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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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This is dragging...
...and i'm getting increasingly irritated.



I don't know what the hell is going on with Livejournal because they sent me the message below and I took the screen cap when I sent that last message and that was 11 HOURS AGO. Ok so nothing from them since.


I'm still unable to use my journal!!! I'm on a freaking IP switching thing at the moment and I hate that I have to use it to access my freaking account :-/ Don't suppose y'all wanna bug LJ to hurry up with this? Lol!


Kinda hilarious but i've gotten two messages on tumblr about someone allegedly plagiarising the Sleeping Beauty universe... IDK if you're trolling me or not but in this particular instance, I can 100% assure everyone who might be thinking that about a recent fic that it most certainly isn't plagiarism but thank you so much for looking out for me!



It's really taking LJ too fucking long to fix this. I said that I wouldn't update any of my WIPs because of it but i've gotten too many messages from upset readers :-/ I don't mean to upset you! I really don't. If you're frustrated, i'm even more. I have a ninja account and I have posted this week but I can't post ONIB 8a or LITI 15 (or whatever chapter we're up to) on that account because that would just be weird and I really want to keep everything to this account :-/ I hate posting to a new account more than you can imagine but I did it in part because of Rui hahahaha. It was an experiment for me about what happens when "beeswaxing" posts as opposed to a random "unknown" writer because of some stuff people have been saying.

Anyway, enough of my rambling.

Write and post in beeswaxing despite it being a pain in the ass


Explain why if you have a reason

Write and post in ninja account but no WIPs will be updated


Explain why if you have a reason

Any other thoughts? Just hit me with it.

I wanna write SB flufffffffffffffff but I kinda consider that a WIP hahahahahaha!

Thank you for listening and just being amazing :-) I'm sorry there's so much drama involved with me lately. I'd love to go back to a year ago when the only drama to be had was people wanting me to write a Sleeping Beauty sequel...

As Jaejoong would say... so many drama, drama, drama, drama.

And that is pretty much why i'm still here... OTL

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I'm not voting cause when, where and how you should write or post is totally up to you. You should do what make you happy. You do not need to inconvenient yourself for us T_T I'm really touched that you consider our feelings.

Seriously, I really don't mind where you will be posting your work cause I know you will definitely let us know if it's not in LJ.

PS: I don't mind some SB flufffffff, heh. But hey, no pressure yeah.

I really hope LJ could resolve this problem for you soon =___= You poor thing. *hugs*

Edited at 2013-11-29 06:48 am (UTC)

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