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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Title: Sleeping Beauty drabble: Dieffenbachia
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: G
Length: Drabble
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

Summary: Would a dumb cane really make you dumb?

AN1: I've had several requests for high school YooSuMin so here you go hah!

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE


“Jung Changmin, please return to your seat.”

The student in question cocks his head, staring at his blue-eyed teacher. He isn’t being defiant or acting up or anything like that. He is just really very curious.

“But, Sir, I want to try it.”

The man is at his wit’s end. Having not one, not two, but three Jung brats in his class is surely three Jungs too many. He had both Jung Jiyool and Jung Jaeyoung in his class previously, and both girls were almost as willful as the youngest Jung boy.

Jiyool in particular drove him almost crazy, constantly asking questions beyond the level of the rest of her peers. It’s impossible to dislike the beautiful girl though for she asks her questions with such a reverent smile (for knowledge) on her face that he had found himself staying up late just looking up the answers for her. A very well rounded girl, the former head cheerleader had no lack of friends despite the fact that her intelligence set her apart from most of them from the start.

Though if Jiyool was considered intelligent, her youngest brother is more than that and precocious as hell to boot. Skipping two levels to be in the same class as the Jung twins, Changmin is a constant distraction to both teacher and students alike.

His thirst for answers never ever seems to cease and oddly enough, only Jung Junsu is able to calm him down with a hand to his chest, when he gets far too excited or agitated for his own good. Jung Yoochun is no help, more than happy to egg his brother on, a troublemaker himself who enjoys disrupting the class and watching the chaos unfold with a smirk playing about his cupid bow mouth.

A recent IQ test run by the school had placed Changmin with a score of 150, Yoochun with a score of 130 and Junsu with a score of 100.

Despite the vast difference in their intelligence, he has never ever seen a tighter bond between the three Jung boys. Make fun of Junsu’s intelligence at your peril for Changmin will flay you alive with his tongue and if you somehow managed to survive that, Yoochun will probably make fun of you till you cry for mercy. Attempt to bully Changmin for being the youngest in the level and you will meet the end of Junsu’s insured left foot, and a personal taekwondo lesson from Yoochun as his punching bag. The oldest Jung boy can hold his own in any regard as far as he can see, though both younger boys will defend the troublemaker till they turn blue in the face if it comes to it. It doesn’t matter what trouble Yoochun cooks up, for both boys will be in his corner no matter what.

However, he is relieved to know that even though both boys will stand with the naughtiest Jung in public, they do take their older brother to task when in private as evidenced by the scolding Yoochun got under the bleachers just last week, that he’d managed to overhear, after the prank he pulled in the girls’ locker room.

He still remembers the first day he’d met all five older Jung children. Jaeyoung had only just entered high school, and he’d been the new science specialist at the private school, an eager beaver from Oxford who’d, oddly enough, majored in Korean and International Business, as well as Biology and Chemistry. As her homeroom teacher, he’d been taken aback by the very in-your-face beauty of the young teenager. There was almost an ethereal quality to the girl, and if he wasn’t a closet atheist, he might believe angels exist.

That is, till he actually gets to know the girl.

Jaeyoung has got to be the cheekiest girl to ever live. That veneer of innocence betrays a wicked sense of a humor and a predilection for causing mischief, not unlike her younger brother Yoochun. She is much more subtle about it though, and very good at looking oh so innocent as she says the damnedest things. Her poker face is probably the best he’s ever come across and when he found out (at the end of the school day) exactly whose daughter she is, he understands where she gets it from.

Unfortunately, his introduction to Jiyool was more of a trial by fire. The girl shooting off question after question after question in that first hour of class, that he actually felt as if she was interviewing him, and finding him lacking somehow for the role as her teacher.

He didn’t know this particular Jung was related to the Jung in his homeroom class till the end of the day when three very noisy and boisterous middle school boys, had caused quite a ruckus as they greeted their older sisters in the high school courtyard at the end of classes.

God was definitely smiling the day these children were made. In all his life, he has never seen such a group of aesthetically pleasing humans.

He’d gawked unashamedly at the handsome boys and pretty girls, chasing each other across the courtyard as if they were six, not a care in the world as to the stares they are getting. The level of uncaring they have for their possibly judgmental peers should have alerted him to the fact that these children are probably at the top of the food chain.

They run around like wild animals, so free and happy.

And then, just like animals whose hearing picks up something no human can hear, they fall in line and run in one direction.

It is that very day that he decides there has to be a god. No act of randomness could craft such beauty.


He is shaken from his reminiscing by an impatient fifteen year old.

“No, Changmin. How will I explain this to your parents if something happens to you? Your brothers are here!”

“Don’t drag us into it,” seventeen year old Jung Yoochun drawls lazily, his usual smirk playing about his mouth that causes more than a few wistful sighs around the classroom. “And besides, Changmin knows exactly what he’s doing and what mama would say to this.”

“What?” the teacher asks curiously, remembering the stunning man from all those years ago that he’d gone out of his way to avoid seeing at every parent-teacher meeting imaginable. So far he’s succeeded but he wonders if his luck is running out. The man makes his mouth go dry, his brain foggy and his knees go weak, not to mention he is rather attached to living so he figures taking the coward’s way out and hiding from the Jung’s wife is the best thing for him. Foreigner or not, he doubts that even he will be given a free pass for drooling and staring stupidly at the wife of one of the most powerful men in East Asia.

Changmin rolls his eyes as he spreads out his arm, gesturing to the entire class. “Forget my parents. You have twenty witnesses to say I wanted to do this, including my brothers.”

“Hear, hear.” Yoochun deadpans, causing a few titters around the room.

Junsu rolls his eyes as he leans back in his seat, crossing his arms over his chest and pinning his younger brother with a questioning look.

“Do you really want to know if a dumb cane will make you dumb?”

“Don’t you?”

“He’s already—“

“Finish that sentence, and I promise your Christmas will be filled with coal.” Changmin doesn’t even look in the direction of the voice. It is one of the new kids, who appears to need a lesson or several when it comes to messing with Junsu. For some reason, the brawny (and somewhat brainy though right now it’s a little dubious) kid seems to take offense to the fact that Junsu is the captain of the school’s soccer squad and has gone out of his way, time and time again to mess with the teenager the only way he knows will get to him.

“Dumb as in mute, genius.” Yoochun sneers. “Would you like a private lesson on the difference? I assure you, I can make sure you end up being both.”

“Yoochun,” the teacher sighs. That new kid might be book smart and a rather good athlete but he has absolutely zero sense.

“Sir,” Yoochun replies in the exact same tone.

Changmin takes the opportunity of the tiny distraction to break a piece of leaf off from the plant on his teacher’s desk, and stuffing it into his mouth.


“Did you know, our oldest sister likes to eat plants too?” Junsu hasn’t taken his eyes off his baby brother since he’d plucked a leaf from the plant.

“Which sister?” the poor teacher asks, carding his hair agitatedly as he stares at the tall, lanky boy chewing on the poisonous leaf slowly. “Can someone please call the nurse?”

“I feel fine.”

Despite this, Junsu gets up, heading straight for the intercom to call the school nurse. He still doesn’t take his eyes off Changmin though, so you get the peculiar sight of the soccer captain stumbling over several desks on his way to the intercom by the front door of the classroom.

“I’m going to lose my job aren’t I?” the teacher is really too tired. He’d thought that a random lesson on interesting household plants would be something different for his bored high school class. Finals are over, and yet they are all still made to attend classes in this final week before Christmas break. He’s lucky they’re not kicking a soccer ball around like they were apparently doing in math class, which resulted in a broken window.

In all honesty, he’d take several broken windows over having to deal with a stubborn Jung Changmin.

Despite the question being largely rhetorical, Yoochun answers.

“You won’t. Mama will side with both of you.”

“How does that work?”

“He will side with Changmin for his curiosity and side with you because he knows what my brother is like. Nothing short of being restrained physically would have kept him from putting that leaf in his mouth and he’d prefer our Minnieball untouched.”


Yoochun smirks. “Oh, Minnieball…”

An irritated thump on a desk, and the sound of a foot against the side of a table, but nothing else.

Junsu, still standing by the classroom intercom, rings for the nurse again.

The class is slowly starting to laugh, as they gaze at a very red-faced and irate Jung Changmin huffing and puffing, and drooling, at the front of the class, tugging miserably at his tongue as he glares at his older brother. He looks none the worse for wear though, apart from the fact that he does appear to have been struck dumb.

If looks could kill, Jung Yoochun would most certainly be dead.

“Can we bring that potted plant home? I think this is the most useful thing I’ve learned all year.”


Junsu’s horrified exclamation sends the entire class into gales of laughter.

“Hey, at least we know for a fact that a dumb cane really will make you dumb.”

“Next time, just take my word for it,” the teacher murmurs as the nurse finally arrives.

Junsu shakes his head as he follows the two nurses and his brother out, remarking over his shoulder as he walks.

“A mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. You just inspired my brother to demonstrate so I guess that makes you an incredible teacher.”

The teacher stares as the door shuts behind the foursome.

“Yeah, incredibly stupid.”

AN: I had a cool teacher like this but she was a relief teacher for four months when our Chemistry teacher went on maternity leave so I guess she wasn’t so worried about getting into trouble haha and all of us listened to her because she was like one of us but a teacher. This was actually inspired by a kid who did this today. Smart kids always think they know better lmao and they learn from their experiments ;-) He’s never going to try that again though I have a horrid feeling he might try and talk some sucker into it…

reminds me of my chem/sex ed teacher. first signs of spring and we go insanely happy. instead of making us do book work, she laughed and called us crazy. She found other things for us to do.


You pick the best Jung kid for the role of trying that plant.
Of all of them Changmin is either brave, curious or dumb enough...depending on your point of view.

That kid of your which did this, is he the same kid which burst into tears when he thought another girl was you?

Finally you write yoosumin drabble again, sooooo happy (: thx for amazing fic you write :D

i will go insane if i have them as my students! haha

LOL Minnieball... I wouldn't want to be his teacher either! I can imagine the trouble Yoosumin would cause ;D

Okay, now I'm totally convinced Minnieball would eat anything that doesn't move too much!!!
Loved it!!!
Thanks, it was wonderful!!!

ohh ohhh~ HAHAHHAA! YooSuMin ♥♥♥

Ahh...memories of high school. Reminds me of my chemistry teacher from Kenya. Lets just say it was amazing our class didn't poison ourselves or blow the building up. Best time ever!

LoL Minnieball!!! You are the best ♡

And I miss YunJae so much *sulks* lol

hello nikki welcome back I really like this changmin is like always adorable ...
thanks for sharing and writing such beautiful fics


hug u nikki ^^

AWWWWWW cute!!!

I would love to be their teacher ... /leers/ ... :)

Yoochun's comment about wanting one for home was hilarious!!

well there he goes again. YAY!!!
poor poor junsu he have to stand all of this silliness. but well smart ass gotta learn his lesson, so be it.

OMG I can totally imagine Changmin doing this :D