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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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One Night in Busan [5]
Title: One Night in Busan
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Within 10 chapters
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance
Important: This is AU but HoMin are TVXQ and JYJ never existed. Basically the only non-AU thing about it. EVERYTHING about this fic is super freaking AU… I just can’t get BLOND BLOND BLOND out of my fucking head. Also, characters may be a little OOC but it’s fiction and AU and just roll with it, ok?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It was meant to be a one time thing, and it takes Yunho a while to realize that a one time thing for him means exactly that.

AN: Wrote this in hospital. Don’t get mad at me. I hate the hospital and needed a distraction T___T


Why did you leave me then?Collapse )

your fics always make my day :D
my poor jaejoong, he feels insecure with their relationship.but from what i saw... yunjae are made from heaven.destined together. hehe
get well soon dear author :)

really anticipating the talk they'll be having, but that radio show schedule proves to be another interesting scene. :D

that intruder? well pffft. go be an intruder OTL

such a cliffhangeeeeeeerrrrrr!! bet that was BoA O________O

OMG! your notes eonnie! your notes!! hahahahaha! you really share your sex life to us. OMO.

OMG is that BoA?
Why she came in such a perfect time?
Yunjae need talking :(

I hope she will not become pain in the ass,I mean,we know BoA is such a cool girl.I hope she will not become the bad person here

Is that Boa at the end? My gosh, bid explanation and trouble is gonna go down Yunho's throat. Whatever happens, please take care of Jaejoong, husband!

Hang on guys, rough storm is coming... Hold on tight..

I love the idea of this story and I love what you have written so far. I'm excited to see what happens next! :)

I hope there is a future in their world. I wonder how much Yunho is willing to give up for Jaejoong. I hope if he did end up making the wrong decision (to me) that he does not expect Jaejoong to be readily available when he is finally ready.

But, alas, things are picking up. I bet that is BoA walking in to that hot scene.

I LOOOOVE when yours 3 shots or one shots become relatively long chaptered fics. tell your muse I say thanks ;)

Don't mind at all...

I honestly surprised when I found out there were 4,5 and 6A instalment for ONIB... hahaha but then again I don't mind at all... ^____^
From you it's always going to be fun to read...

ahhh~ i just love love love innocent insecure jaejoong!
and overprotective yunho! that's just my kinks!
love the talk part and I could smell... trouble coming their way after this???~ aha~

Well, fuck. Kitchen sex. KITCHEN SEX. YUN. JAE. KITCHEN. SEX.

Man I rarely have time to read fics these days so it's taking me a while to catch up with this fic but I'm happy you keep updating anyway <3 Thank yooouuu

this was too hot and sweet omg...
srsly tho you guys.. five orgasms again? (4 for jj tho) wow yunho ... whoah...
who is thaaaaaaaaaaat aaaaa..
i am contemplating if i should go ahead and read the next chap or going to sleep XD

I'm in cold England ad it's Winter but after reading that I think I need a bucket of cold water...