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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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One Night in Busan [7b]
Title: One Night in Busan
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Within 10 chapters
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance
Important: This is AU but HoMin are TVXQ and JYJ never existed. Basically the only non-AU thing about it. EVERYTHING about this fic is super freaking AU… I just can’t get BLOND BLOND BLOND out of my fucking head. Also, characters may be a little OOC but it’s fiction and AU and just roll with it, ok?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It was meant to be a one time thing, and it takes Yunho a while to realize that a one time thing for him means exactly that.

AN:  I need a damn explain for this ;; OVER 10k of madness here so it's split... again... FML...


Jaejoong’s breathing is hitched, his body jerking, his cock twitching, still leaking pearls of liquid across his belly.

Yunho is in a similar state, though he is naked and standing in the small shower cubicle of the bathroom, forehead pressed against a cool wall whose lower parts are painted with his essence yet again. Jerking off in the bathroom is starting to become a regular occurrence.

The teenager slides a heavy finger through the viscous strands on his belly, swirling languidly, feeling deliciously boneless, his throat a little hoarse from all the talking. He hasn’t eaten anything that day, his only sustenance being two cigarettes and a few grapes he’d popped into his mouth at the supermarket. He’s used to not eating much though, which is strange because he absolutely enjoys cooking.

He sucks on his finger loudly, causing Yunho’s head to lift as he stares at the brown tiles in his vision.



“What are you doing?”

Jaejoong grins around his finger before he sweeps his hand down again, using his thumb this time, sucking on it loudly.


Yunho’s brow creases, as he licks his lips. He knows better than to ask. He really knows better than to ask.

But he asks anyway.

“What are you eating?”

“Mmmmm, husband,” Jaejoong murmurs throatily. “Are you sure you want to know because I think it will just lead to round two.”

“Fucking hell…” Yunho growls low in semi-disbelief as his resting cock twitches interestedly. “Do you have an off switch?”

“Maybe…but you’ll have to find it.” Jaejoong chuckles as Yunho groans.

“Can I not press your on button instead?”

Jaejoong cleans himself off quickly before flipping on his side, snuggling into Yunho’s pillow again and hugging it sleepily. “I’m eighteen. I’m forever on for you…”

Yunho swallows heavily. He has no idea what the fuck they’re talking about. He just knows that all he wants is to go home and hug the teenager and maybe try and convince him to let him make love to him.


“Mmmmhmmm?” Jaejoong answers, the sound coming from the back of his throat, as he closes his eyes.

“I miss you.”

Jaejoong’s eyes open even as he nuzzles further into Yunho’s pillow. “I miss you too, husband.”

The smile that splits Yunho’s face could probably power Seoul for a few seconds.

“Well,” Changmin starts, eyeing the beaming man.

Yunho has been smiling non-stop for the last three hours.

It’s a little disconcerting.

No, make that fucking disconcerting, and for some reason, it also hurts a little.

Even if he made a mistake, which he hasn’t so far, he doubts any of the managers or executives or anyone else in the damn room would notice because Yunho is smiling.

He’s not just smiling.

He is beaming.

Like a damn stadium lamp or something.

Seriously, nothing anyone says can shake the smile from his face.

Even when the choreographer criticizes a suggestion Yunho made to tweak the ‘O’ Jung Ban Hap choreo, the man beams.

When Changmin’s personal manager suggests a change in schedule because of filming for Cool Kiz, Yunho simply nods.

Still fucking beaming.

Changmin isn’t even sure the man heard him, and so he tries to ask again, trying not to pay attention to all the other men chuckling at the leader’s odd behavior. Yunho has been happy before of course, but nothing of this magnitude.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think he got laid at lunch.”

“Didn’t he break up with BoA?”

“She isn’t in the building as far as I know, but maybe they had a goodbye fuck or something.”

“But look at Changmin-ssi’s shirt… He changed it after lunch…maybe…”

“Hush! We don’t talk about that, remember?”

Changmin overhears the not so hushed whispers of their dancers, along with the surrounding tittering, but he knows Yunho is deaf to them all.

“Hyung, are you sure the schedule change is ok? It means we’ll have to fly to and from Busan on the same day.”

Yunho beams.

“Hyung?” Changmin has a sinking feeling all Yunho heard was Busan.

“It’s fine, Changmin. Maybe you should bring your new personal assistant.”

“My new personal—oh!” Changmin’s scowl is ferocious but his leader appears to ignore it.

“What’s this?”

Changmin whirls around to face the wall of curious managers, determined to school his features. It is not just their managers here but the managers for some of Super Junior along with SHINee’s manager. The other idols are guesting during their tenth anniversary concert and their management are simply there to observe and make suggestions. So far, all have been silent though, content to let TVXQ lead as they have for a decade.

“I hired a personal assistant slash chef.” Changmin declares, eyes flashing as if daring anyone to gainsay him on the matter, but really, all the flashing is for one man and he’s going to kill him when he gets him alone.

“What would you need a personal chef for? You have a manager.”

“Can hyung cook?”

“Errr,” the man rubs the back of his neck. “No.”

“Exactly. Cassiopeia has been murmuring a lot lately about how thin I’ve become since starting Cool Kiz and they’re not happy about it so I hired someone to take care of my food.”

“So you hired a chef?”

“Well,” Changmin turns to stare down Yunho’s manager. “Not quite. I didn’t want to pay for a chef so I just hired someone recommended by a chef. He’s still a kid but he cooks like my mother and that’s good enough for me. And he can run errands too lowly for hyung at other times.”

“I see.” The managers exchange looks, but they let it go. Everyone knows better than to argue with Changmin. He doesn’t do anything without thinking it through from A to Z and if he’s doing it, then they better come up with a hell of a good reason to tell him he cannot.

The last time this happened, they got hauled up by Lee Soo Man himself for wasting time on it.

Since then, it’s just easier to let Changmin do whatever he wants.

“Everyone take half an hour. We’ll be here another three hours and then call it a day.” Yunho calls out, before heading quickly out of the room in hot pursuit by Changmin who barely waits till the door shuts on the practice room before he lets rip.

“What the fuck, hyung?!”

“What? It’s a great plan!”

“I would love to have been asked first before you throw shit like that in my face.”

“I thought we’re always on the same page?”

“We were till you fucking got married!”

“Shhhhhhhh!” Yunho hisses, looking around worriedly, but there isn’t anyone around as they head to their room.

“Don’t you dare shush me. Don’t you think I would have checked first before yelling at you? When did you become stupid?”

Yunho simply beams.

Changmin growls under his breath as he watches Yunho key in the passcode and they enter their room, slamming the door behind them.

“He better be making me lunch for a goddamn month for this.” Changmin mutters.

“You can tell him later.”

“Am I invited for dinner?”

“Wasn’t that the plan? I think he went shopping this morning.” Yunho asks curiously, kicking off his shoes and throwing his smelly self onto the large double day bed, stretching out and sighing happily.

“I don’t know. I figured you two might want some time alone,” Changmin smirks, “but then again I forgot you had Rule Number One so perhaps not.”

Yunho continues to smile, closing his eyes.

Changmin stares at the man for a couple of beats, before he too moves towards the day bed, nudging the older man who makes room for him, before he toes off his own shoes.

He stretches out next to Yunho who immediately turns to hug him, throwing an arm across his waist.

“I really don’t think your husband would like this.” Changmin shakes his head as he stares up at the ceiling, his own hands stacked behind his head. “And it’s your turn to wash the sheets.”

“You’re the sweaty one, not me,” Yunho points out, eyes shut but a smile still playing about his lips as he splays his hand out across Changmin’s taut belly, fingertips scratching lightly. The material of the tee shirt is damp against his skin but he doesn’t care. Changmin has literally dripped sweat all over him before so this is nothing. “But fine, I’ll do the damn sheets if it makes you happy, wife.”

“Jaejoong really wouldn’t like this,” Changmin tries again as his eyes flutter shut.

“Let me deal with Jaejoong, ok? Nothing has changed, Changmin-ah. You’re still a fucking ruler.”

“Yes, but I also thought you were a ruler.”

“I got bent.” Yunho’s mouth quirks into a smirk.

“Wouldn’t this be harassment then?”

“Am I harassing you, Changminnie?”

Changmin’s eyes pop open as he glares at the ceiling. Damn, Yunho. The man’s smiles since lunch time have been hitting him a little hard. He is happy for his friend, his mentor, his hyung, practically his everything really. It’s gotten to the point that he doesn’t even give a fuck anymore that people refer to him as the wife. Yunho needs someone to mind him, otherwise he will just work himself to death. The notes reminding him to eat, even making sure he has carrot sticks with him all the time is something Changmin just does.

He has been supplanted though, and while happy for the man in general, he is still human, and the pang is there.

He’d been fine last night, even though Jaejoong’s presence has already made them late twice. Something that never ever happens.

But now in the cold light of day, Yunho’s marriage is definitely causing problems with their professional lives and Changmin has no idea what to do. He doesn’t want to make Yunho choose because deep down, he is a little afraid the man has already chosen the blond. His question on the roof was left unanswered, and while he’d been unsurprised at first, he now wonders if he should have called the leader out for it.

Love or not, how does ten years of loyalty get trumped by ten days?

That doesn’t seem fair somehow.

“Changdol-ah,” Yunho eyes open as he stares at the handsome young man’s profile. He has no idea how he got so lucky. Heechul has a point. Changmin is everything anyone could ever ask for in a partner, and Jaejoong is…well…he’s still trying to figure out what Jaejoong is, but he knows enough to know that letting the blond go would be next to impossible.

“What?” Changmin inserts every ounce of grumbling he can manage into the one word. He can hear the love in the affectionate way Yunho calls his name and he is powerless against it. He has never harbored any romantic feelings towards the older man, but he has also been the only one Yunho has ever truly loved, and knowing there is someone else in the man’s heart will take some getting used to. Logically, he is more than happy for Yunho.

More than happy.

Ecstatic even.

But his heart still hurts even though logically it makes no sense.

Changmin hates being illogical.

“Nothing has changed.”

Changmin makes a scoffing sound in the back of his throat, turning to face his leader.

Yunho’s hand doesn’t move, and it is now curved around the younger man’s slim hips. Changmin’s tee shirt has ridden up and Yunho’s thumb caresses the sweaty skin over the top of his pants.

“Tell me that to my face, hyung.” Changmin bites out, trying to swallow the bitterness as Yunho’s caress sends warmth spiraling through him. It had taken him a good many years to get used to how very tactile Yunho is. The man will drape himself over anything and everything. The group he had been meant to debut with before Changmin came along would have designated Yunho as the maknae, not a leader, and he has always kept his maknae tendencies around anyone older than him, so much so that Changmin sometimes finds himself in the role of the hyung. Yunho’s game face is completely different to his normal demeanor, and while most of the industry knows about the hardworking and widely respected leader of TVXQ with a poker face that would do any gambler proud, Changmin is subjected to the man’s more exuberant displays of affection and love.

Years and years of that has managed to bring down the natural walls that Changmin has always had. As someone literally plucked from middle school and planted in the middle of an industry he had never ever imagine he’d be part of, Changmin used to be one of the quietest idols around. More than happy to let Yunho speak for him, he just stands or sits next to the man looking pretty. As a duo, the two of them are it. They are the visual shocks, they are the dancers, they are the singers, though Yunho is the only rapper and Changmin takes the high notes because they may be lauded as gods but they are still humans with limitations.

Changmin has blossomed though. He has his own group of idol friends, and he is a lot more carefree.

But really, it’s all thanks to Yunho who infused him with love and care, building up his self-confidence slowly but surely. He has never ever had any cause to question Yunho.

Changmin can be anything, because Yunho tells him he can.

Changmin can do anything, because Yunho believes he can.

“You’ll always be my home, Changmin.” Yunho’s voice is serious. “I know I take you for granted, but without your steadfastness and your unfailing support in whatever I do or decide, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

“Go be a sap to your husband, not to me, hyung.” Changmin closes his eyes. “I thought I already told him this yesterday? Save your words for him not me.”

“But you’re my wife,” comes the amused reply that has Changmin’s eyes flying open and a hand slapping the chest of the infuriating leader of TVXQ who merely laughs, his own hand moving to splay low in Changmin’s back and pulling him closer till they are practically inhaling each other.

“Aren’t you a lucky bastard? A husband and a wife.” Changmin remarks sarcastically, refusing to allow the warmth flowing from Yunho’s hand to take over him completely. Stupid hyung.

“Yes, I am, and I know it. I’m not going to fail you, Changmin. You asked me who would I choose on the roof, and I had to think about it, not because the answer is automatically one of you, but because I honestly could not choose. I know it hurt you that your name isn’t the one spilling from my lips, but even if it did, we both know it will be you picking up the pieces of my choice. Why can’t I be greedy and have you both?”

“If you want us both, you’re going to have to stop throwing shit like oh Changmin hired a personal fucking assistant without telling me.”

“I’m really sorry about that,” Yunho pauses, wondering how to explain to Changmin without hurting him. “And I think I owe you an explanation.”

“If this is about why you married him, don’t. I know why.”

“It’s about why I decided to stay married…”

Changmin wrinkles his nose as an unbidden memory flashes across his eyes. “Hyung, I don’t want details. I saw exactly why.”

“It’s not just that.” Yunho tries to hide a smile.

“And you’re not someone who ever regrets a decision. I know, hyung.”

“See? Maybe this is why we didn’t get married. I can’t surprise you anymore.”

“Trust me, you sure as fuck surprised me when you told me you’re married.”

“Are you mad?”

Changmin takes awhile to answer, staring at Yunho’s nose while he does so, then his mole. Eyes just drifting over every feature of Yunho’s face, but never meeting his eyes.

“Not mad…but I’m watching him and watching you. Hyung, I won’t be quiet if I don’t like what I see.”

“You’ve never been quiet about anything, Changdol-ah. I don’t expect you to start now.”

Yunho casts his eye down to stare at the words on Changmin’s teeshirt, reading it out loud in disbelief. “Keep calm and ship HoMin?” Yunho gazes back up to Changmin’s whose gorgeous bambi eyes are filling with amusement. “Really?”

Changmin shrugs delicately. “I needed a reminder.”

“You mean I needed a reminder. How did I miss your shirt?”

“You were too busy smiling at everything, including the wasp that flew into the practice room and made everyone run around away from it.”

“That bad, huh?”

“The fucking worst. You looked like the cat that got not just the cream but the whole fucking cow.”

“I really don’t think a cat would know what to do with a cow…”

Changmin slaps at Yunho’s shoulder, grunting in irritation, making the older man laugh.

“What did everyone say about your shirt?”

“Everyone thinks we’re already fucking anyway.”

Yunho’s eyes widen. “Are you serious?”

“You do realize it’s not exactly very far fetched. Look at Super Junior. Or even SHINee. EXO is probably heading that way if they haven’t already.”

“They’re all fucking?” Yunho’s mouth drops open to match how wide his eyes have gotten.

“You clearly live in la la land. What else do a bunch of guys have to do when they’re stuck in the dorms and on a dating ban?”

“We never had a dating ban though! We just needed permission.”

“Hyung, we had to be forced to have girlfriends. How do you think that looked?”

“We were too busy!”

“True, but still.”

“You mean all this while people, including our fellow idols, genuinely thought we were…fucking?”

Changmin rolls his eyes. Yunho is way too innocent. Blinded by work, he literally doesn’t see a damn thing sometimes. If it weren’t for him, he really has no idea where Yunho would be. It is highly amusing to tease the older man though. His goldfish routine is something Changmin’s hasn’t seen in awhile and he finds that he rather likes it. Yunho gets thrown over the smallest things sometimes, though his poker face is probably the best in the industry so only Changmin knows he’s been thrown and no one else.

Jaejoong has changed that though. Yunho doesn’t seem to even know what poker face means around the lush teenager.

Not that Changmin can blame him for even he has some trouble keeping his thoughts straight in his head.

Straight being the operative word.

Are fucking, hyung. Not were. The fact that both of us allegedly have girlfriends means nothing. We’re each other’s free pass it seems. Even our dancers cover for us. ”

“Cover what!?”

“Haven’t you heard them making excuses to our managers when we disappear into this room?”

“But we got given this room!”

“Yes, and our managers are supposed to have access to it, but you said no.”

“You can’t call a fucking room a relaxation room when our managers can come in and stress us out!” Yunho defends.

“And our dancers echo you readily, though they also nudge each other and smirk and send us sidelong glances.”

“I’ve never seen that,” Yunho admits. “You’re not just having me on?”

“You’re only observant when you want to be. In this building, you’re permanently on work mode so nothing ever distracts you from your work.”

“And you don’t mind them thinking we’re fucking?”

“I used to mind,” Changmin stretches an arm over his head. “Then I saw it was a waste of time. We are a duo, people are naturally going to think it, and no matter what I do, nothing is going to change it. When it’s clear I’m shitty with you, they think it’s a lover’s spat. When I’m affectionate with you, they coo and go nuts. When I look after you, they call me wife. It’s like a battle I can’t win and I’m not about to expend more energy over something I have no control over. They can see the way you look at me and the way I look at you sometimes when you haven’t irritated the goddamn fuck out of me.”

“Always pragmatic and practical my Changmin is.” Yunho grins affectionately as he squeezes the man’s hip. He knows full well how he looks at Changmin so he doesn’t even bother asking. “What did your girlfriends think about it?”

“Only Victoria has ever asked, and oddly enough, I didn’t give her a straight answer.”

“Why not?”

“I didn’t think it was any of her business to be honest.” Changmin stares into Yunho’s almond eyes. “My work and my relationship with you has nothing to do with her or anyone else but you.”

“Even when your girlfriend thinks we’re fucking?” Yunho shakes his head in disbelief. “I’m starting to think you’re the crazy one not me.”

“Crazy enough to keep work and play separate? I’d like to remain crazy then.”

“Ouch and double ouch. Point made, wife.”

Changmin pinches the older man’s bicep. “Call me wife one more time…”


Changmin growls, pushing a laughing Yunho onto his back and pinning him to the bed as he looms over him. It’s nothing they haven’t done before. Horse play is normal and Yunho is physical in pretty much everything. Though this time, Changmin is curious about one thing. What is that saying? You don’t know what’s in front of you till you lose it?

Yunho smirks as he looks up at his gorgeous partner, though his smirk flattens out when Changmin mouth descends to press against his.

Chapped lips against chapped lips.

Dry lips.

A tongue snakes out automatically out of habit.

The kiss is short, and when Changmin lifts his head, Yunho is sputtering.

“What the actual fuck?”

“I just wanted to exercise my wifely rights,” he deadpans.

“You’re fucking crazy,” Yunho shakes his head, but he doesn’t dislodge Changmin because he doesn’t want to hurt the younger man.

“Yeah, crazy.” Changmin nods as he slides off his leader and back to his side, propping a hand on Yunho’s chest and dropping his chin on it. “Answers my question though.”

“What question?”

“I might turn for your husband, but not for you.”



“How did you sleep last night?” Heechul asks the blond curiously, watching as he stirs three different pots on the stove. The boy had complained about the lack of burners for about three seconds before declaring he can work with the three he has. Heechul had been astonished at how fast the boy can go from staring at the stove to actually stirring something on it. It feels like it only took ten minutes but he is certain it’s been at least a good half an hour.

Stupid time relativity again. He’s going to blister Changmin’s ear for bringing it to his attention because now he can’t actually get it out of his head and he keeps noticing it. Heechul has better things to do than notice how time moves around a blond teenager.

Actually, Heechul has better things to do in general like be with the rest of his group in London but apparently his management thinks he’s due for some punishment for his lack of a filter. Credit to Gunhee, he did try to defend him, but most of the managers are side-eyeing their relationship anyway so he got gainsaid.

“I slept well.” Jaejoong replies shortly, not meaning to be rude, but he hasn’t cooked in awhile and he has to feed people who are important to Yunho, namely Changmin, so he doesn’t want to fuck it up as he stirs one of the pots carefully, peering critically at it’s contents before he replaces the lid and turns to the idol talking to him. “I can’t remember how I got from the van to the bedroom though.”

“Yunho carried you.”


“I’m surprised he didn’t carry you to the wrong bedroom.” Heechul smirks, chewing on his pen as Jaejoong purses his mouth.

“The right bedroom you mean?”

“So he took you to his bed?”

Jaejoong shakes his head. “The guest bedroom is the wrong bedroom.”

“Why are you doing this?” Heechul asks curiously as he doodles on the back of the extremely long supermarket receipt. He and Jaejoong are getting along much better now that the teenager doesn’t view him as a threat. The boy really has nothing to worry about. Heechul isn’t about to get in the way of his friend’s happiness no matter how he feels about the whole thing, and in all honesty, his digs at Yunho are more of a habit than anything else. Yes, he absolutely enjoyed being mistaken as the leader’s girlfriend when they were younger, and he’s spent many a sleepless night thinking about knowing the man biblically, but he outgrew that years and years ago. He does it for shock value now and he knows it flusters the man though he rarely lets it show on his face.

Oddly enough, it is Changmin who usually deflects Heechul’s advances, and if he didn’t know how straight the man is, he’d have side-eyed that relationship a long time ago.

Jaejoong shrugs as he opens the fridge to pull out a couple of bottles of beer. He leans over, stealing Heechul’s pen from him and using it to pop the lids of the drinks before he hands both pen and a bottle over to the bemused idol.

“My reasons are none of your business, hyung. No offense.”

“Offense taken.” Heechul replies as he takes a long swallow of his drink, his eyes never leaving the teenager. He can sense doubt in the younger man. “I’ve known Yunho a long time and he never acts like this. I’m watching you, kid. Don’t play games with him because I will fuck you over if you do.”

“A little rich coming from you, isn’t it?” Jaejoong reply is devoid of emotion as he leans back against the fridge, sipping his own bottle of beer. “I know you play your own games for your own amusement, hyung. I’m nothing but a passing distraction for you.”

“Perhaps,” Heechul allows.

Jaejoong eyes flash then as he leans forward, practically snarling. “I don’t want to be a passing distraction for him.”

The teenager slams his bottle of beer on the table before turning to return to his perusal of his bubbling pots, as if he hasn’t just snarled at a man twelve years his senior.

“Some advice then?” Heechul finally speaks, watching the rigid lines of the teenager’s bare back. The kid is seriously allergic to clothes. He’d already cautioned the man earlier for being topless near an open stove and the boy had merely laughed saying he likes the heat against his skin.

“You’re going to give it whether I want it or not.” Jaejoong remarks, turning back round.

“Don’t play games with him because if I will fuck you over, it will be nothing compared to what Changmin will do to you if you hurt Yunho.”

“I’m really enjoying Seoul. All anyone ever does is threaten me.”

“Don’t be flippant.”

“I’m merely being truthful.” Jaejoong retorts, refusing to let any emotion show on his face.

“I’m trying to help you. Don’t make him choose between you and Changmin.”

“Why would I do that?” Jaejoong is genuinely surprised. “I’ve read enough about them to know how close they are. That would be like me asking him to tear his arm off. I won’t do that.”

“More like asking to rip him in half.” Heechul mumbles to himself, before asking loudly. “You’re not the jealous type?”

“Is there something I need to be jealous about?”

“Yunho loves Changmin.”

Jaejoong’s heart starts to beat a painful rhythm in his chest.

“It’s not the same,” he manages to grit out, annoyed at the tremor in his voice thanks to his racing heart.

“You’re right,” Heechul accepts. “But the fact is, he does.”

“Are you planning on getting to the point?”

Heechul smiles, and it actually reaches his eyes. “Get the wife on your side, and I promise you will have Yunho for life.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“No one ever gets to Yunho because they have to get past Changmin first. I was never able to, and believe you me, I tried.”

“I don’t doubt that,” Jaejoong picks up his bottle, swallowing down the rest of the amber liquid because he has a feeling he’s going to need it.

“The fact that it was Changmin who palmed off the box of condoms to you is interesting to me.”

“Why is that?”

“It’s characteristic, yet uncharacteristic of him to do so.”

“Doesn’t that mean I already have his support?”

“Just for one night, kid. Changmin is a very good wing man. Now you need to convince him to give it to you forever, and that won’t happen if you play stupid games.”

“How many men did I marry?” Jaejoong grumbles as he drops the bottle into the recycling basket and goes in search of another bottle.

Heechul smirks. “You know that saying about how it takes a village to raise a child?”

“Yunho isn’t a child.”

“No, but our company made him what he is, and it is Changmin who kept him who he is. Yunho wouldn’t be the man who fell in love with you if it hadn’t been for Changmin protecting him from the unworthy.”

Jaejoong steals Heechul’s pen again to pop off the cap on his second drink, taking a fortifying sip before he eyes the older man whose countenance is a cross between being serious and being amused.

“So you’re saying you’re unworthy?”

“Don’t make this about me, kid. I’m trying to help you because I like you.”

“Why do you even like me?” Jaejoong grumbles, feeling the buzz from the alcohol finally kick in. Everything is so overwhelming. People are nice and then they’re not. People are friendly and then they’re not. People say one thing and then mean something else. “At least with you, I know you don’t like me for my face.”

Heechul lets out a sharp bark of laughter at the boy’s disgruntled tone. “You’d be a thousand percent right there. I’m more likely to hate you because of your face.”

“So why?”

“I admire a fighter.”

“I don’t fight.”

“You’re going to have to.”


“To keep Yunho, you’re going to have to fight for him.”

“Isn’t he supposed to fight for me? He’s the older one,” Jaejoong mumbles, pouring more alcohol down his throat.

“Age has nothing to do with it. I’m telling you this because I like you. Changmin is the one you need to convince, not Yunho. My dear friend is mad for you, but Changmin still has his sanity, though the way he stares at you sometimes makes me wonder.”

“How does he stare at me?”

“Like he wishes you weren’t you.”

“That doesn’t even make sense.”

“It makes sense to Changmin and that’s what’s important. Know this, Jung Jaejoong. Yunho has been with Changmin for ten years. That tall drink of water never ever does anything without Yunho’s well-being in mind. He gave you the box of condoms because he knew it was a sure thing and he had to protect Yunho from anything you might carry.”

Jaejoong opens his mouth to protest but Heechul waves him off.

“Listen to me. It’s nothing against you. If he saw Yunho smitten with a girl he’d do the same thing. My point is that Changmin’s number one priority has always been Yunho and will always be Yunho. BoA may have been his girlfriend in the last six months, but guess who sleeps over more than she ever did?”

“Changmin,” Jaejoong utters morosely, getting up in search of another bottle of beer.

Heechul waits till the boy is safely back in seat before he nods. “Changmin. There isn’t any romantic interest between them because they are too close and know each other too well, but Changmin has always protected Yunho. This is why you need the wife on your side, for if he believes you worth protecting, it’s a done deal.”

“Doesn’t Changmin get irritated with everyone calling him the wife? I know I’d be if I were him. He’s not a girl.”

“Gender aside, are you irritated with people calling him Yunho’s wife?”

Jaejoong cocks his head, staring at the older man. “Not really.”


“What’s the point of me getting irritated over a relationship that spans more than ten years when I’ve only been married ten days to a man I don’t even know?”

“Why stay married then?”

Jaejoong drops his gaze to his bottle. He’s been asking himself the same question.

The silence in the kitchen is only disrupted by the occasional gurgle from the stove.

Heechul settles back, watching the teenager carefully. He can see why and he’s known him barely two days. They are both so painfully obvious, and yet he wonders if the boy can see it.

“I made a vow,” Jaejoong finally speaks, his voice whisper soft, white lies from him to a stranger.

“Vows are meant to be broken.”

Jaejoong bites back a rude response. He has a point, especially since he wanted to burn his marriage papers and forget Yunho ever existed.

“I’m not going to say it, hyung.” He finally speaks.

“I don’t want to hear it,” Heechul replies quietly, eyes unwavering on the beautiful blond. “But he needs to.”

Jaejoong lets out a derisive chuckle. “He hears it from everyone day in and day out. I heard it today in the supermarket and he wasn’t even there. It means nothing.”

“From you, it will mean everything. Remember what I said though. Don’t ever make him choose. Love or not, it’s ten years versus ten days.”

“I need a stronger drink.”

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