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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Curiosity killed the cat!
Poll #1947431 I'm so curious, yeahhhhhhhh

Which fics of mine have you re-read?

Slept So Long
Sleeping Beauty
Trophy Wife series
Love In The Ice
All I Need Is...
One Night In Busan
You forgot a longfic!
Sleeping Beauty drabbles/oneshots

On average, how many times have you re-read?


What longfic did I forget??????? ._______.
I appear to have A LOT of silent readers lol! HELLO EVERYONE :P


Ok maybe not in this instance cos it's not a very melodramatic curiosity...Collapse )
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Sorry for being a silent reader-_-

(Sorry for any typos - I'm writing this while walking to class)
Ice and Love in the ice are two of my all time favorite fanfics! I love your portrayal of YunJae (and JaeHo, because Jaejoong tops as well in my opinion)!
(I will leave a longer comment once I get back to my dorm :P)

Why in the world didn't I find Damaged so...angsty?!! I didn't even got upset...Weird, I know. I've read some cried their eyes out, some got ewww at Junsu and JJ thinghy...TBVH, I laught at it...well...coz I found it way to surreal..

But, it's about your stories. "The tattoist" is my stuff. ^^. I love it, I know it by heart by now, probably and I suffer in silence at the lack of many, many, one, two, three (yes, that many^^) one shots.

The Pussy rulllzzzz!/no pun intended/ :P

Edited at 2013-12-10 08:20 pm (UTC)

you don't know just how much I've re-read Sleeping Beauty and SB drabbles, I've lost count already. If these fics are books, then the pages of the books would already be worn out,lol

I feel like I'm one of those silent readers, so I figured I'd stop in and say hi! I'm pretty new to finding your fics, after I saw you on Be_Ddelusionall's fic rec list. Your fics are wonderful and so much fun to read, and I love that they're so crazily different, like Tattooist is so crack/fluff and not near as serious as the other's, while Ice is such an amazing slice of life piece that develops Yunjae hands down the best out of all your fics (that I've read so far that is so I'll let you know if another one of them changes my mind :P). I know you've had a lot of frustrations with LJ and Anon hate but I wanted to tell you how much I, and I am sure many others, appreciate you sharing your excellent writing (and may I also say it's so nice to have someone who updates so awesome). Good luck with the rest of your work darling ^^

If it's good I'll read it again, if it's great I'll read it until it's embarrassing to say how many times I've read it. I'm embarrassed to say how many times I've read your YunJae stories! It might have something to do with the age kink;)

I love reading Yunjae stories and SB, Tattoonist and Ice are my favorites from your wonderful writing collections. I love Jae's characters in it....sassy, strong, unique and not overly fragile...I can't help myself reading it all over again. Thanks for giving us all these beautiful stories!

First, I want to say sorry if my broken English give you a headache >_<
I love Damaged too. I reread it maybe as much as I read your SB and it's drabbles.
And don't felling guilty, pleaseeee..
I love your fics, So Damn Much! But, I almost never leave a comment because of my lack in English.
Your poll makes it easier to me to tell you how much I love it.
Sleeping Beauty and it's drabbles killed me! I don't know how many times I reread it already. And with no shame I'll tell you that I almost become a stalker of your drabbles,..
Minnie Ball is too cuuuute >_<
But sometimes I reread ICE, and TT. don't know how many times though,..
Hope you'll finishing LITI soon, so I can read it. just for you know, I hate ongoing fic,.. ongoing fics always give me a worried feels, if the author will continue write it or abandon it mid way because of real life problem, hackers, morron pleople (like the one who disturbed you few days ago) and sooo much another reasons which makes so much great fics abandoned.
Just want you know, I LOVE YOU <3

from Sleeping Beauty and Ice I re-read my favorite chapters several time.. and mostly I re-read "All I need is"... I miss this fic very much... so I think 6th Chapter I read 4 or 5 time ^^ lol.. I don't know why, but I really want to read some good schoolfic.. and I didn't find any good yet, I mean really good, so when I started it I was very happy :)) and now I'm waiting for it with huge anticipation :D :D :D :D

damage is one of my fav too~~ \^0^/ I am just have this weird habit to suddenly remember a scene from a fanfic that I have read, so I'll feel like I need to read it, and I'll read again.. but one scene will make me re-read a whole story.. LOL but sometimes I just read my fav scene only..

i reread sleeping beauty the most...all the way thru maybe twice but skipping thru tons ^^ then the drabbles and crossovers are next up then ice!

hmmm will hv to check out damaged heheh

you never update 'All I Need Is...' ;_; not that i would be mad or sad if you update something else because i love you its just that im somehow really emotionally attached to that one haha ;^.^

oh and i have only read Damaged all the way through once but i've read the last 2 chapters 300 times because wow the emotions i get when i read it! and then i read it again just to make sure they get a happy ending haha XD

Edited at 2013-12-11 02:05 am (UTC)

XD i re-read all great fics...XD i lost count on the others. I re-read sleeping beauty and Damaged the most. XDD coz its just so awesome~ XDDD

All your fics are amazing^^ they beg to be re-read LOL. The characters get stuck in my head and I have this need to go visit them, or something like that. :D I also love Damaged and have read it a few times, plus several parts. Of your fics my favorites are probably SB, then LITI and AINI (though I love Ice too, and ONIB sucked me in as well). Then again TT is hilarious HAHA seriously. I even re-read SSL but that one can be emotionally draining, so then I have to go read SB drabbles LOL. So we're back to where we started with ALL YOUR FICS ARE AMAZING and I re-read them all. xD

loooool i really love your age-gap AND with children fics. <3

Ikr...well honestly i love re-reading sleeping beauty drabbles....
Reason is that i think that there isnt any other yunjae author could potrayed yunjae family like you...
Thats also goes for Trophy Wifes...