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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Original SB/Tattooist babies/kittens drabble...
So this is the original crossover drabble I wrote and then discarded... This is really short cos I didn't get past 800 words before I started it all over again lol. Too many adults and not enough babies and kittens lmao! Well... Jung Jaejoong is a little...

A high pitched squeal brings three adults running from the back rooms.




“Jae! Jae, what’s the matter?!”

The red-faced teenager is like a baby guppy, his mouth opening and closing but not a sound comes out. All he can do is point.

Three pairs of eyes meet another three pairs.

“Oh!” Junsu exclaims at the sight.

Yunho smirks. “Well, well, well, what do we have here, Jung? I was expecting you but your three lovely ladies are a sur—oomph!”

Chuckles all round as Yunho’s teenager elbows him in the chest, glancing apologetically at his older, blond counterpart.

“I’m pretty sure he’s just as male as I am. Do you want to check?”

Junsu immediately moves to cover Jiyool’s ears, the little girl staring curiously at the shorter man from her perch in her daddy’s arms. She doesn’t struggle or anything of the sort though for her father is there, and she is safe. Nothing can shake her belief of this. Strange man or not, everything will be alright.

The strangled noises from Changmin’s throat finally turn into words. “Unless you want Nessie beheaded, I really don’t think you should be suggesting something like that, kid.”

“Oh!” Jae turns towards a surprisingly amused Jung Yunho. “You aren’t going to do that are you?” he questions breathily, exhaling his query more than anything. “I’m rather attached to Nessie.”

“You’re attached to an imaginary lake monster?” Jaejoong asks, cocking his head curiously at the gorgeous teenager as he nuzzles the soft skin of his baby girl’s ear. She is asleep on his shoulder and the urge to kick the tattooist earlier has been tempered by the sweet teenager who has already exacted his revenge for him.

“Aren’t you attached to yours?” the teenager glances meaningfully at the blond’s imposing husband.

Jaejoong catches the reference but he’s still confused.

“I have a lake monster? Yunho is a lake monster?”

“His…you know,” Jae sends a pointed look downwards.

It takes two seconds but everyone knows when Jung Jaejoong finally gets it when he bursts out laughing.

That beautiful broken sound that his daughter is used to and the infant on his shoulder can sleep right through.

“Nessie, huh? I have to remember that.”

“Yunaconda too!”

“You gave it two names?” Jaejoong queries incredulously as he darts an amused glance over to his equally amused husband.

“And—“ but the lithe teenager’s words are smothered by a callused palm over his pouty mouth.

“What’s Yunaconda?” Jiyool asks. Junsu’s hands weren’t very tight about her ears and she picks up anything and everything. “Damn, yakuza!” she points to the tattooist. “Can I have Yunaconda?”

“NO!” Five adults yell.

Jiyool is so startled she starts to cry, having no idea why everyone, including her mama and daddy just yelled at her. She buries her face into her father’s neck and starts to wail.

Her wailing has a purpose though, and after several attempts at coaxing her out from the crook of Yunho’s neck, she turns tearful eyes on her daddy.

“Can I have kitty?”

“Yes, you can!” The teen cuts in before her father has a chance to reply.

Jung Yunho arches a questioning eyebrow at the tattooist’s young lover who sends him a quelling look before he plucks his daughter from his arms and goes running off with the giggling toddler, presumably to find the kitty.

“He isn’t afraid of anything, is he?” Jaejoong grins as inhales his fragrant baby girl. She’s just been fed, and is out cold.

His smirk is beautiful when he moves away from his baby's soft hair, stepping flush against his husband who gazes fondly at his wife.

The three men from Mirotic all gape as the blond palms his husband's crotch.

"Yunaconda, huh?" he murmurs.


"I like it when you say my name..."

Changmin swallows hard as he turns to Junsu who is chewing on his bottom lip as he stares.

Yunho has a tiny smirk playing about his mouth as he watches the great Jung Yunho visibly flustered by his beautiful wife carrying their infant daughter. The fact that Jung Jaejoong doesn't appear to care that they have an audience amuses him greatly. It’s like a little invisible cocoon has just draped itself around the couple, and he finds it funny to be on the receiving end of it rather than within the cocoon himself with his teenager.

"Jaejoong..." he tries again.

His wife's smile is playful and loving. "I'm being naughty," he states the obvious.

"I know," his husband mutters, eyes fully on his stunning wife as he tries to move away from the questing hand.

“Will I get into trouble?”

“You’re already in trouble.”


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Maughty author! I see that this fic is an infinite source of inspiration for you. Keep it like that!

In the end (whenever it would be), you can insert the side stories in the main text and this will give you a long and great novel!fic.
You are really prolific.

God! You made me laugh like hell. I like the way Jaejoong gets in trouble.

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