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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Oh my fucking god I feel like a proud mama right now!!!

Alright, IDK if she wants me to name her cos she sent me an LJ message but I can't reply to it cos stupid LJ but if you read this, send me another message if you want me to name you. Better still, if you can share the winning entry, please do!!!

She participated because of my encouraging post (though really, I barely did anything cos I was trying to help my friend ahhh!). This was her FIRST drabble/bandfic and she freaking won!!!!!!! I had an actual warm moment where my eyes got really hot as I read her message and gosh my heart burst with pride and happiness. This is why we're all here. To spread our love for DBSK in all their various incarnations.

Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy right now i'm practically bouncing around and my smile looks something like this tbh but i'm nowhere near as cute :O


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YAY! That's great! I don't know who she is LOL but that's awesome. And that gif of Yunho is so adorable!!! :D Aww, now I'm smiling and can't stop. Thanks for sharing the happiness^^ I can feel the energy from here! xD


Congrats! Would like to read the winning piece!!

congratulation! i wish can read the story too^^

(Deleted comment)
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