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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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My journal is back!
Just a quick note cos I'm busy as fuck but MY JOURNAL IS BACK!

I wanted to announce it with a drabble lmao but I'm way too busy I don't even have time to look for my thumb drive OTL

Thank you everyone for all your encouragement and probably your hounding of LJ too lol. Y'all are amazing!

I'm so busy that I'm typing this from my phone OTL

Btw I figured I was busted ages ago but for those who didn't know...



Welcome back!!!!!!!

Yeah ... Thought it was you.

Welcome back nicki...
You know,I've got bad cold from the weather since forever,and today I dreamed ur LJ is back..,and voilla~ my dream come true...
Anyway,glad to see ur muses in LJ again~

Welcome back!
I used to have a problem with posting the comments.

Yaaaaayyyyy.... Welcome back bb :D

squealing so hard my father thought I have finally lost it .you have no idea how many times a day I refresh your LJ btw welcome back :)

oh i am glad! hope you can write in here freely as before ^^

Congratulations and welcome back!!! c:

Awesome and congrats! Welcome back!!!

thank god! *throwing confetties eveywhere, flapping YJ banner*

Glad to hear it!
It's possible that with the holidays the fix got delayed. I know I've been guilty of expecting something done immediately only to find out that the first person messed up, and then a holiday on a Monday. And then I got a response telling me they resolved it, sorry for the delay due to veterans day and I felt like a crud for getting upset. Course of business eh.

And I didnt know the ninja account existed ;-) but I have better things to do than stalk you (don't get me wrong please, I'm a huge fan, I just have no stalker tendencies to try to dictate any part of your life/writing.. Unlike stans and malicious idiots. Hope you know what I mean)