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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Curiosity killed the cat!
Poll #1947431 I'm so curious, yeahhhhhhhh

Which fics of mine have you re-read?

Slept So Long
Sleeping Beauty
Trophy Wife series
Love In The Ice
All I Need Is...
One Night In Busan
You forgot a longfic!
Sleeping Beauty drabbles/oneshots

On average, how many times have you re-read?


What longfic did I forget??????? ._______.
I appear to have A LOT of silent readers lol! HELLO EVERYONE :P


Ok maybe not in this instance cos it's not a very melodramatic curiosity.

I saw a few people saying they're re-reading this and that and what have you so i'm curious to know how many of you re-read stuff. I'm actually majorly guilty of re-reading fic instead of reading new fic. I don't read fic, but I do re-read fic (not mine) if that makes sense. As for my own, I still haven't read Tattooist lol! I honestly think most of you know my fics better than me so I should probably apologise for any gaps in continuity or whatever cos they're bound to happen as I don't re-read anything. When I re-read I want to fix, and then it turns into a mess so it's safer not to read my own stuff.

That being said, when I do read my stuff (Trophy Wife is probably the one thing I actually do read), it doesn't feel like I wrote it... Does that even make any sense? Ok i'm totally rambling now hah!

Just to help you out so you don't feel weird... :P

My most re-read longfic in this fandom is... Damaged :P Back in Nov 2011 - Feb 2012 I think I read it 8x hahahahahahaha! BUT I skipped parts like hell. I tended to just jump to ch35 or ch43 lmao. I just re-read from ch29 yesterday after not touching it since Feb 2012 and kinda wanted to scream because OH MY GOD I WANTED TO HIT YUNJAE but nevermind... I blame Jennifer Lawrence and that stupid catheter thing I reblogged cos it made me think of Yunho... OTL I stopped before I reached ch40 though. It was an itch I had to scratch and i've scratched!

My most re-read oneshot in this fandom is not a YunJae fic hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! It's fucking YunTae. Yes, please kill me. Blame magalix3 and her damn Life Lessons or whatever the title was. I know the story by heart but I can't remember the title OTL But before y'all howl, what truly saved that fic for me and made it stand out was YunJae's relationship. You see it only briefly but it was enough for me to be ok with the whole thing OTL

So...can someone say age kink? .__________________________.

face palm

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Don't feel guilty. I'm seriously after you who re-read Damaged again and again. Seriously I'm big fan of angst. That's why I re-read Sleeping Beauty too.

Actually, I can't stand angst. I think I was angsted out after that fic.

Also, I was pretty fucking new to fandom and was so damn confused about JJ being the great insane humping bunny of Japan... OTL

haha..i usually re-read fics as well...n i re-read yours god knows how many time...especially the SB oneshots/drabble depending on my mood..hahaha..
i re-read damaged as well...hehe..i'm a sucker for angst fics..but fluffeh ones are good too!!
and the kitten gif is soooo adorable...i cant w kittens and cats..*dies...too adorable

Damaged was like the second major fic I read after your Sleeping Beauty. Lol. I still return to it too.

ICE is the one I can read till the end and then start reading again on the same day, especially the beginning, till they met. Sleeping Beauty is the next on the number of re-reads for me.
To be fair - I have not went to the All I Need Is... and Forsaken, as I noticed you have not work on them for a while, and curiosity about what will be next WILL kill me :) But may be I would have re-read them as much.

I also new to this crazy fandom.Damaged was my first fanfiction i read on LJ,since then i'm craving more about yunjae fanfiction,i'm not yunjae hardcore..but i prefer read about yunjae than the other pairing..Jaechun is another pairing that i can read..I couldnt read the other pairing without grimace on my face OTL.
Love your fics coz most of it always had a happy ending and continued with drabble and one shot and crossover..like never ending fics..Love it^^

Keep re reading sleeping beauty. Specially the one shots and drabbles. Just love that story.

I love reading your fics over and over again.
I suppose it is a habit that I have with storybooks.

If I love the book I can read it over and over and never get bored with it.

I think of all your fics, I love Sleeping Beauty and all it's drabbles including the crossovers. I think your crossovers are fun to read except I do have to remember which Jaejoong or Yunho is talking ^^;;;;

I think I love Sleeping Beauty the most is because of the 5 kids especially Minnie Ball.

I think I read Damaged a couple of times. I love the plot but the angst at times is a bit too much for me. That's why I don't read it so often. If not I will going to work with red eyes.

The SB verse and it's drabbles are my most reread stories. I also love to reread Damaged, the CDL verse and Vampire Madonna's Second Chances.

I also love to reread Years and Slept So Long.

You're not the only one! :))) We re-read fanfics too.

Well, I think I've re-read your fics 2-3x. But I re-read your oneshots and drabbles 5x or more. mehehehe.

And when I read Damaged too, I was new to fandom and didnt know all the characters. There were too much people involved, but yeah. I googled some of them XDD

was that YunTae fic when Yunho got blind at the end? :OO

I reread most of your updates more than once. If the chapter kills me I reread maybe 3 4 times. Example, onib last chapter, not interlude, liti on stage kiss chapter. But I consider a reread as whole, skim is ok, skip is not.

My most reread , whole, fic is what love really is by miss-sanzo. I adore that fic.

I honestly lost count of how many times I've reread Damaged, that fic is just... Perfect.

Anyways, I reread SB about 3 to 4 times, LITI twice, SSL and ICE once and I can't tell you how many times I've reread AINI and SB drabbles and OSs even if I wanted to XD yup I love them that much. I'm guilty of not finishing Trophy Wife series though. HoMin are hotter than I can handle tbh. XD

Hmm I think the missing longfic is November Rain.


OTL I just finished rereading SB oneshots/drabbles/crossovers now! All of them~ I'm really a sucker to your fics~ they always made my day~ I also reread ice and SB this past few days~ silently reading at work HaHaHa even though my boss looks my way~ thanks for sharing your work!! Ganbatte~~ ^^

Ok now the list of fanfics i read the most....
1) DAMAGED....read countless times since it was completed. Once done with reading full fic i go back again and read many other chapters individually and then some time later start it from the first...I used to count in the early days of reading that amazing fic but then i lost the count and i regret NOTHING...LMAO

2) ONLY YOU by miss sanzo......approximately read about 13 times and this fic gives me that clenching your heart literal feelings experience.*sigh*

3) It's......SLEEPING BEAUTY and NO MORE SECRETS....and both these fics i can tell i read it for 8 times and if you ask me about all the sleeping beauty ONESHOTS....i'm sorry i lost count....hahahhaah.

So yeah....my top fics re-read count is already uncountable and i don't want to scare myself counting other fics...XDD

So see....my top 3

Omg Damaged!!! It's one of my most re-read fiction too and yesss I always start at chapter 29. LoL

Other than Damaged and your fics, I re-read Sanzo's and Schreient_0's a lot. N.B.F.S.B, Hosting Hours and Our Path of Gold are also in my re-read list.

i re read all your YJ fanfic. never can read HoMin sobs.. coz it's too sweet.. OTL i'm in denial i know