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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Why do I even bother?

So I sat on this for an hour or so. And found myself getting even more annoyed. Despite what it may come off like, I am still fucking human.

What is it about me that makes me have a fucking bullseye in the middle of my forehead or something? My forehead isn't even as wide as Yoochun's and yet people seem to think using me as a dartboard is fun. Hating my writing or whatever is one thing. Heck, even hating my personality is acceptable because I know I rub people the wrong way and it even happens IRL. But then you had to go that one step further.

"Someone should poison you like your stupid fat bias got poisoned. The two of you are popular for what? Being shit.

I've had threats and shit in my ask.fm over the last few months. Some people even tell me to go and die. But this one bothers me, not because whoever it is had to drag Yunho and his poisoning incident into it, but the fact that i'm pretty sure this person reads my "shit".

I had someone yesterday too telling me that when I insert lyrics into my fics, it's corny as hell and makes her cringe and she asked me to stop.


You do realise the solution to this right?




If I aggravate you so much that you have to send hateful asks to me, then why on earth do you insist on continually being aggravated??? This makes no logical sense to me whatsoever. I had so many asks yesterday from people giving me their opinions on ONIB and they were polite and I could actually see where most of them were coming from. But then some of you are just pissed at me for the sake of being pissed and then you continue to get pissed at me by continuing to read.

A friend on twitter offered an explanation, saying that y'all like my writing, BUT you just want it according to YOUR preferences.

face palm

So instead of writing in my spare hour, i'm spending it wondering why people are so stupid. I'd say it's highly stupid of ME to waste time on this and my husband would more than likely scold me for being stupid enough to give you the time of the day because that is clearly what you want, but seriously... I need to get it out there.


It's not like i'm holding a goddamn gun to your head.

Life is about choices. I chose to be a fool and be bothered by this, and I acknowledge that. Being in this fandom and writing has honestly made me soft. It's made me feel things I don't want to feel and it's made me human. I see it as a weakness, but my husband sees it as growth. The jury is still out on which one of us is right.


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Well that is so malicious to drag the poison incident into this matter. Actually just a mere death wish for someone is very wrong, no matter how much you hate the person. If the person kills your loved one, that is more understandable to some extent, but gosh this is just a fictional writing. In stead of being stupid, I may say these people have mental problems...children with psychological trauma.

Anyway, there are a lot of mean people in the society. I hope you don't let them affect the goods in you. Remember there are also many people who love and support you. NIKKI FTW! ♡

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