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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Why do I even bother?

This is why we cannot have nice things...Collapse )

when i saw this post i thought "oh no what did someone do this time?"
these ppl that do this type of shiz have no life and want to make you feel bad/mad because they are miserable. brush your shoulder off and walk away, there is no helping these idiots. XD dont be mad get glad(lol) because you are that good that you have haters!

Literacy compels people to write. Some people i.e. you, are filled with epic, fanciful and exciting love stories that seem to erupt forth without control. I like to send comments to lovely gifted people who share their work with strangers who they've never met yet bring happiness to. Others like to send critiques, usually based on their own inferiority and/or lack of comprehension. And then there are the freaks you mention, whose only expression is the darkness and emptiness of their souls. If they continue to tell you that your work pisses them off and they continue to read it, consider the joy of metaphorically pissing on them by doing what you do so well...letting you imagination run wild with the love that is Yunho and Jaejoong.

unnie.. don't listen to them,they're stupid because they don't know the difference between good or bad stories. And certainly you're one of the best author out there.:) FIghting!

Wow, this isn't only hateful it's borderline psychotic. What kind of person would wish anyone be killed, and over stories?? And let's admit it, anyone who could hate Yunho is severely disconnected from reality. He is seriously one of the most loving and compassionate men on the planet. (I could write several paragraphs about how amazing he is but we all know this LOL) Just... I hate that there are people like this. So malicious. You're perfectly right, they don't have to read. It's so wrong of them to harass you... I wish they would stop. The rest of us love you Nikki!<3 Out of the thousands of people who have read your writings, there's bound to be an occasional idiot. Actually, it's probably the same anon most of the time... they seriously need a new hobby! And I really like the lyrics in your fics.^^ Try not to worry about it, k? *hugs*

p.s. love your gifs, the kitten is so cute and angry Jung, yes. perfect.

*there~ there~*

Well, I just cant tell you "dont mind them, eonnie. dont think about it" because no matter how you look at it, it still bothers you. It’s completely impossible to stop thinking. Even thinking about not thinking is still thinking. I dont know why people are so stupid. They got to read your awesome fics, and they demand you smth. they get mad when they dont like it as if they're good writers or as if they have wild imaginations that they can put into words and write about it.

i just wanna send you a hug~ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
i hope the "good" comments can outdo the bad ones XDD
eonnie hwaiting! just go and collect pics of JJ's nips :)))

always love,
hey_yunHOe :))))

For what it's worth, I really really REALLY love what you're writing and whenever you post I feel like I have something to look forward to at the end of the day.

Everything FITS, when you write, the emotions and the images in my head that your words put in my head are so clear.

Thank you for writing, I can't say that enough <3

I don't know if you have ever heard this saying but it is "People who know the least argue the most.". I work with a bunch of crazy idiots that constantly have to drag someone down to there level. Why because they see a strength in that person that they don't have so they try to take that away by being a little fucking bitch. Haters are gonna hate but just remember all of your faithful followers that rejoice in your writing as for lyrics then print the hateful messages and like fall out boy says Light Em Up.

They're just jealous of you miss nicki, cause you're an awesome author and cool person too. Just ignore them and your supporters like us are here for you!


It won't take a second for them to just turn away from their computers and stop reading.

You're a wonderful writer, and if they can't see what these things you include in your stories makes it somewhat unique and actually contributes to the plot (songs are corny as hell? that person just hasn't had a special song with someone and started musicals in the middle of the day before) then they're not worth your time nikki.
Well entertaining these thoughts about demanding people can be taxing and I don't know to deal with them, but perhaps you could stop writing for a while. There's still many of us who love your writing as it is, we'll probably wait if you decide to go on a sabbatical. :)

We all have limits ok? You're still human and a little break will do you wonders :)

I love your stories and when I come home after a crappy, stressful day, seeing an update in my inbox brings a smile to my face!

Some people are just dumb and rude, even more so on the internet because they think being anonymous makes anything they do or say alright... Or maybe they think the whole world revolves around them and their needs and that you should write everything to please them. Either way, they're just internet bullies trying to make themselves feel big by making you feel small, so I say don't even give them the time of day!


Don't bother about them, they can go and die. I like your writing all of us like your writing. So don't listen if they write some stuff abt you, they just jealous with you nikki^^

That anon is really really vile. It's just so messed up to wish that someone else dies, it's just disgusting. UGH. It's the first thing I saw this morning and it's made me SO MAD.
Nikki, you are an amazing writer. I swear I've never cooed, giggled and enjoyed myself over stories the way I do over yours. They make me very happy, rather, YOU make us very happy. Freaks like that get a kick out of making someone upset. Don't pay any heed to them. We love you!! ^_^

they are just want to ruin things you do...maybe they're jealous you have many readers...or because you are a person that is not them and never be them. People always have something to tell, bad or not...they just want to pissed you off so you'll leave but i advice you to not leave or stop whatever you are doing because of their nonsense coz they'll just think they win... who cares of them when you have lots of love with you? right? XD hwaiting!!! <3

Edited at 2013-11-18 06:26 am (UTC)

I've always wondered what fuels people to just be such low beings.
What does hating something gives to that person that they go to such lengths?
I don't understand any of it. And I probably never will. I pity those people who can only live their lives putting others down.

I could tell you not to listen to them. But that's not something we as people can just control. When we are hurt,we hurt no matter how much we wished we could block things out. </p>

I can only say pity them. Pity them so much that what ever they say no longer comes from a sane human being. But a pitiful thing that deserves no other feelings but contempt and pity. Anyone who matters will always be next to you, making fun of you in your face. And speaking wonderful things about you behind you.