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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Dream, dream, dream...

Just a quick scribble about my random dream. I'm probably going to post whenever I have dreams of these dudes because it's kinda funny to me.

I was on a plane and it was business class where the seats were 2 2 2. YooSu sat in one of the 2s, and I was trying to ignore them (I was in the middle 2) and of fucking course JJ sits next to me and i'm already freaking out. And then HoMin sit on the remaining 2 on my right. Both sides were pretending to ignore each other and here I am STUCK in the middle. When the plane took off, I leaned over to HoMin's side and asked Changmin if he wanted to be friends and swap seats with Jaejoong.

They kinda laughed awkwardly and agreed. Yoochun started teasing Changmin immediately (bloody hell Chunneh was pretty bad) saying that it's a 13 hour flight and he's already scored. Score? What score? I just wanted YunJae to be able to sit together! It so happened that I was wearing my wedding and flashy engagement ring (which I never wear IRL) and I wiggled my ring finger pointed in YooSu's direction and said.

"Married lady here."

Now for some reason that really interested them all. Changmin asked me if I was Cassiopeia and I told him i'm not a queen from Greek mythology hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. And you know what? They got even friendlier.

Unfortunately about an hour or so into the flight after our meals, I accidentally started humming/singing LITI under my breath.

Changmin was all HAH! YOU LIED!

And I pointed out to him that he asked me "Are you Cassiopeia?" and not "Do you belong to Cassiopeia?" and he got a little shitty with me and made an offhand comment about how I sounded like a damn lawyer. So of course I set him straight and YunJae on my right were laughing like hell at his expense.

Then they started treating ME like a jukebox. Seriously. Changmin was all SING A TVXQ SONG! And I told him I would if he danced along to it. I sang the chorus of BUG hahahahahahaaaaaaa oh god my cheeks are warm from the memory OTL Worse part of all was the fact that Jaejoong volunteered Yunho to dance too and i'm like... shit do I look left or right or straight? I ended up looking at Changmin because HE made me blush and if I looked at Yunho I would just expire on the spot.

Then Junsu asked me to sing one of his songs and I chose Turn It Up OTL

Then for Jaejoong I sang Kiss B and he was all WHY DID YOU CHOOSE SUCH A NAUGHTY SONG and I told him WHY DID YOU WRITE SUCH A NAUGHTY SONG? And everyone cracked up and he admitted I got him.

We got to Yoochun and I went BABY SKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY oppa I don't know what else comes after that, and they finished the song for me. I wanted to cry OTL

So this whole time I was kinda basically ignoring Yunho. I'm so cool huh? Jaejoong asked me who my bias was and I told them to guess.

Changmin was the first answer obviously and he was all smirky and I told him sorry, you're not it and his face was so damn funny omg. The other guys were all REALLY? REALLY? REALLY? ARE YOU SURE IT'S NOT HIM? WHY DID YOU WANT TO SIT NEXT TO HIM THEN?

And I kinda rolled my eyes and went WHY DO YOU THINK?

Yunho got it first... He said "ah..." really softly and I was all kinds of mortified.

Then they guessed it was Jaejoong and I said no way i'd love to keep my sanity and then JJ asked me to explain what I meant OTL Me and my big mouth even in my dreams. Anyway, I told him he inspires insanity and I for one prefer to stay sane so i'm not touching him with a barge pole.


Good grief.

Yoochun guessed Junsu and I admitted Su is a bias wrecker but he ain't my bias.

Then Changmin was all OMG IF YOU LIKE YOOCHUN I DON'T WANT TO SIT NEXT TO YOU ANYMORE. Such a drama llama that kid is.

And I was kinda silent because seriously it's only Yoochun and Yunho left. I was staring at my tv screen twiddling my thumbs and Changmin was all IT'S REALLY YOOCHUN?

And I bite my lip staring resolutely at my lap wondering how the hell I got into that mess and Jaejoong starts to laugh. "IT'S NOT YOOCHUNNIE IT'S YUNHO."

I couldn't help it. Even in my own dream i'm a lost cause when it comes to Yunho. I pulled my blanket over my head and told them all to stop harassing me.

I woke up to the sound of their laughter ringing in my ears... OTL

Wasn't I medicated when I had my last vivid dream too? Drugs are bad! Bad! Bad!


OMG I love this!!!!!!! Nikki, these dreams of yours are hilarious..remember the last one you posted? The one about the game-show? xD Let's hope this happens IRL...though you probably wouldn't survive the experience because of the FEELs xD Thanks for sharing this! :D

I wanna have that dream come true.

why do you have weiiiiiiiird dreams? I mean. 1st of all, you dream of them. the 5 of them. 2ndly, YOU TALK TO THEM. Not just a freaking scenario from a 3rd person POV. 3rdly, YOU CAN REMEMBER YOUR DREAMS! wow eonnie. just WOOOOOOOOW~

I guess you're delulu even in your dreams XDDD
i love this!

Your dream is like a fanfic - i dreamt of the boys too last week after 1 year plus of yearning... Estatic!!!! Super estatic...n i got to be a breath away from jj wic was super awesome.. I smiled for days but of course i was a klutz in my dream... I bet i'm worse irl if i ever meet that insane boy...

*dies* omg hahahahahah this is gold omg XD hahaha

Thanks for sharing your dreams. Love this. Hope they will meet on 26 dec.

That's one heck of a dream!! lol!!.ah but at least you get to interact with them even if its only in dreams...please do share if you have any more dreams with them...they must be so vivid for you to remember them well...we at least have some ot5 action even if its only in dreams...thank you for sharing..*ot5 feels*

i thought that it happens to only me but looks like i am not the only one XD
when i have ot5 dreams, n there r everybody, yunjae r always together. i talk with everyone. i even flirt with changmin but omfgosh, i ignore jaejoong like he is some sort of plague XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
i just walk by him, he tries to talk to me, i turn my head away. yunho hugs him when he is about ready to cry XD
nn then i peek n look at them n swoon over jaejoong XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
it ALWAYS happens XD (i mean everytime i dream ot5 or yunjae). I NEVER TALK TO JAEJOONG XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Awesome dream, yes I would die.
Throw in a yunjae went to the bathroom scene.......

i always love it when you were always lost when its comes to yunho....kekeke^^

buahaha even your dream is so fun to read kkkkkkk

your dreams are fanfic GOLD..