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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Ok so a reader expressed total surprise that I actually read her comment and I was a little shocked at how surprised she was cos she didn't think I had the time...

So i'm going to set the record straight.

I read ALL your comments ok? The good, the bad, the snarky, the whiny, the flaily, the keyboard smashes.


Yes, it does take time. I read them when I go to the bathroom (though tbh today all my bathroom breaks were for Jaejoong OTL), I read them in between seeing people, I read them when I need to take a breather from staring at yet another floor plan for new premises.

I appreciate all your comments except those that tell me UPDATE SOON or HOPE TO READ THE NEXT CHAPTER SOON or anything similar about coming chapters or parts or whatever.

I mentioned this in a post on tumblr, but i'll say it again here. I may write for me, but if you get enjoyment from my writing, then i'm all good. I know I don't read much but I personally will always leave a comment if I read something. If I haven't left a comment, it means I haven't read it. It's the least I can do as a reader tbh because as a writer I know it's not an easy process from idea to typing to posting. Hell, I have a ton of stuff I haven't posted because I haven't finished them lol so seriously, finishing an IDEA is not as easy as you think.

I should know...all my damn ideas start out short and turn into monsters ;;

Anyway, back to comments. I read them all, ok?

And I appreciate the time you took to tell me you loved it.

I appreciate the time some of you take to add gifs.

I even appreciate the random bitching that occurs because hey, it reminds me i'm not infallible.

Thank you to everyone who has ever commented on my fics. I'm not just saying this, I really do mean it. You don't have to read my stuff and you sure as heck don't have to leave a comment, but know that when you do, it does make me smile, frown, gape, face palm, writhe... whatever basically. I react to your comments whether you see it or not. More often than not, most of y'all make me smile.

And I hope I make you smile too.

PS: I am also highly amused right now because i'm out and there's a wifi connection called YJ BASE and i'm like... dude, we need to be mates!


PPPS: Jaejoong's Paradise? First time I head it, I SWEAR TO GOD HE SAID "GIMME ONE LAST FUCK" and I died a million deaths. Imagine my face when I saw the actual lyric. Jaejoong, come on and be my ICE rock god baby.

Peace and love ;-)


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I'm glad comments make you smile, because your fics make me smile. Between "Ice" and WWW I think my heart may give out:)

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