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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Picture Perfect: TW teaser

That really awkward moment when I am DESPERATELY trying to wrangle my JaeMin muses that I write Trophy Wife in an attempt to help alleviate the bickering in my head OTL

IDK why I didn't post this here and link it to Tumblr instead of vice versa OTL

So fingers crossed it works though I have a feeling it's dependent on HOW I finish this little Trophy Wife snippet...

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WHy isn't it longer....I want more....how can you just stop there..OMG...my Homin feels...
ONIB has given me laods of Homin feels and then you throw this at once...god....
Yunho with kids is the best thing ever..be it be Sb or TW...
I love it...

thanks for writing...

awwww, i miss your tw series ><
it's been a long time since we read about minah and yoona, right?

Follows the old rule of if mama ain't happy then nobody is happy. Important rule in my house. ;)

So happy to see Trophy Wife again. ^__^ Thanks.
omg poor Yunho, but we know his wife and twins love him.

Out of all that you write, I have to say that Trophy Wife is my absolute favorite. Very happy to see this on my flist. :)

I might be a YJS because something inside me just can't see this in real life, but I absolutely love this verse, especially this one! I can so see the twins doing that to tbeid daddy wnd Yunho being confused as how to handle the situation.
Hopefully your Changmin muse comes to somewhat of a heel with this!
By the way, I'm sorry you have so many haters out there, by you might consider it a reverse compliment. What I mean is that you are so damn good with your stories, that they have to have something to complain about. Haters gonna hate, but hopefully your fans love will win over the other idiots.

Well, now that I've rambled enough, I'm gonna reread this again!

I'm so sad it doesn't work on my PC so I didn't get to read it I'll try when I get home tonight.. crying inside...

I miss your TW Series...neeeeeed morreeeeee please

LOL~ that teaser was cute and i can just imagine that happening too~XDDDDD poor yunho tho because he'd just experienced being on the receiving end of his twin toddlers' tantrums. :D

You had to capture one of the most perfect gif of the both of them.

I cannot wait to read what your muse has inspired you.

Maybe the Minsu will help quench your Min feels? Hehehe =P

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