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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love In The Ice [13]
Title: Love in the Ice
Pairing: YunJae/JaeHo
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Non-AU, mild angst, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here.

Summary: A script for a new mini-series is left in Yunho’s apartment by his manager, and as he reads it, he becomes more and more intrigued. Unbeknownst to him, one of the leads has already been cast, and the contracts signed. When he too is cast in the project after expressing interest in the part, he gets the shock of his life when he arrives for the script reading to be faced with a person from his past. Someone that he has spent years trying to pretend never existed. How will they be able to get through filming this without killing each other? Or worse…

AN1: Oh boy… this became so OT5 even I was a little IDEK… You have been warned ok? Seriously, if you find anything OT5 the slightest bit annoying, I would suggest skipping this chapter. I gave myself a toothache and then almost killed myself writing what I wrote ugh. I’m starting to think I might be bipolar. Also this edit was on my timeline. There was no credit so IDK who made it. If you know who did it, tell me and I’ll credit it. If she doesn’t want me to put it here, I’ll take it down and replace it with something else.

AN2: Oh and if you’re a new reader who has never read ICE, I really think you should because I will make a few references to it without actually spelling it out because the assumption is that everyone has read ICE and are familiar with the plot…

LITI ot5

“Stop fidgeting!”

“I’m not fidgeting!”

“You are so fidgeting!”

“I’m not!”

Changmin rolls his eyes as he reaches over and clamps a heavy hand on Yunho’s jiggling knee. “You are most certainly fidgeting.”

“I’m just bouncing my knee. That’s not fidgeting,” Yunho replies, pushing the maknae’s hand off his knee as he frowns. “Do you think people know?”

“Do I think people know about what?”

“About…” Yunho trails off, looking a little pained.

Changmin feels sorry for the older man, leaning back in his chair as he pulls his phone out. “About JYJ?”

Yunho’s pained expression deepens, and he opens his mouth to protest the younger man’s choice of words, but Changmin beats him to it.

“No one knows. Hyung wasn’t kidding when he said there is nothing SME can do about it, and for some reason, pulling you from this production is not something our side wants to lay on the table.”

“I’ve been wondering about that.”

“So have I, and I think we should just roll with it.”

Yunho eyes Changmin in surprise. “You’re not questioning them?”

“Oh I have a lot of questions, but unlike you, I’ve also read the NDA we signed from back to front, backwards and forwards and even all the extra tiny print, and I’ve come to one conclusion.”

“It’s not my fault I haven’t read the NDA! We didn’t get given it.” Yunho mutters defensively as he cards his hands through his thick hair tiredly. “What’s your conclusion?”

“You have a fairy godmother.”

Yunho’s expression morphs into shock as he tries to grasp the man’s strange words. “W-what?”

“Everything in that document is explicitly written out to protect you and Jaejoong hyung. If any of us, even me, breathes a word about what happens on set, I can kiss my career goodbye even if you and hyung vouch for me. There is a disclaimer saying that truth is not a defence in this case because we explicitly and knowingly signed the document with our full faculties and all that jazz. There is even a section on coercion where we had to put our stamp to a statement that we did not sign this under any form of coercion.”

“You’re not exaggerating?”

“Why would I exaggerate about such a thing? I asked PD-nim where they kept the signed NDAs and he said they were all in a safe deposit box in a bank.”

“What happens if someone talks?”

“It’s a career ender. And not just a career ender, there would be damages to pay and what not. Basically, they can and will be held liable for any damage to yours or hyung’s careers from their wagging tongues. And they even gave us a formula to calculate the damages and the projected numbers are so huge I don’t even know why anyone agreed to sign the damn NDAs in the first place!”

“They probably didn’t read it closely enough.”

“We needed a lawyer present to explain the document to us. If they didn’t read or understand, that’s not a defence either.”

Yunho whistles lowly shaking his head, almost stupefied at the news. His experience on this particular set has been incredible to say the least. There is a true sense of family from everyone involved, be in cast or the relatively small production crew, not to mention the PDs who have turned into father figures of sort. He’s even forgiven their manager who has started to help out the PDs with scheduling and planning, something he excels in.

The NDAs explain it to a certain extent, but the camaraderie amongst the cast cannot be faked. Everyone truly looks out for one another, and it’s heartwarming.

Yet despite that, he manages to ask a stupid question.

“So why did you sign the NDA?”

Changmin stares incredulously at his leader. “Are you serious? I’ve kept my mouth shut about you two without the NDAs. Do you really think signing one would make a difference? I thought better of you.” The maknae blusters huffily, pretending to be angrier than he actually is, standing up abruptly and storming away.

“Shit.” Yunho mumbles, getting up to chase after the younger man. “Changminnie! Changdol-ah! Minnie! I’m sorry! I spoke without thinking! Changminnie! Yah! Wait up! Damn your long legs.”

If anyone finds it weird that the leader of TVXQ is chasing after his fellow member through the airport VIP lounge towards the exit, no one says anything.

Well, it’s really just the TVXQ manager shaking his head at his charges.

“Chunnie, get off me!”

“No. I’m comfortable.”

“I’m not a fucking pillow! Seriously, go and lay all over Junsu if you have to. I’m trying to type.”

“What are you typing?”


“Wanna see.” The unrepentant more-actor-than-singer-now replies in a spoiled tone as he tries to lean over to see what his hyung is typing.

“For fuck’s sake I’m just texting the head writer about some script changes. She already wants to disembowel me. I might as well make it worth my while.”

“What are you changing now?”

“None of your concern.” Jaejoong wrinkles his nose, hitting send just in time, as Junsu plonks himself on his other side, leaning over too and getting a better view than Yoochun.

“What’s going on?”

Jaejoong lets out a low growl.

Yes, he actually growls, making his dongsaengs laugh as they snuggle closer, ignoring the irritated man.

“You’re suffocating me! Get your smelly head out of my face, Chun. Did you even wash your hair today? Ugh!”

“He hasn’t showered today,” Junsu tattles in a sing song voice, getting a swift kick for his efforts from a pouting Park Yoochun.

“Isn’t it your job to make sure he showers?” Jaejoong asks as he drops his phone in the small empty couch space next to him, constantly swatting at Yoochun’s wandering hand as the man tries to steal his phone.

“It’s too fucking early to shower.” Yoochun declares, just Jaejoong phone goes off.

There is a mad scramble to answer it, Jaejoong winning in the end as he stares at the phone in surprise.

“Changmin wants to Facetime me.”

“Oh.” Junsu’s voice is soft, his expression a little apprehensive.

The three of them stare at the phone for so long the ringing sound eventually dies.

“Why didn’t you answer the phone?!” Junsu asks a little shrilly, as he looks down at his two hyungs who are exchanging glances.

Before either of them can answer, the phone goes off again.

“I think you better see what he wants, hyung…” Yoochun speaks quietly. He has no issue with Changmin, but a quick glance up at Junsu shows that the younger man is looking a little peaked. “Su, it’ll be ok.”

“I can go. I don’t have to be here.”

Jaejoong immediately grabs the younger man’s knee, effectively stilling him. “If you go, I’m not answering this.”


“Nothing’s changed, Su-ah.” Jaejoong smiles as he answers the call.

Changmin’s irritated face immediately fills the screen. “What took you so long? Bad enough I have one hyung who has absolutely no faith in me and now you won’t even answer my calls! What if I was in hospital and dying and could only make one phone call and for some stupid reason I can only remember yours? What then, hyung? Huh? Huh? Huh? Will you let me die without saying goodbye to at least one person, even if it’s you of all people.”

“Hello to you too, Changminnie.” Jaejoong shakes his head ruefully at the blistering tirade from the maknae of the group. “What’s got you all riled up?”


“You have four of them, Min. Which one?”

“The one who didn’t leave me behind.”


Then Junsu bursts into tears.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.”

Junsu doesn’t stop crying.

“I said I’m sorry! I really am. Ugh! Today sucks. First hyung irritates me and now I’ve managed to make Junsu hyung cry. Never mind. I’ll just go to the garden and eat worms or something. Hyung, I really didn’t mean it. I’m sorry!”

“Y-you called me h-h-hyung?” Junsu asks, in between sniffles.

“What else would I call you? You are technically my hyung even though I’m taller, smarter, better looking—“

“Aish! Min! Why did you go running off like that! I said I was sorry! Who are you talking to?”


“Which hyung?”

“Watch your words, Changmin!” Jaejoong shouts pre-emptively as Yunho finally comes into view of the phone. He waves, smiling slightly at the confused expression on the leader’s face. “Hey, babe.”

“Hey yourself,” Yunho smirks, making three dongsaengs groan.

“Seriously? We are not in character right now ok? Let me get this all cleared up for you,” Changmin gesticulates, losing his audience of three their visual of the two men for a few seconds, before he realises what he’s done and fixes the problem. “Do you see any cameras?”

Yunho looks around, making Jaejoong and Yoochun chuckle as Junsu wipes his eyes on his sleeves, already past his crying bout. He misses the other two more than he can admit. He’s done some stupid things in the past, trying to get Yunho to talk to Jaejoong, and those actions have caused an undeniable rift in the fandom. Since then, he mostly tries not to say anything controversial, but he is always adamantly, subtly, oh-tee-five as the terminology may be. He always harbours a hope, but as time passes, the hope slowly fades away, especially when he sees the way Jaejoong has become.

Like it or not, Jaejoong truly is the heart of DBSK while Yunho is the strength. Yoochun, himself and Changmin fill in the gaps to make them whole.

When the heart and strength falter, the other three are just not sticky enough to be able to hold the pieces together.

He hadn’t really been for the idea of Yunho and Jaejoong meeting and trying to resolve their issues after all this time because finally, after so long, he feels like he himself has moved on somewhat. He believed Jaejoong had moved on too till Yoochun tells him of the night Jaejoong had woken up asking for Yunho. Can he be selfish then? He has a thriving solo and musical career, and all this despite being unable to promote.

Junsu knows, and is undeniably grateful to Yunho and Changmin, because he acknowledges their part in keeping the three of them in the spotlight despite their lack of activities. The fact that they are able to fill Tokyo Dome for three nights with barely a month’s notice is testament to that. Tohoshinki is massive in Japan, and Junsu has no doubt a good seventy percent of their audience will be Big East.

His eyes burn once again as he watches the leader and maknae bickering, remembering how the dynamics were never like that when they were as five. It was always Yoochun and Changmin bickering with him, all three leaving the older two to their own devices. And yet despite this, all three know they can always count on Yunho and Jaejoong to have their backs and to listen to all their worries, and to fix and protect them if they can.

He just wants all that back.

It’s tiring standing alone on stage.

It’s heartbreaking getting asked to sing DBSK or Tohoshinki songs, knowing that anything beyond a stanza will probably get them into hot soup.

And it’s just emotionally exhausting to be unable to count on someone to share the burden.

Oh he shares with Yoochun of course. He shares a lot. But the man is far more interested in acting, and Junsu knows it’s not the same.

And now, there is a chance to get it all back. It might not be the same, hell it will probably be as different as night and day, but Junsu would give anything to be able to feel Yunho’s warm comforting hug again, and Changmin’s annoying voice hassling him non-stop.

“Earth to Junsu. Are you still with us or shall we leave you to your thoughts?”

Speaking of annoying voices.

“What happened to hyung?” Junsu questions, smiling slightly at the handsome faces looking back curiously at him.

“I got over it. You’re not crying anymore.”

There is a loud smack, and Changmin howls bloody murder, causing the three men on the sofa to laugh as he hits Yunho back for hitting him.

What ensues is a slap fight that really should be between the Soulfighters and not between the Model couple.

Jaejoong feels it acutely.

“Alright, you two. Enough already. You’re probably attracting more attention than you should. Imagine if someone found out to whom you’re speaking to.”

Both Yunho and Changmin visibly sober instantly. Straightening up, looking around before turning their attention back to the phone.

“Why did you call, Changmin-ah?”

“Because hyung asked me why I signed the NDA.”

Yoochun lets out a whistle shaking his head as he looks at the phone. “That NDA was no joke. Our lawyers kept asking us are you sure you want to sign this? Are you sure you want to sign this?

“Stupid.” Junsu remarks quietly, sliding lower and leaning heavily against Jaejoong who doesn’t complain. “Why wouldn’t we sign it? It’s not like we haven’t done exactly that for years without any threats over our heads.”

Changmin claps his hands to emphasise his agreement, pointing at Junsu on the screen and nodding hard. “See? Right? Right? That’s exactly it, and hyung actually questioned me. Imagine how hurt I feel.” The maknae pouts dramatically, making all four older men laugh.

“Don’t get me wrong…” Yunho starts a little hesitantly, “but wouldn’t your parents have pitched a fit if they knew you signed something like that?”

Interestingly, it is Yoochun who speaks up then, his eyes serious. “I’m going to go on record once and for all. This is Dong Bang Shin Ki business. I love my family, but there are some things that are not meant to be shared, and this is one of them. Basically, we are protected as long as we protect you. Hyung, we have always protected you and that will never change.”

Yunho bites his bottom lip, staring at the man Jaejoong calls soulmate.

“I know.”

All five stay silent for a few beats, just staring at each other, when Yoochun smirks.

“I don’t know.”

“I think you know.” Changmin catches on immediately, for he’d been dying to say it himself but he didn’t want to ruin 2U’s moment. Since Yoochun is part of the moment, he figures if the man wants to start it, he is entitled to it.

“I know.”

“Stop trolling!” Jaejoong berates when he too finally catches on, shaking his head at the troll couple. Seriously, that should Yoochun and Changmin’s couple name.

“Did I miss something?” Junsu asks, his voice a little small, making Jaejoong laugh affectionately as he turns to kiss the younger man on the cheek.

“Whatever you missed, Yunho missed too so you’re in great company.”

Yunho nods, ruffling his hair as he stares at Jaejoong. He did finally catch on when Jaejoong scolded the other two members, but he’s fine with being Junsu’s partner in this.

“We’ll be coming straight from the airport so we might be a little late.”

“And we’ll be on time so I can get these two reacquainted with Changmin’s girlfriend.”

“Hey! Didn’t I say we’re only acting in front of the cameras?”

“Who said anything about acting?”


“Can this production get any more complicated?”

“What production? Everything is topsy turvy and put on hold, and all because your company threw a fit.”

Yeon Hee sighs as she leans back in her chair, twiddling her thumbs as she spins from side to side. Joong Ki and Ah In are sitting opposite her, the only members of the primary cast to have arrived. Filming finally wrapped up on the first day at 7am the following day when it was meant to have wrapped by 3am at the absolute latest, and even then, a good chunk of a scene hasn’t been filmed yet. The day of the pilot is barely two weeks away, and the first episode is still yet to be filmed in its entirety.

You’d think an episode to set the groundwork for the premise of the story would be the first thing to be filmed, but no. The PDs had wanted the shower scene filmed in the actual locker rooms at Anyang Stadium, and so they’d held off. It is episode two and not the pilot that is pretty much filmed in its entirety, the only thing missing being the dinner scene at the Park house where Anyang Halla discover Hero’s identity.

The scene at the Baek house had been so perfect that one of the PDs had grabbed Yeon Hee as she makes her way in, to talk her ear off about how amazing everyone’s chemistry is on screen and that she’s utterly believable as Dohoon’s bratty teenaged sister and it is clear the older man holds a genuine affection for her as it comes through loud and clear in his “acting”.

In all honesty, Yeon Hee thinks Yunho is really just being himself. There’s a little acting involved, but all his reactions and teasing and ribbing of her all come naturally to him. The PD was right when he pointed out that night that Yunho is used to dealing with a younger sibling. They are supposed to have an age difference of 5+ years and Yunho comes down to her character’s eighteen years of age incredibly well.

Then again, Yunho is known for being the more playful of the two remaining members of TVXQ anyway so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

And speaking of remaining members of TVXQ…

“Where’s Yunho and Changmin?” Joong Ki asks as he inspects Ah In’s fingernails. They’ve had far more interactions lately, especially with all the team scenes coming up that need to be filmed. They’ve suffered a major rewrite though thanks to the new additions to the cast, but neither he nor Ah In begrudge it. They’re still being paid the same for marginally lesser screen time. The only issue is memorising new lines, but they’ve both been doing it for long enough that they take it in stride. In reality, the change makes sense for their builds are better suited for the roles of defencemen anyway compared to forwards, and they are at least of the height needed for their doubles to be believable.

The doubles for the new forwards will be a bit of an issue, but apparently the pro hockey team do have a couple of “pocket rockets” for it to work.

“I don’t know. I don’t actually think anyone knows anything to be honest.”

“Isn’t this a script reading for the new script?”

“Yes, but oppa doesn’t have to be here, does he? Don’t the script changes involve Anyang Halla more than…oh…” Yeon Hee trails off, realising her mistake.

“Silly princess,” Joong Ki grins affectionately at the blushing girl. “And if it’s just Anyang Halla then why are you here?”

“Good point.”

“What’s a good point?” A third voice asks as Jaejoong saunters in with two men in tow.

Yeon Hee stands instantly as Joong Ki and Ah In whoop loudly, getting up quickly from their seats and pushing past Jaejoong to smother Yoochun in bear hugs and very loud greetings. They do the same to Junsu too who looks a little surprised to be greeted so effusively but he takes it in stride with that gorgeous smile of his.

Yoochun eyes the tall, silent girl, staring at him a little apprehensively, eyes darting back and forth between himself and Junsu. He can see the worry in her eyes, and he doesn’t think about what he does.

He just does it.

“How can I forget all the special memories of you?”

Jaejoong and Junsu’s eyes widen.

Ah In opens his mouth and is about to comment about how he’s hitting on Changmin’s girl, when Joong Ki covers his mouth with his hand and shakes his head.

“Do you still remember?” he adlibs, smiling slightly at the flare of recognition in her eyes as he finishes his line. “My little princess…”

Junsu starts to hum the tune quietly, joined in by Yoochun who doesn’t even bother turning towards his members, knowing full well they will come in where they should.

Jaejoong doesn’t disappoint as he smiles fondly at the girl he’s come to know much better than he ever used to while they were still in the same company, as he starts to sing.

”Sarangi gaetwo iron nae maumun…”

Yunho and Changmin’s steps falter slightly as they hear Jaejoong melodious voice filtering out back at them through the open door. They exchange glances, both whispering at the same time.

“Yeon Hee.”

”Sumgiryo haedo…”

“Haedo…” Junsu echoes.

”…kumsae ibkaui misoman.”

Changmin, standing in the doorway with his heart in his throat, starts to sing just half a beat faster to pre-empt one of the other two taking over his line.

”Haruto andwae tto bogoshipojyo…”

Yunho steps next to the maknae, eyes darting around the room, unable to rest on a single face as he watches the three other members moving to stand alongside Changmin.






Changmin’s voice cracks in the next line, despite how easy the song is to sing, his heart much too lodged in his throat to be able to sing freely, his eyes only on Yeon Hee because he knows if he turns to his right, he might make a fool of himself.

She’s crying enough for both of them anyway, hands covering her cheeks and nose with only her eyes visible as silent tears fall.

”Gaeinrun nae mujub ijun obsur koyeyo…” Jaejoong’s smile is evident in his voice, bringing a smile to the face of the leader of TVXQ as he sings the backing line with the other three.

Changmin smiles too, fighting to try and keep his heart from coming up any higher. ”Jwohan koman boyojugo shipungoryo…”

”My little princess…” The five harmonise together, taking Jaejoong’s cue as he ends the note, a little worried because Yeon Hee’s shoulders are actually shaking from her crying.

“Yah…princess.” Changmin calls out softly as he steps forward.

Yeon Hee lifts tear filled eyes, staring at her onscreen boyfriend and offscreen they’re-still-not-sure-yet, before she gives in and runs to him.

“I guess she’s Changmin’s little princess.” Yoochun observes, trying to crack a joke, as he wipes away at his own tears.

Tears no one comments on because the atmosphere is slightly awkward in the room.

Over three years of not seeing each other in person like this, and the first thing they do is sing together?

Yoochun is the one who is the most surprised out of the five of them.

He is the one least interested in singing, and yet it was he who initiated the song, the memories of their time as five coming back so vividly when he caught sight of the beautiful Yeon Hee, as if the music video they filmed only just happened yesterday.

Singing it had been as natural as breathing, and he is more than surprised at being able to remember the lyrics, not to mention hitting the right notes in their impromptu performance.

All four knew instinctively to follow Jaejoong’s leading melody, the rough acapella sounding perfect to the untrained ear.

There are a couple of hitches here and there as Yunho tries to find his lower tone once again having not sung in that register for awhile, and Yoochun himself trying to harmonise with not just Junsu and Jaejoong but Changmin’s much higher voice. Junsu is perfect as always, complementing each and every member’s voice with his own.

Throughout it all is the steady melody of Jaejoong’s lead vocal, keeping them exactly where they should be.

“I’m not sure whether to clap or prostrate.” Ah In admits, running his eyes along the five men standing in silence. Changmin has his arms full, but his eyes are stark, his mouth pressed against the brow of the girl sniffling quietly.

“Are you sure you guys didn’t practice over the phone or something?”

Junsu starts laughing then. There is a tinge of hysteria in his laughter and voice as he answers Joong Ki. “Practice? I haven’t even spoken to Yunho hyung till this morning.” He chokes on his words as he bends his head, covering his face with his hands, shoulders shaking with suppressed sobs.

Jaejoong turns, but he really didn’t have to because Yunho is there before he even manages to move a few degrees.

Yunho pulls Junsu gently into his arms, and the shorter man buries his face against his shoulder, body shaking with silent sobs. A soft litany of broken apologies can be heard, but the leader merely hums and shushes the younger man, tightening his arms as he looks up to stare at Yoochun.

It takes but a second of a shared glance, before Yoochun too joins the hug.

Jaejoong stares at the threesome.

He knows he should feel something.

How long has he wanted them all together?

Something is stopping him though. Stopping him from giving that little part of himself over.

That part belongs to Yunho and Yunho alone.

He does want them all back together somehow.

But he wants Yunho first and foremost.

Perhaps he is being selfish. Perhaps he’s being exactly what everyone thinks he is.

Perhaps he’s channelling Hero from the drama a little too much.

Don’t get him wrong, he does love that they are together as five once again, but this five cannot be permanent when the two oldest are still broken.

He isn’t being fanciful.

It’s just a fact.

Jaejoong is pulled from his musings by Changmin who looks at him strangely, eyes a little too insightful as he practically drags him towards the other three for the little hug fest going on.

The maknae stays a little behind though, nuzzling against Jaejoong’s ear as the lead singer curls around Yunho’s back, the only available place he can touch the leader, oddly reminding him of that soccer match they had on the rooftop of some building in Japan. Whose idea it was to play a game of soccer on the slippery ice is a foggy memory. All he remembers is Yoochun jumping on Yunho and making like a koala, the pang of jealousy at his own soulmate slicing through him like a hot knife through butter.

Not unlike right now.

Come on, Jaejoong. Get a grip.

Changmin’s soft breath in his ear warms him, but his words freeze him.

“Hyung, he’s always been yours. Don’t be like this.”


Jaejoong is getting a bit of deja vu as he stands in the bathroom.

It’s a small bathroom with only two cubicles, and a lock on the main door which he’s secured easily enough.

The bathroom is generic enough. So generic that it reminds him of some random bathroom in whatever building they were in after their first daesang win. He’d stood right here in the very same place, leaning against the sink and staring at a shut cubicle door, hearing the muffled sobs.

He exhales slowly, thinking about Changmin’s words, and thinking about himself, wondering what anything means anymore. They’ve been at the script reading for over three hours.

Three hours of Yunho keeping his tears inside, not a single hint of their existence on the smiling and laughing man, teasing his “sister” and arguing good naturedly with his “teammates”. Yoochun and Junsu had bonded with the group easily, almost instantly, welcomed like two long-lost brothers into the fold.

And in those three hours, Yunho barely looked at Jaejoong.

True, they don’t really have any interactions for they’ve already filmed a majority of their early scenes.

Well, all of them to be exact. All their interactions in episodes one and two are done.

There is no reason for Jaejoong and Yunho to interact, and the rational part of his mind is telling him to let it go.

But the irrational part is louder.

It’s always been louder, much to his detriment.

“Are you alright?” he finally calls out, when the muffled crying seems to be letting up. His tone is impersonal, even a little cold, and he hates himself for it.

The cubicle door opens instantly, a disheveled Yunho striding out and grabbing him by the arm, pulling him back into the cubicle where the leader sits on the shut toilet lid, and buries his face against Jaejoong’s belly.

He’s stopped crying, but his arms are tight around the singer, face planted firmly against Jaejoong’s hard abdomen.

Jaejoong plays with the hair just above Yunho’s left ear, twirling the little stray curls around his finger. “Babe…”

Yunho pulls away abruptly, staring up at Jaejoong, blinking in the awful fluorescent light as he tries to clear his vision. He shakes his head, expression even more upset than it was earlier as he takes in the man’s coolly aloof features.

“Don’t be like this…”

“Like what?”

“Hero. Don’t be Hero. I need you to be Jaejoong. My Jaejoongie…please.” Yunho drops his chin, forehead against the singer’s abdomen, unable to look at the cold countenance of the older man as he whispers brokenly against his belly. “I can’t be strong all the time. I can’t. I need you too. I desperately wanted to pull you into my lap in there, to take my strength from you. Everyone thinks I’m so strong Jae, but I’m stronger with you, can’t you see? Don’t be Hero…please don’t be Hero…I need my Jaejoongie. Please…”

The wall of ice Jaejoong had unconsciously formed around himself melts with each broken word from the indomitable leader of TVXQ.

The man everyone sees as the tower of strength, riding the crest of the Hallyu wave.

The man who really only belongs to Jaejoong.

“I know it’s too soon. I know we still need to talk. I know we haven’t resolved anything. I know pretending is not going to help right now and it might even mean us taking a step forward, only to take two steps backwards, but Jaejoong please… Seeing the two of them, hearing us singing together, I keep thinking of everything I lost by letting you go. I feel like I’m going to drown in those memories of the empty years between us. All the regret, every single time I saw Changmin staring off idly at the empty space on his right, so much so we changed our standing position so that he would always have someone if he looked to his right. All the times I woke up clutching the empty space next to me in bed and it got so bad I actually asked for a single bed. Expecting to hear Changmin bickering with Junsu over who uses the bathroom in the morning and hearing nothing. Lying in bed, hearing the creak of footsteps and wondering if it’s Changmin looking for Yoochun to see if he wanted a midnight snack only to realise that can’t be right. All of that kept playing over and over and over in my head every single time I looked at Yoochun and Junsu. I can only be strong for three hours, Jae. I need you to help me be strong for them.”

Yunho starts tearing up again, clutching at the silent man he is hugging. His voice is broken in his sorrow as he keeps talking. “You know I blamed you. You know I tried to blame you. But who is to blame when I let myself drift away from everyone? I hated being around Super Junior because they just reminded me of what I lost. The hoobaes are all sweet but they reminded me that one day, I will be replaced. I just focused on work. Focused on making sure Changmin didn’t lose any more than he already had. I focused on protecting TVXQ because if I lost that then I truly had nothing left. TVXQ is my life, Jaejoong. You wanted to talk about the Hope Concert don’t you? I chose you. You are TVXQ. The heart of TVXQ. I chose you and yet you left.” Yunho bites his bottom lip hard to stifle the pain in his heart. He can’t speak anymore, tears and regret finally clogging his throat so badly as to rob him of speech. Will he ever get his Jaejoong back?

Jaejoong’s tears are hot on his cheeks, staring at the tiled walls of the cubicle. The flush buttons in the wall are truly fascinating right about now.

Breathless minutes go by before his hand finally moves, stroking over Yunho’s shoulder, upwards along his neck and jaw, finally cupping his damp cheek. Jaejoong can feel the tears still flowing and he thumbs at them, voice cracking as he speaks quietly.

“I’m not going to stop fighting for you, Yunho. No matter what happens, no matter what life throws at us from here on forth, I am not going to stop fighting. I’ve had to survive without you protecting me. Survive in that cruel world where we had roadblocks thrown at us every which way. Sasaengs dogged our every step even worse than before for with you, they at least respected some distance, but without you standing with us, we were fair game. I know how to survive now, and I certainly know how to fight. I’m not letting you let me go and if you tried, I’m going to fight you so consider this your warning.”

Yunho leans back, smiling as Jaejoong’s hand cupping his cheek doesn’t let go.

They’re both a sorry sight, tears covering their faces, eyes a little swollen and noses a tad red.

Yet both are smiling.

“I’m the hyung.”

“Yes, you are, by two miserable days.”

Jaejoong ignores that as he continues. “So it’s my responsibility to protect you.”

“But I’m the leader.”

“A leader is only as good as the man behind him.”

“I think the saying is woman…” Yunho chuckles as Jaejoong pouts.

“The saying should apply to both genders thank you very much.”

“Are you saying you’re going to be behind me?”

Jaejoong arches an eyebrow, making tsking sounds as he cups Yunho’s small face in his hands and wipes away all remnants of tears. “Behind, in front, under, on top.”

“That sounds promising.”

“Don’t get any ideas. We still have a way to go before you find out about any new body mods I’ve got.”

This time Yunho’s eyebrows shoot up practically to his hairline as he rears back even more, staring slackjawed up at Jaejoong.

“You look hilarious,” Jaejoong chuckles as he tries to smooth Yunho’s brow with his fingers, massaging the creases to try and even them out. “Stop frowning. You’re going to get wrinkles.”

“What body mods?”

“For me to know and you to work for.”

“You don’t really have any new body mods do you? You’re just teasing me?” Yunho asks hopefully.

Jaejoong merely smirks, wiping his damp hands on his tight jeans, stepping back and turning to leave.

“Like I said, for me to know and you to work for.”

“Alright, we’re pretty much done for the day. The next part is only relevant to Yunho-ssi and Jaejoong-ssi so you can leave if you want.”

“Are you kidding? I didn’t sign a crazy NDA to leave at the best part of the show,” Yoochun remarks as he leans back comfortably in his armchair. He gets a dirty look from Jaejoong for his YunJae President ways that he seems to have fallen back into rather easily, especially post bathroom breakdown of the two oldest members.

“Well, I’ve had enough excitement for one day I can tell you,” Sung Ryung remarks as she stands.

The other set of parents and her “husband” stand too and all four take their leave quietly, leaving only the Anyang Halla team and Hero along with the sole female in the group.

“Why don’t you go back to the dorms?”

“I want to stay.”

“I don’t think you should stay.”

“Why? Cos I’m too young?”

“Well, that—“

“Hah!” Yeon Hee crows instantly. “You’re younger than me so if I have to go than you most certainly have to go too.”

“She’s got a point,” Yoochun observes amusedly,

“One point to the princess,” Joong Ki smirks, playing with Ah In’s hand yet again. “And a big fat zero for the goaltender.”

“As a goaltender, a big fat zero is exactly what I want,” Changmin sniffs in a superior manner, making everyone crack up.

“We’ll see if you can even stay on your skates, dongsaeng, and then we’ll talk about zeroes.” Ah In teases, getting a high five from Joong Ki and Yoochun at Changmin’s expense.

“I’ll help you.” Junsu offers. “I know how to skate.”

“It’s kinda hard for you to help me when you’re meant to be at the opposite end of the rink, hyung.”

“I need help too.” Yoochun suddenly remembers. “I can’t even rollerblade oh my god why did I agree to this?”

“Idiot! You’ll have a body double for most of the skating.”

“I want to do my own skating though,” Junsu pouts, making Changmin laugh.

“Hyung, you can do whatever you want. This is a free set.”

Junsu beams instantly, though really, his smile is more over the fact that Changmin keeps calling him hyung. Xiah Junsu is very easily pleased.

“Joong Ki hyung will help you in the back, Min. He can skate very well.”

“Why are we still talking about skating? I thought we finished all that ages ago since we’re going to be filming at Anyang Stadium tomorrow.”

“Yeah! Let’s move on to the good stuff. So PD-nim, why did you want Jaejooongie and Yunho hyung?” Yoochun waggles his eyebrows suggestively making everyone crack up.

The two silent men who’d been watching the convivial atmosphere amongst their primary cast couldn’t be happier. Typical korean dramas rely on melodramatic storylines. This production is relying on their ensemble cast.

And of course, Yunho and Jaejoong.

Success is guaranteed considering how they are practically producing the reunion of Dong Bang Shin Ki, but they are all still determined to put up a great production due to the storyline. They don’t want to cheapen the story by merely relying on who their actors to carry the show, without any substance behind said actors.

They really don’t have to worry with this lot though.

Joong Ki and Ah In are naturals, as is Yoochun.

Junsu is a quick study, as is Changmin when he learns how to control his face.

Yunho is the hardest worker they can ever hope to find, and Jaejoong is Jaejoong.

It’s a little hard to explain what Jaejoong is.

They’re both still stumped as they watch the rockstar idol idly running his hands through Yunho’s hair as he sits in his lap.

The man had decided that he doesn’t like his chair when the second half of their reading had started, not even asking for permission or even acting as if it’s out of the ordinary as he settles in Yunho’s lap in one corner of the oversized couch. If the leader is surprised, he doesn’t show it, merely shifting a little so Jaejoong’s ass hangs off the other side of his thigh so he isn’t taking all of the singer’s weight. Jaejoong is pressed into the corner of the settee with his legs draped over Yunho’s. Both have their noses in their scripts, ignoring everyone for the time being as they whisper to each other.

“Um…” one of the PDs clears his throat as he looks at his co-PD. “We brought in a sex scene choreographer.”


Yunho closes his eyes and starts counting backwards.




Yoochun cracks first, followed quickly by Changmin, Joong Ki and Ah In.

All four are howling with laughter.

“Well I’m glad you think it’s funny.” Jaejoong straightens, moving so his ass is planted squarely in Yunho’s lap as he leans forward eyeing the PDs balefully. “We don’t need a choreographer.”

“Um…I…I know you two can dance but filming a sex scene is different.”

“It has to be believable.” The other PD nods, eyes widening as Junsu starts to belatedly laugh as well. The man’s high pitched eukyangkyang laughter sets off the other four all over again, and for a good five minutes, all that is heard is insane laughter.

Yeon Hee, seated of all places, on the same couch as Yunho and Jaejoong leans back and sighs loudly, attracting the attention of the two men.

“You really should go, little sister.” Yunho speaks quietly. “It’s going to get ugly.”

“Oh I doubt it’s going to get ugly.” Yeon Hee replies, shaking her head. “It’s probably going to get beautiful. A little too beautiful for my innocent eyes. I think I’ll get the manager to call a car for me.” She smiles as both Yunho and Jaejoong nod in agreement. “Can you say bye for me? Tell Changmin if it doesn’t run too late, I made dumplings that I can heat for him.”

“We’re not invited?” Jaejoong teases.

“You really want to come to the SME dorms?”

“Me then?”

“Somehow…I think you have better places to be than my dorm, oppa,” Yeon Hee glances meaningfully at Jaejoong who grins at her. “Don’t give them all a coronary before we even air one episode, please.”

“What? Us? Nooooooooo.” Jaejoong protests exaggeratedly, making the pretty girl roll her eyes as she makes her move.

“Hey, why did she leave?” Changmin asks, seeing the back of Yeon Hee just as the door shuts on her.

“Why do you think?” Jaejoong mutters. “Do you really want her sitting here listening to some person trying to tell us how to have sex?”

“No, no!” The PDs both interrupt, one of them continuing to explain. “The choreographer is just here to make sure it looks believable.”

“PD-nim, no offence, but if you get any more believable than what those two can pull off, it’ll be like Color of Night all over again.”

“Color of Night?”

“Bruce Willis and Jane March. You don’t know the movie?” Changmin prods his hyungs.

Yoochun’s brow furrows. “Wasn’t there some scandal about whether they were actually having sex?”

Changmin hums, not affirming or denying before he speaks. “Maxim magazine said it had the best sex scenes in film history.”

“But this is a gay sex scene!” The PDs try, a teensy weensy hope in both of them that someone will protest.

Unfortunately, they really should have known better.

The NDAs themselves told them the hope was a futile one.

“So?” Junsu asks. “They’d be better at this than kissing a girl.”


“What? We all signed NDAs didn’t we?”

“Yes, but you don’t have to go proclaiming it to all and sundry!”

Junsu looks around the empty room, brow furrowed in confusion. “Who is all and sundry? It’s just the PDs and us.”

Changmin face palms, giving up.

“What is this choreographer supposed to show us?” Yunho finally speaks, deciding that perhaps it’s best to put the whole thing back on track before someone else tries to derail it.

“See that bed over there? They’ll direct you on how to move.”

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” Jaejoong bursts out, staring incredulously at the PDs. “Please tell me you’re joking.”

“Uh…” The two men exchange glances. “The people producing this show insisted on the sex scene choreographer. This is out of our hands.”

Jaejoong holds up a hand in disgust. “Stop using that term. It sounds so weird.”

“What term?”

“Sex scene choreographer,” five amused voices echo before Jaejoong can reply.

“I really don’t want to be directed like some kid who doesn’t know what to do,” Jaejoong grumbles.

Yunho wraps long fingers around the back of Jaejoong’s neck, tugging him forward as he presses his mouth against his ear. “It’s been rather long…do you really think you remember what to do?”

Jaejoong suppresses the sudden shiver of desire as he leans back, trying to look as unaffected as he possible can. The slight breathlessness of his voice gives him away though.

“Is that a challenge?”

“If I win, do I get to find out about the new body mod?”

Yoochun’s eyebrows shoot straight up to his hairline as he starts to cough and choke on air. “Y-you told him?”

Yunho’s eyes narrow as he looks over at the still spluttering man. “You know about it?”

“He’s seen it.” Junsu replies quietly, shaking his head. “Don’t get mad about it though. Jaejoongie hyung just needed some moral support.”

“Moral support?” Yunho echoes, turning back towards the singer in his lap. “Exactly what kind of body mod is this?”

“I have a rather good idea,” Changmin replies.

“And we both really don’t want to know,” Joong Ki answers, looking slightly uncomfortable. There is such a thing as too much information sometimes.

“Speak for yourself. I want to know,” Ah In prods Joong Ki who smacks at his finger.

“Uh…I hate to interrupt, but the choreographer is here and he’s paid by the hour.”

“What is he? A gigolo?”

Both PDs flush, shaking their heads. “Can we let him in?”

“Did he sign an NDA?”

“Of course.No one works on this show without one. Not even the coffee girl.”

“That’s a relief…I guess…” Jaejoong trails off as he looks over at the large bed, eyes narrowing. “Are we really supposed to pretend to fuck with all of these guys here?”

“Consider it practice. Better us than the camera to pop your onscreen ass cherry.”

“What the fuck is an ass cherry?”

“I don’t want to know,” Yunho mutters as everyone starts laughing.

“Your ass virginity, hyung.”

“You’re so crude, Changmin. What happened to my baby boy?”

“He grew up while you were gone.”



Jaejoong waves a hand dismissively as he stands. The PDs leave then, ostensibly to get the sex scene choreographer.

Six pairs of eyes watch as both men leave the room, before four pairs of eyes land back on the couple. Jaejoong is tugging at Yunho, pulling him to his feet.

“Come on. Let’s get started and show them we don’t need a fucking choreographer.”

“Hey! He really is a fucking choreographer.”

Jaejoong sends a very dirty look at Ah In who has the sense to look sheepish at his lame comment.

“I can’t just…what am I supposed to do?”

Jaejoong starts chuckling as he pulls a reluctant Yunho after him towards the bed. “Looks like my body mod will be out of sight a good while longer, Yunho-yah.”

They get to the bed and Jaejoong pushes Yunho onto it, the man landing on the surprisingly comfortable bed with a soft exclamation.

There is no time to think about anything though, for he has a lapful of eager rockstar to deal with as Jaejoong wastes no time climbing on top of him.

“I think we should get under the covers,” Yunho whispers, fully aware of the wicked glint in Jaejoong’s eyes. “I don’t really like the way you’re looking at me.”

“How am I looking at you?”

“Like I’m food.”

‘Aren’t you my meal, Dohoon-ah…” Hero purrs softly, winking at Yunho as they struggle for a bit, pulling the covers over them, much to the dismayed sounds of their marginally reluctant audience.

Three of them have seen far worse.

One of them is more than a little curious.

The other is torn.

“Hey, isn’t it JaeHo for the first sex scene?” Yoochun suddenly exclaims, making Jaejoong growl in annoyance.

The beautiful man turns his head towards his soulmate, his tone a little exasperated. “Why do you think Yunho is under me? Seriously?”

“You could be riding him.”

“Oh god.” Joong Ki slides lower in his arm chair, covering his face with his script. “Am I really here?”

“Yes, you’re definitely here.” Junsu answer, patting the man comfortingly on his back. “If it makes you feel better, I’ve seen worse.”

Joong Ki groans even more deeply at that interesting piece of information, sinking even further in his seat and pulling the hood of his hoodie up.

Jaejoong has all but forgotten his audience once again as he gazes down at Yunho’s disgruntled expression. “You’re very cute.” He kisses the man on the nose, making Yunho growl.

“I don’t feel cute. I feel exposed.”

“We’re under the covers, Yunho-yah.”

“What happened to Dohoon?” Yunho’s voice drops a tad. “I think we should stick to our characters just to be safe.”

“So I’ll be yelling Dohoon’s name?” Jaejoong’s eyebrow quirks as he grins down at the pouty leader of TVXQ.

“Damn it, Jaejoong. This is so stupid. What are we doing?”

“I don’t know,” Jaejoong replies quietly as he rocks against the younger man experimentally. “But something tells me, we both like it.”

Yunho swallows a groan as he suddenly realises that Jaejoong has slipped between his thighs and their crotches are flat against each other’s.

Well, not quite flat…

“I think we should lose our tops.”

“Are you crazy?” Yunho shakes his head. “That is asking for trouble, Jae. Please don’t play games.”

Jaejoong leans down, nuzzling against Yunho’s jaw as he noses his way to the man’s ear, whispering quietly. “I’m not playing games. I want you as much as you want me, and even though we won’t really be connecting any dots any time soon, I’ll be damned if I let someone tell me how to make love to you.”

Yunho is a goner.

Those words from Jaejoong’s mouth is like an on switch to a runaway freight train on a path of no return.

With a groan of surrender, he tugs Jaejoong’s face towards him, pulling the man down for a kiss.

There is most definitely nothing chaste about this kiss.

Even from the slightly obscured view of the men watching, the carnal nature of the kiss is as clear as crystal.

“I really didn’t think they were going to go for it…”

“I thought Yunho hyung would be more self-conscious…”

“Jaejoongie hyung is like a siren. No one says no to his call.”

“When did you learn about sirens, Su-ah?”

Junsu merely grunts, staring at the moving lump on the bed.

They lose their tops quickly enough, Yunho even helping Jaejoong divest themselves of their teeshirts and tank tops.

His fingers unerringly finds a straining nipple, and he cannot help his smirk as he pinches the hard bud, making Jaejoong moan beautifully as the man writhes over him. “Your nipples are always hard, why is that?”

“Because I’m always thinking of you,” comes the breathless answer as Jaejoong stifles another moan as Yunho pinches him again almost punishingly.

“Don’t lie, Jaejoongie.”

“I’m not lying, damn it.” Jaejoong ducks his head, sucking Yunho’s plush bottom lip into his mouth and biting to punish the younger man for his disbelief.

The moans and groans coming from under the blankets are a little too real, making the PDs and the newcomer stop short as they enter the room.

“What’s going on?” the sex scene choreographer asks quietly, eyeing the bed.

Both PDs can only shake their head, their mouths gaping.

Yunho and Jaejoong’s bodies from chest up are visible as Jaejoong dips his head, kissing his way across Yunho’s broad shoulders, nuzzling against his clavicle and kissing whatever skin he finds, before moving up against the younger man, their groins flush against each other.

“How flexible are you, baby?” Jaejoong asks as he licks at Yunho’s mouth, asking for entry once again which the man allows gladly.

Their hands are constantly moving, Yunho’s raking up and down Jaejoong’s back, as well as teasing and flicking his nipples when he gets the chance.

Jaejoong’s hands are making a total mess of Yunho’s hair as they kiss. He never stops moving, frotting their turgid, clothed cocks against each other’s almost desperately.

Yunho’s hardness is driving Jaejoong’s crazy. He can feel the man against him, and he wants nothing more than to free that beautiful cock from its confines. Keeping that trapped like this is surely a sin against mankind or something dramatic like that.

Well, it’s certainly a sin against Jaejoong at least.

Their kissing is wet and deep, sucking and licking at each other’s mouths and tongues, they make love with their mouths even though they cannot quite mimic the final act to completion.

Jaejoong asks his question once again as they break apart, their breaths shallow, as they struggle to try and focus. “How flexible are you, baby?”

“As flexible as my jeans allow me to be,” Yunho’s eyes are hazy with lust as he stares almost dreamily up at the gorgeous man staring down at him. “Do what you want with me.”

Jaejoong smirks, running his hand down along Yunho’s side as he too follows, slipping lower.

“Please tell me he’s not going to do what I think he’s going to do…” Joong Ki whispers, eyes wide, unable to look away even if he wanted to as Jaejoong’s head disappears from their eye sight.

“Um…” Changmin looks over at Yoochun whose expression is inscrutable, almost blank as he stares at the bed. “I don’t think so?”

“Why does that sound like a question?”

“Because I really don’t know…hyung, is he going to do bad things?” Changmin nudges Yoochun who snaps out of his daze, nodding towards the bed.

“He’s coming back. He didn’t do anything but kiss his way down and back up. He’s not that crazy you know?”

“You know that’s bullshit. They both make each other crazy past any normal limit.”

“Asking if they’re acting would be a stupid question right?”


“I think we should stop this…” Junsu whispers, eyes widening as Jaejoong hooks one of Yunho’s knees over his shoulder and starts to move harder and faster, all the while kissing and licking at the younger man’s mouth and whispering nonsensical muffled words that no one can make out but them.

There is absolutely no mistaking what the man is simulating.

The two of them are literally in their own fucking world.

Yunho can feel that familiar pressure building up, and he wraps his hand around the back of Jaejoong’s head, keeping his mouth against his as they kiss desperately, teeth clashing and tongues getting nipped harder than usual but he is chasing that elusive something.

He needs more, and he asks for it.

Jaejoong reaches between their bodies, flicking and fiddling with a chocolate pebble as he swallows Yunho’s keening moans into his mouth as he rocks harder against the man. He’s found that perfect groove when he can slide his clothed cock alongside Yunho’s. The way the man is open to him with his leg hooked back like that makes everything fit so perfectly that Jaejoong’s head is starting to spin from the sensations.

His fingers move further down, ghosting across the man’s belly to undo the top button.

Yes, he’s being naughty.

No, he doesn’t give a fuck.

Yunho’s groan of relief as his jeans are unbuttoned is long and low, Jaejoong’s hand slipping between their bodies to grip at the swollen head of the man’s cock through his boxers. He squeezes at the glands, teasing as his continues to rock, using the cloth of his boxers to create friction for him.

His movements get more determined as he gyrates against the man’s lengthy cock, and the additional stimulant of his fingers squeezing his head, Yunho is lost.

The man comes suddenly with a hoarse shout, swallowed gladly by Jaejoong as he feels the squelchy wetness filling the front of the man’s boxers as his fingers continue to tease and massage.

He never stops kissing Yunho, whispering quiet words of praise and love as he eases the man’s leg down from his shoulder. He is suffering from a serious case of blue balls, but it doesn’t matter as Yunho moans happily against his mouth. He knows the man is totally out of it, and he is going to be in so much shit when he realises where he is, but Jaejoong can deal with the fall out later.

Now? Now he just wants to sleep as he nuzzles against Yunho’s throat, kissing and lapping at the sweaty, damp skin.

“I love you…” Yunho slurs drowsily, arms tightening around the older man.

“I hope you remember that when you wake up.” Jaejoong replies quietly as he closes his eyes.

“I’ll always remember I love you.”

Eight pair of eyes stare in silence at the now quiet couple.

Joong Ki is crying.

Ah In is close to crying.

Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin and contemplative.

“You seriously brought me here to choreograph a sex scene between them?” The choreographer questions incredulously as they stare at the presumably sated couple on the bed. “They could teach me a thing or two. If I didn’t know better, I’d say at least one of them actually came.”

Changmin overhears the end of the conversation, as he sinks low in his armchair, pulling his own hoodie up and zipping it up so he feels more secure.

Jaejoong definitely knows how to make Yunho forget himself.

Question is, how will the leader react when he realises he just came for an audience of eight?

Oddly enough, Changmin is looking forward to the fireworks.

Yunho’s been uptight for far too long. Forgetting himself every now and then like the way he did at the MKMF 2008 awards is not a bad thing.

NDAs are also the best invention since disposable chopsticks.

AN1: Alright, this is in no way representative of what is currently happening ok? Remember, AU non-AU… Keep repeating that to yourself as you think of creative ways to kill me or something. Oh, and Yunho is so going to kill Jaejoong…maybe… hahahahahahaha! I’m a sucker for happy endings. Ahem. THAT KIND OF ENDING.

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And the smexing is just too hot...wow..yunho forgot hes got an audience lol..i mean i would too if i had jae all over me..lol!! love this chapter...and body mod?? dont tell me its the same one hero's got? that wld juz be too awesome...well for yunho anyway...lol!!

Oh god. And it didnt help that I imagined the blond!Jae!!!!! I am soaaaakiiiiinnggg!!!

I actually sang the lyrics when I saw it. It's one of my fave songs. :') The bathroom scene was very emotional it got to the point where I actually wondered if a similar thing happened to them IRL. :( poor Yunho. I adore their love for each other so much. Jaejoong would just drop everything for Yunho it's amazing. T_____T

Oh my god, I feel so spoiled! Two chapters in a row, that is INSANE! (I'm not complaining tho ♥) Okay tbh I started to shed legit tears when they started singing "My little princess". I even rushed to put the acapella version on and continue reading the singing part. (Still listening to it)I cried so much, my nose is clogged. How do you do this to me?! It's Nikki-magic, I swear D: And oh my delicious, THE SCENE! And a sex scene choreographer, really?! Made me crack up there xD Okay, let me repeat again, that the bed scene was uber delish. Love this one, thanks so much :D

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