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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love In The Ice [14a]
Title: Love in the Ice
Pairing: YunJae/JaeHo
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Non-AU, mild angst, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here.

Summary: A script for a new mini-series is left in Yunho’s apartment by his manager, and as he reads it, he becomes more and more intrigued. Unbeknownst to him, one of the leads has already been cast, and the contracts signed. When he too is cast in the project after expressing interest in the part, he gets the shock of his life when he arrives for the script reading to be faced with a person from his past. Someone that he has spent years trying to pretend never existed. How will they be able to get through filming this without killing each other? Or worse…

AN1: Damn you guys… I was stuck in traffic so much I managed to type some stuff… I know I’ve got bad timing with SM Town going on right now and everything but if I don’t post this today, I have no idea when I’ll post it cos I’ve got a seventeen hour schedule tomorrow OTL

AN2: Oh and if you’re a new reader who has never read ICE, I really think you should because I will make a few references to it without actually spelling it out because the assumption is that everyone has read ICE and are familiar with the plot…


“Do you think we should wake them? It’s been over an hour. We still have to try and sneak out of this hotel and get some sleep. We’re supposed to be at Anyang Stadium at 5am and I can’t remember if that includes make up or not.” Ah In yawns widely, stretching his arms over his head to work out the kinks in his back from sitting in the too comfortable settee.

“It’s the shower scene first, right? How much makeup are we going to need for that?”

Changmin shrugs as he looks over at Junsu who has a tiny furrow in his brow. The man’s acting experience is limited to musicals and a theatrical audience is vastly different to filming bits and pieces of a drama. Filming might be somewhat linear, but it never is truly chronological, with PDs taking advantage of situations and locations where they can. They have Anyang Stadium for three days and they will be utilising it in full, filming as many, if not all the ice scenes they can this very week.

They have already lost money from delaying the production while bringing Junsu and Yoochun on board, and Changmin knows they are on a really tight schedule. He has no idea if both his hyungs are up to the challenge of a schedule this packed, though he knows whatever it is, both of them will see it through come hell or high water. And while he isn’t so sure about Yoochun, Junsu’s experience with musicals almost guarantees the man will likely commit the least NGs out of all of them.

“Put it this way, we’re probably going to have makeup noonas touching up our makeup every single time PD-nim yell cut.” Yoochun finally answers Junsu’s question after the brief pause.

“Still doesn’t answer An In’s initial question.” Joong Ki mumbles as he snuggles against the man’s side. They are no longer playing overt lovers in the show, the roles now going to Yoochun and Junsu, but the head writer had insisted on having a question mark over the relationship between the two defencemen, wanting the audience to be kept wondering whether are they or aren’t they. Joong Ki has no problem with that at all. He is comfortable with Ah In from way back when they were filming Sungkyunkwan Scandal with Yoochun. In fact, they’d won a best couple award based on the are they or aren’t they approach so it’s nothing new to them.

Four pairs of eyes glance over at the unmoving lump on the bed. Joong Ki’s eyes are closed for the excitement of the day has most definitely taken a toll on him. It’s barely dinner time, but he’s been up since 4am that morning and he is more than ready to call it a day.

“I don’t really want to wake them,” Changmin admits honestly. “We didn’t get any sleep last night because hyung was worried about meeting you guys,” he nods towards Yoochun and Junsu who are both wearing stoic expressions.

“We didn’t get much sleep either,” Yoochun replies quietly. “For the first time in a long time, we both stayed over at Jaejoongie hyung’s house. Hyung was cooking at 3am because he couldn’t sleep.”

“Cooking?” Changmin’s eyes widen interestedly. “What did he cook?”

Yoochun smiles fondly at the younger man who hasn’t changed a bit when it comes to food. They all know about the “MinFood” ship and more often than not, Changmin plays up to it, but then ninety percent of the time, he is perfectly honest in his love for food.

“All of your favourites. It’s in his car in a cooler that he was going to give you after this script reading.”

Changmin leans forward instantly, eyes bright. “What are we waiting for then? I’m starving!”

“We can’t leave them here.” Junsu nods towards the bed.

“We’ll keep an eye on them.” Ah In replies, hearing Joong Ki snoring softly against his shoulder. “Hyung is asleep.”

Changmin’s expression turns thoughtful as he stares at the sleeping Joong Ki, and then at the faces of the other three men. “Are all of you tired?”

“Exhausted.” Yoochun nods. “That has got to be the longest script reading in the history of script readings. But then again, we really are pressed for time so I can’t complain. I have no idea how I’m going to survive this week though, but we’ll do it somehow.”

“I’m fine,” Junsu adds, “but I could do with some food and a warm bed. I feel like my heart has been racing non-stop for the last few hours and I think if I don’t relax, it’s going to jump out of my chest.”

“How about we just stay here?”


“Here, here?”

“What is here, here?” Changmin asks Junsu.

The older man shrugs. “I don’t know. You tell me. You’re the one who brought it up.”

“I meant here in this hotel. No one knows we’re here right?”

“I don’t think so. There was no one waiting outside the hotel when we arrived. This was strictly primary cast plus the PDs and the head writer and that gigolo.” Yoochun snorts towards the end of his sentence, making Ah In chuckle and Junsu to punch him lightly in the shoulder, shaking his head disapprovingly.

“I’m sure a sex scene choreographer is a real job. PD-nim wouldn’t have hired a gigolo.”

“I wonder how one goes about applying for such a job. What kind of qualifications do you need? How do you even prove that you’d be a good choreographer?” Changmin muses out loud.

“I’m sure you have enough qualifications with all your special videos.”


“Shhhhh!” Ah In hisses as Joong Ki grumbles in his sleep, turning inward towards him and throwing a leg over his lap. He frowns at the three singers who are staring at him rather amusedly. “What?”

“Nothing.” Yoochun smirks knowingly, making the younger man flush.


“Well what?”

“I swear all of you have the attention of a gnat.”

“How do you even know the attention span of a gnat?” Junsu asks the maknae curiously.

“I can’t believe I forgot how annoying you are,” Changmin grumbles as he leans back in his arm chair, staring at his hyung who looks a little crestfallen. “I still haven’t forgiven you for stealing the cute concept from me.”

And just like that, Junsu knows the man isn’t serious, and his smile pretty much lights up the room as he chuckles quietly.

Well, as quietly as he can chuckle.

Which isn’t quiet at all.


“Enough with the shushing already, hyung. The three people asleep in this room are out cold. I’m not sure even fireworks would wake them.”

Ah In sticks his tongue out at Changmin, who sticks his out right back at him.

Two handsome men making faces at each other.

Yoochun rolls his eyes, laughing as he stands up. “Come on. I’ll enquire about rooms at the front desk. You go get the food.”

“Wouldn’t it be odd if someone sees me rummaging in Jaejoongie hyung’s trunk?”

“Oh. Good point.”

“I’ll get the food.” Junsu offers. “You get the rooms.”

“Room.” Changmin corrects. “Suite. Get a suite. We can all bunk in.”

“I doubt there’s a suite in this hotel that can accommodate seven people, Changminnie.”

Changmin shrugs. “We can all sleep on the floor. It’s not like we’ve never done it before.”

“I think you should get a separate room for Joong Ki hyung and I…” Ah In interrupts hesitantly.

“Oh?” Yoochun smirks again, waggling his eyebrows, not hiding at all what he’s implying. “And why is that?” His tone is practically dripping in grease.

“It’s nothing like that!” Ah In frowns at his friend. “You five probably want to talk and stuff and Joong Ki and I will just be the third wheel so to speak. That’s not very fun for us or you.”

“We’re supposed to be a team, hyung.” Changmin points out. “Yoochun and Junsu hyung have only been with us one day and we all need to be believable as a unit tomorrow. We have to bond.”

“Are you making things up as you go?” Yoochun questions. “Because I’m sure you only wanted a place to eat and sleep without any hassle.”

“We do need to bond!”

“Yes, we do.” Junsu nods, walking over towards Changmin and placing a hand on his shoulder. “He’s right. You guys were on Sungkyunkwan together and we…we…well…we…” he trails off, his expression truly pained.

“We’re a dysfunctional group.” Changmin reaches up a hand to pat Junsu’s. “It’s ok, hyung.”

“So it’s set?” Yoochun asks, coughing to hide the crack in his voice as he turns away to blink hard to keep the heat from behind his eyes from spilling over. Changmin’s comment had brought almost instantaneous tears, and the way he’d reassured Junsu had been almost too much for Yoochun.

“Get a suite. I’ll pay for it.”

“We’ll split it.” Ah In speaks up shaking his head. “A unit remember? We all pull our weight. We’ll split the bill. Joong Ki hyung won’t mind.”

“We all have clothes right?”

“We always carry change, Min. You know that. And I’m sure you do too.”

“We came from the airport.”

“I don’t have change, and I don’t think Joong Ki hyung has any either.”

“I’m sure between the five of us, you’ll fit into something.”

Changmin starts to chuckle. “How about we put them in something that very obviously belongs to Jaejoongie hyung and something that very obviously belongs to Yunho hyung? That’ll throw all the shippers off.”

“You’re evil,” Yoochun grins, but nods in agreement as he gestures to Junsu. “Alright, come on Su.”

Ah In and Changmin watch as Yoochun and Junsu unlock the door and leave.

“Shouldn’t you—“ Ah In begins worriedly.

“—On my way.” Changmin gets up quickly, almost running in his haste to lock the door again.


There is a low hum of voices, and the delicious smell of some kind of stew wafting around.

Yunho is confused.

He groans softly, his body is stiff and sore, and half of it seems to be weighted down by something.

A very warm something.

A very warm and fragrant something.

A very warm, fragrant and familiar someone.

His eyes widen, staring up at the cream ceiling in dawning horror and embarrassment as what happened before he passed out cold, slowly filters through his foggy brain.

Goddamn, Jaejoong.

The man makes him forget himself at the worst of moments.

He can hear the muted laughter of men, and he wonders painfully if they’re laughing at him. This has got to be the worst best day of his life thus far. The best because Jaejoong is in his arms, and while he is embarrassed and maybe a little angry, he is not going to act first and think later. Giving in to a reaction he feels he should have, versus just enjoying the moment - the consequences of each mean either having Jaejoong, or possibly losing him.

Yunho is willing to sacrifice his pride this once.

And besides, it was only his dongsaengs and the PDs in the room right?


He groans, lifting his free arm to rub at his eyes and face tiredly. He has absolutely no idea who was in the room at the time. For all he knows, they filmed the whole damn thing. He was that out of it. He can only be grateful that the covers are thick and pulled so high up he’s hiding behind a partial wall of it.

Can he stay in this bed forever?

“Don’t be mad…”

He feels the broken whisper against his neck, and he tries to move his arm, to squeeze Jaejoong in response but he might as well try to move a dead log. His arm is numb from being slept on for long.

Yunho watches as Jaejoong lifts his head gingerly, and while the stunning doe-eyed man has one hell of a bed head, he is still the most beautiful person Yunho has ever seen.

“You’re not angry?” Jaejoong questions almost breathlessly, so incredulous it practically takes his breath away as he stares at Yunho, able to read the man’s face despite the years between them.

“I am a little angry, but what’s done is done and it’s no use worrying about something that’s already happened, and beyond my ability to do anything about.” Yunho whispers tiredly. “And besides, for all I know, it was three hours ago. Kinda weird to be getting angry over something three hours late.”

There is a feeling of bewilderment as Jaejoong takes his words in. He feels like weeping for some reason, but he swallows the urge, masking it over with a sudden need to tease.

“Does this mean I can do it again?”

Yunho tries to wiggle his arm from underneath Jaejoong, grateful when the man assists him as he smiles ruefully. “Even if I say no, it’ll probably happen again. This whole production is going to be a test of my self-control.”

“What self-control?”

“Who’s the brat, now?”


“If I’m still the brat then you must be—“

“Don’t say it.” Jaejoong whispers. “Unless you plan on following through.”

“Your no touching rule has really gone out the window you realize?”

“It was for work,” Jaejoong replies primly.

“So…if I was some other guy, you’d have your hands down the front of his pants too? For work?”

“Point taken.” Jaejoong replies hastily, shuddering in the process. “Ok, that’s actually really fucking gross. Thanks for the visual.”

“Who were you visualizing?”

“Anyone but you would be gross.” Jaejoong declares, sounding exactly like a missish virgin on her wedding night.

Yunho can’t help it as he starts laughing, startling the other men in the room, for more than one reason.

All of them had expected fireworks of some sort, not laughter.

Changmin bows his head, stirring his black bean noodles and hiding a smile behind his hand as he pretends to cough. Yunho laughing instead of yelling at Jaejoong is a good sign. A really good sign.

Jaejoong sits up first, a gorgeous scowl on his face, hair so askew, as if he stuck his finger in an electric socket. He looks absolutely ridiculous as he moves to sit astride Yunho who is still howling with laughter for some reason or other.

“Yah! It’s not that funny! Stop laughing!”

“B-b-but—“ Yunho starts, lifting his upper body up in a half crunch, rubbing the thighs of the sullen singer sitting on him, but he falls back as a fresh wave of laughter catches him. Jaejoong’s disgust had been so genuine, Yunho is helpless in the face of it. He is not really laughing at his lead singer, but laughing at himself. Jaejoong has always been his. Well and truly his. He wonders if it ever occurred to the man how the production would have suffered had someone else been cast as Dohoon. The utter horror and disgust that twisted Jaejoong’s features for a few seconds had been enough. The man’s reactions have always been refreshingly honest. A lot of people call him 4D for it, but truly, Yunho will not have it any other way. Jaejoong is a master at wearing masks, but he is also unable to control his reaction when taken by surprise.

And Yunho loves him for it.

Jaejoong may have changed, but at least this little part stays true, and it warms his heart.

“What’s so funny?” Junsu asks curiously, coming over to sit on the edge of the bed as he eyes his two still very topless hyungs. Yunho’s jeans are still unbuttoned, but Jaejoong’s hands are blocking his view of anything, not that he wanted to see stuff, but still…

“Come on, guys. Share with the class.” Yoochun coaxes as he too sits on the bed.”

“Yunho’s being an ass, that’s all.” Jaejoong grumbles as he stretches out over the man, placing both hands over Yunho’s mouth as he glares down at him. “Stop laughing otherwise I’m going to make you regret it.”

“What are you gonna do? Dry hump him to orgasm again?” Changmin asks blithely, holding his bowl and eating his noodles nonchalantly as he stares at the occupants of the bed while every other male in the room start to sputter at his choice of words.

Including Yoochun.

“I seriously hope you don’t talk like this around the princess,” Joong Ki shakes his head in astonishment. They’d all somewhat agreed not to say anything about what happened.

Ok, fine. It wasn’t a verbal agreement but an unspoken agreement.

Perhaps they should have said it out loud.

“What?” Changmin chases a dumpling around his bowl as all the other men wait for him to finish. “All of you were thinking it.”

“I wasn’t!”

Changmin glances at a red-faced Junsu. “Alright, I’m sure you weren’t but everyone else was.”

“I smell food!” Yunho suddenly shouts, as he pulls Jaejoong’s hands from his mouth, determined to change the subject.

“You smell me.” Jaejoong growls, as he catches Yunho’s hands and pins them above his head, ignoring their audience. “I still haven’t forgiven you for laughing at me.”

The NDAs have given Yunho a certain sense of indifference. It’s the only explanation really for his highly uncharacteristic behavior in the face of Jaejoong.

Or really, perhaps he’s just looking for an excuse. Being around Jaejoong again is exhilarating and even more so when he doesn’t have to govern his reactions to the man any longer.

At least not “on set”.

Yunho has always been a playful and mischievous lover. His leader facade is a necessary one, and one he wears with pride and also with honesty. He can on show that part of himself to the public, because to show any less would mean compromising on who he was groomed to be.

He is the golden boy of the hallyu wave, admired and revered by pretty much every hoobae in the industry, whether they admit it or not. He has a reputation to uphold and a certain kind of behavior to maintain that is expected of him at all times. Some might say he takes it a little too seriously, but then again Yunho has always been the serious sort.

Everything he does is with excellence.

Anything less would mean not being true to himself, for Yunho is a man of principle, for anything worth doing, is worth doing well.

It does get tiring though, and Jaejoong, and to a lesser extent his members, get to see him release his stress by just letting go of the reins and allowing himself to react however he wants to react, do whatever he wants to do, and be as childish or as annoying as he wants to be.

Being a leader is probably a good seventy percent of his true personality. The other thirty percent is saved for those closest to him.

And who can be closer than Jaejoong?

Yunho smirks, arching off the bed as he stretches languidly, lifting Jaejoong easily, though the man doesn’t budge, still glaring down at him. “Why don’t you make me smell like you?”

“Alright, time out! Time out!” Joong Ki yells. “We have a suite. You guys have your own room. Please spare my virgin eyes and nose and ears and everything else!”

“I thought we were all sleeping together?”

“I’m sleeping at the opposite end of the damn suite to their bedroom! You guys can sleep wherever you want!” Joong Ki exclaims, still waving his arms a little agitatedly. “I love you guys but it’s too much for me to absorb. Too much, too soon. I can deal with kissing. Heck, I kissed Ah Innie. But everything else… too much! Too much! It’s too soon!”

“What do you mean, too soon?” Yoochun questions curiously.

“I don’t know!” Joong Ki wails, grabbing a surprised Ah In as he buries his face in the back of the man’s neck. “It’s too soon to be feeling weird. I feel weird. Jaejoong and Yunho are making me feel weird and it’s not a bad weird but it’s weird. It’s very weird and too soon. Too soon!”

“Oh dear.” Junsu murmurs as he absentmindedly starts to card through Yunho’s hair. “Someone’s having a crisis.”

“Yah, calm down, Joong Ki hyung. I was just kidding.” Yunho offers. He wants to get up and comfort the man, but his pants are uncomfortable as fuck, plus he is rather enjoying Jaejoong’s weight on him and Junsu’s hands in his hair.

“Can we back up a sec?” Jaejoong sits up, rubbing his hands absentmindedly down Yunho’s torso as he looks at the men surrounding them. “What is this about a suite?”

“Oh,” Changmin waves his chopsticks at Jaejoong. “We booked the presidential suite so we could all stay here and bond before the shooting tomorrow.”

“The presidential suite? Are you insane? What if people find out?”

“Who’s going to find out? Booking is in my name and no one asked about it. No one even knows we’re in this drama as yet.” Yoochun shrugs. “Don’t worry, you two get your own room.” He waggles his eyebrows at Jaejoong who groans and shakes his head.

“Do I have a say in this?” Yunho asks, glancing back and forth between Jaejoong’s rather pained expression and everyone’s else’s amused faces bar Joong Ki who is still hiding behind Ah In.

“Well, what do you have to add?”

“I really don’t think it’s a good idea for us to be sharing a room.”

Jaejoong nods instantly, making his dongsaengs chuckle.

“Why?” Changmin asks. “You’re afraid you’re actually going to connect the dots?”

“Sleep with the door open then if you’re so worried.” Yoochun suggests.

“That didn’t exactly stop them.” Joong Ki grumbles from behind Ah In as he peeks out, dropping his chin on the other man’s shoulder and hugging him. “Or are your memories really that short?”

Junsu shrugs, both hands now playing with Yunho’s hair. “I don’t remember anything. Do you?” He asks Changmin who grins and shakes his head.

“Nope. I don’t recall anything either. What about you?” He turns to Yoochun who is wearing one hell of a shit-eating grin.

“Well, I’d say something happened if I’d recorded it but alas, there is no proof anything happened so I guess nothing happened.”

Five pairs of eyes turn to Ah In and Joong Ki. Joong Ki is sighing loudly and Ah In is smiling.

“I’ve got selective amnesia it seems. I have no idea what you’re talking about, hyung.” Ah In pats Joong Ki’s arms as the man sighs yet again.

“I guess it would be crazy if I’m the only one who remembers anything so I guess I hallucinated it all.”

Yunho lost Jaejoong to the piano in the suite.

The second the older man clapped his eyes on it, he’d shrieked and practically leapt over furniture to get to the beautiful baby grand piano.

He is joined by Changmin, while the rest of them wander around the suite to take in all it has to offer.

Well, everyone but him that is. He’d high-tailed it into the closest bathroom to have a quick rinse and dispose of his underwear.

“There were two suites. I chose the one with the piano.” Yoochun whispers to Yunho when he catches the man staring at Jaejoong and Changmin plinking and plonking on the piano. They’re just running scales, before Jaejoong breaks into a rather exuberant rendition of Somebody To Love.

“Thank you.” Yunho murmurs as they keep walking.

“Hyung! You call that a shower?” Changmin yells from the piano when he sees the five men heading into the master suite. “I’m sure you still stink!”

“I’ll have a longer shower later.”

“With company?” Changmin asks loudly, earning himself a smack from Jaejoong.

And then another.

And another.

Yoochun and Yunho just roll their eyes at the slap happy pair as they enter the master bedroom with the other three.

Ah In whistles lowly as he takes in the expansive room. “This room can house all of us easily. We don’t need all the extra space. Why did you get the presidential suite anyway, hyung?”

“It was the only suite available with more than one bedroom.”

“We should all sleep here.” Yunho suggests, but he gets several tongues clicking at him and heads shaking.

“While I know whatever happened this afternoon was a figment of my stupendously overactive imagination,” Joong Ki starts, his tone so serious it causes the other three men to crack up. “I really do think you and Jaejoongie should have a room to yourself. Have the door open if you must, but I’d rather not wake up before dawn to find him ridi—“ he breaks off, flushing as he drops his gaze from Yunho’s amused eyes. “Uh…sitting. Yes, sitting on you.”

Yoochun, Junsu and Ah In are laughing hysterically at the poor man. The oldest member of the group is also probably the most innocent. The three of them jump onto the large king size bed, bouncing on it and making lewd sounds as they laugh.

Well, Yoochun and Ah In are making lewd sounds. Junsu is just trying to stay on the bed.

“Ignore them.” Yunho pats Joong Ki on the shoulder. “Come on, lets check out the rest of this ridiculously overpriced suite and leave them to whatever it is they’re doing.” He turns around sending the three men dirty looks which only serves to make two of them laugh harder.

The third? Junsu scrambles after them. “Hyung, wait for me!”

“What’s the time?”

“Almost nine.”

“Shouldn’t we go to bed?”

“I am in bed.”

“You’re in the wrong bed.”

“But this bed fits us all!”

“Yes, if none of us move. Look what happens when one does.” Changmin elbows Junsu who squeaks, rearing back and effectively dropping Yoochun with a howl off the bed.

“We can’t sleep like this,” Joong Ki agrees from the other end of the bed. “We have to be in top form tomorrow what with all the skating and pretend skating we’re doing. If we sleep like this, we’ll all be stiff and aching.”

“Yeah, it’s better if only two of us are stiff and aching rather than seven.” Yoochun declares solemnly from the floor as he slowly gains his feet.

It takes the remaining six men a few measures, before Jaejoong gets it first, sitting up with a growl, effectively dislodging Joong Ki at the other end of the bed as the ripple effect from the centre continues.

“I’m not going to be stiff and aching, Micky Yoochun!”

“Who said anything about you?”

Jaejoong makes to jump over Changmin and Junsu, both men automatically protecting their balls, but an arm around his waist stays him.

“The more you protest, the more he’ll hassle you. You know this.”

“Wise as ever, leader-sshi.” Yoochun executes a mocking little bow with a smirk. “But seriously, hyung. Just go to bed. We have to be up at 4am to sneak out of here to be able to get to Anyang Stadium in time.”

“Did anyone ever find out whether we were supposed to be made up before getting there?” Ah In asks, propping himself up on his elbow as he gazes down the line. He can feel Joong Ki nudging him to move to make room for him, but there is honestly nowhere he can go. “Because if we do then it’s more like a 3am wake up call.”

“No makeup. The noonas will have the dubious pleasure of seeing us in all our naked glory.” Changmin quips as he stretches his arms over his head now that he has no need to protect the family jewels from the clumsy lead singer sitting quietly and contentedly in the circle of Yunho’s arms.

“Literally.” Junsu adds with a small groan. “First, I kiss a guy on stage and now I have to strip for the camera in my first real drama? What are my parents going to think?”

“There’s going to be more than just stripping, babe.” Yoochun leers as he reaches down to squeeze Junsu’s upper thigh, causing the younger man to shriek and bolt upright.

“We don’t have sex scenes too do we?” Junsu asks, mouth agog as he turns to his hyungs, ignoring the laughing Changmin between himself and them. “I don’t remember reading any.”

“If you did, you’re definitely going to need a choreographer.” Jaejoong laughs, earning himself a warning squeeze from Yunho and more laughter from Changmin and the others.

“We just need to film you two tonight and we’ll have all the information we need for any such scenes.” Yoochun chuckles as Junsu throws a pillow at him.

“Just don’t piss the head writer off,” Joong Ki advises, determined to change the subject, steering it away from anything sexual. “Didn’t she say she’d probably kill Jaejoong off if he makes one more change?”

“She can’t do that! Can she?” Junsu asks, mouth gaping.

Changmin laughs as Jaejoong pouts mutinously. “That’s exactly what hyung said to her. And she said watch me so I don’t know. I wouldn’t mess with her if I were you. You’ve already pissed her off enough that you got the cheesiest lines in the whole damn script!”

“Lines? What lines?”

“Yo, U-Know! Let’s try some plays, bitch.”

“Oh god, isn’t there a fucking copyright rule against that or something? Wait, wasn’t that line in the script before we joined? Do I have to blame Ah In?”

“Nope. She wrote it in today.”

“You’re joking…”

Changmin shakes his head, laughing. “Check the shared Google drive. Our scripts are edited as we go and I was checking it out earlier and you definitely now have that line.”

“What the hell did I ever do to her?”

“Wait till episode three. She added more.”

“What now?” Yoochun groans as he sits at the other end of the bed by Junsu’s feet. The man is trying to get him to rub his feet by nudging and nudging at him, but the older man pointedly ignores him.

Jaejoong has long left the bed, climbing out the other way, over Yunho and Ah In and he is now scrolling rapidly through his iPad as Joong Ki hovers by his elbow.

Both of them see the line at the same time and they start cracking up.

Jaejoong passes the device to Ah In who shares it with Yunho.

“Oh dear.” Yunho is at a loss for words. The line isn’t that bad, but coupled with the one already given to Yoochun, he’s starting to wonder about their head writer. “Is she a Chunsa?”

“A what now?” Ah In asks as he scrolls through the small edits in the script.

“Yoochun stan? I doubt it.” Jaejoong answers. “She barely even looked at him today.”

“That’s because she was too busy glaring at you, hyung. If looks could kill, you’d most definitely be dead.”

“I am the star,” Jaejoong sniffs. “She’s just a writer.”

“A writer who gave Yunho an STI.”

“Well, his character already had an STI before Yunho hyung was cast so you can’t really blame her for it. It’s sort of essential to the storyline.”

I really wanna touch myself?” Yoochun is absolutely floored with disbelief as he stars openmouthed at the iPad. “Are you fucking kidding me? Who is she? Lee Soo Man seosangnim’s granddaughter or something?”

“I think that’s my cue to go to sleep.” Yunho finally decides as he heads the other way, crawling over Ah In and getting out of bed. He doesn’t want to get involved in any discussion regarding their former mentor, and he really is tired. Today has been way too much in every sense of the word, and the sooner he sleeps it off the better. He already has a plan on how to survive the night with Jaejoong, and well, he is absolutely banking on how exhausted he is too.

The six men watch silently as the captain and leader leaves the room without a backward glance.

Jaejoong smacks Yoochun hard in the chest with the back of his hand, and it’s testament to how the younger man feels when he accepts the physical abuse without a sound of complaint.

“I guess I shouldn’t ask, huh?” Ah In is still staring at the empty doorway where Yunho had just abruptly walked out.

“Shouldn’t you go after him?” Joong Ki asks Jaejoong who is silent, a frown on his face.

The beautiful lead singer merely shrugs, before shaking his head. “It’s not a can of worms I want to open. I’m happy to leave it be. What about you?” He turns towards his members, and all of them, including the maknae nod solemnly. “Alright then, it’s settled. Now who wants to play a game?”

“What kind of game?” Changmin asks suspiciously.

“The fun kind.”

Jaejoong is buzzed. They’d played card games for a couple of hours and he knows they are all going to suffer for it later, but it’s been a long time since he’s actually truly enjoyed the company he is with and for someone who hates being alone, being surrounded by friends is too much to pass up.

Yoochun had called for some soju, not enough bottles to raise an eyebrow but enough to keep five of them pleasantly buzzed. Changmin had resisted at first, but after the first shot, the rest were easy, and the complimentary bar fridge was stocked with light beer anyway so they’ve all had a drink or three.

Junsu as always, abstains, but the man has just as much fun without drinking so it’s never a problem.

All six miss Yunho, though none of them say anything overtly regarding the absent man.

It is the way someone always tries to introduce Yunho into the conversation.

Whether it is Changmin complaining for the millionth time about how the man still traipses through the apartment in shoes when Joong Ki complains about Ah In’s bad habits.

Or Junsu musing out loud as to how it would look if Yunho performed Tarantallegra with him when Changmin comments about the choreography.

Or Yoochun wondering if Yunho prefers musicals to acting in dramas when they start talking about Junsu’s musical experience versus dramas.

Or Joong Ki searching YouTube for videos of Yunho performing in Kiss & Cry when everyone comments about his prowess on the ice.

Or Ah In just marveling at the man’s existence at every opportunity he can.

Jaejoong isn’t bothered anymore by the younger man. He knows star struck when he sees it, and he finally realizes the man is harmless.

Though he’s not sure if Joong Ki is out of harm’s way when it comes to Ah In.

But that really is for them to sort out.

As the second oldest, and one of the ones sleeping in the second bedroom, Jaejoong had taken a great deal of delight in kissing everyone goodnight. The five men had decided to lay out on the floor, all of them finally deciding that while they actually do fit on the bed comfortably if they sleep top to tail, none of them could agree on who would sleep on the outside.

Changmin insisted on being in the centre because he’s the youngest.

But he got outvoted because he is also the longest and therefore better able to be a wall on the outside.

Junsu declared he should be in the centre because he’s the shortest.

But he got outvoted because he tends to move into awkward positions in the middle of the night and so everyone reckons he should be on the outside so if he angles funny and falls out of the bed, that’s his problem.

Joong Ki decides that since he’s the oldest, he should be in the centre.

All his dongsaengs voted him off the island because according to Ah In, he tends to grind his teeth in his sleep and they reckon he should bother only one person not two.

Expensive bedsheets and duvets are spread out in the middle of the large bedroom, “Anyang Halla” finally opting to sleep on the floor rather than spend the rest of the night arguing over something that will have no resolution.

Joong Ki, Ah In, Changmin, Yoochun and Junsu in a row.

And all getting a sloppy kiss on the forehead each from a rather happy Hero Jaejoong as he bids them goodnight.

Jaejoong has no idea how long he stands in the doorway.

It could be a minute, or it could be ten.

He really has no idea.

The bed is a mess. The covers are all bunched up over one side, and pillows line the middle of the bed.

Yes, his boyfriend built a fort down the middle of the bed.

The sheer ridiculousness of it isn’t lost on Jaejoong, but he cannot help but smile at the absurdity of it all despite everything. The man is taking a leaf out of Yeon Hee’s character’s book with the fort. Yunho would never have thought of such a thing. The Yunho he knows would just sleep on the couch.

Which begs the question…

Does this mean he can push it?

The no-touching rule is his and his alone.

Or is it?

Jaejoong shakes his head, trying to clear it, wishing he hadn’t drunk that last bottle of beer. His capacity for alcohol is probably more than at least three of his dongsaengs combined, but his ability to think straight is definitely impaired. Everything seems easier in the darkness. Everything makes more sense.

He cannot quite figure out why he cannot connect the dots with Yunho.

He is sure there is a damn good reason.

But for the life of him, he cannot figure out what the hell that reason is.

Yunho is in bed.

He is meant to be in that bed with him.

So what’s the problem?

There’s a strange buzzing in his head and ears, and perhaps it is his conscience trying to break through the alcoholic haze he is currently in.

Maybe it’s the clothes?

He’s wearing too many clothes and it’s affecting his brain.

That seems to make sense. Clothes are blocking the signals in his mind.

Jaejoong smiles in the darkness as he starts to strip.

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