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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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One Night in Busan [7a]
Title: One Night in Busan
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Within 10 chapters
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance
Important: This is AU but HoMin are TVXQ and JYJ never existed. Basically the only non-AU thing about it. EVERYTHING about this fic is super freaking AU… I just can’t get BLOND BLOND BLOND out of my fucking head. Also, characters may be a little OOC but it’s fiction and AU and just roll with it, ok?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It was meant to be a one time thing, and it takes Yunho a while to realize that a one time thing for him means exactly that.

AN: I’d discarded 3,000+ words of this chapter that I’d written two days ago while still in hospital. Started from scratch this morning before anyone arrived at work, and managed to survive FIVE meetings, writing in whatever pockets of time I managed to get. About to leave the office now for another meeting and I figure I’d better post because I’m not going to be going home tonight.


Heechul is spacing out.

Jaejoong is chattering nineteen to the dozen to an equally spaced out BoA as they walk slowly down the produce aisle.

Time is relative around the teenager, something Changmin had pointed out the previous night half-seriously, but Heechul thinks the man has a point. Time either moves far too quickly or far too slowly with the boy, and Heechul has actually never come across the phenomenon before which is why he’s giving Max Changmin some credit for his observation.

Last night, time moved like lightning.

One minute they still have an hour to get to Sukira, the next, they are already late, leaving Yunho’s apartment at the time TVXQ are meant to be at Sukira. The duo, like BoA and Heechul, aren’t dogged by managers constantly unlike most of the other idols in their company, and this is apparently detrimental when Jaejoong is around. Four veteran idols, so caught up in discussing how best to protect Jaejoong had utterly lost track of the time.

Yunho hates being late for anything, and Changmin takes it as a personal insult if anyone is late and if he isn’t early or on time, and yet both hid their annoyance from the drowsy teenager much to Heechul’s amusement.

That was last night.

This morning, Heechul had turned up for breakfast, as had a sheepish and slightly defensive Changmin.

Jaejoong had been asleep when they turned up bright and early. Both of them had been extremely apprehensive about going to the upper half of Yunho’s duplex, but after ascertaining there were no questionable noises coming from that quarter, both had ascended the stairs to find the shower running in Yunho’s bathroom, his bed empty. Looking through the upper chambers reveals no teenager, and both had traipsed back down the stairs in confusion, only to find a stunning blond at the foot of the stairs rubbing his eyes sleepily and staring up at them.

He is wearing Hello Kitty pajama pants.

Black pants with the words HELLO KITTY emblazoned across his ass and that’s it.

If Heechul keeps forgetting the boy is eighteen, he definitely remembers now.

Jaejoong had smiled at them, asking if they want breakfast, to which Changmin of course, nods instantly.

This is where time becomes relative again.

Heechul can swear up and down the universe that barely ten minutes pass while he and Changmin chat with the teen as he makes breakfast, but that is impossible considering what the teenager puts in front of them.

Kimchi fried rice and pancakes.

And the teenager doesn’t serve them as he makes them. He keeps whatever he has cooked warm in the oven, chatting easily with them, deftly deflecting Changmin’s constant whining about wanting to taste the food by distracting him with lots of questions about the upcoming day. Heechul knows he is trying to figure out their schedule which is interesting to him because it means Yunho hasn’t spoken to him about it.

And speaking of Yunho, the man finally turns up in his own kitchen looking a little nonplussed at finding it full of people with the fragrant scent of breakfast in the air.

The greeting between husband and husband takes several minutes, though Heechul had been sure it was much longer while the two men in question likely thought no time had passed at all. Yunho’s comment when they finally break their good morning kiss is telling.

”I’m going to have to start waking up half an hour earlier if you’re going to greet me like that every morning.”

Half an hour? More like an hour by Heechul’s estimation when Changmin swallows his shock at the time that has become relative yet again. The younger half of TVXQ had immediately run off to ring their manager to tell them they’re running a little late because of an upset tummy. His, because he hasn’t had Jaejoong’s breakfast but he doesn’t tell the man that of course.

Yunho doesn’t even check the time.

Breakfast reminds Heechul of when all of Super Junior still lived in the dorms together. All of them squeezed into one dorm, the laughter and raucous joking coming from the kitchen in the morning. Jaejoong is a revelation to the diva in the morning. While he may have appeared to be like him the previous night, the morning reveals a cheerful, well-rested teenager who can talk non-stop about the randomest of things.

His life experience is clear in what he says, and there are times when Heechul feels a pang at the hardships the teen mentions in passing. He never ever dwells though, moving along quickly as if whatever he says doesn’t affect him. The boy doesn’t eat, smoking instead as he cleans up.

Yunho comments about the teenager’s lack of a top, to which the boy had merely arched an eyebrow, smoke pooling slowly from his mouth, mesmerizing Changmin as usual.

Rule number two is revealed that morning.

Heechul shakes himself from his reverie as he is nudged into manning a second trolley.

“What is this?”

Jaejoong shrugs. “Noona says I shouldn’t be buying budget stuff, but I told her I only know what the budget stuff tastes like.”

“And I told him to grab a pricier option for every budget item he picks up so he can see which is better.”

“Of course the pricier one is better. What the hell point is there doubling up on everything?”

“Keep your voice down, oppa!” BoA hisses, looking up and down the large and thankfully empty aisle they are in.

They are shopping in the late morning in the hopes of avoiding people, and so far, it seems to work. Both herself and Heechul are heavily “disguised”, dressed in hoodies and large sunglasses, as is the teenager though the boy had grumbled about it. BoA points out that his face would attract attention regardless of who he is with, and she’d rather not be spotted if they can help it.

“Is there really a need for two trolleys?”

“I can push both…I think.” Jaejoong looks back and forth between the two trolleys, one practically full already with all manner of meat and produce as he is only just starting on the canned goods.

“Don’t be silly.” BoA chides, pulling down her shades and glaring up at an unamused Heechul. “Have you never pushed a trolley before?”

“I have, but I don’t like being told I have to push one. Asking would’ve been nice.”

“You really are precious, aren’t you?” Jaejoong comments, smirking. “It’s not very attractive, hyung.”

“I’m not trying to attract you, am I?”

“Would you have protested if Yunho told you to push the trolley?”


“Precious, hyung. So very precious.”

“He’s my sunbae!”

“So am I, you idiot!” BoA elbows the grinning man. She knows Heechul is just being contrary on purpose.

“I’ll get another trolley and then we can go.” Jaejoong turns, running off without waiting for a response.

“What the fuck do we need a third trolley for? Is he taking advantage of his husband’s bottomless pocket already?”

To Heechul’s surprise, BoA stomps on his foot, clapping a hand over his mouth before he can let out an indignant squawk at being treated so.

“Oppa, I know you are a very good judge of character. Tell me, do you really think Jae is like that?”

Heechul shakes his head, ripping the idol’s hand from his mouth, scowling at her. “What the fuck?”

“If you’d been paying attention, I’ve spent the last fifteen minutes—“ she checks her watch, eyes widening. “No, last forty minutes talking the boy out of buying the cheap stuff. I told him price is no option, and he still insists on being frugal. When he wanted to buy pork belly instead of marbled beef, I had to tell him Yunho oppa prefers beef to pork. I don’t even know if this is true, but given an option, Jae will always pick the cheaper one. He is not a frivolous kid, so give him some credit alright? The two trolleys are so we can separate the cheap items from the expensive ones because this cart,” she gestures to the full cart of fresh items, “is already full.”

“Time is still relative around him, huh?” Heechul observes ruefully, while also acknowledging what BoA is saying.

“Well, it actually felt like forever when he explained the different types of kimchi to me, but I didn’t think that much time had passed because I can usually finish shopping in fifteen minutes!”

“Hello, hello.” Jaejoong calls out cheerfully as he comes up behind them riding on the back of his shopping cart. “Ready to conquer the rest of the supermarket?”

“Everybody, take ten.” Changmin barks out, ignoring the groans of relief from their dancers and the sidelong glance the choreographer sends them as he grabs Yunho by the elbow and hauls him out of the practice room.

Yunho follows without protest, knowing why the man is so irritated.

Hell, he’s irritated too and it’s just getting worse by the minute.

They take the stairs up to the roof where Changmin tosses him a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, which Yunho takes gratefully.

One cigarette later, and Yunho is much calmer.


“So…” Yunho echoes.

“Fucking him out of your system doesn’t seem to work. What now?”

Yunho lights up his second cigarette as he winces at the man’s dry tone. “You noticed huh?”

“Noticed? I think you’re worse today than you have been in the last week and you’ve been pretty fucking bad in the last week. Whatever the problem is, you better fix it by the afternoon because the managers are coming and they are going to know we were fucking lying yesterday.”

“We didn’t lie,” Yunho mutters as he sucks on his cigarette. He’s been wanting to quit for awhile, and he’s down to half a pack a day, but seeing as how his teenager smokes instead of eats, he has a feeling this is going to be harder than he thinks. He doesn’t tell the boy off because it seems hypocritical. Smoking relaxes him, and who’s to say it isn’t the same for the teen? They haven’t gotten to know each other enough yet, or even at all. Yunho knows they get along fine, and can talk about anything, but Changmin had pointed out this morning in the van that he’d been practically interrogated about their schedule today, making him realize that he hadn’t actually told his teenaged husband his own schedule.

An oversight on his part to be sure, but when exactly would he have had the time to tell him?

Alright, so it didn’t even occur to him to tell the boy, because his face and body were just too distracting.

Perhaps Jaejoong has a point behind this whole rule number one business.

And yet the voice within him calmly points out that being married is overwhelming in itself and he really cannot think of everything so stop being stupid.

“We definitely toed the line.” Changmin finally lights up too. “I don’t think we can hide this forever, especially with you being so distracted the way you have. Hyung, what the hell is going through your mind? Or do I even want to know?”

“It’s nothing like that,” Yunho tells a little white lie. “I have a husband. Wouldn’t you be distracted too?”

“I’m not stupid enough to get married while drunk,” the younger man replies snippily. “And while I don’t think you should get an annulment now, I do think you need to figure out how to balance your personal life and your work life because right now, your personal life is severely affecting your work life.”

“It’s not that severe,” Yunho mumbles defensively, finally hearing the lie in his words. It’s so bad that even he is ready to start banging his head against the wall. At least in the last week, he’d been merely distracted. Today he cannot even pick up the new choreography or song arrangements they are learning for their tenth anniversary, and this is just the first out of twenty songs he has less than a month to master.

Two songs for each year since debut, and all with a new twist to the original choreography or arrangement. They have to push past their muscle memory for the songs and learn something new for something they’ve been doing for years.

And Yunho cannot seem to make his body or mind cooperate.

They’d started with Hug since that seems to be the simplest, but the rock twist to the song has thrown Yunho out of sync and out of whack. He’d spent a good deal of practice standing in the middle of the room blinking confusedly at an extremely exasperated Max Changmin.

It is not for lack of trying.

Yunho gets it alright sometimes, but for the most part he is left floundering because his head is full of his blond teenager.

What is Jaejoong doing now?

Is he happy with the arrangement?

Why does he need a job?

Does he want an allowance?

Do husbands give husbands an allowance?

How does he curb his irrational urge to wrap the boy up in layers of clothes around other people?

Can he ask for a lunch box to be packed for him or is it too early to make demands in the marriage?

Should they talk about the rules again because Yunho spent half the night tossing and turning and unable to sleep?

Are they truly compatible or is it just the sex talking?

Where does he want to go for a honeymoon? A proper honeymoon…

Will the sex always be this good?

“See? I’ve lost you again,” Changmin stubs out his cigarette as he kicks at the older man who doesn’t protest at being abused in such a manner.

“I’ve just got so many questions in my head,” Yunho finally admits. “All my relationships apart from my first girlfriend have been company constructs, and I just haven’t been interested in anyone the way I am with Jaejoong.”

“So you remember why you married him then? Because I’m really curious. I heard his side of your proposal on the radio but I haven’t heard your side, hyung.”

Yunho knocks out his third cigarette, but Changmin swipes it, along with the rest of his pack, shaking his head as he lights up Yunho’s stolen cigarette for himself and pockets the rest.

Naggy wife strikes again.

“I can’t explain it. I remember most of that night now, and every single thing I remember lends me to believe I really thought it was the right thing to do.”

“Right thing? What is this? The eighteenth century? It’s not like you knocked him up or something if that was even possible. You were already married when I handed him the box of condoms when you two came back to the hotel weren’t you? So it wasn’t about sex.”

Yunho shakes his head, reaching out to steal Changmin’s cigarette but the man ducks out of reach.

“No, it wasn’t,” he turns to look down at the city below. The air is cool and crisp, and instead of feeling cold, he feels warm from the memories. “I really cannot put it into words, but I remember the feeling. I don’t want to say it because you’ll laugh me out of this building if I do.”

“Try me.”


“Hyung, come on. I’m just as affected by this marriage as you are, and I think I have the right to know why my partner of ten years is suddenly failing me so spectacularly at the worst possible time.”

“I’m sorry…” Yunho’s voice is a whisper as he stares unseeing out at the view below. He knows something has changed, and Changmin’s next question is enough to cement this fact.

“If you had to choose between me and him, who would you choose?”


A very telling silence.

Changmin isn’t surprised though. Yunho doesn’t do anything by halves.

And clearly, he doesn’t fall in love by halves either.

And try as he might, the younger man cannot blame Jaejoong for the whole sorry mess. Yunho is twenty-seven, and has lived long enough to know exactly what he wants. For ten years he has wanted nothing more than to be the best in their field, and to continue being the best.

They are the best in their industry. Their closest rivals still have a long way to go in achieving what they have. Changmin is personally tired of the pace they’ve been keeping for the last decade, and the only reason he keeps going the way he has is because of Yunho. He is competitive as hell, just like Yunho, and he will match the older man in whatever he wants.

However, what Yunho wants now is not something Changmin can match.

Oddly enough, he doesn’t actually mind that his hyung has finally managed to find something or someone to take his attention away from work. Several times over the years, he’s wondered at how the man can continue the way he has. Yunho had admitted to him on several occasions and even in several interviews that he feels very lonely despite being surrounded by friends. Changmin knows the feeling.

He has tried to be whatever it is that Yunho needs, but he knows it isn’t enough.

He is the staunch and persevering partner.

He is the unfailing best friend.

He is the annoying brother.

He is even the naggy wife.

But he isn’t a blond teenager who looks like an angel but can turn into the devil in the blink of an eye.

Yunho’s angel.

And Changmin doesn’t begrudge the boy the role one tiny bit for he knows and loves Yunho enough to be happy for him.

“We need a plan, hyung. I can’t cover for you forever.”

“I’ll think of something,” Yunho answers quietly, a pang in his heart as Changmin doesn’t question his lack of an answer. They can speak without words, disconcerting many people around them on more than one occasion. He and Changmin are like one person at times. People joke about twinshinki but he doesn’t doubt they have a connection beyond that of other people. They are so different, and yet, they have always been on the same page where it matters. He knows he relies on the younger man far more than he should, but Changmin shoulders the burden quietly and willingly. Perhaps it’s time to relieve his partner of it.

“Have you told him?” Changmin asks as they head back down to the practice room.

“Told him what?”

“That you married him because you love him?”

Two hours and 1,056,000 won later…

Jaejoong is staring at the cash register in utter horror.

“Oh god, we have to return half these things,” Jaejoong starts mumbling agitatedly. “Noona, I can’t make him pay for this. Why didn’t you stop me? What did I even buy? How the fuck did it get to this?”

For the first time since meeting him, Heechul sees the teenager flustered and close to a real panic. He can see it in his eyes for the boy has lost his sunglasses in his agitation, pocketing Yunho’s Gucci frames in the pocket of his hoodie as he peers closely at his purchases and trying to figure out what he can leave behind.

The poor checkout girls are too stunned to stop the beautiful teenager as he starts unpacking the stuff they have already spent a very long time packing.

Heechul steps in, knowing there is no help for it as he pops his hoodie down and pulls his sunglasses off.

“Dongsaeng, don’t be silly. We have a lot of people to feed.” He hands over his card to the bemused girl at the counter. “Now stop messing up their hard work.” He tugs at the teenager who falls into step next to him, mouth still gaping as the noise around them swells.

Somewhere along the line, Jaejoong’s identity as his “cousin” comes up, and Heechul handles it expertly, lying efficiently with a smile and a sneer, that somehow manages to work in tandem.

BoA sighs, popping off her own hoodie though she keeps her sunglasses They have already gotten more attention than necessary due to the large purchase, Jaejoong’s agitation and then subsequent unveiling of his face. In a misguided attempt to distract the crowd probably, Heechul decides to reveal himself, and BoA figures what the hell because it’s already too late and she can hear her name being whispered around her.

Oddly yet unsurprisingly, a good number of those fans are more curious about Jaejoong than in Heechul or herself.

”Will he be a new idol, oppa?”

“When will he debut, unnie?”

“How can someone be so beautiful? Is that a boy or a girl?”

“Your hair is daebak! Do you go to Red Carpet too?”

“He must be very good because he’s with you two. Unnie, do you like him? Will you have a duet?”

“How old are you? Will you go solo or be in a group?”

“This is the group’s visual right, oppa?”

“How long has he been a trainee?”

“Please be a solo artist. I don’t want to have to look at anyone else.”

“The Kims make pretty babies. Oppa your dongsaeng is dae to the bak.”

That last one in particular still makes her shake her head. Dae to the bak? Really? A random blonde girl with bright blue eyes had pushed her way to the front just to say that to Heechul in English, all while staring at Jaejoong who’d taken the staring in his stride. That smirk that BoA is growing to know appears on occasion, but the teenager remains silent as he helps the checkout girls pack up his purchases.

Both Heechul and BoA take up defensive positions though, keeping Jaejoong between them at all times and when Heechul realizes this, he shakes his head in disbelief, all while watching the teenager continue to help pack groceries.

Any comment that catches the teenager’s attention brings a telltale wisp of a smile to his mouth as he keeps his head down in the face of the chaos surrounding him.

One particular comment though has Heechul whipping his head round, Jaejoong biting his lip and BoA very glad she has sunglasses on.

”You’re so beautiful and blond. Maybe Yunho oppa will choose you instead of a blonde girl. Did you listen to the radio yesterday? Do you know Yunho oppa too? Unnie, Heechul oppa, don’t you think he’d look good with Yunho oppa? Oh no, unnie I’m so sorry I didn’t mean any disrespect!”

It is probably the longest thirty minutes of Heechul’s life, and it very well should be since it is closer to an hour before they are able to get away.

Time is relative around the teenager.

It’s quite curious.

“Better, hyung. Better but you still need to concentrate more after lunch,” Changmin is huffing and puffing, sitting next to Yunho, leaning against one of the mirrored walls as they share a bottle of water. Yunho has definitely improved, so much so that the choreographer had commented on it, but the looks in the eyes of their dancers are telling.

Yunho never ever fucks up and they all know it.

Question is why.

They all want to know yet they daren’t ask. Not just yet, but Changmin knows it’s only a matter of time for they are both close to their dancers, a couple of whom have been with them since the very beginning. Looks like they might need to avoid the canteen for lunch.

Yunho exhales loudly, closing his eyes as he tilts his head back, banging the crown of his skull against the inoffending mirror.

“I’m trying, Min-ah.”

“Try harder.”

Yunho doesn’t get angry at the man’s tone or words. It’s nothing he hasn’t used on the younger man before when his head isn’t in the game and on something else instead. Most recently it’s happened during rehearsals of their biggest concert to date. Changmin had been practicing badminton for his variety show instead of attending rehearsal with Yunho for their concert at Nissan Stadium. Understanding the passion the younger man has and his determination and need to do well in something he has to struggle so hard in, Yunho had made excuses for him in public, but in private, he’d chewed the younger man out for it.

Changmin had been flawless during the concert, and Yunho can only return the favor in kind now. He knows that not just he will be hauled up for questioning once again if he fucks up in the afternoon but his partner as well and he really cannot let that happen.

“How much time do we have?”

“An hour or so. Do you want to get lunch at the cafeteria or shall I pack something and we can eat here?”

“I wonder what Jaejoong bought from the supermarket. Do you think he’d be willing to pack lunch for us tomorrow?”

Changmin’s eyes light up instantly. Food is his known weakness alright? Victoria can cook very well but Jaejoong…there’s just something about the teenager’s cooking. And he isn’t about to tell his girlfriend he prefers Korean food to Chinese food. He’s not stupid.

“Hyung, if you manage to convince him to pack us lunch tomorrow, I will lie for you for the rest of the week.”

“It’s Thursday today,” Yunho remarks drily.

“And I hate lying.” Changmin counters with a pout.

“Fair enough. What do you think I should do?”

Changmin stares at the man who is looking at him so seriously he knows his hyung isn’t kidding. He has to check though.

“You’re joking right?”

“What am I joking about?”

“What on earth did you just ask me?”

“I asked you what you think I should do,” Yunho turns around to face the younger man, sitting cross legged as he massages his calf muscles. “You’re smarter than me, and you’re motivated by food so I figured you’d be able to think of something.”

Oh lord he really is serious.

“Hyung…” Changmin starts, pausing as he looks around the room to make sure they’re alone. Despite finding it empty, his voice drops a measure or two just in case. “He’s your husband, not mine. How would I know what you should do?”

“But you have a real girlfriend.” Yunho points out.

“Somewhat real, yes, but I’m pretty sure my feelings for her are not the same as your feelings for Jaejoong.”

“What do you mean?”

“I like her a lot.”

“I like Jaejoong a lot too.”

“What do you like about him?”

Yunho rubs his nose, leaning against the mirror as he continues to massage his calves. “I like his randomness. I never know what he’s going to say half the time and it’s rather refreshing.”

“Go on.”

“I like the way he seems to fit so perfectly in my arms, how unselfconscious he is no matter where we are or who we’re with. He finds his way into my lap more often than not, and I find that I rather like him there.”

“Is this going to remain PG-13?” Changmin asks, brow furrowing slightly. He can still Jaejoong from yesterday and it’s probably going to take a few months to wipe the seductive blond fucking his hyung from his mind.

Yunho leans forward, staring at the floor in contemplation. “Do you know, if you asked me what is the first thing I think of when it comes to Jaejoong, I will say his hair.”

“It does stand out, doesn’t it?”

“Blond. All I see is blond. And then I hear laughter.”

“Laughter is good.” Changmin nods, a slight smile playing about his lips. “Anything else?”

“Those eyes. I tried to compose a song about them and failed miserably. Someone should sing about his eyes.”

This time the smile is clear, though Changmin is rolling his eyes at his hyung. “Can you hear yourself right now? I’ve never ever wanted to sing about Victoria’s anything. Not even her cooking. Are you serious?”

“It’s just you, Min-ah. If I can’t tell you, who else can I tell? And how can you not want to sing about anything of Victoria?”

“Have you ever wanted to sing about anything about BoA?”

“That’s not the same.”

“Or YoonA?”

Yunho shudders, shaking his head.


“You’re making me regret telling you. I don’t have anyone else to talk to.”

“Are you sure about that?” Changmin questions curiously, wondering why Yunho cannot see it.

“Who then?”

“Jaejoong for one.”

“I have…he just smiles and shakes his head at me, telling me I’m crazy.”

“You are crazy.”

“Don’t I know it. He just laughs though…and I feel stupid,” Yunho finally admits. He knows he is behaving uncharacteristically, but somehow, nothing ever seems to work the way they should around Jaejoong.

“Even now?”

“I haven’t told him again…”


“I don’t really know. Maybe I don’t like feeling stupid.”

Yunho stares sightlessly, all he sees are flashes once again.

“Blond…always blond,” he mutters, almost to himself but Changmin catches it.

“And what happens when his hair grows out or he decides to dye it red or brown?”

“I’d still love him anyway.”

Jaejoong is exhausted.

Mentally, physically, and maybe even a little emotionally.

The shopping trip turns out longer than expected, not to imagine drama-filled.

He can still remember the loud questions and seriously disconcerting stares, not to mention all the camera flashes, clicking phones and what have you. Heechul had to call his manager to get security for them to be escorted out, and he remembers the idol being questioned in the van as they drove back to Yunho’s apartment.

”He’s your cousin?” the man question incredulously, staring back and forth between the scowling idol and the poker faced teenager.

“What? You can’t see the resemblance? Look at him.” Heechul snaps.

“I’m looking. I’m looking very closely. You two have that feminine thing going but I don’t know if you’re cut from the same cloth,” the man replies, doing exactly as he says as he peers at the teenager. “But what I don’t understand is why BoA-ssi is with you and why we’re going to Yunho-ssi’s apartment. Last I checked, both of you barely interact let alone spend hours in the supermarket together.”

“I’m throwing a farewell party and bought a few things. Jae offered to help cook.” BoA replies stiffly.

“You break up with the man on live radio and you’re throwing a farewell party for yourself?” the manager’s tone is once again incredulous. In fact, to Jaejoong’s ears, he doesn’t sound like he believes a damn word any of them are saying. “And Heenim actually deigned to lend you his cousin to cook for your party? If you guys are going to make up a story, at least give me something plausible. I’ve been Heechul’s manager for seven years, and like him, I know bullshit when I see it.”

“You’re getting a little ahead of yourself aren’t you?”

“And you’re only rude to me when you have something to hide. Come on, Heechullie, what’s going on?”

Heechul sighs, unfolding his arms as he leans forward to stare at his manager in the eye. “Gunhee, can I trust you?”

“Do you even have to ask? How much of your bullshit have I hidden over the years?”

“Too much,” Heechul admits. “Alright, Jaejoong isn’t my cousin.”

“Oppa!” BoA exclaims sharply, but Heechul merely waves a hand in her direction.

“Come on, BoA. We both know everyone is going to question us being out together. I don’t know why we didn’t think about this more clearly. We’re not exactly best friends, and my feelings towards you have been made pretty clear since you became official with Yunho so let’s quit while we’re ahead, shall we?”

“Wait…Jaejoong…why is this name familiar?” Gunhee frowns. He is starting to get a sinking feeling about the whole thing. When Heechul gets up to mischief is when he earns every single fucking won he ever gets for minding the man. The man has secrets that could fill a book, and the biggest secret of all is sitting in that very van.

“His full name is Jung Jaejoong.”

Gunhee blinks, mouth dropping open. “The boy from the radio yesterday morning?”

“The one and only.”

He doesn’t just have a sinking feeling. He is neck deep in quicksand.

“Heechullie, please…” he doesn’t even bother hiding the worry as he eyes the idol whose gaze is stoic, though his eyes are soft as he gazes back at him. Fond even. “This isn’t…”

“Yes, it is.”

“Fuck.” Gunhee cards his hands immediately through his hair, staring at his charge in growing horror. He’s heard whisperings of course. The managers all talk, and they even have a gossip network of sorts where news travels through their grapevine like a fucking telephone tree or something. He knows Yunho and Changmin were both called into the offices to be questioned about their trip to Busan, and Yunho in particular, questioned about any extra curricular activities he might have indulged in.

Both idols have strenuously denied any shenanigans, and yet there is this blond creature sitting expressionless right next to Heenim.

Wait a minute.

“He’s blond.” Gungee chokes out. “He’s fucking blond. Heechul what have you gotten yourself into? What the fuck?”

Heechul smiles, reaching out to pat the panicking man’s cheek. “Calm down, hyung.”

“Don’t hyung me! This isn’t the time to hyung me!”

The idol shrugs. “Really now, stop worrying.”

“Worrying? You’re harboring the boy that Yunho-ssi cheated on BoA-ssi with oh my god.” The man bends his head, rubbing the back of his neck agitatedly, his mind working overtime.

BoA catches the flash in Jaejoong’s eyes at the man’s words, and she cuts in hastily. “Yunho and I were never anything. We did what the company wanted. It was all show, oppa and you know it. Heechul oppa knew it and he hated the company doing that to Yunho and you know that. There was no cheating.”

If Heechul’s manager had some lingering hope that he is dreaming the whole thing up, it dies a swift death at her words.

“Can I speak now, or shall I just let all of you discuss me as if I’m invisible?” Jaejoong’s tone is frosty.

Gunhee jerks his head up, staring at the stunning teenager whose eyes are like shards of black ice. He straightens, continuing to stare at the boy who doesn’t look away. In fact, his jaw gets tighter as he stares him down as if daring him to speak any further.

“Wow,” the manager breathes out. A little flutter of hope ignites within him.

Heechul smiles, knowing the man sees what he sees. “Beautiful, isn’t he?”

“The word I was going for was rude.”

Jaejoong rolls his eyes, crossing his arms. “All of you are so full of yourselves. Everything is rude. I’m polite to people who deserve my politeness. Maybe I’m a new breed of insolent teenager or something, or maybe I’m just a fucking teenager but if you want me to be polite to you, earn it.”

“Oh my…”

“Jae…” BoA’s tone holds a note of warning, and the teenager turns towards her.

“Don’t, noona. I’m tired of everyone treating me as if I’m a witless teenager. Yes, I know Yunho is some big shot in the entertainment industry. Yes, I know he’s going to get into shit for this if anyone finds out, but if anyone does find out, it will not be from me.”

“A little rich coming from the boy who introduced himself as Jung Jaejoong,” Heechul points out with a smirk.

“That is my name,” Jaejoong bites out.

“And he has the papers to prove it too,” Heechul winks at Gunhee who is feeling a little lightheaded. “Gunhee, meet Jung Jaejoong, Yunho’s brand new spouse.”

All hell broke loose after that, and Jaejoong is still nursing a headache from it.

Gunhee is the excitable sort. He has no fucking idea how the man manages Heechul when he can barely manage himself.

BoA is largely silent, not offering anything, simply staring out the window half the time, lost in thought. Jaejoong doesn’t bother her for he knows she is also in trouble.

All this trouble and all because of him.

Several times, as he finds places in Yunho’s thankfully large pantry and equally large fridge for the groceries, he’s wondered if he made a mistake coming to Seoul. Making those papers ash seems to be the easier thing to do.

Probably the right thing to do too, all things considered.

Maybe he should just pack up and leave. It’s not like anyone will miss him. He’s only been there a day or so.

“Let go.”

“I can’t.”

“You mean, you won’t.”

“No.” Yunho’s voice is quiet. “I really can’t.”

Jaejoong huffs at that brief memory, yanking a pillow over his face and screaming into it.

Goddamn Yunho.

Where is his husband when he needs him, huh?

Jaejoong tosses the pillow off, sitting up and stripping as he decides maybe a nice warm bath will calm him down. If Changmin’s words are true, he won’t see Yunho till dinner time and then he’ll have a kitchen full of people once again. Not that Jaejoong minds the company, but it’ll be nice to at least get to talk to his husband for ten minutes without someone or other hassling them.

How the fuck are they supposed to get to know each other with people constantly underfoot?

Something catches his eye as he makes his way to the attached bathroom of the guest bedroom.

His cellphone.

He’d left it charging that morning, and someone has pasted a large sticky note on it.

Naked and shivering slightly in the cool apartment for he hadn’t bothered turning the thermostat back up after turning it down before leaving the apartment earlier, he detours from the bathroom to check it out.

All the ire leaves Jaejoong’s body the instant he reads the note.

Wow…your phone is so old I wasn’t so sure I was doing this right. I’ll get you a new phone on my way home tonight. I hope you don’t mind. I can’t work a phone that doesn’t have a touch screen and it took me much too long to figure out how to enter my number into this. Call me, maybe?

Jaejoong flicks open his address book, clicking through to Y and his brow furrows when he cannot find a new entry.

There aren’t many numbers in his phone, and it doesn’t take him long to find the new addition.


The teenager lets out a throaty chuckle as he heads out the bedroom, walking naked through the apartment as he goes up the stairs, heading towards the bedroom he really should have been in last night.

Yunho’s bedroom door is ajar, and the boy clicks his tongue at the unmade bed, but his heart is smiling as he shuts the door, walking swiftly to climb into the large bed.

He can still smell Yunho, and the feel of the thousand count Egyptian cotton sheets is like heaven against his bare ass.

Jaejoong wriggles in the middle of the bed, making happy sounds as he revels in the man’s scent mingled with his, sinking lower in the bed.

The teenager is smiling as he hits dial, phone pressed to his ear as he snuggles into Yunho’s pillow.


“Hello, husband.”

Yunho’s eyes widen at the breathy voice in his ear. When he’d programmed his number into Jaejoong’s ancient Samsung clamshell, he hadn’t expected a phone call. He’d hoped, but he hadn’t dwelled on it.

All the craziness of the morning practice, not to mention Changmin’s mildly naggy ways have sufficiently distracted him that he is genuinely surprised to get the call.

“H-hello.” Yunho stutters slightly as he gains his feet.

Changmin gazes up the length of his body, eyes unashamedly resting in Yunho’s groin area to check. It doesn’t take long, and he rolls his eyes when he sees the growing bulge.

He too gains his feet, knowing lunch with Yunho is probably going to have to wait. He drags the man by the elbow, half listening to the conversation as he leads him to the TVXQ relaxation room. They are the only ones who have such a room, and no one knows the passcode to it.

Not even the upper executives.

“What are you doing?”

“We…We just finished morning practice. Everyone’s gone for lunch.”

“Lunch huh? What are you having?”

“I’ll be back before you know it. I doubt you’d be up before lunch.”

“After lunch. I don’t wanna get up till after lunch cos you’ll be back and I’ll have you for lunch.”

Jaejoong laughs again as he tries to pull free from the man’s heavy arms. “Ok, husband. You can have me for lunch.”

Yunho shakes himself from the memory. It is so clear now, and he wonders how the fuck he ever forgot.

“I remember you promised me I could have you for lunch…you haven’t delivered.”

Jaejoong is silent, more than a little surprised that Yunho remembers even that little detail. The man had been half asleep, mumbling most of his words, not wanting Jaejoong to leave the hotel room.

“How did you remember that and forget me?”

“One week expiry, Jae…”

“Fine,” Jaejoong pouts. Fair enough though. If he’s going to continue being a little butthurt about Yunho forgetting him briefly, he won’t be butthurt for awhile.

Good grief, he really is a teenaged boy.


“So what?” Jaejoong replies, hand drifting down his body. Yunho’s voice is deliciously low, and even more so on the phone. The way he is almost whispering into his ear is doing crazy things to his body, and his cock is already hard.

Changmin enters the passcode to the door, opens it up, and practically tosses Yunho into the TVXQ room. “Do it in the bathroom if you have to, but if I find anything of you on the furniture out here, I will castrate you myself,” he warns, before pulling the door shut and storming off to find the cafeteria.

“What was that?” Jaejoong laughs, hearing every single irate word from Changmin.

“Changmin just threatened me.”

“I heard that,” Jaejoong chuckles again, nose buried in Yunho’s pillow and he groans as he exhales.

“What was that?” Yunho asks sharply.

“Hmmm?” Jaejoong replies, legs moving restlessly, luxuriating in the feel of the sheets against his bare body and the fact that he is practically enveloped in his husband’s scent.

“Why are you so…moany?”

“Is moany even a word?” Jaejoong asks with a smirk. His eyes are closed and his hand is most certainly drifting to naughty parts as he inhales Yunho’s pillow once again. “God, you smell good,” he breathes out.

“Damn it, Jaejoong…” Yunho hurries towards the bathroom, so hard now even he is a little ashamed of the tent in his track pants.

“What, husband?” Jaejoong purrs, the smirk on his face translating into his voice. “You wanted me for lunch didn’t you? I can’t come to you just yet without getting you into trouble…but I can most definitely come for you.”

“What are you doing to me?” Yunho asks, barely able to hold his phone as he slams the bathroom door shut and leans against it as he stares at his reflection in the mirror.

“Whatever a good spouse should be doing,” Jaejoong replies, dropping his voice as he flips over on his tummy.

He rubs his erection against the bed, moaning sweetly, making Yunho clench his eyes shut, free hand fisted by his side as he fights the battle he knows damn well he is going to lose.

“And what is that?”

“Making his husband happy.”


“Keep calling my name like that,” the teenager whimpers quietly hand reaching back to finger his ass even as he rocks against the bed. “I might mess up your bed, husband. Do you want me to clean it up before you get home?”

“You’re in my b-bed?”

“Where else would I be?”

“I don’t know, Jaejoong. Will you be in my bed tonight?” Yunho asks seriously, opening his eyes to stare at the starkness of his features.

It takes the teenager a second to consider it, but his answer is firm.


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