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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Babies & Kittens
Title: SB/Tattooist crossover drabble: Babies & Kittens
Pairing: YunJae (x2)
Rating: G
Length: Drabble
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

AN1: This is a fluffy drabble for someone whom I won’t call attention to. She dropped a bombshell on me a couple of days ago and I’m still reeling and while I’m unsure if she read The Tattooist, I hope she reads this.

AN2: Unbetaed and this fic can stand alone but it’s more fun if you’ve read The Tattooist and Sleeping Beauty

“I don’t think your parents are going to like this.”

Innocent almond eyes blink up at him.


“Your mama won’t like this.”

“Mama loves kitty.”

“I’m sure he does but your daddy doesn’t.”

“Daddy, sneeze.”

“Your daddy’s allergic? Ah, that explains it.”

The kitten mewls in the loose grip of the toddler and she kisses it soundly before moving to drop it into the baby seat right across the swaddled legs of her sleeping sibling.

The teenager squeaks as it happens, leaning forward to pluck the confused little kitty from it’s new perch but a hiss from the toddler stops him.

Yes, she actually hisses.

Like an angry little kitten.

“Kitty for baby,” she declares, her tone brooking no opposition whatsoever. She is most definitely Jung Yunho’s daughter.

Jae shakes his head helplessly as he stares into glittering almond eyes so like his boyfriend’s that it’s disconcerting as hell. The two Jung children are beyond gorgeous. This little two year old is a picture, looking just like her daddy and while the infant hasn’t quite grown into her looks yet, he will recognize her doe eyes anywhere for they mirror his.

The newest addition to the Jung brood is sound asleep in her baby carrier. Jung Yunho is in the back getting an addition to his tattoo and Jung Jaejoong has run out to pick up and drop off some of his nephews and nieces or something or other, leaving his precious angels in the care of an apprehensive teenager at the tail end of his summer vacation. The fact that he’s been trusted out of hand pleases him.

That is, till he ascertains exactly how precocious the older girl is.

The baby has been a sleeping angel in the half hour they’ve been left alone. Milk drunk and content, the wee baby girl falls asleep instantly after letting out a rather spectacular burp that caused both her sister and mama to coo appreciatively.

Jae tries again, reaching out to pluck the now inquisitive kitten, pawing its way slowly up the tiny, sleeping infant’s body. The baby is swaddled loosely, her beautiful pout still slick with milk.


The teenager swallows a squeak as his kitten reaches the baby’s head, patting at her mouth gently with his paw.

He holds his breath, staring anxiously at the infant as her older sister vibrates excitedly next to him.

“Kitty loves baby.”

Jae is much too worried to reply. He prays belatedly, hoping that the baby has taken after her mama rather than her daddy and isn’t allergic to cats. He doesn’t dare pick up his kitten because he’s afraid the ball of fluff will reach out and swipe at the baby or something. He’s been booped on the nose before, not to mention scratched and his boyfriend has been bitten and nipped several times, so he’d much rather watch, and pray very hard, and hope an adult will come along and rescue him.

Preferably his tattooist boyfriend.

But at this point in time, he’ll take anyone, including Changmin hyung.

Just as long as it isn’t one of the Jung parents.

Jiyool starts to coo, and Jae is shaken from his distracted thoughts by an adorable sight.

The kitten is kissing little baby JJ, so gentle that it doesn’t wake the baby at all. Her milk slicked pout is being investigated and clearly found attractive as the young cat nuzzles and boops the baby’s tiny yet perfect little cupid bow with its nose.

“Kitty loves baby. Daddy will let me have kitty now.”

“But the kitty is mine,” Jae pouts, turning towards the little girl next to him after deciding the infant is in no immediate danger.

And damned if the toddler doesn’t pout back.

“But I want kitty.”

“But kitty is mine.”

“But I want kitty.”

“Kitty is mine.”

“I want kitty.”

The rueful teenager wants to tell her no, but her dark eyes are starting to shimmer.

“But kitty is my baby,” he whispers sadly as he turns to look at the fluffy ball that has appropriated the infant as his, curling up alongside the baby and staring at her face as if it’s the most interesting thing in the world.

“Oh!” Jiyool exclaims, staring up at the upset teenager as she turns to look at the two babies in the carrier. Her eyes travel back and forth several times before she reaches out a hand and pats him.

Jae looks down at her face, and is surprised to see her smiling up at him and shaking her head.

“What is it?”

“Baby is yours.”

“Your sister?” Jae asks, a little confused.

The tiny girl looks briefly horrified before shaking her head vehemently. “No, no, no. Sister is mine. Baby is yours. Kitty baby.”


She nods, beaming up at him as she pats his arm once again. “Kitty, your baby. Baby sister, mine.”

“You don’t want kitty?”

She looks torn for a moment as she gazes into the carrier where two babies are now slumbering.

“I will have another kitty. Not your baby.”

Jae heaves an inward sigh of relief, just as the buzzer goes off. The sound startles the baby awake, and the kitten scrams, disappearing under the sofa as two pairs of eyes glance over at the smiling man who’d just come in.

“Hello baby girl. Did you have fun with oppa?”

“I don’t want his baby.”

Jung Jaejoong comes to a screeching halt, as he stares at his two year old daughter. “What?”

“I don’t want to take his baby.” She amends and repeats, staring innocently up at her perplexed parent.

“I get to keep my baby,” the teenager offers, hugging the toddler to his side as she nods.

Jaejoong stares back and forth between two utterly guileless faces as they both nod earnestly at him. One little girl has just turned two and the other boy is barely legal. He knows he’s definitely missing something here, and he has a feeling it has something to do with a certain kitten Jiyool has been fixated on for months.

Babies and kittens. He's going to get a complex soon. The teenager uses the oddest words for things and Jiyool appears to have picked it up.

JJ chooses this moment to declare her unhappiness at being ignored after being unceremoniously woken from her nap for no good reason, sucking a deep gulping breath before she lets fly.

Jiyool immediately covers her ears with her hands, wrinkling her nose as she clenches her eyes shut.

The teenager is no different, having never heard JJ cry before, he is more than a little stunned at the wall of sound coming from such a wee baby. He too has his hands over his ears and is staring at Jiyool in sympathy.

“You can have her!” Jiyool shouts, trying to be heard over the din.

“What?” Jae shouts back.

“JJ. Take her. She can be your baby! Ears hurt.”

“Jiyool!” Jaejoong exclaims, laughing as he leans over to unbuckle and lift his squalling daughter from the baby seat. Unfortunately, like a time not too long ago, it’s one of those cries where nothing he can do will soothe her.

“Mama, make her stop!” the Jung princess demands imperiously, blindly facing the direction she thinks her mama is in for her eyes are still clenched shut. Unfortunately, she’s facing Jae not her mama, and her holler just about bowls the poor teenager over.

“Shhhhhhh Jiyool, it’s ok.” Jae tries to coax.

“What?!” Jiyool yells, making both the teen and her blond mama wince.

JJ’s screaming only gets louder, and the kitten who’d thought her the most adorable little human ever with the yummy milky mouth is trying very hard to burrow itself into the wall right now. Talk about bad judgment.

“What’s going on?”

Jaejoong turns around to find an amused tattooist, followed closely by his husband behind him. Curious to see what would happen, he walks quickly over, meeting the man halfway before unceremoniously placing the screaming infant into his surprised arms.

“You deal with her.”

Yunho is holding the baby very awkwardly, staring at the enraged, red-faced infant whom he remembers as being an adorable precious cutie not an hour ago as she fed from her mama. Doe eyes like his young boyfriend, the gorgeous baby girl had given him a gummy milky smile that made his heart sing.

This she-devil is the total opposite to what he remembers. Her crying is ear piercing and so intense, he can practically feel her anger rolling from the tiny little body. Where the hell does she get all the energy from?

He looks up helplessly at a slightly amused Jung Jaejoong.

“Nuzzle her,” the blond instructs.

Yunho stares at the furious child, wondering how on earth he’s supposed to break through the sound barrier to even get close enough to do anything of the sort.

Jae stands, lifting Jiyool into his arms as she hugs him around the neck, the side of her head squished against his cheek as she uses him to block one ear, her remaining free hand over the other ear. They look like two cute chipmunks, a sloe eyed beauty and an almond eyed cutie. Both are staring, waiting for the tattooist to quieten the infant somehow.

To his credit, he honestly does try.

He bring her closer, but she just screams louder.

He tries to perch her against his chest, but she just wails long and hard.

He even tries the whole rock and sway thing he’s seen Jaejoong teaching his teenager.

Nothing works.

Jung Yunho finally steps in, shaking his head at his baby girl he plucks her gently from the arms of the hapless tattooist, cradling her as he kisses her tear-streaked face.

JJ chokes on her sobs, blinking tearfully through her tears, her cries slow to shuddering gulping sounds that slowly quieten down.

“You’re alright, sweetheart,” her daddy smiles as he nuzzles her wet cheeks, kissing her damp skin as he soothes her with soft whispers that ghost across her skin, the infant comforted by his lips against her.

He moves to cradle her against his chest as she snuffles around, her breath still hitching from her bout of angry tears, but she is calm.

“This is some kind of magic,” Jae declares, hitching Jiyool up on his hip as both he and the toddler drop their other hands from their ears.

“Voodoo,” the tattooist nods.

Jung Jaejoong laughs, the familiar broken sound echoing in Mirotic.

“She’s just a daddy’s girl.”

AN: Ah…kids…and yes, kitten!Jae is still a kid :P And ok IDK why but I totally teared up slightly when teenaged Jae was upset at possibly losing his baby ;; I’m really freaking overemotional these past couple of days…sigh…

Thanks so much for this made my day hehheehe



*clings to you*
This was the most precious piece of cute that I want to just hug my phone to my chest and never let it go.

/clings to Yunho/


This is so absolutely precious!!! I love Yunho and JJ, such a daddy's girl! And that gif! I'm just rolling in fluff heaven! Hahaha and the picture in ny head of Jae and Jiyool's heads squished together dumbfounded at JJ's loud cries... Omg. I can't even. Thank you for this! Thank you! :)

OMG OMG OMG. So adorable!!!! Jaejae and Jae hehe ~ so cute !!
OMG I does at tht gif!

Aaaahhh i miss the tats t.t thanks for sharing! :3 this is so fluffeh and as i read this i am thinking of how naihty my cat - missha - is, right now. Apparently shes very mad at my slippers haha.

Anyway! Sb and the tats!!!! :3

Funnily I just got done reading the Tattooist a few minutes ago too.

Maybe you're preggers..

Wonderful! So sweet yet noisy in the same time. :)
But babies and kittens... it's something one cannot separate. They are all cute and sweet.

So JJ is another daddy's girl....
No wonder she has her daddy around her fingers next time...hahaha

I love babies and kittens!!!
Thanks so much for this fic. Gotta love these crossovers

I was just rereading this verse last night, so what a happy surprise to wake up to this. :)

hahaha, crossover SB and The Tatooist are soooo adorable. Jiyool is really a very clever little girl.

OMG This is too cute :)