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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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One Night in Busan [3]
Title: One Night in Busan
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance
Important: This is AU but HoMin are TVXQ and JYJ never existed. Basically the only non-AU thing about it. EVERYTHING about this fic is super freaking AU… I just can’t get BLOND BLOND BLOND out of my fucking head. Also, characters may be a little OOC but it’s fiction and AU and just roll with it, ok?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It was meant to be a one time thing, and it takes Yunho a while to realize that a one time thing for him means exactly that.

AN: I admit defeat... I tried... I admit defeat. If you're observant enough, you know why i'm admitting defeat.


I don't want you to go...Collapse )

cliffhanger!!VERY NIce~~~~ omg!! cant believe its no longer 3 shots!!TEEHEE.. excited!

Ho shit. I got those tingles looking at jj's glowering pix. That man is so damn fiiinnee with blonde hair. Like seriously. Omg I need yunho now...unf.

Yay!! its not gonna be a one/two/three(?) shots anymore..lol!! Yup..this blonde jaejoong deserves more!! (hey its a fun read! can't get over the perpetual boner yunho has lol!!) n youll be in SK? wah im so jaelous!..i want one blonde kim jaejoong too O:-)

Hmmmm .... Paradise. I'm crazy about that song and Jae's breathy voice promising all.

Yes .... More than 3 chapters.

AWWW I'm glad we are having more of this! warm welcome to your list of unfinish fics

my fave song in the album,,paradise~!!!>////<
yes~ this will be more than 3 part,,^^
i love this story ~
have fun in korea ~~~

Oh, I LOVE YOU!!!!
Super duper happy that you don't end it in chapter 3 . Yaaaiii...
This is too good to be short story. I feel incomplete when I read your short story. Not that it was bad. NO! Your stories always wonderful. WOW!
But I feel like missing your your usual twist plot. The psycological play you always use in your long chaptered stories can always make me drown into it.
And I got a feeling that you can make One Night in Busan to be more wonderful story by your psycological twist play.
Thanks alot Nikki. <3

is there anyone can resist Jung Jaejoong? not me and certainly not Jung Yunho either

Go be a stalker. You deserve to meet these guys lol. I guess this is not a three shot anymore. Yiiipppppeeeee!!!!!!!!!

yayyy more from this story :D
I knew you will somehow include paradise in it. I noticed that your fic are inspired by songs, like a songfic but not if you know what I mean. You have your own idea and somehow incorporated those songs into your story. I love it. I also love the pictures, this particular picture especially.
I'm sorry I haven't commented in LJ in a while, and as always thank you for writing this despite your busy schedule and sharing it with us. Have fun in Korea.

u're going to korea? oooh how cool!
if u find joongie scream yunho for me! ok no xD
hope u have a great time there ^^


My brain and my body have already written the next smutty sexy gorgeous part. :)

omgomgmog i'm so glad this will be longer. You might hate the fact, that your stories always turn out to be much longer than intended, but I fucking love it!!!!

So I'm taking a wild guess and say that this is longer a triple-shot. *cackles* Enjoy South Korea! ;)