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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Why do I even bother?

This is why we cannot have nice things...Collapse )

Al diablo con ellos, don't like don't read. I love your work, you're an amazing writer, don't listen to them.
Always keep the faith!!!
Love you!!!
Bear hug!!!

This is one thing I actually dislike - there are so many people who just come to sites or people to release their hate, frustration, etc. They do not care where they place it or how; they feel free to write whatever because they do it anonymously. Not surprisingly, most of them teenagers or really sick people. Please, do not take their idiocy personally! Pity and forget :) The best is to ban then instantly.
(But actually, what that person wrote to you can be considered as a real threat, and in real life, ID could be traced and charges taken).

Leave the malicious people out of consideration. Jealous onto you and envied your talent.
You from among the best authors you are one.
Do not doubt your writing skillis.
We love you and your writings.
Thank you so much for sharing beautiful fics.

(Deleted comment)
I've read ALL of your YunJae writings and I adore your style!!!!! You write smart, affectionate, humorous, and very entertaining stories!!! I'm with you.. why do haters even bother to read them then??? Just to become agitated & send you mean comments??? Very odd indeed... Please continue writing your much-luved material!!!

Edited at 2013-11-18 02:00 pm (UTC)

You just should not bother with these ppl...i mean a person who could even think of harming another human being is just sick...just direct them to the nearest mental facility..anyway for every one of those rude comments im sure there are 10 gd ones...and you are one amazing author...one of my faves...i just love your style of writing and your plots are one of a kind...so take heart dear and ignore those fools..must be some immature antifan probably still in elementary..nikki fighting!!

That's just how people are. Stupid... Please don't be bothered by this!

Hwaiting! :DDDD

didn't you said once that you actually write for yourself?

that isn't hard to understand,
tbh i think is a mixture of envy and dissatisfaction coming from your readers.
they have this weird idea that whatever you write is for them therefore has to pass their liking. But when you buy a book and you end up not liking it, do you go all the way to the author and tell 0em how to write? no! of course not, you just go and look for another fucking book.

and i think they envy you, your writing and your personality.

OMG..i never thought you would get such hatefull messages and asking you to die...god...i feel awful Unnie...
But then i'll say this now and i guess i'll say from now when i read a fic of yours....

What the???? Seriously? lol -_-'

wow... didn't realize that some people are really sh*theads. i feel secondhand frustration... *sigh*

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Okay while reading this I couldn't controll my face. What the actual fuck?! Those retarded dipshits aren't even ashamed of the fact that they're still reading your fanfic's even tho they hate it ooooh so much!? This is what I call fucking jealousy. Because srsly, Nikki. Everyone knows what a wonderful author you are, and all those stupid dickheads hating on you are proof enough that you really are talented. Jealousy can be ugly sometimes. Just don't let those people get to you, always remember your true "fans" (if I may say so). We love and always will love you and your stories. Fuck to all of them stupid turds.

I don't post comments often on anything or to anyone. But this is so typical of the internet and it bugs me a lot. It's just like people commenting on different musicvideos on Youtube saying that it's shit. I mean why do they even bother? If it doesn't tickle their fancy then why not just carry on and find something that does?

You're very talented and your writing is beautiful. I get inspiration from reading your fics. So put all your focus on your readers that love you instead and let the haters continue with their sorry excuse of a daily routine.

Keep up the great work. And when I say great, I mean GREAT. <3