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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Giveaway Notice
So I suck with deadlines in fandom but that doesn't mean y'all do too. I think you should give it a try even if you've never written before because there's no harm in it ;-)


That's the link above. One thing that most people seem to miss though is the fact that it is specified that the main character has to be Yunho OR Changmin. It doesn't have to be a HoMin fic, BUT it has to be a bandfic.

Deadline: 23 November 2013 and word limit is 5,000 (which rules me out anyway hahahahahaha) :P

Give it a try! If you're shy, know that only the admins get to read it. This giveaway is my friend's. She's a cute admin and probably my second or third oldest Cassie friend. I've known her for almost as long as i've really been into DBSK hahaha. So give her something to read y'all :P

Skinny hearts from Yunho to you if you take part!

skinny heart

Or do you prefer apples from Jaejoong? :PPP

ETA: OMFG someone sent me a message asking if I was taking part and if I am, she won't bother... Dude... I am not taking part, and even if I was, there's no guarantee i'd win. COME ON YOU GUYS!!! Don't be like this. I'm posting this to help my friend so help me to help her, ok? SHARE THE LOVE! Write whatever you want!!!

Jaejoong hugs for all!



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"space station vampire AU and the like are not allowed."
I have three ideas in my head and one is space and the other is vampire. Welp.

Here's hoping the third idea is bandfic lol!!!!!!!!

WRITE WRITE GO GO GO! *waves pom poms*

never get tired see those JJ's hugs.. beautiful expression.

anyway, i can't write anything beside YoonJae. so OTL i won't particapting Nicki.. i'm really sorry.. T^T

Dude... The specification is that the main character be Yunho OR Changmin so YunJae is fine as long as it's bandfic OTL

if only i can write something right now... *squeezesbrainjuices* yep. nada.


i'll just share this around~^^ but i might be hit by a sudden muse within the week... hopefully~XD

dammit i wanted to write a present day bandfic where they all got on a rocket ship & traveled to a space station full of vampires, then Changmin & Jaejoong & Yunho had an erotic threesome on mars while vampire YooSu sang Winter Rose acapella so sweetly that Earth flipped on its axis & everybody TIME travelled back to 2008 where there was lots of YunJae sex & DBSK never broke up…. ;D

so i guess i won't be participating either 8(

jk i'll pass this around, thanks for sharing xD

OK, I know you're just joking BUT...my brain just spazzed out on the thought of you writing a zero gravity threesome scene:0 It could be deadly;)

I hope I finish it on time >

I hope I can write...but I'm in a depression rehabilitation and Internet is like a rare event!!

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