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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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One Night in Busan [3]
Title: One Night in Busan
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance
Important: This is AU but HoMin are TVXQ and JYJ never existed. Basically the only non-AU thing about it. EVERYTHING about this fic is super freaking AU… I just can’t get BLOND BLOND BLOND out of my fucking head. Also, characters may be a little OOC but it’s fiction and AU and just roll with it, ok?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It was meant to be a one time thing, and it takes Yunho a while to realize that a one time thing for him means exactly that.

AN: I admit defeat... I tried... I admit defeat. If you're observant enough, you know why i'm admitting defeat.


“I like him.”

Yunho stares stupidly at a smirking Heechul and a bemused Changmin.

“I really fucking like him.”

Yunho stares some more, though he’s not really seeing their faces. All he’s seeing is…

“You might want to go take care of your not-so-little problem, hyung. Or at least change into jeans or something and keep it contained.” Changmin’s voice carries a hint of disgust and a lot of growing amusement.

“I don’t think he can hear you, Min.” Heechul’s voice is definitely all humor and no sympathy. “I think he has ass on his mind and nothing else.”

“Moving away from any conversations I don’t want to think about, I’m surprised you like him. I thought you’d be all claws and I’d have to console the poor kid since you’ve been trying to turn hyung for what? Over eleven years now to no avail and this boy comes along and he’s gone in hours.”

“You’d think that wouldn’t you?” Heechul muses. “Let’s just say, I’m old enough to know when I’m beat.”

“You mean you’re finally acknowledging someone prettier than you huh?”

“Maybe.” Heechul sniffs primly.

Changmin starts laughing as Heechul takes on a martyred expression. “I told you he has a face that would stop traffic.”

“Face, body, legs, and his fucking hair. I have never seen anyone pull off blond that well. Fuck. He needs to give me the name of his hairdresser.”

“So you don’t think BoA noona will be a problem?”

“BoA who?” Heechul snarks a little unkindly. “I’m the reigning fucking beauty in the company and that kid just made me unwillingly wave the white flag. If the company thinks Yunho would prefer to stay with her over that piece of ass, they have another thing coming. One look at him and they’ll be trying to turn him into an idol. He’s only eighteen, it’s not too late. Can he sing?”

Yunho is finally shaken from his stupor at the tail end of Heechul’s spiel, his brow furrowing instantly. “He’s going to be no such thing.”

And with that, the man stalks off back up the stairs, presumably to change his pants. He takes the stairs two, even three at a time, and Heechul sighs as the thin material of his pants hug his ass with each step, muscles in his back bunching and rippling as he moves till he disappears around the corner.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

Heechul’s gaze drops abruptly back down to a poker faced Jung Jaejoong who is wearing an apron that is far longer than the singlet Yunho had given him. He’s leaning nonchalantly against the wall at an angle, shoulder bracing himself as he crosses his ankles, staring at both men with an unreadable look on his face as he dries his hair with a tea towel. His countenance is cold and doesn’t invite conversation as he simply continues to stare, mouth pursed, showing off the gorgeous pout that has invaded Yunho’s dreams for days.

He heard the entire conversation Heechul had with Changmin. He doesn’t mean to eavesdrop, but Heechul’s voice is the carrying kind and so is Changmin’s to an extent.

Speaking of Changmin, the man can only gape as the teen nonchalantly dries his hair with a bright blue tea towel, head cocked and staring back at him. There is a ghost of a smile playing about the boy’s lips, but it seems to be a hit and miss. One blink it’s there, and the next, Changmin thinks he might have dreamt it all. The contrast of the blond hair with the blue is stunning.

But then again, everything about the teenager is stunning, from his warm chocolate doe eyes slightly smudged with kohl that promise untold wickedness, to his hairless legs, so silky smooth that Changmin wonders if he’d be allowed to touch them.

And that blond hair.

God, that blond hair is too much.

Changmin knows he’s a good looking guy. Heck, he was picked while playing badminton in school because of his looks alone.

But even he will admit that there is no way in hell even he can pull off blond the way this kid so effortlessly does. Jaejoong could’ve been born blond for all he knows. The color is so true, right to the very roots. Even his eyebrows are light!

Everything about Jaejoong is pale and pink.

“Whose claws are out now?” Heechul grins as he takes a step towards the teenager who merely quirks an eyebrow in acknowledgement, pushing himself away from the wall, draping the tea towel over his head as he turns around, heading back towards the kitchen.

“Tea or soju?” He calls over his shoulder as he heads to the stove, stirring something in a metal bowl next to it.

“You’re so familiar with his kitchen you know where everything is already?” Changmin questions incredulously. Granted it’s been an hour since Yunho shoved him rather unceremoniously out of the elevator but he figures the two of them would be doing infinitely more interesting things than a tour of the apartment. Judging from the state they’d found them in, he has no doubt his hyung had the boy pressed up against the wall with his legs around him. “Oh, and soju for all. Who the hell drinks tea anyway?”

“Civilised people drink tea. And it’s not rocket science. Most kitchens have the same layout, and Yunho is a man who clearly doesn’t cook so everything is exactly where I thought it would be.”

“If he doesn’t cook, how do you know where stuff would be?”

Jaejoong shrugs as he spoons batter out into the frying pan, and instantly, the room is filled with fragrant scent of kimchi pancakes, bringing a very appreciative smile to Changmin’s face and causing Heechul to wrinkle his nose slightly before he smooths out his expression.

“Whoever designed this apartment and filled his drawers did it exactly the way any normal person who cooks does.”

“And of course you cook,” Heechul adds wryly as leans against the granite island, bending over at the waist and stretching across the counter. “So you’re apparently one hell of a fuck, you have the face of an angel and you cook. I’d say Jung got himself a wife not a husband.

“Whatever I am, it’ll be more than you can ever hope to be for him so you can keep talking and making an ass of yourself if you like.” Jaejoong replies flatly as he lines up the shot glasses on a tray and a bottle of soju, passing it over to Changmin, not even bothering to look at Heechul who’d been shocked speechless for a moment at the teenager’s audacity.

“Are you sure you’re eighteen? You don’t look it and you sure as hell don’t talk like one.” Changmin observes as he pours out the drink.

Heechul nods instantly. “You sure as fuck don’t look eighteen. I know a lot of eighteen year olds and you look much older.”

“And you don’t look thirty, so where does that leave us?” Jaejoong asks as he flips the pancakes over before turning around and crossing his arms as he looks at Heechul who is staring at him like he’s grown an extra head. “Do enlighten me.”

“Burn.” Changmin coughs, as Heechul smacks him across the back.

“They’re a lot more polite that’s what they are.” Heechul grumbles, drinking his soju with a quick practiced flip of the wrist, slamming his shot glass down. The teenager doesn’t even flinch, merely gazing at him with that same unreadable look from earlier. The kid is seriously throwing him for a loop. He isn’t kidding when he says he likes the boy, despite the fact that the teen seems to think he’s a punching bag of some sort. Fair enough though since he threw the first punches. “How about a truce?”

Jaejoong stares at the much older man. Oh he knows a wee bit more about kpop now. He knows that this man was supposed to debut with Yunho but then Changmin came along. He also now knows that Yunho is twenty-seven and Changmin is twenty-five.

“I’m listening.”

“How about we forget I spent over a decade trying to get into your husband’s pants and you promise to cook every time I visit because if your food tastes as good as it smells, I’m going to be visiting often so we should be best friends.”

Heechul had Jaejoong at husband and both the men know it.

“Manipulative bitch.” Jaejoong grins, shrugging off his cold persona like one would shrug off a jacket.

“Did I miss something?” Changmin looks back and forth at the smirking Heechul and the grinning teenager. Oddly enough, Jaejoong now does look his age with the smile on his face, and yet cold suits the boy very well too.

“Never you mind, Minnie. We understand each other perfectly.”

“I wouldn’t say perfectly,” Jaejoong laughs as he slides the now cooked pancakes out onto a waiting plate, before spooning more batter into the frying pan. “I’m sorry, hyung. You hit a raw spot.”

“I thought that was Yunho’s job?”

Changmin chokes on his next shot of soju, sputtering as Heechul cackles loudly, clapping the taller man on the back to try and clear his airwaves.

“S-s-stop. I’m f-fine.” Changmin tries to get away from Heechul’s over zealous thumping as a plate of fragrant pancakes and a pair of chopsticks are laid out in front of him. He snatches the plate immediately, turning his body away from Heechul as he starts to eat, determined to try and ignore any future conversations between the crazy pair.

Heechul is too curious over Jaejoong’s words to continue hassling Changmin, and he turns his attention to the fair boy with his back to him. He’s not sure how he managed to miss it but the ink peeking from the teen’s clothes intrigue him.

Everything about the boy intrigues him.

Yunho hasn’t said much apart from admitting that he did marry the boy, and the only thing he’s managed to get out of Changmin is that they had one hell of a night, Yunho is going to annul the marriage and that Jaejoong had just turned up right here in Seoul.

Heechul has a reputation as a diva and all the nonsense attached to a label like that. He is also a very good judge of character, able to see past any kind of bullshit which is really one of the main reasons why other idols are so afraid of him. He might be a diva, yes, but he also has absolutely no hesitation in voicing his thoughts and calling people out on their rubbish. Hell, he’s even called out his own company on their assholic ways and gotten away with it.

Truth is a defense.

He plays this up, and rather enjoys watching people cowering around him, expecting him to go nuts for no apparent reason, or shoot off his mouth, flaying people alive with his words. His actions are always calculated for maximum effect though, and yet Jaejoong doesn’t seem impressed at all. Well, why should he be anyway? It takes a lot for Heechul to admit defeat and one look at the blond head with the flashing eyes and beautiful mouth propped up on Yunho’s shoulder, all soft and sweet as he stage whispers into Yunho’s ear has him bowing out gracefully.

Well, it isn’t really as if he’s in the running for anything, but a person would do a fuck load for someone who looks the way Jaejoong does, and Yunho has just done the unthinkable. Heechul knows his old friend is going to need all the help he can get and he is going to be the first in line to rally the troops.

Subtly of course. Heechul isn’t crazy.

Well, maybe he is but he has to play this carefully because of BoA.

But then again he also knows that no one can stand a chance against the gorgeous minx. That thing he pulled in the living area? He may have been smirking but Heechul has a good twelve years on the boy, and he was smirking way before the kid was born. He can read smirks very well. Jaejoong was laying claim on Yunho, to show one and all that the man is his whether he wants to admit it or not. It looks like a tease from Yunho’s point of view, but it is also a challenge, and that challenge lay in the teenager’s eyes as he smirked towards Heechul.

I will fight.

He really fucking hopes he read the kid right because Jaejoong really will be in for a fight. Yunho is going to resist, no doubt about it for the man has his whole life planned out pretty much, and the idea of uncertainty just doesn’t sit well with his character. And then there’s BoA and a desperate company trying to have her ride on whatever coattails possible as newer and younger idols are slowly making her irrelevant in her own country.

Changmin had led slip about the annulment, and Heechul wonders if Yunho has had a chance to discuss it with the teenager.

“How’s married life treating you?”

Jaejoong turns around to push more cooked pancakes into Changmin’s now empty plate. The man’s eyes flash happily at the teen, sending a grateful smile his way. He is ready to welcome the boy with open arms truth be told. He’s not sure how simple kimchi pancakes taste like the best thing he’s ever had in his life. The teenager’s cooking reminds him of his mother. Simple and comforting, and Changmin is definitely swayed at this point in favor of the teenager staying. BoA can’t cook to save her life.

Not like that should matter since that relationship is a sham anyway, and Jaejoong has all the documents to prove marriage, but then again, Yunho has only known him what? Several hours?

Changmin mentally apologizes to his hyung for switching sides. He is curious to see how this will play out. Teasing Yunho is supremely easy because the man is easily agitated when things don’t work out the way he expects them to. Changmin breaking from script makes him visibly fret, so having Jaejoong around should be beyond entertaining.

They definitely need entertainment with a grueling schedule coming up thanks to their tenth anniversary. Changmin mentally wonders if he can hire Jaejoong as his personal assistant or something so they can take him along without anyone raising eyebrows.

He takes a long look at the blond beauty who has managed to procure a cigarette from god only knows where, expelling a lungful of smoke nonchalantly before he opens his mouth to finally answer Heechul.

“I don’t know. Apart from the wedding night, I haven’t had much in the way of a marriage.”

Changmin’s eyebrows raise incredulously. “What about the last hour?”

“What about the last hour?” Jaejoong returns, casually sucking on the cigarette, before exhaling slowly, smoke pouring in a controlled flow from his parted lips.

Changmin has honestly never seen anything sexier. The boy looks so fucking pure and untouched, and yet he has seen with his own eyes and then some, the evidence that the teenager is anything but.

“Um…” he blinks, feeling like he had something to say but he really can’t remember what it was. The teenager crooks his eyebrow at him, bringing the cigarette back up to his lips, fingers holding it very loosely. His eyes are sparkling with muted amusement. The boy smokes like he’s been doing it for years, the cigarette looking like a mere extension of him.

That’s one of the things that is really doing Changmin’s head in.

Jung Jaejoong, for he has no idea what the boy’s original name was, appears to fit in anywhere.

At the posh party in his skintight leather pants.

Naked and hiding behind Yunho’s back.

In the middle of Yunho’s unused kitchen wearing nothing but a singlet, an apron and a Mona Lisa smile.

The boy seems at ease in any setting. Despite his clear mortification in the first few moments of being caught when Changmin and Heechul had arrived uninvited, the way he talks and clings to Yunho just seemed so normal.

So natural.

If Changmin doesn’t know any better, he’d have thought Yunho has always had a gorgeous teenager for a husband.

And then here before them, two men who are complete strangers, there is nothing self-conscious about the teenager despite his lack of proper clothing. The apron is a plain black, a sharp contrast to his milky white skin, and yet he still looks every inch a male, especially with the knowing look in his eyes and the smirk on his lips as he takes a last pull of his cigarette before flicking it into the sink.


That’s what he can see in his eyes.

Banked flames, waiting for Yunho to ignite them. The boy’s eyes promise corruption.

And yet the rest of him is so sweetly angelic, all pink and pale.


He watches as the teenager leans forward towards him, fully expecting to get a face full of smoke, but like before, the boy exhales slowly, the smoke thick but escaping his mouth in wisps, dancing around his face, framing his pale perfection as he ruffles his drying blond hand, tousling it.

Changmin swallows hard.

“I’m still waiting.”

“I think you’ll be waiting awhile.” Heechul observes, thoroughly amused. He elbows Changmin, snapping the man out of his daze and wayward thoughts. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” He throws back at the younger man next to him, winking at Jaejoong who grins, turning around to resume putting on the final batch of pancakes.

“Don’t tell me he’s turning you too.” Heechul whispers under his breath.

“I told hyung if he hadn’t only had eyes for him, I would’ve tried.” Changmin admits honestly, also whispering, thankful for the hiss of hot oil and the spitting pan for Jaejoong had left it too long on the stove and boy is currently trying to keep everything under control. “He makes me forget things.”

“Like the fact that you’re straight?”

“I prefer the term bi-curious.”

“I can help you with that,” Heechul leers, leaning into the man, only to be shoved playfully back by Changmin. He’s been hitting on both members of TVXQ for so long it’s almost as natural as breathing.

“Speaking of help, where the hell is hyung?”

“You know what? That’s a very good question.”

The ice cold water beating down against his back is doing absolutely nothing for his erection.




Yunho has been standing in the shower for a good five minutes, actually hollering in pain when the water hits his back the first time. The coldness is almost unbearable, and more than once, he’d wanted to step out from under the water. His teeth are chattering and he has been pounding the wall on his left almost continuously with a clenched fist, as he tries to regain some sort of control over his jaw working overtime.

But all it does is remind him of another man with chattering teeth, all wet and forlorn, liquid doe eyes that seem to glow.

And then he remembers what Jaejoong said.

”…till you can find something else for me to wear instead of you.”

Yunho groans, the sound echoing in the large bathroom as he curls forward, bending over at the waist, gazing at his own damn erection that seems to be staring mockingly at him.

“Fuck you.” He chokes out.

His boner merely twitches, as if shrugging, knowing full well Yunho would be more than happy to be the only thing Jaejoong wears for the rest of his life.

“I’m going crazy…this is insane.” Yunho mumbles to himself, staring at his stubborn cock as more memories assault him.

”You can still back out now.”

“I’ve never backed out of anything.”

“Never say never. It’ll come back to haunt you,” the teenager warns.

“What about forever then? I’m doing this. You’re my forever.”

Jaejoong turns to the unamused marriage celebrant who is rolling his eyes at Yunho’s statement. “I’m sorry, he’s a little insane.”

“Insane about you.”

Yunho straightens abruptly, shaking his head, wincing as the water pours over his shoulders, flowing down his front. Why can’t he fucking remember everything in a clear and chronological manner? All these random bits of memories are driving him crazy. And the stuff he remembers saying? It’s like someone transplanted the leader of TVXQ with his corny sappy half. Whatever the hell he’d been drinking severely fucked with his head and filter. He admits that corny and sappy thoughts occasionally flit across his mind, but he never ever ever fucking vocalizes them.

Not ever.



Two perfect words to describe this whole debacle.

”Crazy. So fucking crazy.” Jaejoong whispers as he stares at the ring on his finger. It’s on the wrong finger, his digits much chubbier than Yunho’s pianist fingers. The ring fits only his little finger for now. “You really don’t care that I don’t have a ring for you?”

“You’re more than enough.”

Jaejoong smiles, eyes glowing in the moonlight as they exit the building hand in hand, wandering back out into the shadowy path, heading back towards the hotel. “And since you gave me a ring, you think you’re not enough for me?”

“Your ring is a reminder to me that I have to be the best for you.”

“I still think you’re crazy. You don’t even know me.”

“We have the rest of our lives for that, love.”

Yunho tips his head back, giving up and allowing the ice cold cascade to numb everything. His body is probably going into shock, he can barely feel a damn thing, but the cold is shaking memories from the foggy recesses of his mind. He is known for his almost photographic memory, able to pick up choreography in minutes, able to remember faces in crowds, and excelling at every single memory game ever thrown at him on variety shows. But why can’t he remember Jaejoong in his entirety?

The memories alternate from hot as fuck to so corny he wants to die from embarrassment. The shit he said to the teenager is stuff he normally keeps inside. Changmin knows how corny he can be occasionally, but he’s never said them in a context such as this and never to this extent.

”I need a shower.”

“We’re in the tub.”

Jaejoong stares pointedly at a floating strand of cum, lazily winding, suspended in the water as it drifts between their bodies.

Yunho chuckles, waiting for the tainted water to flow past before leaning forward to steal a kiss from the pouty mouth. “That’s yours.”

Jaejoong hums, tilting his head back as Yunho runs his lips along his jaw, nipping at his earlobe before descending down the length of his neck, kissing his way to the base of his throat, sucking at the wet hollow.

“Husband, I really want a shower.” He smiles, eyes closed as he feels Yunho licking along his collar bone.

“I like that.”

“A shower?”

“You calling me husband.”

“If I call you husband again, will you wash me?”

“Every single fucking inch.”

And by god does Yunho remember every fucking inch. The stupid hotel bathroom had a rather cramped shower, probably to make way for the double spa bath, but they’d gone into the shower to get clean, and ended up coming back out and fucking on the sink. The height had been perfect, Jaejoong wrapping his legs around his waist as he pounded into him, a veritable barrage of curses flying from that beautiful mouth with each thrust.

And it’s always the same.

”More, more, more.”

His teenager is insatiable, and Yunho finds himself doing exactly what he promised the boy when they talked about the ring.

He will be his best for him.

And apparently, his best is five times in one night.

Yunho’s hand slides down his body, giving up the fight when he finds his cock just as turgid as it was when he’d first stepped into the shower probably over ten minutes ago now.

He hisses in relief as he fists his cock that is almost purple with fury at how long it’s been swollen. He tilts his head back up again, allowing the cold water to rain down on his face, his lips parted, swallowing the cold drops as he starts to pump.


Three strokes.

He bites his lip as an another memory creeps up on him.

”You don’t have to.”

“I want to.”

“I probably taste like a fucking fruit cocktail.”

Yunho stares at the teenager looking slightly irately at him over his shoulder, pout in full evidence. He knows he shouldn’t but he can’t help it as he bursts out laughing.

“A fruit cocktail? Really?”

“A mojito then. I think we used mint in the hallway.”

“A fruity mojito. How very girly.”

Jaejoong flips instantly onto his back, kicking out at Yunho but not very seriously as he glares down his body at the smirking older man currently kissing his foot in contrition. “I’m not a girl.”

Yunho’s eyes drop to the juncture of the younger man’s legs, staring pointedly, as he continues to kiss the man’s fragrant foot. Everything about Jaejoong smells incredible.

Like heaven.


He kisses the arch of the snowy white foot, nuzzling it as he kisses down a hairless calf. He isn’t going to point out that oddity to the still bristling younger man.

Or at least, he’s trying to bristle. The soft look in his eyes betray him though as Yunho continues his way down that leg.

Closer and closer.

He bites teasingly at a soft inner thigh, marking the man instantly for his flesh is so pure, so untainted.

And still he keeps going till he is nuzzling against Jaejoong’s soft skin.

He opens his mouth, licking heavily, instinctively as he gently sucks at his balls, eyes never leaving Jaejoong’s.

The man’s scent is light, musky, with a hint of the fruitiness he’d alluded to earlier thanks to the four flavoured condoms they’ve already gone through. But Yunho can still smell Jaejoong through all the other cloying layers.


His tongue rolls gently, massaging the soft sacs, before he pulls away, leaning his cheek against the boy’s thigh as he gazes up his body, into those enchanting doe eyes that speak to him without saying a word.

“You are most definitely not a girl.”

“I want to watch,” Jaejoong’s voice is a tad unsteady. “I want to watch you lick me out in the mirror.”

“The face of an angel with the appetite of the devil,” Yunho chuckles hoarsely, trying to draw a straight breath. His senses are filled with Jaejoong, the man’s lightly lined eyes staring down at him only serving to intensify his gaze. “I should have asked if you were the devil in disguise.”

“And what if I am?”

“I’d still love you anyway.”

Yunho eyes fly open, his orgasm crashing over him, strangling him as he chokes on the words he remembers saying, painting the glass wall opposite him with his fluids.


He said it.

He really did say it.

Drunk or not, out of it or not, that’s beside the point.

Yunho never ever jokes about these things.

“I guess I missed the party.” A voice utters softly from the doorway of the bathroom.

Yunho jerks in surprise, hand still wrapped around his still hard cock as he turns, staring, blinking, his brain trying to compute the vision before him.


Pale and pure.

With eyes as black as sin.

His long slim legs, accentuated as the boy scratches his ankle with one foot. The singlet he is wearing has ridden up slightly, and Yunho can see exactly why it has.

And to make matters worse, the teenager decides, hey, why not stretch and lift the goddam singlet up even more.

Yunho’s mouth pops open at the very instant the boy’s pink cock pops out from under the hem of the wife beater, bobbing slightly as if in greeting, filled almost to capacity.

His saliva glands work overtime at the sight, the gush of liquid in his mouth causing him to swallow hard.

And that doesn’t actually help him any.

“Cat got your tongue?”

Yunho closes his eyes, hand fumbling behind him to turn up the cold shower even more.

“Get out.” His voice wavers, and he clenches his jaw against the cold

The water is on full blast as Yunho dunks his head under the freezing spray, but it doesn’t block out the wicked chuckle he hears as the door shuts.

Jaejoong isn’t really that hard up to play.

Granted, he is now horny as hell but for some reason, he doesn’t want to push things.

He pulls off the wife beater that smells like food, sniffing at himself and wrinkling his nose when he finds the scent imbued into his skin as well, though the scent of smoke is a little stronger.

Shrugging, he finds the other man’s closet, more than a little surprised to find his duffle bag in it. The dilapidated item belonging to him is completely out of place in the large walk-in closet with the rows of designer suits and the wall of mirrors.

Oddly enough, his brain refuses to feel embarrassed about it.

If he hadn’t been what he is, where he was and when he was, he wouldn’t have met Yunho.

So why should he feel ashamed about it?

He drags his bag over to the wall of mirrors, rummaging through it to find some clean clothes, deciding against underwear as he pulls on a pair of ripped black jeans that he doesn’t bother buttoning all the way as he stuffs his semi hard cock in place. He layers his top, dressing quickly in a teeshirt and a pullover before he stands up to stare at himself.

Jaejoong’s reflection shows him one hell of a bed head, tousled and drying slowly, styled by his fingers playing with them. It is an artful mess worthy of a professional hair stylist, but occurring naturally for him. He shrugs once again as he bends over to retrieve his ring from his jewelry box. For some reason, wearing it while hitching from Busan didn’t sit right with him. It’s precious and he doesn’t want to lose it, but here in this apartment, he feels safe enough.

The ring slips easily onto his little finger, and the feel of it sliding on makes him laugh.

Yunho’s incredulous expression when the ring didn’t fit on the right finger had been hilarious. He allows the memory to take over him as he stares at his hand.

Yunho’s expression is so comical that Jaejoong has to laugh. “Why are you so surprised?”

The older man snatches up his hand, staring at it and then staring at his own in return, a perplexed furrow in his brow as he stares at the laughing teenager. “But you’re perfect.”

Jaejoong chuckles again, trying to pull his hand free but Yunho’s grip of his wrist tightens as he continues to stare at their hands in turn.

“What’s the matter?”

“Why doesn’t my ring fit your finger?”

“It does fit.”

“Not the right finger!” Yunho complains as he glares at the glinting piece of metal around his pinky.

“Who’s to say it isn’t the right finger? Haven’t you heard that saying?”

“What saying?”

“If a guy’s pinky and his girlfriend’s ring finger are the same size, they’re meant to be.”

It takes Yunho several beats to realize the implication and instead of howling at being the girl, he beams at Jaejoong.

“Works for me.”

“Oh, husband,” Jaejoong whispers softly to himself. “Do you really mean everything you said? Do you really think we were meant to be? Do you really want me for the rest of your life? Am I really enough for you? I already thought I was lacking when you were just an ordinary man, so where does that leave me now? You are a god among men and I’m just a nobody.”

Yunho catches the entirety of the teenager’s monologue, having come in as the boy stares at the ring on his finger.

One of the major question marks for him over the night is whether Jaejoong had known who he really was and had taken advantage of the fact. All his disjointed memories of the teenager imply otherwise, but since he can only remember the night in bits and pieces, he isn’t sure whether to trust the fallibility of his memories.

Turns out, he can.


Jaejoong head whips up, and he tries to school his features into some semblance of emptiness but it’s far too late, as his eyes catch Yunho’s in the mirror. The man is wearing nothing but a fucking towel and a smile he remembers from that night.


A complete contrast to his imposing frame and presence.

Yunho is staring at him the way he did that night.

”Are you real?”

Jaejoong chuckles almost dismissively, trying to ignore the skip in his heartbeat as Yunho stares at him looking quite serious. They are sharing a pillow, breathing in each other. He is completely and utterly spent, legless, boneless, his body feels like a giant pile of jelly, he can barely focus his eyes and his body is slowly shutting down.

Yunho’s leg is thrown over his hip, anchoring them together, their spent bodies pressed against each other.

“If I’m not real then you’ll have quite a lot of explaining to do when you wake up.”

“I’d rather be dead than have this be a dream.”

“You don’t mean that.” Jaejoong chides quietly, his heart skipping another beat.

And then another.

And another.

“I never say anything I don’t mean.”

Jaejoong’s heart is caught in his throat, Yunho’s eyes are killing him. There is a softness to them that is a complete contrast to the rest of the man. He’s been trying to fight that look all night, but he knows it is futile. He thought maybe he might fuck it out of his system. Maybe he can be so out there that it might scare Yunho away.

But that look never ever leaves him.

Yunho looks at him like he is the only thing he sees.

The only thing that matters.

And Jaejoong reads truth in those dark almond eyes. A boy from the streets, he is more than adept at telling when someone is lying and dissembling, and nothing is purer than the way Yunho looks at him.

“Look in my eyes, if you don’t believe me.”

“I don’t know you enough to be able to read your eyes…” Jaejoong lies.

“Don’t lie.”

“Damn it, Yunho.”


“Damn it, husband.”

Yunho starts laughing as he squeezes the pouting blond to him. “You are fucking unreal. People say I’m a god, but they clearly haven’t met you.”

“God? Cocky, much?”

Yunho laughs again, kissing the furrow in Jaejoong’s brow as he closes his eyes. “So did you look?”


“My eyes…”

“What am I supposed to be seeing?”

Yunho hums, lips catching at the younger man’s smooth skin, sleep slowly overtaking him as he whispers quietly.


Jaejoong feels like he’s just been sucker punched in the gut. He’d come here out of impulse, angry with Yunho for not telling him about BoA, and wanting an explanation. He also wanted closure. He wanted to throw the man’s ring in his face and rip up their marriage documents and have the satisfaction of throwing it at him. Childish, perhaps, but it’s clear Yunho has selective memory and he wants to call the man out for it. Once here and finding the man out, he’d spent a good hour reflecting on himself and the true reason he’d made the trip. A telling factor for him is the simple fact that he’d packed all his belongings.

Nothing is left in his little studio except the furniture which came with the apartment anyway.

Every single thing Jaejoong owns, which isn’t much at all, is stuffed into the duffle sitting by his foot that is practically splitting at its seams.

His subconscious clearly remembers what his consciousness had chosen to lock away tightly in a closet somewhere deep in the recesses of his mind.

“Give me one last hug.” Yunho whines sleepily. “Why do you even have to go? I’ll take you when we wake up.”

“I’m already awake.”

“But I’m not.” Yunho pouts, struggling to crack open a gummy eyelid, but not quite making it as Jaejoong chuckles.

“I’ll be back before you know it. I doubt you’d be up before lunch.”

“After lunch. I don’t wanna get up till after lunch cos you’ll be back and I’ll have you for lunch.”

Jaejoong laughs again as he tries to pull free from the man’s heavy arms. “Ok, husband. You can have me for lunch.”

“Give me one last kiss.”

“No.” Jaejoong shakes his head. “If I kiss you, I’ll definitely be going nowhere.”

“Jaejoongie…” Yunho’s voice is so sleepily petulant it pulls another laugh from the younger man.

“Dream of me.”

“I don’t want you to go…” Yunho whispers quietly, eyes still shut. “I don’t want you to go…” There is a hint of pain in his voice and Jaejoong responds to it.

He sighs quietly, leaning down as he uses his thumb to gently rub at Yunho’s sleep crusted eyes. The older man groans appreciatively at the ministrations, Jaejoong kissing his brow repeatedly as he whispers.

“Look in my eyes.”

Yunho cracks open his eyes, blinking blearily at him, bringing a fond smile to Jaejoong’s lips at the sleep addled man.

“I’m looking.”

“What do you see?”

Yunho stares for awhile, before breaking into a beautiful smile.

He takes Jaejoong’s breath away.


Jaejoong tries once again to reign in his thoughts and calm his racing heart, unable to tear his eyes from the man currently blocking his escape route. He’d had the upper hand the whole time since Yunho came home, and now he’s not sure what’s happened.

One soft look and he’s already capitulating.

One look, and Jaejoong knows he’s staying.

Jaejoong rolls his eyes at himself. Seriously? Get a grip. He barely knows this man, and although his reasons for coming are now different to his reason for staying, Yunho still has a fuck load of explaining to do. He can remember words of love, but actions speak louder than words don’t they? Jaejoong has never said it, but his actions have always dictated the feeling.

He wanted to let the man go.

He wanted to leave him to lead his life.

But for whatever insane reason, he is here right now and feeling completely off balance.

His natural defenses come back briefly to protect himself, shaking all his memories from his mind and trying to focus on the anger he felt during the radio show as he leans forward, eyebrows furrowing as he gazes at Yunho through the mirror.

“What do you want?”

Yunho quirks an eyebrow at the audacity of the chit who is for some reason glaring at him through the mirror. He has an answer ready to fall from his tongue, and for a man who has the next ten years planned out, that one word is a step towards messing those plans forever.


Jaejoong’s scowl turns into a smoldering smile instantly as he pivots on his heel, practically purring as he approaches Yunho who belatedly realizes he’s in trouble, backing away from the doorway of the closet quickly as Jaejoong stalks him through the bedroom.

“Tell me what you want,” Jaejoong’s voice is low and husky, that eternal promise of everything impure in his eyes. Yunho has but to tell him. He is still a tad defensive, but he has the upper hand now, and he wants to keep it that way before he figures himself out. Everything is a mess in his head.

Yunho squeezes his eyes shut as another memory assaults him, backing blindly away from the teenager.

”Come on, husband. I know you aren’t the shy kind. Tell me what you want.”

Yunho wants a lot of things, and more than anything, he wants to taste the younger man.

Really taste him.

“I want…” he tapers off, flushing as he is hit by a wave of shyness. It is so uncharacteristic that it takes him a few moments to realize what the feeling actually is. He lifts his gaze slowly, traveling up the other man’s impossibly pale body, all the dips and planes and lines of his upper body are memorized by his tongue. He is in the spa bath, but Jaejoong is perched on the side, leaning against the wall, claiming the cool tile he is sitting on is much more soothing for his ass than the hot water.

Since Yunho has no idea what a sore ass feels like, he lets it go.

“Well?” Jaejoong spreads his thighs just as he asks, letting his legs fall open naturally as he perches one foot up along the side of the bath and leaning over to ostensibly examine his knee.

Yunho’s new view makes him swallow hard.

Jaejoong’s sex is soft, a couple of shades darker than the paleness of his body. He is hairless everywhere, and the way his flaccid cock flops around every time he moves has Yunho gritting his teeth against the impulse to do what he wants.

“Husband…” Jaejoong drags out the word as he scratches at an ingrown hair near his knee. Shaving is much cheaper than waxing but the ingrown hairs are a fucking bitch. “I’m still waiting. It’s not very nice to make a newlywed wait.”

“You’re so soft…”

Jaejoong looks up, slightly amused when he follows the direction of Yunho’s gaze.

“I might be young, but three times in just over an hour will require anyone some down time. Are you ready to go again, husband?”

Yunho flushes even deeper, the heat from the water is making him feel a little lightheaded as he shakes his head. “No…no I don’t want to go again yet, but…”

“Yet? But? This sounds promising. Go on,” Jaejoong coaxes as he drops his knee, effectively blocking himself from view, and the unhappy noise from Yunho is telling.

“I wonder if your softness will fit in my mouth…”

“Penny for your thoughts, husband, though really, I can probably guess.”

Yunho looks up, slightly bewildered to find himself sitting on the bed with Jaejoong in his lap. He reaches a hand up without thinking, cupping the man’s jaw, his fingers playing with the wisps of hair behind his ear.

“You’re so soft…”

Jaejoong leans into the hand, a quiet smile on his lips, recalling the same memory. “I’m not very soft anymore, but I’m sure I will still fit…”

Yunho shakes his head.


“You’re always soft.”

“That wouldn’t be very fun for me,” Jaejoong chuckles as Yunho pouts at him.

“I’m trying to change the subject and you’re not helping.”

“Let’s talk about your body then.”

“My body?”

“You’re ice cold.” Jaejoong remarks, planting a palm firmly against Yunho’s bare chest. “Your skin is so fucking cold. Did you have a cold shower? You feel like you’ve been sitting in a vat of ice for a good fifteen minutes.” All the fight leaves him the second he comes in contact with Yunho. Climbing into the man’s lap starts off as being a good idea, but the joke’s on him. His defenses crumble instantly the second they touch and try and he might while Yunho spaces out, he can’t quite summon whatever annoyed feelings he imagines he ought to have at their situation.

“That wouldn’t be too far off the mark,” Yunho grumbles. His cock is already stirring to life with the teenager sitting in his lap. His goddamn cock has a mind of its own when it comes to Jaejoong. Wherever the teenager is, it always seems to want to point at him. He’s never been so unable to control his body’s reactions like this. All the females he’s ever been with, it felt more like an obligation to couple with them. The embers have to be stoked so to speak.

With Jaejoong, it’s like he’s a fucking bomb only needing that one tiny spark.

One look.

One kiss.

One pout.

Hell, one breath.

Yunho remembers how he’d pulled Jaejoong into his lap at the start of what was to be their fourth time.

Jaejoong had been illegally smoking in bed, blowing smoke lazily out of the corner of his mouth, and as the tendrils curl around Yunho’s face, so does the very tight fist of lust.

He shakes himself from his reverie, knowing that if he continues down that rabbit hole, there will be no escaping.

“I have to get dressed. We need to talk.”

“You don’t have to get dressed for us to talk,” Jaejoong smirks, running his hands lightly up and down Yunho’s broad shoulder. “You really are fucking cold. I don’t think your skin should be this cold. You need to warm up.”

Before Yunho can say a word, Jaejoong tightens his legs around his waist, leaning backwards away from him as he yanks his tops up.

The blond disappears for a moment behind his black clothes, and then…


So fucking hot that Yunho’s gasp is extremely loud in the room as Jaejoong plasters himself against his front.

The heat crawling from the other man’s skin is painful against his, and he can feel the crazy tingles dancing along the surface of his body. It’s like he’s been zapped by a bolt of lightning, and the current is dancing upon his skin, crackling and shifting to spread deeper into the rest of his body.

He can feel Jaejoong’s hands gently stroking his back, running up and down a little haphazardly as he tries to cover as much cold skin as he can with his warm hands. The boy’s breath is scorching hot against the curve of his neck and shoulder, and it gets infinitely hotter still when he feels soft lips pressing gently against his skin.

“Why are you here?” Yunho asks hoarsely, willing his body to cooperate, though his hands have clearly been cut off from his brain as they slip down the boy’s impossibly smooth back, caressing the skin, and dipping lower still.

His hands don’t stop when they find the waistband of his pants, slipping lower still.

Skin and more skin.

And his fingers stroke lower still, as if its the most natural thing in the world.

His fingertips find bare skin.

Always bare skin.

“Why aren’t you wearing underwear?” Yunho’s voice is a little shocked, but despite that shock, his hands keep going and his fingers keep searching.

The teenager’s jeans a little tight, but there is some give that Yunho makes work somehow, though he still can’t quite fit all the way and an annoyed hum escapes his throat before he can stop it.

He hears a soft chuckle in his ear, and a lingering kiss as the two hands stroking his back disappear for an instance.

The reason for that is clear when Yunho suddenly finds himself able to fit his large hands easily down the back of Jaejoong’s pants.

Hands are once again stroking up his back, holding him close.

“Which question do you want me to answer first?” A husky voice in his ear, punctuated by a soft kiss against his earlobe.

“What question?” Yunho asks, his brain has practically shut down, leaving him only with his five senses.









He turns his head to find his willing teenaged husband waiting for him.



AN1: I’m at the airport and flying to South Korea for a meeting tomorrow morning and as far as I know, they don’t speak English and I don’t speak Korean. I wonder if someone will answer me if I go ”Annyeonghasayeo, Kim Jaejoong juseyo!” :P

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