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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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One Night in Busan [4]
Title: One Night in Busan
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Within 10 chapters
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance
Important: This is AU but HoMin are TVXQ and JYJ never existed. Basically the only non-AU thing about it. EVERYTHING about this fic is super freaking AU… I just can’t get BLOND BLOND BLOND out of my fucking head. Also, characters may be a little OOC but it’s fiction and AU and just roll with it, ok?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It was meant to be a one time thing, and it takes Yunho a while to realize that a one time thing for him means exactly that.

AN: So uh… Yunho went to Busan smiling, came back smug, wearing clothes that honestly don’t belong to him if you really think about it… Call me delusional, I don’t actually care anymore because shipping is fun and my ship is sailing off into the sunset ;-) ONE NIGHT IN BUSAN… Literally… bastard is fucking with my feelings ;;


It started off as a taste.


But Jaejoong’s mouth is too willing.

Too hot.

Too wet.

Yunho’s hands grapple with the boy’s jeans which seem to be melting off him. His hands are touching nothing but skin as the kiss deepens and deepens some more. The little moans coming from the back of Jaejoong’s throat is threatening to cause a rip in Yunho’s thick towel that is still, by some miracle, clinging about his waist.

He really shouldn’t have jinxed himself.

One moment his towel is there, and the next, it has been tugged loose, and an indescribable heat closes in around him.

Jaejoong’s jeans are long gone, tossed off somewhere, somehow, while their mouths were still fused together and their hands working over time.

So much hot skin to cover, the pain of the heat is still sending tingles up and down his cool skin. Jaejoong’s body is like an inferno and the pain of the contact is a secondary concern as Yunho is swept quickly away.

The cold of his shower is but a distant memory as the hot mouth slanting fiercely over his takes, and takes.

And Yunho willingly gives.

His senses are wrapped up in Jaejoong, his mind is foggy, dazed by the onslaught of feelings and sensations that he can do nothing but cling to the lithe blond sitting astride his lap, rocking insistently against his cock, his long legs wrapped about his waist and holding tight.

A brief memory assails him, and he follows the vision in his mind, blindly reaching between their bodies, his large hand wrapping around his cock.

Two cocks.

Frotting side by side, he squeezes them together, and a beautiful gasp of shock is felt against his mouth.

Sweet smokey breath, puffs of air coming in shallow pants as Jaejoong moans.


The older man swallows his moans, unable to think past the firm flesh in his hands as he squeezes experimentally, before clumsily starting to stroke.

A low whine escapes the teenager’s throat, the sound loud to Yunho’s ears as he forces his eyes to focus.


Flashes of blond, and eyes of sin.

“What are you?” Yunho asks, as the heat crawling up his skin spreads and tightens, like a net, encasing him in its hot viselike grip. He has never felt anything like it, so fast, so far, so foreign.

Too fast.

Too far.

Too foreign.

“Your angel,” Jaejoong whispers quietly, hands dripping the older man’s shoulder as he strives to keep from getting swept away, staring into the ebony almond eyes of his lover.

A soft smile splits Yunho’s lips, eyes still slightly unfocused as he leans back slightly.

Angel. He remembers his angel.

Blond and hot.

Everything seems to be moving in a blur, and he is spinning, spiraling into the unknown, but he is safe.

Something in the back of his mind tells him he’s going too far, but he discards it for he feels safe.

The feel of two cocks in his hand is foreign, yet it is so very right and he knows he is safe.

His angel is here.

Jaejoong recognizes the dreamy look in Yunho’s eyes, marveling at how quickly it takes to get the man to that point. He remembers it from their second coupling in the tub, and their fifth on the bed in front of the mirror. He still has his senses.


The feel of Yunho’s hard body between his thighs is causing memory after memory to lash at him.

Taunt at him.

Telling him to take what is his.

Jaejoong’s conscience is at war with his heart.

Yunho has so much explaining to do, but Jaejoong has no defense against the way the man stares at him.

His husband.

By law, Yunho is his.

If there was any coercion, it was Yunho convincing an eighteen year old Jaejoong to marry him.

Alcohol might be a defense, but Yunho had been extraordinarily lucid during the entire night and Jaejoong is certain even Max Changmin can testify to this.

And his expressions of love are indefatigable, whether in words or actions.

So why then did he leave Jaejoong behind?

“Angel…” Yunho moans quietly, laying back down on the bed, eyes cloudy with lust and shining with…

Jaejoong shakes his head, a siren’s smile playing about his lips, not wanting to think about it further. Why can’t he just feel? He just wants to feel. Whether the man is his forever is a question, but he is his for the taking right now and that is all that matters.

He bends low, scooting his ass back as Yunho’s grip on their cocks slackens. He knows every inch of this man’s body, and has spent many a fretful night revisiting each and every inch in his dreams. He noses his way along the man’s abdomen, smiling as Yunho’s muscles contract reflexively with each soft kiss. All their five couplings were somewhat guided by him, knowing full well his husband had been purportedly straight, but Yunho is a quick learner, and he hopes the man will remember enough.

Jaejoong taught Yunho to make love to him the way he wants to be loved.

That is the beauty of being someone’s first.



Fifth even.

The beauty of being with someone experienced and willing enough to pick it up quickly.

Yunho’s hand fists in Jaejoong’s slightly damp locks, bringing an appreciative moan to the blond as he licks the head of Yunho’s cock.

The hand in his hair tightens, as he wraps his plush pout around the swollen glands, but unlike most men, Yunho stays still. Jaejoong’s hand against his hip tells him to be still, and the teenager smiles around Yunho’s smooth flesh, as he eases the thick length slowly into his mouth.

Yunho is torn between wondering if he is in heaven or hell.

He knows better than to thrust, but Jaejoong’s slow tease is driving him crazy. The first time Jaejoong had gone down on him had been just inside the door of the hotel room, hence the quickie in the hallway, for the boy’s mouth is too fucking hot and tight, his tongue driving Yunho crazy as it massages the underside of his cock. His mind is a mess of memories of the past, and the sensations of the present, and his free hand clutches the bed covers for purchase, as he allows himself to be swept away.




Little words tickling the back of his mind, but he feels no worry, giving himself over to the devil angel gazing up the length of his body with hot eyes as his hotter mouth works over his length.

Jaejoong fists the base of Yunho’s substantial cock, giving himself something to hold on to as he works the man’s length guided by Yunho’s hand in his hair, the man sets a fast pace as Jaejoong relaxes his throat as best he can.

His lips barely touch his hand, and the feel of that smooth velvet down his throat makes his cock twitch in anticipation. He knows Yunho possibly won’t come from this after his self-indulgence in the bathroom, but Jaejoong doesn’t want to chance it.

Too bad the man’s cock is addictive though, and the low moans as the tip hits the back of his throat sends pleasure racing through him. Yunho’s taste is heavy on his tongue, that slightly salty tang is like the nectar of the gods to Jaejoong, and he wants more.

He lifts his head, ignoring the pain in his scalp as Yunho’s insistent hand tightens, wanting Jaejoong to continue to work his cock, but the teenager is stronger than he looks, wanting to take his own pleasure too as his mouth leaves off the tip with a loud pop.

Yunho’s whine at the loss of heat is short-lived, choking on it as Jaejoong mouths the tip, sucking hard, tongue massaging and moving constantly, tickling the sensitive glands as he once again hollows out his cheeks to swallow the man down.

This time, the pace he sets is furious, lips slipping and sliding, slurping and sucking hard as he lets go of the base, head bent and working as he runs his hands up Yunho’s broad body, pinching the man’s nipples hard before raking his sharp nails down his torso.

The older man twitches, arching his back as goosebumps erupt across his body from the rough treatment, the memory of those nails is overlapping with his reality.


Jaejoong did it twice in the hotel room, those nails causing blooming trails of red down Yunho’s tanned chest.

But that isn’t the only way he got those marks.

Light, caressing hands slip up his sides, such featherlight strokes that it all but tickles him.

The pain across his chest, the tickling sensations on his side, and the hot hot mouth working his cock, the sensations are riotous and he is unable to stop the loud gasping sounds spilling from his lips. Yunho isn’t the vocal sort, keeping his pleasure muted, but it is impossible with Jaejoong.

It gets too much as he feels teeth across the head of his cock and he tugs hard, ripping Jaejoong away, his cock slapping against his abdomen loudly.

Lush, wet mouth.

Swollen and wet.

And so very pink.

Jaejoong kneels further down, rubbing his nose against Yunho’s balls, gazing into the older man’s lust filled eyes.

The teenager smirks, and even without seeing his mouth, Yunho can see the wicked glint in his eyes, and his body responds, tightening even more, cock twitching as his muscles contract involuntarily at the sight.

“You’re no angel,” he rasps, reaching a hand down to trace a fingertip along a sharp cheekbone.

Jaejoong rakes his nails heavily on Yunho’s upper thighs, making the man twitch and his cock sway from the movement.

“What am I then?” Jaejoong asks as he slowly, sinuously moves into an upright position, sliding his needy body heavily against Yunho’s as he once again crawls astride his body. His weeping cock paints clear fluids on Yunho’s skin, as he moves upwards, hands preceding him, rubbing against the man as he moves into position before sitting up.

His balls are nestled against Yunho’s, cock jutting proudly out from the hairless juncture of his thighs as he stares down at the man gazing up at him.

“Devil, kiss me.”

Jaejoong doesn’t need to be told twice, sprawling out completely over Yunho, mouth finding his in a hot needy kiss and his hands find the man’s arms, pinning his wrists over his head as he rocks his wet cock against the man’s hard cock and belly, movement calculated to get as much friction as possible as he swivels his hips.

The pace is controlled by the teenager, teasing the man with teasing flicks as he mimics the mating ritual with his mouth and tongue, darting in and out, not allowing Yunho to wrap his tongue around his. A mere minute of that and Yunho is bucking upwards against him, wanting and needing more that the teenager is just waving out of reach.

Sucking Yunho’s plush bottom lip into his mouth, Jaejoong nips roughly, earning himself a moan from the older man who struggles against being pinned down.

“Where’s the lube, husband?” Jaejoong whispers against his mouth.

“Drawer, but I don’t have any condoms.”

“I’m clean.”

“So am I.”

Jaejoong pulls away instantly, licking at his lips as he lets go of Yunho’s wrists.

The man wastes no time in spanning his waist, squeezing as he grips his hips and rocks him. “Drawer, love.”

“Impatient are we?”

“I still want to lick my cum from your ass…”

Jaejoong squeezes his eyes shut at the mental image. Yunho had vocalized that want twice that night in Busan. There is something incredibly dirty about it, and yet, former straight idol Jung Yunho isn’t even the slightest bit fazed by the thought of the act.

And the teenager is nothing if not willing, isn’t he?

He starts to move, crawling up Yunho’s body, knees on either side of the man’s torso as he moves up the bed to get to the sole bedside drawer.

Yunho is transfixed by the bobbing cock coming his way.


And closer.

He runs his hands up the back of Jaejoong’s left thigh, cupping his ass and squeezing tight as the teenager reaches over conveniently dropping his balls against Yunho’s waiting lips.

That musky tang, and the indescribable smell, Yunho laps eagerly, feeling the teenager trembling as he hunches over him.

“What do you want?”

“To taste you…”

“Are you sure, husband?”

Yunho nods instantly, eyes shining as he tilts his head back to find the gorgeous face that goes with the teasing voice.

Jaejoong groans at the sight, angling his body, using a hand to guide his leaking cock into Yunho’s eager mouth.

If the teenager had any doubt about the pleasure Yunho gets from it, the thought goes up in smoke with the loud moan that reverberates around his cock as Yunho voices his appreciation.

His eyes cross at the intense sensation, Yunho’s movements are clumsy as hell, but his eagerness outweighs the sloppiness for now. Jaejoong is much too close to bother about it, and the irregular stroking of Yunho’s mouth around him serves to stave his impending orgasm just a little bit more.

He leans over, fumbling with the drawer as he yanks it open, finding the lube instantly for it is sitting at the very top of the messy contents. He slips the tube into Yunho’s waiting hand, unable to concentrate as he bends over in full, hips canting into Yunho’s mouth to get a much better rhythm.

Jaejoong keeps his thrusts shallow, barely giving Yunho half his length, but half is more than enough as he grits his teeth against the urge to scream at how hot and tight the man’s mouth is.

There is absolutely no finesse in Yunho’s idea of prepping.

The squelch of lube is loud as he inserts a finger into Jaejoong’s waiting hole, the finger slipping in so easily he doesn’t bother to wait, swirling in the tightness, he pulls out, only to fit in a second finger.

His hand splays across the boy’s ass, fingers pumping in tandem with his mouth over the sweet, sweet flesh.

A third finger.

Jaejoong is on his elbows and knees, mouth against a soft pillow to muffle his loud moans as he rocks backwards to meet Yunho’s fingers thrust for thrust. Somehow they manage to find a rhythm that suits, and his increasingly loud moans are testament to that as he is once again pushed close to the brink of orgasm.

A sharp slap against his ass makes him yelp as he straightens up, wincing as Yunho’s bottom teeth drag against the sensitive underside of his cock, pushing his orgasm away a smidgen as the pinching pain tickles his senses.

His cock is so full and heavy, springing back and slapping hard against him as Yunho’s wet mouth purses, practically pouting at the loss.

“Ride me.”

“Demanding aren’t you?”

“I’m your husband aren’t I?”

“And I’m your husband. Why don’t you ride me?”

Yunho smiles, stretching his arms arm to pinch at Jaejoong’s nipples, making the boy sway unsteadily on his knees as more pleasurable sensations lance through his body.

“And when we rock, feels just like the devil’s riding me...” Yunho’s eyes flutter shut as he mouths lyrics from the English version of Mirotic.

“And I’m supposed to be the insatiable one?”

Yunho smiles, opening his eyes slowly as he strokes his hands down Jaejoong’s chest and abdomen, licking his lips as he speaks.

“Have your way with me then, angel.”

“Devil, or angel? You should make up your mind.” Jaejoong chuckles hoarsely as he moves to slide down Yunho’s body.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“And why is that?” Jaejoong cocks an eyebrow as he pauses with Yunho’s cock nestled against his crack. He reaches for the discarded lube, squeezing a hefty palmful before reaching around him to stroke his slippery hand down the man’s length.

“Because it means I get you whether I’m in heaven or hell.”

Jaejoong lifts himself up on his knees, Yunho’s words sending a shaft of pleasure through him that has nothing to do with the man’s cock braced against his entrance.

“A man certainly can’t argue with that,” he murmurs under his breath before taking a deep breath, exhaling slowly as he squeezes the base of Yunho’s cock, holding it steady as he slowly impales himself.

Yunho cannot take his eyes off the teenager. The way his brow is furrowed in concentration, eyes on him, widening impossibly as he lowers himself. Tiny gasps of breath escape his lips and it takes all of Yunho’s self control not to grab the boy’s hips and thrust upwards, hard and fast the way he wants to.

It seems to take forever to finally be fully seated in the boy, and his tightness is almost painful.

Even worse than that night, for there is no additional lubricant from the condom this time.

And somehow it feels like he is sliding home.

The ridiculously cheesy thought is fleeting, but Yunho has to acknowledge the truth to himself as he gazes up at the beautiful teenager staring at him with an indescribable look in his eyes.

“Kiss me.”

Jaejoong leans over instantly, and Yunho starts to thrust the second their mouths meet. His hands are on the boy’s ass, kneading and spreading his cheeks as he rocks upwards, shallowly at first, testing his way, before Jaejoong’s pretty mewls of need encourage him to go faster.

Indecent sounds echo around the room.

Jaejoong is clutching Yunho’s shoulders desperately as he rides out the storm. Oh he was in control, but now he isn’t sure. Their mouths never leave each other’s, the kisses are thoroughly sloppy, wet, with teeth clashing and nipping with each hard thrust.

Yunho’s grip of Jaejoong is sure, and he is confident enough to pull one hand away after some minutes to reach between their bodies, fisting the teenager’s cock. He has no idea how he’s made love before without this added appendage to titillate his senses, and he knows he never ever wants to find out as his large hand envelopes the boy’s slim but lengthy cock.

Jaejoong, already pushed so close to the edge a couple of times, isn’t able to hold back, his body shuddering as his orgasm crashes over him. He muffles his scream against Yunho’s jaw, the keening sound still loud, but the slap of their bodies is louder.

Yunho continues to pump, eyes clenched shut as he feels every single contraction around his cock, and fighting his orgasm back for he is loathe to leave the teenager’s body just yet. He concentrates hard, deaf to everything but the muted sound of Jaejoong’s shaky gasps now against his mouth as the boy rides out his orgasm. If sound could be bottled, Yunho would label this Pleasure.

“Husband…” Jaejoong mewls, his oversensitive body being punished by Yunho still thrusting up against him. He knows his own body, and he knows if Yunho keeps at it, he will be ready to go again.

Yunho drags a hand up Jaejoong’s sweaty back, carding his hair, he tilts his head and kisses him deeply, whispering words of love that he will question when he comes off his lust high.

A sharp gasp from the doorway causes Jaejoong to break the kiss, sitting upright, he twists his body to find the distraction.

“What’s the matter?” Yunho asks, hands roaming over whatever available piece of Jaejoong he can get, eyes drifting closed.

“It’s ok, baby. It’s nothing. Keep going, baby, you’re doing so well.” Jaejoong’s voice is a seductive whisper, his voice doesn’t betray what his eyes see as his hand rubs soothing circles around Yunho’s upper chest.

Yunho’s grip tightens, basking in Jaejoong’s words of encouragement as he pistons upwards into the tight sheath that he never wants to leave. His eyes clench, biting his bottom lip as he chases his orgasm.

Changmin and Heechul are practically apoplectic. They’d expected to find the two in some state of undress, but never in their wildest imaginations did they imagine catching the stunning teenager riding their friend and brother with the door thrown wide open. They watch, slack jawed as the teenager twists, turning towards them, bouncing with each powerful thrust from Yunho, as he looks over at them.

The pale pink angel with the devil in his kohl lined eyes.

His mouth is parted, and both men can hear the soft breathy pants coming from his lips. They dare not look down further, not even Heechul.

They watch as a smirk tugs at Jaejoong’s lush mouth, and he brings his finger to his lips in the universal sign for silence, his eyes conveying a knowing glint of wickedness before turning back to focus on the man between his thighs.

All skin, and no shame.

Eyes on the snow white skin with the black ink on his back, rippling with each movement, the two men stare as if mesmerized. They cannot move their feet even if they wanted to, the noisy sounds of skin slapping against skin is obnoxiously loud, yet familiar enough to fill both men’s cocks as they play at being voyeurs.

“Angel. My angel. Fuck fuck fuck I love you.” Yunho’s eyes fly open as he arches up into the teenager, his guttural moan of release echoing in the large bedroom as he fills the boy.

The two idols flee the scene then, practically tripping over each other as they race back down the stairs.

AN1: Ugh… the sliding home thing, believe it or not, that is a cheesy thought coming from me that I actually vocalized to my husband about two weeks into our marriage… OTL He teased me about it for months and needless to say, no more cheesiness from me thank you very much.

AN2: Also wrote most of this completely fucked up on flu meds so…I have no idea what that was. I just hope I didn’t write any unicorns into it ugh...

If I had that vision looking back at me, I wouldn't flee like those two.

Get well soon.

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