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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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I Need A Doctor
Title: Sleeping Beauty drabble: I Need A Doctor
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: G
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

Summary: Being sick is no excuse to cross some lines.

AN1: Random drabble I wrote on my phone while at the doctor today. I was there for two hours…not cool. Turns out I have a bronchial infection. EVERYTHING HURTS. I’m even whinier than these kids…

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE


“Mama, ear hurts.”

“I know love.” Jaejoong hugs his youngest who is looking miserable, sniffling quietly as he tugs at his ear. The three year old birthday boy is down with what looks like an ear infection, which isn’t surprising to his mama for all four older children have had varying degrees of it over the past week.

“Is Daddy coming?” Jiyool asks, perching on the arm rest and leaning against her Mama’s shoulder as she pats her baby brother’s head.

“Not till later, sweetheart.”

“But why?” His twin four year olds ask in unison, staring at him with wide eyes from across the coffee table in the doctor’s waiting room. They are sharing an armchair, squeezed together with their arms around each other looking about as miserable as their brother.

“His flight got delayed due to some mechanical issues. He won’t be here till we’re done.”

“Does that mean his plane will fall out of the sky?” JJ asks, her voice loud and high. It doesn’t matter that she is sitting next to her Mama on the couch. Her ears are blocked and she can barely hear herself so she assumes everyone else is deaf too.

“Don’t be silly, JJ!” Jiyool cuts in quickly as the twins jump hurriedly out of their arm chairs talking loudly.

Three children practically yelling at the top of their voices, and then Changmin adds to the cacophony by starting to wail miserably.

Jaejoong smiles wanly at the sympathetic glances sent his way as he tries to reassure his kids. Jiyool is almost well, but the other four are on varying scales of miserableness.

“What’s 91 plus 91?”


“27 multiplied by 11.”


“Suie what’s five multiplied by nine?”

“Um…is it 45?”

Jiyool, JJ and Yoochun nod instantly, making the younger twin beam even as he scratches his ear.

It’s a strange habit Yunho has picked up when the children get too boisterous. Mathematics appears to calm them all down, too busy trying to figure out the sums to act up.

“Can you show me the number 11 with your fingers, Minnie?”

The three year holds out two index fingers instantly, smiling through his tears.

Jaejoong heaves an inward sigh of relief as Jiyool picks up the game, testing her siblings on various mathematical questions. Simpler ones for Junsu, none of his multiplication tables going into double digits, and going up to 12 for Yoochun. JJ regularly gets stumped by square roots and so her sister tests her on that, while Jaejoong throws out the occasional question for his oldest, the eight year old able to multiply into three figures.

Changmin watches on interestedly, listening intently, smiling and wiggling in his mama’s lap when he gets asked a question.

“If I give you ten Lego blocks and you already have five Lego blocks, how many Lego blocks will you have now?”

“Not enough.”

Jaejoong snorts, kissing the back of his toddler’s head as Jiyool groans theatrically.

“Ten plus five, Minnie.”

“Fifteen Lego blocks can’t make anything.”

“What about a tower?” Junsu suggests.

Changmin wrinkles his brow. “Short tower.”

“Better than no tower.” Yoochun grumbles, scratching at his ear and leaning heavily against his twin.

“I want more Lego blocks!”

“Jung Changmin, Jung Junsu and Jung Yoochun?” A nurse calls out just then.

Jaejoong stands up quickly, herding his brood into the waiting doctor’s office.

The doctor is unable to hide his alarm well at seeing five young children and an extremely young looking babysitter of some sort enter the room. He is new, having recently moved from America to try his hand in a new country and he is the resident locum. Used to seeing maybe three kids at the very most back in America, he is unable to hide his apprehension at seeing five pairs of eyes staring expectantly at him.


“Uh, hello. What seems to be the problem today?” The locum directs his question to Jaejoong instead of JJ who’d greeted him.

“Why aren’t you looking at me?”

“What?” The doctor looks down at the pouty girl. His eyes widen as he takes in her features, staring back and forth between her and the stunning young man holding a little boy.

“I said hello and you said hello but you looked at my mama. That’s rude.”

“JJ!” Jaejoong hisses, sending an apologetic glance at the doctor.

“No, no, it’s ok.” The man stares back and forth between the young man and each and every child. “Are they all yours?”

Jiyool frowns. “Who else would we belong to? I know where babies come from and we didn’t get delivered by a stork that’s for sure.”

The doctor gulps, staring at the serious looking girl, mouth opening and closing but not a sound comes out. Male pregnancies are reasonably rare, perhaps one in every thousand boys and it is usually hereditary. This is his first time coming face to face with one in South Korea. The man cannot be more than twenty surely but he knows he has to be at the very least, in his mid-twenties.

“Yoolie…” Jaejoong murmurs under his breath. His children are precocious as hell and it’s honestly his own fault. He was always lippy with his own mama and now he’s getting it back five fold with his children. They’re currently toeing the thin line between being precocious and being rude though and he has no patience for any of them should they cross it. They practically get away with murder as it is, but he did not raise five children to be an embarrassment to the Jung name.

“Sorry.” Jiyool offers, though her Mama knows she doesn’t really mean it. He lets it go this time, wanting to get the appointment over and done with. He can feel his phone vibrating in his back pocket which means Yunho is probably on his way.

“I think my three boys have an ear infection. I came in with JJ two days ago and she seems to be on the mend but her ears are still a little stuffed.”

“These are really all yours?” The poor locum is finding it all a little overwhelming. It’s only his first day and he’s never had to see more than two children that day and that was only one instance in the morning. He has never been surrounded by so many wide-eyed children in his life, not to mention the fact that he is finding their “mama” exceedingly attractive.

Perhaps a little too attractive.

“Do I really need to explain to you where babies come from?” Jiyool grumbles, settling on the seat opposite the doctor and crossing her arms staring huffily at the man. She doesn’t like the way he keeps looking at her mama. JJ moves to lean against her, perching on her knees as she too stares at the doctor.

The twins are peeking out from around their mama’s legs, their thumbs in their mouths though they’re both not sucking for it hurts their ears. It just gives them comfort. They don’t ever remember being to the doctor and the man’s weird questions are disconcerting them.

“No, no, that’s fine.” The doctor finally speaks, shuffling the papers on his desk as he looks up at the piercing gaze of the man with the baby. “So uh…what seems to be the problem?”

“Are you deaf?”


JJ twists around staring up at Jaejoong with huge doe eyes shining with innocence. “But mama, you already told him what the problem was. I’m a little deaf and I heard you fine.”

Jaejoong wants to face palm. The urge is so overwhelming he nuzzles his toddler instead. He is really glad Changmin has decided to stay quiet for if he starts, he probably won’t stop.

“My ear hurts.” Changmin tugs at his ear, staring at the doctor.

Relieved at having a distraction, the man stands up to examine the boy.

Mistake number one.

Changmin immediately starts to shake his head, clutching his mama for dear life he buries his face against the man’s shoulder and starts to wail.

“No, no, no, no, no! Naughty, mama! No, mama! Naughty naughty naughty! No, mama! No! Naughty, mama!”

“He hates doctors.” Jiyool offers somewhat drolly.

JJ nods instantly, agreeing with her sister. “Yeah, Minnie has a long memory and he remembers the last time he saw a doctor that looked like you, he got a jab in his butt.”

Changmin starts to wail even louder as Jaejoong shushes him, doing the rock and sway. He usually has the main doctor come in for a house visit but Dr. Han is away at present which is why he is physically at the clinic.

“Now you’ve gone and done it.” Jiyool declares morbidly. “He will never want to see a caucasian doctor ever again. I think you should sit down.”

‘What did I do?”

Jaejoong shakes his head apologetically as Changmin’s wails slow down to hiccuping sobs. “My fault. His fifteen month immunization was with a foreign doctor and he hasn’t forgiven me for it. My son is very good at holding a grudge.”

“How old are you?”

Jaejoong stares at the man, cocking his head at the weird question. “You mean how old is he? Changmin? He’s actually three today.”

“My birthday,” Changmin sniffles miserably.

“Yes, your birthday.” Two quiet boys agree as they pat their brother’s legs comfortingly.

“That’s rather unfortunate, isn’t it?”

“I think that’s pretty obvious.” Jiyool shoots back. She really doesn’t like this doctor, wondering where the heck Dr. Han is. He saw her when she was sick but JJ and now the boys have all needed to come to the clinic. It doesn’t seem right to her.

“Jiyool, I’m not going to tell you again.”

“But I didn’t do anything!” The oldest girl protests, pouting as she leans further back in the seat.

“Your brothers are here to see the doctor. I don’t want to hear a squeak from you till we’re done.”

Jiyool resists the urge to make said squeaking sound, but one look at her mama’s face and she bites her lip and nods.

Jaejoong takes a deep breath, exhaling slowly before sending a blinding smile at the doctor who is understandably, struck dumb momentarily.

“I believe my boys have ear infections. If you could just give their ears a little look and maybe take their temperature, we’ll be out of your hair in no time.”

Jaejoong approaches the doctor and is a little surprised to find the man shrinking back from him.

“Is something wrong?”

“Uh…no.” The locum blinks, trying to snap himself out of his daze. This is ridiculous. He shakes his head hard, before turning to look at the sniffling toddler as Jaejoong sits in the chair next to his desk.

“Naughty mama!”

“Minnie, I promise he just wants to look at your ear.”

“Ear hurts, don’t want pain, mama. Naughty mama.” Changmin wails, shaking his head to avoid the doctor’s hands as the man tries to take his temperature.

Jaejoong drops the toddler into his lap, holding the boy to his chest as he starts to hum quietly. His hands never stop moving, caressing up and down Changmin’s back as he holds the boy’s cheek to his chest.

“Can you hear my heartbeat, baby?”


“Just focus on it and count the beats.”


Jaejoong gestures quickly to the doctor who leans over to place the thermometer in the toddler’s ear. Changmin struggles briefly, but he is already lulled by his mama’s heartbeat. The youngest fed the longest from his mama and this position is the most soothing to him. His mama’s chest is his very own personal property as far as he’s concerned and no doctor is going to distract him from counting the soothing beats.

“Twenty…twenty one…twenty two…”

Changmin’s examination is over in less than a minute. The doctor marveling at the boy still counting, hitting fifty now. He has no time to question it though as the man gestures to the twin boys who shuffle forward together, offering their ears willingly, listening closely as they hold hands.

Junsu’s other hand is on his mama’s shoulder, and he smiles when Jaejoong turns to kiss the back of his hand.

“One hundred…one…two…three…”

“Your children are very obedient.” The doctor observes as he confirms Jaejoong’s expert diagnosis as to what ails his children.

“Thank you,” Jaejoong murmurs as he kisses the top of Changmin’s head.

“Since all of you have been so good. You can all choose one lollipop.”

“Even us?” Jiyool leans forward quickly before slapping her hand over her mouth, eyeing her mama. “Ooops.”

“It’s ok.”

“I want red!” JJ declares, hopping off Jiyool’s knee as she scrambles to look into the proffered jar.

Even Changmin gets over his fear of the doctor, slipping hurriedly off his mama’s lap and pushing his way through the crowd to get his lollipop.

Unfortunately for the Jung kids, there are only three red lollipops left and five children who all want red.

“I got it first!”

“You always get red! You can have green this time!”

“I don’t want green! I want red!”

Jaejoong’s mouth drops open as his children behave like pack rats, squabbling over the last bit of cheese. Horrified might be an understatement, as the children holler and bicker at each other.

Even Jiyool and JJ, who normally give in to the boys are standing their ground.

There is a quiet knock on the door, and it opens, Jung Yunho popping his head in, followed by the rest of his body.

“Fine, I’ll take blue and green since I didn’t get red! Daddy!” Jiyool squeals, clutching her lollipops and scrambling over to greet the man she hasn’t seen in two days. “Your plane didn’t fall out of the sky!”


Jaejoong stares at his children, one by one, they follow the oldest, grabbing two lollipops each before heading over to greet their father.

The line has just been crossed.

Jaejoong manages a smile for the shell shocked doctor who is actually gaping at the chaos.

He now understands why the beautiful man has five children. Beautiful mates with beautiful, though the jury is still out on the rowdy children. He wouldn’t mind seeing the last of the noisy precocious bunch even if it means never seeing their mama again.


Yunho’s head whips up at the tone, and he sees his wife’s expressionless face. He herds the children out instantly, looking over his shoulder at his wife who is now wearing a hint of a scowl.

The second the door shuts on the doctor, Jaejoong holds his hand out.

“Hand them over.”

“What?” Jiyool stares confusedly at her unsmiling mama.

“Your lollipops. Hand them over.”

JJ looks down at the yellow and green lollipops she’s holding, wrinkling her nose as she hands over one.

“All of them. Now.”

“But why?”

“What must you say when someone gives you something?”

“Thank you?” Junsu answers.

“Did any of you say thank you in there?”

Five children stare at the lollipops in their hands, and then back up at their mama.

Yoochun shakes his head as he holds out his lollipops. “We forgot.”

“You not only forgot your manners, you also forgot how to count. What did the doctor say? How many lollipops could you have?”

Five children shuffle their feet, all of them remembering the instructions clearly.

“One.” JJ answers quietly.

“And how many lollipops did you take?”

Changmin wrinkles his nose, holding out two fingers in a peace sign, looking so cherubic and adorable that Jaejoong almost wavers.


“Right. Two. Now hand them over.”

Five children hand over their lollipops one by one as an entire waiting room watch in amusement.

‘Sorry, mama.”

“We’re sorry, mama.”

“I’m sorry, mama.”


“It’s my birthday, mama.”

Yunho bites his lip to keep from laughing as Jaejoong looks momentarily stricken at the accusatory note in their youngest son’s tone. That boy is a master manipulator that’s for sure. He gets what Jaejoong is doing, knowing full well his children test their boundaries on occasion. Children who never want for anything, they are more than likely spoiled, and it is the tiny lessons like these that remind them they cannot get away with everything.

Jaejoong turns his gaze onto his husband, asking for help because his son has actually stumped him.

Yunho crouches down so he is eye level with his pouty son. He turns the boy towards him, caressing his cheek with his thumb, keeping a straight face.

“Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you can misbehave.”

“Can I make my birthday wish now?”

Yunho exchanges glances with his wife who shrugs.

“Sure. What would you like?”

“You will grant me my wish right?”

“If it’s within my power, yes.”

Changmin beams, clapping his hands and bouncing on the balls of his feet.

“I want permission to misbehave today and I know you have the power,” Changmin declares smugly.

The entire waiting room who’d been listening to the whole thing with bated breath burst out laughing as the Jung parents stare sheepishly at each other.

Outsmarted by their three year old.

AN: That Math trick was something my parents used to do to me hahahahaha. I have to say it worked cos I hated getting the wrong answer.

SB is really the best ^^;

You were multiplying at 3?

Omg minnie ah!!!! XD I can't with you!!!! You're too adorable!!! Nicki stop torturing us with adorable minnie >_

SB verse really make my day, Thanks a lot.

these bundles of joys ^^
eh ~~

OMG He is so naughtyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Love it bb :D

Minnieball and the rest of the Jung brood are too adorable.

Hey Nicki, please take care of yourself. Get well soon.

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I freakin love Changmin!!! What a special little devil.
Wait you were doing math that advanced that young? Wow! You sre definitely one smart lady thats for sure.
Hope you start to feel better soon.

Aish, so cute!

I love this family that you have created!!!

Love changmin.. He's so cute and tricky... Hehehe.. Smart kids.. Thank you so much and take care!!

wow! you never failed to amaze me!!!

Adorable. Perfect story for a mid day break. :) My husband uses the math trick on our girls too sometimes. Maybe I should do it more. Hope you are feeling better!

that Math trick. omg! SB drabbles and ficlets all the waaaaaaay~ never gets old :))

Argh minnie! You adorable baby! Why should you be so intelligent and spoiled huh?

Get well soon author ssi!


Minnieball is so adorable.

He is intelligent beyond his age for he can reply that 15 blocks are not enough to make anything.

He really has a memory of an elephant.
It's so cute how he screams "Naughty Mama" when the doctor examines him.

The best part is his birthday wish.
He is so sneaky the way he went about things to get his way.

I can so imagine Minnie's grin on his face when he says “I want permission to misbehave today and I know you have the power,” to Yunho. I would burst out in laughter and pinch those cheeks of his.