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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Why do I even bother?

This is why we cannot have nice things...Collapse )

I hope by the time this gets to you, you are well and truly mending from the idiocy that is armchair critics! I cannot believe how hateful people can be sometimes. I started out reading only Beast fics. Even though I listened to various Kpop idols I just didn't branch out. Knowing that wasn't the type of reader I usually was, I started to gradually incorporate more and more groups/idols. When I stumbled on to your writing, I was HOOKED! I don't know who 'they' think they are and really don't care but you have one more emphatic AYE for the love you queue. I was not there at the start of your wonderful writing but I want to stay along for the ride whereever you take us. Ignore the haters, they only gain power that way. You are amazing and generous for sharing your talent. Official THANK YOU, sweetie.

Haters gonna hate. But most of us are here coz we love ur writing, let them shit themselves a little bit more.

Hang on there! ♥

BTW, first comment here, I think. Oh God, sorry xD I totally stalk your journal, and wait for new stuff to come up =) I absolutely love it ♥

Those people are just failures wasting their lives away with all the hate They WISH they could be as talented as you, which makes them jealous and in return makes them do foolish things to deter successful people like you from accomplishing even greater things imo

You have such a great mind, I wanna worship it ;P I mean who else could write stories that invokes so much emotions in the readers? I think that you are AMAZING *-* And that we are really darn lucky to have you in the fandom :) Well, whenever you get a stupid ask, just remind yourself that for every reeky ill-nurtured hugger-mugger anon you get, you have a handful of sweet, cavity inducing anons behind cheering you on ^^ I hope it makes it at least a tad better

And about the feeling emotions part, whether its a growth or a weakness, I would say to just embrace it. We are only human, after all. :) I hope this anon hate thing is starting to stop.

OK, so this is way late but honestly I felt I needed to speak up. I know that you are bothered by the comments that others leave, but that is just people who don't have the talent that you do trying to get under your skin. Your imagination is as wide as the ocean and I truly love you for it! Those naysayers need to pull people down to try to raise themselves up, and one day karma will be back around to deal with them. Just know that you have fans EVERYWHERE who think the world of you and your writing...even if we don't always comment (Hi, I am a lurker). You keep loving your bias and please keep your head up, you are an amazing writer.

Oh God! How dare she?!!! How DARE she!!!! Wishing someone to die... I'm horrified.
I think the problem is that some people are simply too young for this, too immature. This is fun fiction - fiction for fun. Your fiction. And I as a reader have fun reading it.
She obviously has deep, deep problems, she should take her shit to the doctor - he'll find a spot for her in a special place...

They are just jealous of your awesomeness,and your fucking amazing fics, hell I can't write like you even if I tried because you are amazing. Your fics have made me feel so many emotions, and not many fics make me do that. You are one of my most favorite authors, so let those butthurt people go and fuck themselves, because you certainly give me something to look forward to in my hectic life. We love you and thanks for always putting so much effort in writing! <3

People like them will get complete satisfaction if they manage to piss you off. Just ignore them. I know that they are jealous b*tches anyway.

Girl, you have lots and lots of readers that faithfully reading your writing. So please don't let those b*tches get you don't. We are here, and always cheers for you.


please just ignore those kind of people. we love your story and every author has their rights to make the flow of their story. it's not right for others to hate what other people enjoys.

i think those who 'hated' you just being a jealous one for not able to write fic as incredible as yours. they should try harder or write more to get it better than bashing others (in this case is you).

just remind you, you have many people who love your story, even I can't stop myself to re-read your fics again and again. it's okay if some people hate you and you angry about it, it's normal. everybody would be too if they being bashed, just ignore them. we would love to read your story again and i really hope you won't stop writing, since you're my no.1 fav author.

dont lose to them~~
fighting !!!! \(^▽^)/!♪♪

Some people are ASSHOLES, period! They are just jealous of your awesome writing, fabulous wit, and happy home life that you have with your husband. But instead of seeing this as bad, look at this as positive. Having anti-fans means your famous. DBSK/JYJ has numerous of them take and they are extremely famous. Don't you now feel closer to them? Lol And don't worry, your fans out number your antis. So miss famous LJ author when are you coming to California to have a fan meeting? :)

Those people are just jealous since they don't have the talent to write anything other than stupid hateful comments. You write want you want and what makes you happy. They are the idiots to keep reading if they don't like it. It's so much easier to critize someone else's hard work than to get off their fat asses and do something productive. I personally like your writing and want to thank you for the great stories. Looking forward to your next chapter!

I’m sorry I didn't see this real time. Being an effective writer includes making your readers feel a myriad of different things, but this is too much. We have our own likes and dislikes and people should learn to respect that. Leaving hateful messages and threats and dragging anyone into it are too low. I’m surprised these amalgamated forms of matter can even read given how boorish their actions are. They probably don’t have the capacity to realize that they could just stop reading than waste energy hating your stuff. I, for one, don’t read mpreg because I’m not a fan of it. It’s that simple.

I’m thankful that you still share your fics because you make a lot of people happy, myself included. I really appreciate your effort to squeeze writing into your schedule. <3

wow..this is the first time I read something like this..I actually stumbled on this from schreient_0 journal and I was really disappointed when I read this..Such horrible persons. Please do not mind them..It just means you are quite popular that's why they bother you.. like sasaeng fans??keke sorry for such lame comparison..
I am actually a silent reader ( which I'm trying now to change T_T,sorry) so you may not know about me. And upon seeing this I cannot help but also post about my thoughts..
But I must say you are doing a pretty good job handling those comments, If I were you I might not know what to do..
But I read a lot of your works and they are really good... and I think a lot of people also think the same.

And I am also a yunho bias so...grrrrr.. that comment..