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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Title: Sleeping Beauty drabble: Separation
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: G
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff-ish, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

Summary: For you it's separation...

AN1: It’s an OT5 kind of day so a simple drabble… I started this ages ago with the wheels on the bus scene and wrote the rest in 10mins...

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE

“The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and —“

“We’re not on a bus!”

“…Round, round and round, round —“

“Susu, we are not on a bus!” the little voice is indignant, turning in his booster seat to glare at his older brother. His arms are crossed and he is pouting something fierce.

“But that’s how the song goes! We learned it in school.”

“Well, it’s a dumb song. School is dumb.”

“School is not dumb! School is fun!”





“You’re dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb!”

“Jung Changmin!” Jaejoong’s voice is just loud enough to cut across the racket going on the back of the Porsche SUV. He is more than thankful that Yoochun is too busy dozing to take part in the argument going on. Jiyool and JJ had been taken to school that morning by Yunho since they both have early morning rehearsals for the winter . The boys are in first grade and this is Changmin’s first day at kindergarten.

The little tyke had been beyond upset at being separated from his older brothers. Every single morning since the twins started in September has been an absolute nightmare and today is no different.

“Mama!” The five year old yells back, and Jaejoong has to fight his impulse to smile. He really shouldn’t be encouraging the precocious brat. The youngest can practically get away with murder, doted on completely by both his parents and his older siblings. Far from resenting him, all four are old enough to remember how they almost lost their baby brother almost two years ago, and this colours their interactions with him.

Jiyool still gets angry when he sharpens her colour pencils so thoroughly that they break, and she is left with little stumps, but she holds her tongue.

JJ gets annoyed when he interrupts her music lessons with his purposeful off key singing, so thoroughly obnoxious that her piano teacher had actually called it a day one afternoon not long ago, declaring he cannot work under such conditions, but she too holds her tongue.

Yoochun and Junsu say nothing when he decides he wants a huge pile of Lego and mixes their sets along with his. And while they complain bitterly to their mama later on when the little brat laments about wanting his own Lego back and making them sort out the pieces, they never growl at him for it.

He can still hear the boys bickering, but it’s muted now, and he leaves them to it. They’re almost at the school anyway, and he smiles when he sees Yunho standing on the front step, scowling at the sidewalk.

“Daddy’s here.”

“Daddy? Daddy? Where? Where?” Changmin’s presses his nose against the window. “Why is Daddy here? Is he going to school too?” There is a hint of bitterness in the five year old’s voice which makes Jaejoong roll his eyes at how melodramatic his son is.

“Daddy is too big for school.” Junsu reasons, before he pales just as his mama parks the car and turns around to look at him. “Did we do something wrong? Are we in trouble? We didn’t mean to break to swing set, Mama!”

Since this is the first time Jaejoong is hearing about a broken swing set, he merely arches his eyebrow as he gets out of the car to set the boys free.

Changmin reaches his father first, complaining the entire time.

“Daddy, why are you here? Are you going to school? Why can’t I go to school? I promise to be good if you let me go to school.”

“You haven’t told him?” Yunho asks Jaejoong who has the twins firmly in hand. Yoochun is rubbing sleep from his eyes while Junsu is looking worriedly back and forth between his parents.

“You tell him,” Jaejoong smiles fondly as he tugs the twins along with him.

Yunho leans over to heft the rather tall five year old into his arms and kisses his brow. “You’re going to school today, Minnie.”

For once in his life, Jung Changmin is speechless as he stares at his father.

“We’re not leaving him behind?” Yoochun asks, finally awake as he takes in his father’s words. “Do you mean it, daddy? We’re not leaving him behind?”

“Chunnie and Suie are not leaving me behind?” Changmin’s voice is a tiny squeak, completely uncharacteristic of the bold five year old.

“We never left you,” Junsu speaks up, his tone serious as he twists to look at his father and brother all while still walking hand in hand with his mama. “It’s only temporary and we always come back even though it does seem very long sometimes.”

Yoochun nods, he too twisting around to look at his baby brother. “We always think about you even when you’re not with us.”

“I think of you too…” Changmin’s voice is shy as he ducks his face and hides against his father’s neck. “You mean it, daddy? I’m going to school with Chunnie and Suie?”

“I never say anything I don’t mean, Min-ah.” Yunho hugs his son, smiling over at his wife who is grinning as they approach the dean’s office. “I just wanted to protect you a little longer. You’re the youngest and it’s hard for mama and daddy to let you go.”

“But I’m not going anywhere.”

“I know, baby.” Yunho is finding his eyes strangely warm. “Even if you go, you’ll come home eventually.”

They are met at the door by the dean himself, a stern looking man with kind eyes who speaks quietly with Jaejoong while the three boys look on.

After a few minutes, handshakes are exchanged as the dean welcomes the newest and youngest addition to the school, smiling in surprise at the five year old’s firm handshake.

“Your first class will commence in five minutes. I hope you enjoy your new school.”

Changmin nods fervently, unable to imagine anything else as the man returns to his office. His eyes look over to find his mama who opens his arms to him. Not giving it much though, Changmin leans over and out of his daddy’s arms as he is passed to his beautiful smiling mama.

“Alright, boys. Say bye bye to daddy.”

“What do you mean say bye bye to daddy?” Changmin questions instantly as he turns around, suddenly realizing exactly what going to school means. He shakes his head. “Why can’t daddy come?”

“Daddy has to go to work, baby.”

“But you can come. Why can’t daddy come?”

“I arranged with your school to work here for a couple of weeks.”

“Why can’t daddy work here?”

“Daddy has other responsibilities baby.”

Changmin starts to shake his head even more. “No, no, I don’t want to leave daddy behind! No!”

Yunho and Jaejoong exchange glances, and the latter hands their son back over to the taller man who tries to hush the now upset five year old.

“Changminnie, didn’t you want to go to school with your brothers?” Yunho asks quietly as he wipes away at the two tears that have rolled down his youngest son’s eyes.

“But I don’t want to leave you.” Changmin sniffles as he rubs his nose against his daddy’s shoulder. “Why can’t you come too?”

“All of you, your mama, your brothers and you. All of of you will come back to me eventually. It doesn’t matter if we’re separated for a short time or a long time, baby. You will still come back.”

“What if something happens and we don’t?”

“Then I will come look for you. I promise to look for you to the ends of the earth if I have to. I will gather each and every one of you till we are together once again. I promise, Changmin.”

“What if you get lonely?”

“I won’t be lonely, baby. I’ll have my memories of you. Memories of you making a mess at the dinner table last night. Memories of you giving your mama a heart attack when you went diving and didn’t come out of the water for ages because you found something at the bottom of the pool. Memories of the mud on the white rug in my office thanks to your shoes. Memories of—“

“Ok, ok! I get it! I get it!” Changmin wrinkles his nose cutely. “Can’t you have nicer memories?”

“All my memories are nice, Min-ah. The good and the bad, are all, in reality, good, because it means you exist.”

Changmin tilts his head thoughtfully as he looks over at his waiting brothers and his mama. “We will come back right? We will return to daddy?”

“I promise, Changmin.” Jaejoong answers quietly. “For you it might seem like it’s separation, but for me, it’s just waiting to return to your father. He’s always in our hearts.”

“So it’s not separation, it’s just waiting?”


Changmin mulls over it a little longer, before he finally nods. “Ok. I’ll be waiting, daddy. Don’t forget to pick us up.”

“I won’t forget.”

AN: I need like a handbook on how to write fluff again. I feel like I’ve forgotten OTL

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This is so sweet and touching. Just wish OT5 will be back together again.

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