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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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One Night in Busan [1]
Title: One Night in Busan
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance
Important: This is AU but HoMin are TVXQ and JYJ never existed. Basically the only non-AU thing about it. EVERYTHING about this fic is super freaking AU… I just can’t get BLOND BLOND BLOND out of my fucking head. Also, characters may be a little OOC but it’s fiction and AU and just roll with it, ok?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It was meant to be a one time thing, and it takes Yunho a while to realize that a one time thing for him means exactly that.

AN: Alright this started off as non-AU and YunJaeMin (way back when they were all in Busan last year that’s how bloody long ago this was) and then all of JJ’s freaking blond fucking hair happened and I discarded whatever I wrote and this happened. Ugh… And I’m grumpy btw. Today has been hell and I’m so grouchy my own husband went to bed early to avoid having to deal with me and it’s now in the morning and we have a plane to catch and I haven’t slept after my seventeen hour hell day… OTL


”What are you planning on doing here in Busan?”

“The scenery is very nice…”

Pounding, pounding, pounding.

His head feels like a someone is currently taking a sledgehammer to it, pounding insistently and continuously over and over again. The throb behind his eyeballs is so strong, the mere idea of attempting to open his eyes brings a grimace to his lips.

And still the pounding continues.

It takes him a good minute or so to realize the pounding isn’t just coming from within his head, but without.

He groans into his pillow, the sound loud in his ears as everything seems to vibrate and magnify.

What the fuck did he drink last night?

The pounding is ceaseless, and has such a determined quality to it that he knows it can only be one person trying to break the door down to his fucking hotel room.

Max Changmin.

He rolls over in the expansive bed to lie on his back, and for a second, a flash of blond explodes behind his clenched eyes, shocking him so much his eyes fly open.


Yunho bolts upright, wincing in acute misery as he struggles to keep the bile strangling his throat from escaping his mouth.

The room moves around him, not as badly as he expected, but enough to disorient him for a moment before his eyes adjust and he manages to focus on his reflection in the mirror at the foot of the bed.

Yes, there is a fucking full length mirror at the foot of the fucking bed, and he has no idea where the hell it came from. And judging from how he looks, he really doesn’t want to fucking know.

Yunho looks fucked.

Thoroughly fucked.

And he doesn’t mean fucked as in trashed.

He means fucked as in fucked.


His hair is sticking up four ways to Sunday, there are scratch marks all down his chest, and he has that lingering flush that definitely tells of one hell of a night.

What kind of wildcat did he bring back with him? He is definitely not the one night stand type of guy so what the fuck is this?

The pounding and now yelling at the door of his hotel room snaps him from his reflection and he turns quickly, wincing, but fighting through the pain as he plants his feet on the ground to get the door, only to freeze is shock.

He bends over slowly, mindful of his godawful hangover as he gingerly lifts his foot to reveal a used condom.

Neatly tied but missing the rubbish bin by a fucking mile, the cloying scent of artificial vanilla hitting his nose and making him feel like vomiting.

“At least no babies are going to come from this,” he mutters to himself as he once again tries to get out of bed.

Being tall has always been a positive, but that morning, or afternoon, or whatever, it certainly isn’t as Yunho groans his way into an upright position, feeling every single inch his twenty seven years, half of which has been spent punishing his body almost beyond endurance with schedules that only a superhuman should be able to get through with a smile.

Yunho sure isn’t smiling right now as he yells at Changmin to can it.

The pounding stops abruptly.

It only takes him two steps before he has to stop again.

“What the fuck?” This time, he doesn’t bother bending over, using his foot to retrieve whatever it is he stepped on.

A bright red used condom, once again neatly tied and this time, smelling like cherries.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.” He cards his hand through his hair, growling as the mess snarls his fingers. He keeps at it though, figuring the pain will sober him up as he tugs at his scalp, trying to regain some measure of control over his thick hair. The fact that he is naked escapes his notice till he hits the hallway leading to the door, catching sight of himself in the mirror by the bathroom just as his foot lands on something.

Something familiar.

He doesn’t even bother looking down, using his toes to gingerly feel his way around the object he’d just stepped on, and frowning ferociously when he finds the cute little knot at the end of the piece of latex. He turns to the mirror just to be sure and there it is.

A bright green condom.

He has a feeling it’s going to smell like mint.

“Why don’t I just find a yellow and orange one and be done with the whole box?” Yunho mutters under his breath, his words accompanied by a string of disbelieving curses when his foot unerringly finds another piece of latex in the messy bathroom.

He looks down this time, and lo and behold.


With a perfect little knot.

“How many was that?” Yunho asks himself as he shakes his head, entering the extremely damp bathroom, towels everywhere as he stares at himself in the mirror. “White? Red…green…orange. Fuck!”

Yunho is sober now.

He looks around the bathroom, noting the half full spa bath and the robe floating in it. He doesn’t even want to know what kind of bodily fluids lurk in the cloudy water as he shudders. Twice is about the most he’s ever managed, and that was a one time thing after having been stuck in Japan for a whole ten months with only Changmin for company as their hawk-eyed managers watched their every move. He couldn’t even breathe without bumping into one of them, so finding a date was out of the question.

Changmin was never an option, the man so painfully straight he might as well be a ruler.

Yunho figures he’s straight since he has only slept with girls, and he’s supposedly in some relationship with one of his fellow idols.

A construct of their company of course, and a necessary one for her.

Changmin is in another similar “relationship” with the leader of one of the girl groups of their company though really, that ship has probably sailed its final voyage since all these “relationships” have an expiry date and Changmin’s is coming up this very month.

Yunho still has a good six months left on his, and he has it easy in a way since she’s never around, promoting in America of all places.

Better her than him is all he has to say about that.

Unfortunately, they have to keep up appearances and so her shit is still in his apartment. They share a bed, and they’ve fucked of course, but god, nothing close to the four fucking condoms he’s just found in his goddamn hotel room.


What the hell?

And the better question is, why can’t he remember a damn thing?

A broken giggle echoes in the recesses of his mind, a flash of blond.

Blond blond blond.

Whoever it is was blond. She has to be because the only blonds Yunho comes across regularly are the kids from EXO and they’re not even in the same country at the moment.


And she smells like heaven.

His brow furrows as he scowls at his reflection.

What the actual fuck? Smells like heaven? He’s lost not only his clothes and his memory, but apparently, also his sanity.

The pounding at the door starts up again and Yunho moves hastily, grabbing the closest thing he finds as he rushes to the door.

Making Changmin wait is one thing.

Making Changmin think his wait is over is another.

Yunho pulls open the door, stepping aside quickly as an incredibly irate young man blows past him, arms waving and snarling under his breath as he heads straight for the bathroom.

“You fuck, I almost— What the fuck!?”


“There’s a fucking condom floating in the toilet bowl.”

Yunho bangs his head against the door jamb, moaning at the pain in his head and secretly doing backflips in his mind at the final count.

Well, he certainly hopes it’s the final count.

“Let me guess… yellow and tied with a knot?”

The only answer is a fire hydrant being released into the toilet bowl as Changmin groans in pleasure at finally being able to release his bladder. He could’ve used the public bathrooms of course, no doubt outfitted beautifully in this swanky hotel, or better yet, returned to his own room, but he is feeling contrary that afternoon.

Yunho steps away from the doorway, shaking his head as he turns to head back to bed, neatly sidestepping the trail of condoms leading to it as he falls into it face down with a loud grunt.

His head is no longer hurting too much.

It must be the shock.

He hears the toilet flush, and he burrows under the sheets, pulling the heavy yet fluffy covers up and over his head.

In that instant, he is assailed by the scent of heaven.

Heaven? Fuck, he really needs to work on his vocabulary.

Yunho claws his way out from under the covers, just in time to see Changmin smirking down at him.

“I guess I don’t have to ask how your night went. Why didn’t you tell me you batted for the other team?” Changmin’s tone is vaguely chiding, mostly teasing.

“Excuse me?”

“That haughty blond with the most beautiful face I have ever seen. Hell, I’d have given it a go if you hadn’t lost your heart so thoroughly. You were following him around the garden like a lovesick puppy talking nineteen to the dozen. It was hilarious.”

“H-him?” Yunho’s eyes widen in growing disbelief. “Him?” He echoes lamely as Changmin’s smirk widens.

“Oh my god…you don’t remember?”

Yunho shakes his head as Changmin starts to hoot, sitting on the bed and slapping the covers and Yunho under them as he howls with laughter. The older man knows better than to try and interrupt as he sits up, leaning against the headboard as he tries his damnedest to remember what the hell happened.

Flashes of blond.

Broken giggles filled with sunshine, a complete contrast to the cool features of the stunning beauty.


Deep brown doe eyes and high cheekbones.

He gets flashes of blond again.

And a lithe body, so slim with a waist so tiny it has to belong to a girl.

It has to.

Yunho frowns as he closes his eyes, blocking out the sound of Changmin still laughing his head off.


Then he remembers.

A flat, distinctly male chest he had worshipped with his tongue, a nipple piercing that had so fascinated him he remembers declaring that all nipples should have metal through them.

More giggles, and a moan, as he tugged on that adorned nipple.

Breathless moans and a plea for more.

Nay, not a plea.

A demand.

He can feel the heat burning across his skin as he remembers.

Licking down that chest, dipping his tongue into his navel, and then marveling.

Marveling at how pretty his cock was.

So pink and sweet, just like a gorgeous blond writhing underneath him, summoning him with his bedroom eyes.


“Looks like you remember him after all,” Changmin’s amused voice breaks through Yunho’s discordant memories, as the man’s eyes flutter open, jaw unhinged as he stares at the younger man. “That must be one hell of a memory,” he continues, eyes dropping and gazing pointedly in Yunho’s lap.

A lap covered by a thin sheet and hiding nothing.


“Yep.” Changmin nods solemnly. “You definitely did. I saw three condoms.”

“Five. You need your eyes checked.”


“There are five.”

“You finished the whole damn box? Well, aren’t you the stud? Surely that can’t all be you though?”

“Who else would it be?”

“Well, he was definitely a beautiful little thing, all blond and dainty, but I also saw him slug a guy for grabbing his ass so I wouldn’t put it past him to tap your ass.”

Yunho opens his eyes in time to catch Changmin waggling his eyebrows suggestively. He hurls a pillow at the man in disgust as his belly clenches from yet another memory.

Five fucking times.

He remembers them all.

Hazy flashes, but he remembers them nonetheless.

The tub.

By the sink.

In the hallway at the start because they really couldn’t fucking wait.

And twice in the bed after calling housekeeping and asking for the mirror.

That had been the blond’s idea.

And every single time, he remembers how fucking tight he was.

Tighter than any female.

And infinitely hotter.

Those sweet breathless moans in his ear as he begged to be filled.

His screams echoing in the bathroom as he vocalizes his pleasure.

More, more.

Always fucking more.

The sensual sway of his hips and the promise in his eyes as he playfully stalked Yunho around the hotel room with a wicked grin and nary a limp despite round three as they waited for the mirror.

The fucking mirror.

“Hyung… I think you’re leaking.”

They check out within the hour, returning to Seoul a good five hours ahead of schedule. The trip back itself has got to be the most uncomfortable to date for Yunho, mainly because of the boner he’s sported pretty much the entire ride.

He tries thinking of dead puppies, dead kittens, even specifically his dead pets.

Nothing works.

All he gets are flashes of this and that.

Mostly blond.

But flash or not, it is more than enough for him to paint a picture worth a million words, for even a million would not do justice to the beauty whose name he can’t even remember.

“Does this mean you cheated?”

“Huh?” Yunho turns to stare at Changmin. Everything is dim, the curtains are drawn and the glass panel between them and the driver and their manager is up. He knows it’s soundproof enough for a whispered conversation, having tested it out himself which is why he doesn’t tell the younger man off for his words.

“You’re supposed to be with BoA noona. Does this mean you cheated on her?”

“Gee, Max. I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me if it’s technically cheating if I slept with a man while in a fake relationship with someone I barely even see enough to know anything about.”

“Why the emphasis on man?” Changmin inquires curiously. “I know you still don’t quite remember all the details, though—“ he pauses, eyes dropping to Yunho’s lap and the very obvious bulge as his mouth stretches into a smirk “you do seem to remember the pertinent details. That man would’ve turned anyone.”

“Even you?” Yunho bites out as he shrugs out of his jacket to place over his lap.

“If I’d seen him first, last night might have gone very differently. He was practically poured into his leather pants. I don’t know how you peeled them off him, and really, I don’t want to know.”

“Might?” Yunho latches onto the confident Max Changmin’s odd choice of word.

Changmin shrugs as he picks up his Kindle. “Yeah, might. I think I’d have needed to work for it. He only had eyes for you.”

For some inexplicable reason, that revelation sends a warm rush of pleasure through Yunho.

Not the sexual kind.

The very confusing kind.


It’s been over a week and Yunho is losing it.

He can’t work.

He can’t think.

He can barely function.

His dreams are filled with flashes of blond and he always wakes up hard as a rock with a name moaned quietly in desperation.


He remembers that much, though he knows that may not even be his real name.

It doesn’t matter where he is, or whether he’s asleep for two hours or nodded off for two minutes.

The result is always the same.

Hard as a fucking rock, and desperately wondering what the hell happened.

His memories are like jigsaw puzzle pieces that tease and torment him.

A pert ass bouncing on his cock, and a breathless voice screaming for more as Yunho stares in fascination at how his cock is swallowed whole by the man’s impossibly slim body.

That breathy voice, amusement laced through it as he declares that they need lube.

Lots and lots of lube.

Beautiful bee stung lips, wrapped around his cock, teeth nipping slightly as he struggles to take him all in.

Smooth, wet skin that smells like honey with a twist of musk, and tastes like heaven.

Yunho now knows what heaven smells and tastes like to him.

The handful of girls he’s slept with had always been overly perfumed, and too inhibited in the bedroom to rouse the kind of intensity he remembers feeling.

An intensity that still sends a shiver up his spine, and a tightness through his balls when he recalls it.

His cock never fails to perk up interestedly, only to weep sadly when it realizes that the feelings are nothing but a visceral memory, and not reality.

“Penny for your thoughts, though I really don’t need to fucking know what those thoughts are because your pants can speak enough for you.”

Changmin’s mildly disgusted voice cuts through Yunho’s daydreaming as he shakes himself from his stupor to focus on the scowling man sitting at his breakfast bar. They have a morning schedule on a radio show, and they are trying to go through the script beforehand since Heechul is the DJ and to say the man is unpredictable would be an understatement. It is always best to be prepared because even if they deviate from the script, both of them are adept at reining the Super Junior diva in when necessary.

Trying is definitely the word of the day.

“If he catches you with a boner on his show, he’s going to be all over you and I’m not going to rescue you because I know for a fact you swing his way.”

“I don’t swing his way.”

Changmin holds up a hand, fingers splayed wide as he counts out.

“One, two, five. Remember? Five? Five.” He waggles his fingers

“That means nothing.”

“Oh really? Pray explain to me what happened to U-Know Yunho over the last week then? The robot I’ve come to know and love. Mister Perfectionist himself. That slave driver and exacting task master who makes me dance the same fucking thing till it’s perfect. I’ve been fucking up on purpose this whole week and you didn’t even notice. Hell, you’ve been fucking up yourself and you never fuck up. Ever. Do you know there are maybe a grand total of ten minutes of fuck ups done by us over the last ten years? I trawled through YouTube when I was sick last year out of curiosity and taking into account all the duplicates, there are barely ten minutes of fuck ups by us onstage. And do you know how many times you fucked up? Come on, guess.”

“Just tell me.” Yunho grouches as he snatches Changmin’s empty bowl to wash it.

“Zero. You hear me? A big fat zero. I fucked up those ten minutes, while you were Mister Perfect as always. The golden boy of the Hallyu Wave never fucks up, and yet this week you can’t even remember the choreography to a dance that you choreographed in its entirety. What the fuck? Do I need to go back to Busan and drag the blond back here so you can fuck him out of your system?”

Yunho stills, willing his body to cooperate because as always, his body perks up interestedly to even the slightest mention of Jae.

“You see? We’ve been together over ten years, hyung. I can read you like a book. You’re so far gone I’m not sure you even know your own name. I’m surprised you didn’t marry him.”

A loud crack of thunder practically shakes the building, a rather melodramatic effect that accompanies Changmin’s words to be sure.

Or perhaps not, as a bolt of lightning flashes over head, and yanks out another memory from Yunho.

A memory so vivid and stark in his brain he cannot understand how he could have forgotten.

”You’re crazy!” the man laughs breathlessly as he tries to hide behind a fake palm tree by the chapel entrance. “So fucking crazy.”

“Crazy about you.” Yunho nods, waiting patiently as the doe eyed blond peeks from around the slim trunk. He only needs to wait three beats before the gorgeous man giggles, running out from behind it and full tilt into him.

“Crazy ahjusshi! You’re robbing the cradle, you are.”

“As long as you’re old enough to be marry me, I don’t care how old you are.” Yunho kisses that full pout, deepening the kiss instantly only to wear a pout of his own when the younger man pulls away, still giggling.

“I’m definitely old enough.”

“Then what are we waiting for?”

“You’re really insane! Trust you to find the only city in the whole of South Korea that has legalized gay marriages. I don’t think the ink is even dry on the law yet!”

“It’s fate.” Yunho declares solemnly, totally serious.

“You’re insane and cheesy. What have I gotten myself into?”

“Well,” Yunho waggles his eyebrows as he tries to chase the man’s mouth, but finds his ear instead somehow. “I know what I’ll be getting into if you’d just hurry up so we can get to the honeymoon already.”

Changmin is watching in fascination as Yunho turns from red to white in about a minute flat. The normally tan man is so pale, he is almost worried enough to reach for his phone when the zombie speaks.

“I did marry him.”

It’s Changmin’s turn to pale.

“Are you insane?”

“You’ve asked me that several times,” Yunho hisses under his breath to the still pale Max Changmin. “The answer isn’t going to magically turn into a no.”

“You need to get an annulment!”

“How the fuck do I annul a marriage when I don’t even know where my husband is?”

“Oh my god this is unreal. Un-fucking-real.” Changmin slumps back in his seat and throws his arm across his face. “Please pinch me because this has got to be a nightmare. It’s too insane. Too fucking insane.”

“Why is it so insane?” Yunho demands, finally getting tired of the man’s words. “Insane, insane, insane. That’s all I keep hearing. That’s what he said too.”

“Then he’s smarter than I gave him credit for, but still stupid enough to marry you. What the fuck, hyung?”

“Say it louder why don’t you. The next car didn’t hear you.” Yunho mutters sarcastically.

Changmin’s lips thin as he folds his arms mutinously across his chest as he stares out at the driving rain that has blanketed Seoul. The thunder and lightning hasn’t ceased since it started while in Yunho’s penthouse apartment. “If the company finds out, you’re so dead. Are we even allowed to get married without permission?”

“I can’t remember. It’s not something I ever even considered since all my girlfriends have been company constructs.”

Changmin turns to gaze at his hyung’s strong profile as the man stares out his side of the van at the driving rain. His jaw is tight, and Changmin can see the muscle tick in it as he flexes. He sighs quietly to himself as he leans forward to unearth his laptop from his bag. Like it or not, he’s just as much in this as Yunho. It was he who’d suggested they attend the hotel’s pool party. It was he who’d palmed off the box of condoms to the cool blond who’d merely arched his eyebrow at him in thanks, not saying much else. And it was definitely him who suggested this trip to Busan to management to include in their schedules because he’d wanted to be present at a friend’s wedding.

Yes, his friend is gay.

And apparently, so is his hyung.

The search through their contract takes up the rest of the trip to the radio station and in that time, Changmin has unearthed one simple fact.

They aren’t allowed to date without permission, but there is no mention of marriage.

“So a little bird tells me wedding bells are in your future, Yunho-yah.” Heechul teases, his words and tone completely informal as he leans over towards the leader of TVXQ. “More’s the pity for me. Do you think I can kidnap you and take you to Busan?”

“W-w-wedding b-bells?”

Changmin is flicking madly through the script, and his heart almost stops when towards the end, he sees the prompt.

Company needs BoA’s profile to go up. Hint at an engagement. Interact with callers to get some interest going.

How the fuck did they miss that?

Oh yeah, Yunho’s marriage.

“Yes, love. Wedding bells and not to me, more’s the pity. Tell me, how did BoA react when you proposed?”

Yunho is just gaping, mouth opening and closing, not a sound coming out.

Radio silence is never a good thing, and definitely not in this instance.

“BoA noona’s still in the States, Heechul hyung. When do you think it would’ve happened?” Changmin cuts in when it is clear Yunho isn’t going to be able to say a word.

“Awwwww that’s right. Our U-Know Yunho is a very resourceful man though. I’m sure he thought of a romantic way to pop the question. Let’s open the line to callers and see what everyone thinks.”

Changmin winces as Heechul entertains caller after caller. Even the diva himself has noticed that Yunho isn’t in a fit state to contribute and so he teases and jokes his way through the calls, most of whom are made up of crying females asking if it’s true.

“We really should screen these calls,” Heechul hints, glaring at the radio manager as he slits his hand across his throat. “If I have to deal with one more crying female, I think I might scream. What happened to all the males huh? Or am I the only one left who can appreciate the length and breadth and girth of this gorgeous man?” The leer in his voice is unmistakable. “Come on. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who wants to hogtie him and throw him into a car and hightail it to Busan.”

Changmin face palms as Yunho shakes his head mutely.

The radio manager holds up one finger, and Heechul sighs theatrically. “Alright folks, one last caller. If you can give me a plausible scenario as to how U-Know Yunho proposed, I might just send you the man all wrapped up in a pretty pink bow. BoA can fight you for him.”

“Is that a promise?” A soft male voice filters across the airwaves stunning all three men into silence.

Heechul recovers first, cackling loudly as he applauds. “Oh my. A male caller. This is going to get interesting. What’s your name, gorgeous?”

“Jaejoong. Jung Jaejoong.”

Yunho chokes on nothing.

Changmin thumps him on the back, much harder than necessary, but he needs an outlet for his nervous energy and Yunho is it.

Heechul merely sends the pair an odd look as he continues. “A very pretty name, Jae. Can I call you Jae?”


“And you have his surname already. Are you sure you aren’t related? I can’t have BoA fighting a distant cousin now can I?”

“We’re not related…” the voice trails off. “Unless being related by marriage is counted.”

“Oh?” Heechul’s eyebrow goes up as Yunho pales even more. The man isn’t stupid by any stretch of the imagination even though he plays up his 4D side so much people forget he’s more than just a pretty face and a reckless mouth. He turns to Changmin who is shaking his head wildly and pulling his thumb across his throat, asking him to can the call.

Unfortunately, this only serves to pique Heechul’s curiosity, and he smirks instead.

“How old are you, sweetheart?”


“Oh god.” Yunho chokes out, ripping the headphones from his head as he stands up abruptly, eyes wild as he backs away from the console.

“Was that Yunho?” The male voice asks quietly. “Hello.”

“Come on now, Yunnie-ah. Don’t be rude. Say hi to the teenager.” Heechul smiles wickedly as he licks his lips. He winks at the frozen man, as Changmin gets up from his seat to tug Yunho back in place.

Yunho resists, and what ensues is a tug of war, with Heechul watching on amusedly as he continues to engage the teenager on the phone. What sends him cackling once again though, is the obvious tent in the man’s pants.

The leader of TVXQ certainly has some explaining to do.

Yunho is in denial.

No way is Jae eighteen. Surely not? He has tattoos for fuck’s sake! A rather elaborate one to his eye across the back of his shoulders, and a goddamn arrow right down his back to his ass. Jae had joked that he must have known he’d end up with a straight guy gone crooked because he’d inked instructions on his back.

Oh what the fuck.

“So, Jae. Tell me how Yunho proposed.”

There is a brief silence, before a soft sigh is heard. “It is a night like any other night. Nothing spectacular or memorable about it, except the way he looks at…her. He looks at her as if the sun and moon rise and set in her eyes. He talks to her, actually talks to her, not the way a man talks to a woman. He actually listens. There is a strange shift in the air as they talk, the ring heavy in his pocket from being carried around for weeks trying to find that perfect moment. But perfect moments are never contrived or planned, they just happen, and it happened this one night in Busan…” the boy trails off into silence.

Heechul is listening attentively, his face serious now as his eyes slide over to Yunho and Changmin, both of whom have now found their seats.

Towershinki are more like Paleshinki right now. All the blood has left both their faces.

“Tell me about this perfect moment, love.” Heechul coaxes, though his eyes don’t leave Yunho’s face as the man leans forward, elbows on the table as he places his hands over his face.

“There is a connection, it’s as if his heart is connected to hers in that moment under the stars. When I’m saying it out loud, it all sounds a little cheesy but it really wasn’t.” The teenager’s voice is apologetic, but Heechul encourages him on, and so he continues. “He looked at…he looked at her as if she’s the most beautiful person on earth and it has nothing to do with her face. He is earnest and determined, telling her what he likes about her. The way her eyes sparkle when she laughs, and the way she covers her mouth with the back of her hand, looking shy yet naughty at the same time. The way she grabs his arm and fits herself against his side when startled by a stray dog, and the how his heart beats faster when she is close. He can feel his pulse quickening, and as an athlete of some sort, he knows this isn’t a normal reaction. He tells her she smells like heaven, even though she isn’t wearing any perfume of any sort, and when she tells him this, he pretends to disbelief her, kissing the back of her neck and on her pulse points to taste the perfume, but all he tastes is skin…”

“Oh god,” Yunho’s groan is muffled behind his hand, caught faintly by the microphone, but Heechul ignores him as he coaxes the boy to continue.

Everyone in the studio is riveted.

As are the listeners.

And it doesn’t occur to a single one of them though, as to the true identity of the caller, simply because he is male.

Unfortunately for Yunho, Heechul isn’t as narrow-minded.

“He tells her that they may have only known each other a short while, but it feels like they’ve known each other for years. She knows when to hold his hand, and when to step back. She knows how it makes him crazy when she talks to him with just her eyes, and all he wants to do is follow her to the ends of the earth.” The boy pauses, taking a deep breath, exhaling his next words more than he speaks them. “He takes her by surprise. One second they are arguing about constellations and whether Cassiopeia is next to Andromeda, and in the next breath, he pops the question.”

“Just like that?” Heechul asks.

The teenager laughs, a unique broken sound, yet so light it warms the studio, making even the hardest of hearts smile.

Yunho’s heart isn’t hardened. It is taken and no longer belongs to him.

He remembers it all.

He remembers their weird conversations, and how they literally talk about everything and nothing.

No subject appears to baffle Jaejoong, nor is he intimidated.

They chat like old friends, and kiss like old lovers.

“He says it is fate, like it was meant to be.”

There is a sudden hush, for two voices had spoken, not one.

And they had spoken as one.

“I’m sorry, I have to go.” Jaejoong hangs up abruptly, causing Heechul to wail as he starts to yell at his radio manager to check the caller id and call the kid back.

Music goes on live, as Heechul yanks off his headphones, standing up as he glares down at Yunho.

“You have a hell of a lot of explaining to do.”


It’s been a long morning, and an even longer afternoon.

Yunho feels like the weather understands him.

The desolation he feels, the emptiness where his heart used to be.

He is in so much trouble. So much fucking trouble.

A couple of execs had put two and two together, and he’d spent most of the afternoon lying through his teeth. It helps that Changmin knows him well enough that they don’t actually need to communicate to keep their stories straight. After a couple of hours of being “interrogated”, both are set free.

“You have to annul this marriage.”

“I know.”

“I’ll help you find him and we can try and buy him off.”

“He won’t be bought.”

“So you remember him now?”

“Not everything. It’s still hazy, and I don’t fucking know why.”

“Maybe he slipped a roofie into your drink.” Changmin grits out, angry at being subjected to an interrogation that only lesser idols have ever experienced. They are Dong Bang Shin Ki and they do not fuck up enough to be even questioned about their actions let alone interrogated separately for two hours.

“Watch your mouth, Min. He did no such thing.”

Changmin bites his lip at the heated response, staring out the window at the insane downpour.

They arrive at Yunho’s private residence soon enough. This is a testament to the power they wield in the industry, for neither have lived in dorms for ages. Neither live with managers either, and the buildings they live in do not answer to the company. Their privacy is absolute in their homes.

“I’m coming up. We need to talk.”

Yunho merely shrugs as he exits the van, waving off the driver and their manager who hasn’t said much since the radio show. He is in hot soup himself for purportedly not keeping a close enough watch on his charges.

They take the lift from the basement to the lobby so Yunho can collect his mail when he is stopped by a burly security guard.



The guard looks over at Changmin, and then back at Yunho. “Um…I need to speak with you in private.”

Yunho is sifting through his mail, not bothering to look up as he speaks. “There are no secrets between Changmin and I. Please speak.”

“Your husband is here.”

Yunho looks up swiftly, jaw unhinged for the nth time that day. “W-what?”

“Your husband, sir. I checked his papers and they are all legit. He has your stamp including the one on the papers confirming the change of his name. The poor boy is soaked from the rain but he refused even a towel. He said it’s his fault for being stupid enough to come out here in the rain and he’ll suffer for it.”

“Where is he now?”

“On your floor, but he refused to be let in. He said he’d wait outside because he doesn’t want to intrude.”

Yunho thanks the man, practically running towards the bank of elevators with Changmin hot on his heels.

The younger man keeps the lift door open though, standing as Yunho growls at him to either get in or get out before he chooses for him.

“Can’t you see yourself? Hear yourself? You’ve changed in the last week or so and I don’t think it’s for the better. Hyung, you have to annul this marriage. I won’t come up with you, but I can’t let you throw away your career either over someone you fucked your own brains out.”

Yunho doesn’t hesitate as he plants his hands against the taller man’s chest and shoves.

There is no sense of satisfaction as the door shuts on Changmin’s disbelieving face.

Yunho stares at the bedraggled form sitting by his door. The boy’s blond hair is plastered to his scalp, and his security guard wasn’t kidding when he said the kid was soaked.

He can hear the boy’s teeth chattering from where he’s standing, and he freezes mid-step as the teen lifts his head, dark doe eyes piercing his very soul.

“H-h-el-el-el-llo h-h-h-us-us-band.”

Yunho can barely make out the thoroughly mangled greeting due to the chattering, striding forward swiftly, keying in the code to his door before bending over and scooping up the beautiful sodden angel who starts to struggle instantly.


Jaejoong clamps his hand over his mouth to try and stop the chattering, but his eyes speak enough.

They’re spitting fire, promising Yunho hell.

AN1: Yes, yes, cliche I know and probably done to death but ugh. Fucking blond JJ wouldn’t leave me the fuck alone. Try having him wailing in your ear and you see how you fair. Bloody insane angel.

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