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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Original SB/Tattooist babies/kittens drabble...
So this is the original crossover drabble I wrote and then discarded... This is really short cos I didn't get past 800 words before I started it all over again lol. Too many adults and not enough babies and kittens lmao! Well... Jung Jaejoong is a little...

Yunho is a lake monster?Collapse )

hahahaha evil Jaejoong ^o^ !!!
damn ...i already told u i'm in love with this SB/tatooist nyaaaaaaaa!!!
thanks for this :B

OHMYF%&¥$£GOD!!!this is so hilarious!!!Naughty mama!!!

damn yakuza haha I just want to cuddle jiyool . pretty jiyool .and tt jj is so adorable yunaconda haha
thanks for writing this dear nicki ♡♥♡♥♥

damn yakuza!! your lover make mama so naughty!! LOL just can do nothing with the kitten cute mouth isn't we? XD

Hahahaha...never thought that in the original drabble jiyool wanna have yunaconda too...hahahahahaha...its really funny...

This didn't need to be scraped it showed the right amount of humor between the 2 YunJae's.

damn yakuza
can i have yunaconda too? #getslapfromjj

*smirk.... I'm pretty sure that this is a case where punishment will definitely inspire more bad behavior in the future

OMG this is the best thing ever lol. HAHAHHA ESP the end. OMG. Jae you're in big trouble heheh

LOL at this. i actually missed reading your crossovers OMG. this was just fluffy and funny as hell and just LOL!!!

Lol~ yunaconda and nessie XD I like this one~ it makes me want to read tattooist again X3
Teen Jae and Jae are really something kkk and jiyool is so adorable

Why i didn't see this post?jae+jae =hurricane! Errrr can i have a yunoconda too?