts to speak.

“Remember the script reading? How this scene played out then? I keep comparing it to that,” he pauses, smiling ruefully as Yunho’s arms tighten around him. “Not the end of the scene of course. I think I still have nightmares.”

“I’m sorry,” Yunho speaks quietly, turning his head to press a surreptitious kiss against Jaejoong’s temple. “I was cruel. Too cruel. I don’t know what came over me, but please…i’m sorry.”

Jaejoong tightens his own arms around the regretful idol, rubbing the man’s lower back gently with his hands, a constant soothing motion that can’t be seen thanks to the crazy blanket. “You’ve already apologised. No need for more. I’m ok, I promise.”

Yunho smiles, though it doesn’t reach his eyes. He cannot comprehend the pain he had so carelessly inflicted on the other man, and now, sitting like this, he cannot imagine how he could even be in any frame of mine to be so utterly callous. Jaejoong may have forgiven him, but it’ll take a while for him to forgive himself. It might have seem justified at the time, but for the life of him, Yunho cannot think of a single reason that can justify his actions for him right now.

“Stop berating yourself. I can hear your thoughts.”

“Oh?” Yunho purposefully shifts his thoughts to something infinitely more pleasant. “What am I thinking about now?”

“That you want to kiss me but probably shouldn’t.”

Yunho’s eyes widen, and he shifts a little underneath Jaejoong. “H-how?”

Jaejoong chuckles self-deprecatingly. “I want the same thing.”

There is a long pause as the both absorb the other’s words. They’re literally doing nothing but sitting there, hugging each other, and yet the silence speaks more than words can.

Yunho drops his chin just as Jaejoong tilts his face up, and the blanket hides more secrets as their lips meet.

It is by no means a deep kiss, far indeed from the kiss they shared in front of the capacity crowd at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

Their mouths mould each other’s, gently exploring the contours of each other’s dry lips, a faint tang of smoke between them. Jaejoong’s tongue snakes out first, licking at his own lips, wetting them, before stealing a lick of Yunho’s parched cupid bow.

And still the kiss stays chaste.

They finally break apart naturally, neither pulling away first, but rather both instinctively knowing when the kiss should end.

Barely a minute has passed, but it is enough for now.

Jaejoong tucks his head under Yunho’s chin once again, smiling to himself.

“Your kiss speaks volumes.”

“A kiss that speaks volumes is seldom a first edition,” Jaejoong teases, getting a hard squeeze for his efforts.

“It told me you really do want to do this right.”

“Were you testing me?”

“You know I wasn’t. There were so many instances when I wanted to deepen the kiss, but I kept stopping myself.”


“Because whenever I kiss you, I lose my mind. Nothing exists but you.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Jaejoong asks quietly, though he knows full well it isn’t.

“If you thought it was a good thing, you would’ve deepened the kiss yourself. Jaejoong from four years ago would have done so in a heartbeat.”

“I don’t know…wasn’t this around the time of the Hope Concert?”

Yunho’s eyes tighten, his mouth set in a grim line. “I don’t want to discuss that today.”

Jaejoong’s soothing circles in the small of Yunho’s back speed up a little as he seeks to calm the man down. He can feel how tense Yunho had gotten in what felt like a nanosecond, and he wants to kick himself for ruining the moment.

“Why didn’t you deepen the kiss?”

Jaejoong takes a deep breath, exhaling shakily, making Yunho chuckle quietly.

“I didn’t realise my question was so hard to answer.”

“I don’t want to you take my answer the wrong way.”

“I won’t.”

“I didn’t deepen it because I still don’t know you. I don’t want to kiss a stranger. I feel like I’m still kissing you. You taste the same, you smell the same, you even kiss the same, but we have three empty years between us that no matter how much we kiss, is not going to make disappear.

“I was right, then.”


“When I said your kiss told me that you wanted to do this right.”

“Do you want a prize or something?”

“I already have my prize…” Yunho answers honestly, hugging Jaejoong against him. They are chest to chest, skin to skin, and there is that weird electricity that always seems to be present, crackling around them.

But it’s not a wild, uncontrollable crackling.

It’s a quiet, steady crackle, to remind them that they are still very much each other’s.

They just need to figure out how to make sure they stay that way.

“You are still corny as hell.”

“It’s in my character description isn’t it?”

“What? Corny as hell? I don’t remember reading that. Dorky and sweet, perhaps, but not corny as hell.”

“And you’re the sexy rockstar hell bent on stealing this dorky and sweet guy’s innocence, huh?”

“Innocent?” Jaejoong scoffs quietly. “You’re the one with four serious relationships before me. I don’t think you were that innocent, babe.”

“Let’s not even go there. You have me beat by a multiple of seventeen.”

Jaejoong shudders at the thought. “Seriously, off character for a second, how the hell does anyone even get to that kind of number?”

“Whoever wrote the script just wanted me to be number 69,” Yunho mutters disgustedly.

Jaejoong cracks up, bursting out laughing, his unique laughter is loud as he straightens in Yunho’s arms, shaking his head at the amused man. “You are terrible! I can’t believe you picked up on that.”

“Babe,” Yunho throws Jaejoong’s questionable endearment back at him. “You have about as much real-life experience as I do. What you know, I know.”

“Oh really?” Jaejoong arches an eyebrow, his gaze suddenly turning wicked as he licks his lips. He leans back, shaking the blanket lose from his body, allowing it to drop, exposing them both to the crew standing around, as well as the PDs who are watching them curiously.

“At least let me get into my bed first before you start,” Yunho groans, reading very well the intention behind Jaejoong’s eyes.

”Don’t you just love…” Jaejoong sings quietly, still smirking, ignoring the pained expression on Yunho’s face. He clasps his hands on Yunho’s bare shoulders, squeezing lightly, as he swivels his hips, pulling a serious groan from the man beneath him.

Yunho drops his head back against the arm chair, clenching his eyes shut and praying for his body to cooperate with him, and not react. He honestly cannot decide which is worse. Jaejoong out of character or Hero in character. Both are determined to kill him somehow.

Jaejoong drags his hands back up, trailing them lightly along Yunho’s neck, along his jawline, before he lightly follows the contours of the man’s beautiful mouth with his fingertips.

Yunho braces himself, knowing what is coming next. He is obviously a masochist, because he lifts his head, opening his eyes, to gaze into the deep dark pools of Hero’s kohl-lined eyes.

”…the feeling of my fingertips, circling your lips.”

Yunho nips at a finger with his teeth, his voice is low and rough with desire as he says what is meant to be Jaejoong’s line. “I’m pretty sure the singer wasn’t meaning lips the way you and I mean them right now…”

Jaejoong hums, swaying slightly from his perch on Yunho’s lap, still a little high.

Their audience has increased by now, word spreading to the neighbouring set about the couple.

Yoo Ah In, Song Joong Ki, Lee Yeon Hee and Shim Changmin are all part of the new audience.

Ah In is gaping, as is Joong Ki.

Yeon Hee is watching from between her fingers.

And Changmin?

Changmin is texting.

I don’t think fucking in front of the camera is going to be a problem…I relinquish damage control duties to you.

The reply takes a minute or so in coming, which is rather understandable.

Max Changmin, it is fucking 5:30am. I’m too sleepy to be able to fathom what you’re talking about.

Sleep then. You’ll find out soon enough…kekeke…

Yoochun stares at his phone, blinking rapidly trying to focus his eyes. If Changmin is happy enough to text his amusement, it cannot be good.

Tell me!

No! You need your beauty sleep. Is Junsu with you? Tell him to stay asleep. He needs more beauty sleep than you.

Yoochun rolls his eyes, dropping his phone back on the bedside table. It’s really too fucking early to deal with a snarky maknae.

“Who’s that?” A sleepy voice questions from somewhere on his left.

“No one important. Go back to sleep.”

“Do you think we can finish this scene without anymore NGs?”

Yunho’s smirk is slow.

So slow, and so very knowing, it takes Jaejoong’s breath away. His game just flipped on him.

“There will be at least one NG.”


“I did say you’d be calling my name on a bed, didn’t I?”


AN1: So…I did manage to drag them in lol. IDK if I can call this non-AU anymore. It’s like an AU non-AU or something. New genre? OTL

AN2: We all know Yunho smokes ok, so don’t kill me. There are worse vices to have, trust me. Also, remember Yunho’s sweater from when he was going to Beijing? It really reminded me of the thing Jaejoong was wearing fro Esquire OTL

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