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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Why do I even bother?

This is why we cannot have nice things...Collapse )

(Deleted comment)
Even if you're an angel, they would say "why your wings are so big?" So, don't bother :))

so much hate..she's just jealous of you and insecure of yunho i think..why is she so stupid..she should stop reading your works if she doesnt like it..and for the record..your writings are awesome..i love it so much..<3

HELL ! people is really just stupid!! i cant undertand why they put those things in your stuff..but iam pretty sure that they envy you in a point that it is just studidDD ...really! you are an amazing whiter!!!!! and that is what people envy D: and envy is sometimes worst than hate..thats why they act like that ...but you have people that like and admire you! so dont forget ;) stupid people who do stupid things trust me...KARMA will bring verry things to them..and karma in a BITCH!! soooo be you!! and amazing person who whites even better than mmmm linsey Johanna or L james !!! REALLYYY :)

Totally agree with you. If the fic pisses you off, simple, don't read it. No one force you to =.=

*hugs* I hope you will feel better soon. Igonore these kind of immature and childish people. They have nothing better to do yeah.

mother f*** die!!!! >_<
grrr Im so mad that Im gonna speak in spanish!!!!
ahh ... como van a decir eso si tu eres lo maximo, no les hagas caso hay gente que solo esta para joder!!
send lots of love ♥♥♥♥ and hug and kisses *3*
I think all of us love your writing so please dont listen those bastards!! grrrr!!!!

Some people are just born mean. :( I'm really sorry you have to put up with that kind of stuff, I can't even imagine why someone would say things like that.

I think your stories are lovely. *hugs*

Don't waste your time on the haters. There are always going to be people who will continuously be a hater. Why? It's' simple really. Jealousy. They envy your craft. People who can't come close to creating masterpiece of words of art like you can will always be envious. Obviously they took the time to read your stories but thought to themselves "I'm an idiot. Why can't I write like this?" Then turn around and throws hurtful and negative remarks because....well....they're idiots. Continue and have strength on what you do. I love your stories. I love getting lost in Yunjae's world when my real one is trying to beat me down. You have more people who is with you than against you. That's when you know you've made it......when you have haters. LOL.

I really like your stories . especially the way in which a character's inner psyche is intricately explained.
i hope you are feeling better now.

I don't understand~ how can someone hate you?! TT,TT
You're like one of the most awesome people in the world!! I know that there are more people that loves/likes/admires you than people that hates on you! you have us ^^

I really had no idea that there is so much hate on fanfic writers !!
Dont mind them, you're only doing what u like and they hate that cause the hate their own life .
Stay strong dear and try not to get pissed *hugz* but its natural to get angry because of these mother fuckers, we all do
there are a bunch of idiots with no life and they will not change

i just read your post so i know my message is a bit late ...

But i think your actually good .. some people might criticize you all they want but there are readers (like me ) who really likes the twist of your stories :)

Those people who criticize it are those whose selfish i guess.. they want the plot to change or something .. i think its not their rights to do so...

Readers must be thankful because you humbly shares your stories to us and im so thankful for that

sorry .. i think im saying nonsense or so whatever :) :)

Anyway thanks for everything .. you always brighten up my day you know ... your writings amaze me .. i write some fics my self but im always stuck in the middle of the story then leave ut be :(

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu again <3 <3

Lots of late hugs and kisses (hwaiting)

Just IGNORE those who comment harshly to you coz they DON'T RESPECT you at all.....

I like most of your writings and if I feel like I don't really like the story then I will just stop reading and find another interesting stories....to be honest I read Sleeping Beauty universe several times and found myself not to get bored at all (wish you could write more for SB)

Just continue writing awesome stories :-)

I was going to comment on your new updates after my exams finish but I saw this and had just had to write something.
There is something wrong with that person, that comment does bother me alot since Yunho's poisoning incident was included as well as that they wanted it to happen to you too. For a person to wish for another to be poisoned when one, that person hasn't done anything to you and two, you don't even know them.. That's just ridiculous!!
and for the other person that asked you to stop inserting lyrics into your fics, she doesn't have a right to ask, its YOUR fic!
Arrrrggghh! These people!! actually I don't even wanna consider the first one as a person. Seriously.. I don't know why you would want to wish harm on another person like this if you don't like their stuff. Seems more like they're jealous.

I just wanted to tell you again that I enjoy your fics, I LOOOOVEE ALL of them actually lol, and that your one of my favourite authors!
I'm not sure what's going on with other people's opinion about ONIB, but I really really really really like that fic. I was surprised with where you took with Changmin but I actually liked how it played out and its kinda easier to imagine the relationship dynamics between the three (closeness of yunho and changmin) because of the current real life situation.

I always want to thank you for sharing your fics, I really appreciate all the work and effort you put into them and being able to read such good stories. I think you're awesome! =)