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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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One Night in Busan [5]
Title: One Night in Busan
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Within 10 chapters
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance
Important: This is AU but HoMin are TVXQ and JYJ never existed. Basically the only non-AU thing about it. EVERYTHING about this fic is super freaking AU… I just can’t get BLOND BLOND BLOND out of my fucking head. Also, characters may be a little OOC but it’s fiction and AU and just roll with it, ok?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It was meant to be a one time thing, and it takes Yunho a while to realize that a one time thing for him means exactly that.

AN: Wrote this in hospital. Don’t get mad at me. I hate the hospital and needed a distraction T___T


Yunho is relieved to find the kitchen empty.

A quick search of his apartment reveals nobody, and his sigh of relief is hefty indeed. He’d assumed Jaejoong had dismissed the two men when he appeared in his bathroom, and he is thankful for the teenager’s foresight. He heads straight to the fridge, availing himself to a bottle of beer from the back compartment.

He is dying from thirst, and dying from a myriad of other things as well.

Jaejoong is sound asleep in his bed, barely acknowledging Yunho’s existence when the man rearranges him so that he is under the covers.

He even sleeps through his gentle ministrations as he cleans the teenager up with a hot flannel.

Yunho is glad no one is around to witness the flush of arousal in his cheeks as he cleans up the boy’s abused hole. Yunho had been sorely tempted to lean forward and steal a taste of the dribbling cum, but he knows if he does, he will be waking the teen for round three. Jaejoong looks much too young while asleep that the guilt tears through him once again as he caresses the smooth skin gently, wiping up the remains of their lovemaking.

Not fucking.


When did it change?

And the better question, can someone really fall that quickly?

He perches on one of the stools that Heechul and Changmin were at earlier, popping the cap off the beer with the edge of the counter before he takes a long pull.

The icy liquid hurts, his brain freezing instantly, and yet the pain between his eyes is welcome as Yunho keeps drinking. He needs to fucking cool down.

In more ways than one.

He downs the first bottle in less than five minutes.

A second bottle follows soon after.

And then a third.

The memories are coming in quick flashes now.

”I now pronounce you husband and husband.”

Yunho and Jaejoong stare at the celebrant, waiting expectantly.

The man rolls his eyes, flapping his hands at them. “Kiss, kiss. Do whatever you want.”

“You’re not very professional.” Jaejoong notes.

“Who cares?” Yunho murmurs as he bends his head to steal a kiss from the blond, making the younger man giggle as they turn, ignoring the irritated huff behind them as they walk back down the aisle hand in hand. It is not the marriage ceremony Yunho has always envisioned himself having, and the lack of his family sends a pang through him, but one look at the angel by his side and he figures he’ll work it out when they return to Seoul.

His hand tightens around the blond’s smaller hand as they head towards the exit, watching his brand new spouse.

”Crazy. So fucking crazy.” Jaejoong whispers as he stares at the ring on his finger. It’s on the wrong finger, his digits much chubbier than Yunho’s pianist fingers. The ring fits only his little finger for now. “You really don’t care that I don’t have a ring for you?”

“You’re more than enough.”

Jaejoong smiles, eyes glowing in the moonlight as they exit the building hand in hand, wandering back out into the shadowy path, heading back towards the hotel. “And since you gave me a ring, you think you’re not enough for me?”

“Your ring is a reminder to me that I have to be the best for you.”

“I still think you’re crazy. You don’t even know me.”

“We have the rest of our lives for that, love.”


It keeps coming up again and again.

Yunho’s romantic tendencies have been all but squashed in the industry he has to survive in. Maudlin thoughts have no place in his schedule where even meal times need to be squeezed in between appearances. Eating in the van on the way to a radio show or variety shooting isn’t uncommon as they run their eyes hastily over scripts that need to be memorized as far as possible. As it is, he has to prepare for an appearance on Sukira that night. Super Junior are everywhere, and they can afford to be for there are thirteen of them.

Well, fifteen if you want to be politically correct.

There are only two of him and Changmin.

The two of them need to do the work of fifteen in order to stay in the industry and stay afloat. Their records speak for themselves of course, selling over 12 million records in the ten years they have been active. This figure is three times that of the next best-selling kpop group. Super Junior themselves are trailing by over 9 million in album sales and they debuted only two years after TVXQ.

It is widely acknowledged that there are no two harder workers in the industry than the two men that make up TVXQ. Their work ethic is second to none, and in their rookie days, they wouldn’t say no to a single appearance, so much so that at one point, neither had slept more than a couple of hours in a three day period.

Unhealthy? Perhaps, but they are reaping the results of their hard work now. The pace has slowed down somewhat for them, able to be more discerning in what they do, picking appearances that require minimal input for maximum output. When they first debuted in Japan, the shows they were on were in the early morning time slots. Three, four, even five in the morning. A time when no one would be awake, but they are there, in the studio with their broken Japanese, trying to promote as best they can.

These days, they are consistently topping the Oricon charts, even winning the Kohaku Uta Gassen music festival poll by a landslide of over 65% of the votes. Considering the fact that the poll is open only to those within Japan, this is no mean feat.

Yunho is proud of his achievements, but clearly his subconscious believes he needs to be more than a money-making machine for his company. He has known nothing but work for the past decade that some in the industry have started referring to him as a robot for even on his off days, he can be seen at his company’s building practicing choreography or observing his hoobaes and offering them advice. Changmin isn’t as exacting as he is, his schedule affording him a little more variety compared to Yunho, and the younger man takes his leisure time seriously unlike the leader who doesn’t seem to know what to do with himself. Apart from the occasional drama and musical, Yunho’s entire existence is pretty much focused on TVXQ.

There may be no harder duo or group in the industry, than TVXQ but even Changmin will be the first to admit that Yunho’s work ethic is probably double what his is.

Yunho gives a hundred percent in every single thing that is asked of him. To do or be any less would be an insult to his principles and to himself.

So why is it that he had seriously considered annulling his marriage?

Every single memory that keeps popping back into his mind as time goes by is like an added link to the ball and chain already shackling him.

It strengthens it.

Try as he might as he sifts through the hazy memories and the much more vivid ones, there is absolutely nothing that reveals to him that he had done anything against his will. The fact that words of love spill so easily from his lips makes him think that he means those words.

Some how, some way, Jaejoong has managed to burrow his way so thoroughly under his skin that Yunho cannot imagine life without the younger man.

His second cold shower merely plays over the previous hour, and yet again his avowals of love spring too easily to his lips. He has made love enough times to know he has never ever felt the way he does when he is with Jaejoong. No one has ever pulled those words from his lips.

Not even his first and only real girlfriend that he’d cried over when they’d broken up when he was still a rookie because she never saw him.

He had said it to Changmin, but that doesn’t count. Of course he loves Changmin for without him, there won’t be TVXQ.

What of Jaejoong then? How did the teenager manage to pull those words from him within hours of meeting?

Yunho doesn’t believe in love at first sight.

He certainly believes in lust at first sight.

But not love.

He tries to go over that night in Busan, from the very first time he claps eyes on the stunning blond. Sex had most certainly not been the first thing on his mind. He’d simply been drawn, like a bee to honey to the boy’s ethereal, almost otherworldly beauty. His soft blond hair is like a beacon of light in the middle of a sea of black. Yunho is like a moth to a flame, unable to resist the lure.

Yunho remembers their first kiss clearly now, and the way Jaejoong had clung to him as the dog sniffed around them. He remembers being genuinely taken aback when the younger man had kissed him, thanking him shyly for saving him from the dog, melting away Yunho’s worry at how shaken the younger man had been.

One touch.

One kiss.

That is all it takes.

He remembers thinking how soft Jaejoong’s mouth was despite being male. How his pouty mouth fits so perfectly against the contours of his own mouth. Yunho’s rather pronounced cupid bow can be a little daunting for most people, not entirely sure how to kiss him. Jaejoong’s mouth had molded his perfectly, cushioning his bottom lip between his soft pout, licking at it and nipping lightly.

The explosion of feelings within him at that simple memory makes him groan, bending his head as he stares blindly at the label he is peeling off his empty bottle of beer.

He is seriously contemplating getting a fourth when a flash of blond in his peripheral vision catches his notice.

Not a memory this time.



The teenager is standing in the middle of the hall, arms hugging himself as he stares at Yunho. There are crease marks on his cheek from the pillow, and he looks delightfully rumpled with his hair sticking out every which way. His eyeliner is almost gone, softening his eyes and making him look his age.

He is dressed in an oversized red pullover and nothing else. The thing is rather hideous, but it looks so comfortable, the length of the leopard print top dropping to mid thigh.

Yunho bites his lip, knowing without having to ask, that the teen is naked underneath it. It doesn’t matter that he now looks his age instead of a sexy twenty something whose eyes promise the debauchery of a lifetime. There is just something so intensely sensual about the teenager no matter how little or how much he is wearing.

It is as if he was born to be made love to.

Born to be worshipped.

And only by Yunho.

He pushes away from the counter in a silent invitation.

Jaejoong hesitates for a few seconds, staring back and forth between Yunho’s lap and his face, before heading quickly over and climbing into his husband’s lap.

Yunho cups the teenager’s jaw, tilting his face towards him, dipping his head for a kiss.

The boy’s surprise is clear because he is unresponsive for a good half minute, Yunho’s mouth gently going over his, coaxing him to part his lips.

“Kiss me…” He whispers as he licks against that full pout, his thumb tugging at the corner of his mouth, and caressing his cheek, till Jaejoong finally parts his mouth.

A sweet kiss turns carnal in an instant, the touch of Jaejoong’s tongue against his, and the slightly sour taste of an unbrushed mouth snapping something in Yunho.

A possessiveness he never realized he was capable of feeling.

Every single female he’s ever been has always been sweet smelling to the point of being nauseating. There is nothing natural about their scent. Not even BoA who is probably the most down to earth out of all of them. Perfumed, made up, brushed and scrubbed to within an inch of their lives, Yunho has never woken to find a sleep rumpled woman with creases on her cheeks and stale morning breath.

But here is a teenage boy with his arms locked around his neck, kissing him back with a passion that matches his own, no self-consciousness whatsoever.

Jaejoong doesn’t need to impress him because he is already his.

The honesty is refreshing, even though Yunho is certain the teenager hasn’t really given it any thought.

As a twenty-seven year old who’s been around the block and steeped in a toxic industry for over a decade, Jaejoong is a refreshing change.

He is real.

Yunho deepens the kiss, stroking the boy’s tongue, delving deep into his mouth to taste that honesty. The low moans Jaejoong is making in the back of his throat is driving him crazy as he spans the teenager’s waist, resting his hands briefly over slim hips before his hands leave to find the hem of the oversized shirt.

Jaejoong is overwhelmed.

He is still sleepy as hell, utterly exhausted from the five hour trek from Busan that he wakes in a complete panic when he’d found himself in an unfamiliar place. It had taken him a good minute before he realized where he was, his heart racing madly and it takes another five to calm himself down when a search of the upper chambers reveal Yunho nowhere to be found.

The apartment had been as silent as a tomb, and much too large for the teenager who is used to small spaces. He pulled out the first thing his hands lie on from his duffle, forgetting about the clothes he’d discarded earlier as he went in search of his husband.

Yunho is too fucking good at disappearing acts, and as much as Jaejoong wants to hate the man for it, he cannot. He understands on some level. Imagine if you woke up and found yourself married? He’d found Yunho just as the man pops what looks like his third bottle of beer.

He just stands there, out of sight around the corner, watching the older man gulp down his drink. His mind is warring with his heart as always. It would be the gentlemanly thing to do to release Yunho from his obligations, wouldn’t it? Then again, Jaejoong is closer to a gutter rat than a gentleman. He is a survivor, but is he really mercenary enough to hold the man to a marriage that has no basis?

Even as he thinks it, a little voice inside his head reminds him of Yunho’s near constant words of love.

Lust-haze aside, Yunho has spoken them too often for Jaejoong to ignore.

Coupled with the tenderness he’d shown him, cleaning him up in his sleep, Jaejoong wants desperately to believe that perhaps they do have something.

He knows how he feels towards the older man, for the night in Busan that they shared is indelibly etched into his mind. The apprehension that catches hold of him when Yunho had noticed him had been almost suffocating. Standing there staring at the older man, he feels exposed and out of his element. Again he questions himself as to why he bothered coming all the way to Seoul. It would’ve been so much simpler to just tear up those papers and forget the whole thing ever happened.

Now if only Yunho was someone one could forget easily.

The surprise he feels at Yunho’s reaction to him outside the bedroom is astonishing enough that it renders him paralyzed momentarily. It is short lived, for Yunho’s quiet demand gets him moving quickly enough, returning the man’s growing passion in kind.

The flowing red top is discarded quickly, amidst the whine from the teenager when their mouths part briefly to allow the top to be pulled off.

Yunho’s hands are everywhere. He is like a starving man, wanting to touch and kiss every single available inch of the teenager. He stands, their mouths still fused together, dropping the teenager gently on the granite bench, whispering apologies against his mouth as the boy whimpers when the cold surface touches his bare skin. He pushes the boy back gently, following his body down as he leans over him, their mouths never breaking apart as Jaejoong clings tightly to him.

Another whine when Yunho tears their mouths apart for the second it takes for him to lose his own top.

The heat.

It is Jaejoong’s turn to squirm, eyes clenched shut as Yunho’s broader body presses down over his.

The contrast between the cold granite top against his back, and the heat emanating from the man on him is intense. All his senses are tingling, and he just wants more.

Vocalising it, as he arches up against the man, he wraps his legs securely around the man’s torso, rubbing his hard cock against the older man’s belly as he demands for more.

Instead of giving him what he wants, Yunho pulls away briefly to gaze down at the beautiful blond. He just watches, waiting as the boy’s eyelids flutter open.

“I want to taste you.”

“I thought you already did?” Jaejoong smiles, unwrapping his hands from around Yunho’s neck, he lifts them over his head and arches back.

Yunho leans off to the side, loosening Jaejoong’s legs around his waist as he trails a finger, starting from the clavicle, he traces a path down, hiding a smile as Jaejoong starts to squirm.

He circles the pierced nipple, licking his bottom lip as a throaty mewl escapes the teenager’s throat. He watches the ridges get even more pronounced as the permanently erect nipple gets painfully sensitive. He doesn’t ever get close to the pink skin though, circling just outside it, fingertip never leaving milky white skin.

“Stop teasing, you bastard.” Jaejoong hisses, staring at the finger that is coming close enough, but skating just that millimeter out of reach, enough to make him mad.

Yunho ignores him, wondering how he could have preferred the fleshy chest of a woman when this boy is infinitely more responsive.

He drags his finger away, and gets a punch to the shoulder for it.

“Patience is a virtue,” he declares primly, starting to circle the other nipple in a similar manner, eyes not even bothering to lift up to gaze at the beautiful face he knows will be full of frustrated ire.

“You’re going to find yourself with a broken finger soon, husband.”

“You really don’t want that.” Yunho grins as the boy lets out a huff as he continues his stroking, moving down now over the soft planes of his abdomen. His skin is so smooth and soft, and he can feel the muscles twitching as his finger skims over them.

He pulls away completely, pulling Jaejoong’s legs from around his waist, he slips a hand under the boy’s upper back and another around his ass, lifting him easily and moving him up the large granite countertop.

Jaejoong gasps in surprise from the sudden movement and his skin once again hitting the cold granite as parts of his body are now on bits that haven’t been warmed. He blinks, gazing down his body as Yunho props up his feet on the counter, knocking his knees apart as he stands between them gazing hungrily down at him.

“You look delicious.”

Jaejoong leans up on his elbows, expression turning coy and coquettish, as he gazes up at the older man. “I am delicious.

“Don’t I know it.” Yunho groans, leaning forward to steal a kiss, a hand gripping the back of Jaejoong’s neck while his other works to divest himself of his pants. They are out in the open, and anyone walking five feet from the front entrance will be able to see them, but he can’t seem to bring himself to care as he feels the heel of Jaejoong’s foot caressing the top of his pants and pushing it down when Yunho is done unzipping himself.

“Why aren’t you wearing underwear?” Jaejoong asks breathlessly, using both heels now to push down his husband’s pants. His heels follow their progress till they fall on their own, and he feels the man shift between his thighs to kick them off.

“You tell me.”

“I don’t like underwear.”

“Then neither do I.”

Yunho gently lays Jaejoong’s head back down on the counter, freeing his hand.

Their hands are roaming as the kiss deepens, no more words between them for now as their hands explore each other’s bodies, and in Jaejoong’s case, his feet are working industriously to learn the contours of his husband’s muscled ass. He is unashamed in the way he digs his heels into his ass to pull him closer, his breathy moans and fingers pinching at the other man’s nipples his way of asking for the inevitable culmination of their passion.

Yunho doesn’t give in though, for he has only one thing in mind for the moment.

He rips his mouth away, his breathing uneven, eyes focused on the luscious pink pout of the younger man beneath him. “Get up on your hands and knees.”

Jaejoong hums, licking his mouth, eyes on Yunho’s own mouth as the man mirrors the movement back at him.

“Are you going to fuck me in the kitchen, husband? That’s not very sanitary.”

“I don’t cook.”

“But you eat.” Jaejoong smirks as he tries to move, but Yunho’s body is still pinning him down.

“I want to eat you.” Yunho leans back, pulling Jaejoong’s legs from around his waist so the younger man can get into position.

Jaejoong’s movements are slow as he folds his legs underneath him, before perching forward, on his hands and knees just as asked, a knowing glint in his eye though as he watches his husband pout at him.

“You’re facing the wrong way.”

The lithe teenager shakes his head, smirking as he leans forward. “I think I’m facing exactly the right way, husband.”

A hot mouth wraps around a chocolate nipple, and Yunho almost jerks back in surprise at how sensitive his body is. He isn’t able to move though, his head dropping back as he stares up at the ceiling, a heartfelt groan ripped long and low from his chest as Jaejoong’s hand wraps around his cock, pulling him forward and keeping him in place.

Yunho is leaking everywhere, and so is Jaejoong.

His tongue does to Yunho what the man’s finger did to him earlier, after the brief teasing suck, he licks around the nipple, eliciting an uncharacteristic whine from the older man when Jaejoong moves towards the other nipple without finishing what he started.

“Now you know how I felt.”

Jaejoong smirks, giving Yunho’s cock another hard tug, making the tall man brush against the edge of the cold counter, the granite against his balls making him yelp and jerk away. Unfortunately for him, Jaejoong grip is firm, and he is in no way ready to let go of the man as he kisses his chest, licking teasingly around a pointy brown nipple.

He rubs his thumb against the head of Yunho’s cock, swirling in the fluids he can feel, moaning against Yunho’s chest as he imagines what all that slickness will feel like sliding into him.

The teaser becomes the teased once again as the table is flipped back on him. Jaejoong leans back, sitting on his heels as he stares at Yunho, hand still around the older man’s cock, thumb still swirling lazily.

Husband and husband gaze at each other.

“Are you ready to turn for me now?”

Jaejoong sweeps his tongue slowly across his lower lip, head cocked as he gives Yunho’s member a slow pump in answer.

The man visibly shudders as he shakes his head at the irrepressible teenager.

“Keep doing that and all my good intentions will fly out the window.”

“Come now, husband. Admit it. You never had any good intentions whatsoever.” Jaejoong’s voice is sensual and husky as he finally lets go of Yunho’s cock. His eyes are saying fuck me, as he brings his thumb to his lips, his tongue snaking out to lick the moist skin before he slowly slips his thumb into his mouth, eyes never leaving Yunho’s whose breathing has gotten progressively more uneven.

Yunho moves.

He grips Jaejoong’s jaw hard, pulling him up by it, his mouth crashing down over the boy’s whose thumb is still in his mouth. The kiss is almost savage as Yunho bites and nips at the thumb as well, feeling Jaejoong throaty chuckle and swallowing the sound as the thumb slips out and all he is left with is the faint taste of him and a tongue determined to make him mad.

Yunho hauls the boy up fully on his knees, hands dropping down his body and around to cup his ass hard. Jaejoong is leaning against him, arms on his shoulders as he moans loudly when Yunho spreads his ass cheeks, his fingertips brushing against his crease.

He kneads his ass, their kissing growing deeper and more frantic as their teeth start to clink against each others.

Jaejoong drops a hand to his cock, pumping from the base and squeezing out as much precum as he can onto his fingers. His other hand slips up to fist the back of Yunho’s head, tilting the man’s head further back as he bends his own head to deepen the kiss even more, their mouths practically devouring each other’s as Jaejoong slips his precum soaked fingers around to his ass.

He pushes past Yunho’s fingertips, finding his entrance easily as he forces two slick fingers into his clenching body desperate to be filled.

Yunho breaks the kiss instantly, shaking his head. “Mine, Jaejoong.”

The lust drunk teenager sways on his knees, finally obeying the older man when he is asked to turn once again.

He moves willingly, turning and dropping his hips low, his heavy cock is flat against the kitchen counter. The cold no longer registers in his mind as his body clenches in anticipation of being filled. He scoots backwards till he feels he is on the edge enough for Yunho to be able to fuck him.

“Grip the counter, babe.”

Jaejoong stretches his arms over his head, entire body now flat against the cool granite as he grips the edge of the counter, eyes fluttering shut, a siren’s smile on his lips as he can feel his body clenching sporadically as he rocks experimentally back and forth using his hold on the counter as leverage.

He feels Yunho’s large hand pressing in the small of his back, and he whines, feeling like the man is really taking his own fucking sweet time.

Yunho cannot look away from the pink hole clenching fiercely, almost hypnotically as he leans forward. He can see the traces of precum smeared around the puckered entrance, and his cock weeps even more as he swallows a groan before he finally takes what he wanted from the start.


Jaejoong screams as he is held in place by the strong hand keeping him down as Yunho licks at his entrance.

A drawn out sound, half in pleasure and half in shock that echoes around the apartment as Yunho goes all in, tongue deftly probing, and licking. Jaejoong can feel heated words and moans, but he is fucking mindless, going out of his mind with pleasure as Yunho licks him.

His scream tapers off into a keening wail as Yunho laves his entrance, sucking and licking, practically french kissing his abused hole as he stretches him.

The older man can do things with his tongue Jaejoong has never actually ever seen anyone do before, and this is nothing compared to the shy licks the man had given him in the hotel room. Yunho is not only a quick study, he is a master at improvisation as Jaejoong feels a finger tip stretching him as Yunho continues to practically devour him.

The more Yunho gets from the teenager, the more he craves.

He is buried nose deep in the boy’s ass and words start to spill from his lips as he voices his appreciation.

“Fuck you taste so fucking good.”

Jaejoong starts to rock backwards against Yunho’s insistent mouth, his knuckles are practically white with how hard he is gripping.

“That’s right, babe. Give me more.”

Wet sucking sounds fill the kitchen, Yunho not bothering about being gentle or being hesitant. Jaejoong’s taste is intoxicating and he still wants more. So much more.

Jaejoong is howling the kitchen down by this point, shaking his head in desperation, rocking back against Yunho’s hot wet mouth, giving the older man what he wants even has he too makes demands of his own.

“More more more! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! More!”

Yunho is two fingers and a tongue deep in the teenager, as the boy rocks back against his mouth, a litany of swear words spilling from the deceptively innocent pout.

There is still some give, and he scissors his fingers as he pulls back, licking and nipping at the fleshy underside of Jaejoong’s ass, making his teenager scream again as he manages to bury his fingers to the hilt. He starts to licks around the stretched hole even as he pumps his fingers, spreading them to make room.

“Now, now, now, fuck me!”

Yunho doesn’t need to be asked twice.

Jaejoong’s howl of protest when Yunho pulls his fingers from his tight body has the man hurrying to line their bodies up.

His cock is so wet, and gets wetter still as he pumps his cock, teasing more precum out as he smears it down the side. The idea of lube crosses his mind briefly, but having done it before with just a condom and no additional lube that characterized their fifth coupling in the hotel room, Yunho figures it will be ok.

He figures wrong.

“Holy mother of fuck. Slowly, husband!”

Yunho stops instantly, as the teenager looks over his shoulder with eyes so dazed he isn’t actually sure if Jaejoong is seeing him.

“I said slowly not stop, you fuck. Use the oil.” The boy waves vaguely at the row of bottles at the other end of the countertop, thankful that clearly Heechul nor Changmin had no idea what to do with a kitchen either.

The leader of TVXQ reaches over easily, not questioning the boy at all as he finds the bottle of rice oil. He draws back, stopping yet again when Jaejoong practically snarls over his shoulder.

“Stop moving!”

Yunho doesn’t think it’s the right time to remind the teenager that he’d told him to move slowly not stop. He pours out a palmful of oil, stroking it messily over his cock, before pouring a little more over Jaejoong’s stretched entrance.




Nothing makes sense anymore.

And yet everything does.

Jaejoong chews his bottom lip to shreds as he lifts his head to stare at his reflection in the opaque glass of the splash back behind the stove top. He watches as Yunho pushes into his body slowly, his parted mouth letting out soft groans with each inch.

He is splayed out over the kitchen counter as wantonly as you please, looking so utterly debauched, and yet, Jaejoong still wants more. He drops his chin, hands tightening on his hold of the edge of the counter as Yunho starts to move.

His strokes are very slow and measured, not pumping headily into the teenager as he had imagined himself doing. Jaejoong’s body is covered with a light sheen of sweat and Yunho has no defense against wanting a taste. He bends over the teenager and starts to kiss him.



Upper back.

Yunho kisses whatever his mouth can reach as he moves slowly, feeling how fucking tight the boy is. The resistance is there, as if his body wants to push him out and yet it also holds him tight as if he never wants to let go.

He knows he will never be able to let him go.

Jaejoong starts to rock, Yunho slow strokes are making him a little crazed. He wants short, sharp and hard.

He feels the hand around his waist, lifting him up slightly to grapple at his cock, but Jaejoong is already very close to the edge, he doesn’t need any extra help.

“Harder, Yunho. What the fuck are you doing? Fuck me like you mean it.”

Yunho pulls back slowly, before snapping his dancer hips forward hard, Jaejoong ass bouncing off his pelvis as the teenager lets out a sharp scream.

“Like that?”

“Fuck you.”

“Just like that then.” Yunho smirks, Jaejoong’s cock forgotten as he grips the boy’s hips, and driving into him.

Jaejoong matches him, the leverage he has is fantastic as he rocks backwards.

The loud sound of skin slapping against skin from the bedroom earlier is nothing compared to the noise in the kitchen.

The teen has a serious set of pipes, and the acoustics in the kitchen enhances the beautiful sounds he is making. The swearing he is doing would put a sailor to shame, as Yunho drives harder and faster into him, mindless now as he chases his orgasm.

In a repeat of their first night together, this will be Yunho’s fifth.

Five orgasms.

Jaejoong’s gasping moans are ricocheting off the walls, interspersed liberally with choice words.

His angel has one hell of a potty mouth.

The wanton sounds coming from his lips are driving Yunho crazy and his hips piston forward in sharp shallow snaps. Yunho doesn’t need his entire cock stimulated, only the top half is more than enough as the teenager continues to vocalise his appreciation for the head of Yunho’s cock draws deliciously over his prostate with every pass. Yunho is angled downwards, and he starts to drive deeper as he feels his body tightening, the fire across his body racing like a backdraft low in his belly.

He presses a hand down in the small of Jaejoong’s back, the way they started, and Jaejoong’s loud moans turn into choked whimpers as the friction against his cock is increased significantly, pressed between his body and the now warm and moist granite countertop.

Three more thrusts, and Jaejoong is screaming, almost crying as he comes hard, holding onto the edge of the counter with a grip so tight the blood flow has all but been cut off.

Yunho continues to drive in short snaps into the tight body, Jaejoong’s walls clamping down hard around his cock.

His hips kiss the back of the teenager’s ass as he clenches his eyes, ears focusing on the sexy sounds coming from the teenager’s mouth as he whispers broken words of encouragement to him as he comes down from his orgasm.

“So good, baby… so good… so fucking good… just fuck me baby…”

Yunho comes just as Jaejoong’s body finally stops twitching and clutching at him, a guttural growl of the teenager’s name falling from his lips along with the now familiar words.

”I love you.”

Jaejoong, practically boneless on the counter stiffens, head coming up as Yunho collapses over him, kissing his shoulder as he shudders with the powerful orgasm that hits him, those words of love like a hot brand across his sweaty back.

”Jung Jaejoong, I love you.”

The teenager’s eyes prick, and he blinks it away, chewing once again on his bottom lip as Yunho’s weight grows over him. The man doesn’t stop kissing him though and Jaejoong twists as far as he can to try and look at the older man.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m not letting you go.”

“It’s not just the sex talking?”

Yunho closes his eyes, nuzzling the teen’s rather bony shoulder. “You’re a Jung.”

“You made me a Jung.”



Jaejoong has wiped the kitchen counter three times with soap, twice with disinfectant and this is the fifth wipe down of water he’s done.

He stares at the gleaming surface, nose wrinkling as he wonders whether to give it one last wipe when a low chuckle distracts him.

“You’re not that dirty.”

Jaejoong pouts, his kohl-lined eyes are alight with affection and pride as he stares at the gorgeous man who has laid claim to him. Yunho is dressed simply in black slacks, a round-necked tee shirt and a grey cardigan. He has another radio show to attend and the papers in his hand is evidence of the fact, for Jaejoong can see the name of the radio show on the first page.

“I wanted to cook you something, but you don’t have much here. I can run to the shop if it’s close.”

“I’ll take you tomorrow.”

“But we need to eat today.”

Yunho shakes his head, calling Jaejoong to him with a playful grin and a crook of two finger. He doesn’t wait, turning as he heads towards the couches in his living area. He continues talking, fully expecting the teenager to have come with him.

“What I need is to read this script and for you to sit in my lap while I do it.”

Yunho settles on the couch, not even bothering to look up or away from the script he has just opened when he finds himself with a lapful of fragrant teenager.

They’d showered separately, Jaejoong pointing out that since he’d only come four times, the chance of him trying to have his way with Yunho in the bathroom is 99.99%. And Yunho, not wanting to disappoint the teenager, doesn’t really want to push his luck and find himself unable to go for a sixth time, so he agrees willingly.

Jaejoong sits low on Yunho’s lap. The man is sitting almost painfully upright, ass right back against the couch, giving the teen a lot of room to work with as he happily scoots lower, laying his head on the older man’s shoulder, rubbing his cheek against his chest as he wraps his arms around him.

“You’re really not hungry.” Jaejoong asks quietly as he glares at some lint on Yunho’s sleeve. He wants to pick at it, but he wants to hug Yunho too.

Choices, choices.

Yunho presses an absentminded kiss to the teenager’s brow, eyes darting down the page as he hums. “If I was, I’d tell you.” He slips his free hand up the back of the teenager’s loose top rubbing that smooth skin that is becoming an addiction for him. His hand always seems to have a need to caress some part of Jaejoong, and he’s only known the boy…hours?

Jaejoong gives in to his urges, picking at the offending lint as he continues to nuzzle against the broader man.

The shower alone had given him some time to think. It is clear to him now that Yunho does want him around, but he doesn’t want to be a burden to the man, nor allow for anyone to question his motives for being there.

“I’ll look for a job tomorrow.”

Yunho’s hand stops stroking as he drops his script. “What ever for?”

“Because I’ve been working since I was 12. I’m not one to sit around idly. I got a job as an usher at your fan meet in Busan which is how I found out who you were.”

“I know you didn’t know who I was.”

“How?” Jaejoong continues to pick at now imaginary lint, brushing gently at Yunho’s sleeve, not wanting to look up from his safe spot on the man’s chest.

Yunho recalls the incident in his closet, but he doesn’t want to tell the teenager that’s how. He decides to tease him instead, for the moment is feeling a little heavy and he doesn’t want it so between them.

“You didn’t swoon at my feet that night.”

Jaejoong pinches the man’s bicep instantly, making Yunho yelp, digging his own nails into the soft flesh of the boy’s back. “It was you who should have swooned at my feet.”

“I’m pretty sure I did exactly that.”

Jaejoong chuckles quietly. “Do you know the organizer of your fan meet in Busan said that she wanted to place me at the closest spot to you so that I’d be distracting.”

“An usher more attractive than the idols? That would definitely cause a distraction.”

“Did girls really fight over you the last time you were there?”

Yunho winces and nods, kissing Jaejoong’s soft blond hair. “Yeah, it was pretty ugly. I’m pretty sure there were tufts of hair flying around like a bunch of cats had just had a go at each other.”

“She told me she wanted them too busy staring at me to fight over you and Changmin.”

“Love, I think I’d be too busy staring at you to even sign anything let alone care about anyone fighting.” Yunho frowns. “Unless of course the fighting was next to you then there’s going to be trouble.”

Jaejoong ignores the shiver of pleasure that runs through him at the man’s words. “When I found out who you were, I turned down the job.”


“I…” Jaejoong trails off, biting his bottom lip as he sighs.


“I didn’t want to see you again.”

Yunho lets go of his script, tilting Jaejoong’s face up towards him, the shock in his eyes is not mirrored in the teenager’s whose eyes are soft with a faint hint of worry in them.

“Why, Jaejoong?” Oh the pain at the teenager’s admission is much too sharp for Yunho to ignore. He may know the boy only, technically, several hours. Not even a full day, but is love ever rational? He used to think so, but clearly the joke is on him. “Why?” He asks again as the teenager remains silent, biting his lip as he stares at him.

“How could I? Knowing who you were? I’m nobody and you’re one half of the biggest kpop group in the world. The fucking world, Yunho.”

“Husband.” Yunho counters automatically.

“Yunho.” Jaejoong declares stubbornly.

“Just don’t call me hyung and we’ll be ok.”

“Hyung.” Jaejoong sticks out his tongue.

“Brat,” Yunho licks at that tongue.

“Stop changing the subject,” Jaejoong chastises without heat as he gives his husband an Eskimo kiss.

“Who cares if I’m one half of TVXQ? You’re an angel and therefore you trump me.”

“Stop being silly!”

“I’m not being silly.” Yunho declares seriously.

“If I jump out the window, I’m going to die, not fly. I’m no angel.”

“Angel.” Yunho insists, determined to lighten the mood somehow. His heart is still racing a little at how close he came to never seeing Jaejoong again.

“Aren’t you the adult here? I’m the teenager and you’re the one being silly.” Jaejoong mutters exasperatedly as he plasters his cheek against Yunho’s chest once again, huffing loudly.

Yunho wraps his arms around the boy and squeezes him, nuzzling into his hair and kissing him.

Jaejoong sighs at the caress, his brief irritation disappearing with the kiss.

“I don’t want to be a burden.”

“You’re not a burden.”

“How do you know? You don’t even know me.”

“Then let me get to know you.”

“What if you don’t want me after you get to know me?”

“I really doubt that somehow.” Yunho kisses him again. He really can’t seem to stop.

The five senses.

His five senses.

He wants it constantly filled with Jaejoong.

He cannot imagine having it any other way.

“Why did you leave me then?” Jaejoong asks quietly, finally voicing out the one thing that’s been bothering him.

Yunho takes a deep breath, sighing as he slips his hands into the top of the boy’s pants.

No underwear.

“I’ll tell you when we get home tonight.”


“I’m not going without you. We’ll make something up to explain your presence but I don’t want to come home to an empty apartment.”

“You don’t trust me?”

Yunho shakes his head quickly. “It’s not that at all. You’ll understand when I tell you what happened in Busan.”

Jaejoong wrinkles his nose but he lets it go. “Ok.”

They sit in silence for awhile, lost in their own thoughts.

Unfortunately for Yunho, he doesn’t have the luxury of being lost in his own thoughts for very long because the responsibilities of his position are still on him.

He picks up his script once again, scanning through it, his other hand still rubbing Jaejoong’s ass inside his pants.

The only sound in the living area is the couple in it, breathing in tandem.

Both of them are so focused on whatever it is they’re doing that they don’t realize they have company till it’s too late.

“What’s going on here?”

AN1: I’m really sorry to some of you who thought this was going to be a 2-3 shot. I seem incapable of being nothing but longwinded. Also uh…when I started this fic it was in my “Shades” Scrivener project which should be a good enough indication as to what the bulk of this fic was meant to be made up off lol. I haven’t had sex in almost four days cos really too fucking sick and I’ve been horny for just as long so yeah…

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