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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Slept So Long [2/5]
Title: Slept So Long
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Supernatural, non-AU, Prompt
Warnings: Dub-con, light bondage, rimming
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: Yunho and Jaejoong have been dancing around each other for the better part of a decade. Through the break-up of Dong Bang Shin Ki and beyond, they are still connected. One dark night, a demon decides to come along and complicate things further, irrevocably tying them together forever.

All too soon, he finds himself in front of Jaejoong’s door, a hand lifting uncontrolled to press the doorbell. He can see everything and his body still feels like there is someone in there with him, but at present he almost feels back to normal. He has no idea if his eyes are still pools of inky blackness, and his heart inexplicably tightens at the thought of scaring Jaejoong.

The door opens and a dishevelled Jaejoong peers sleepily at his guest.


And to Yunho’s horror, he feels himself losing what minor illusion of control that had been given to him as the…. the THING takes over once again. He can see Jaejoong’s confusion as he is roughly pushed back into the apartment and the door slams shut, locking itself behind him.

“My, my, my. Aren’t you a pretty thing?”

Yunho struggles inside his own body as his voice and mouth say words that are not his, watching as Jaejoong blinks tiredly, rubbing his eyes and shaking his head as if trying to clear it.

“Yunho? What’s going on? I’m a little drunk but you’re acting weird. I can’t be that drunk.”

Yunho decides that the being invading his body must a demon. A ghost didn’t make any sense; why would a ghost need to feed? A demon on the other hand….

His hand lifts up to caress Jaejoong’s cheek, earning a wide-eyed look from the smaller man.

“Y…your eyes. What’s wrong with your eyes? What are you playing at? This is not funny, Yunho.”

An amused chuckle breaks forth as Yunho’s mouth twists into a smirk.

“Oh, but I’m not Yunho, my pretty. He’s in here somewhere but tonight, it’s just going to be you and me. Let’s hope your walls are thick because you will be screaming, and I don’t want to have to kill any intruders.”

Jaejoong’s huge doe eyes are impossibly large in his pale face as he takes in the words coming from “Yunho’s” mouth. His sense of self-preservation finally kicks in, despite his hazy alcohol-clouded mind, as he turns and runs into his bedroom, slamming the door shut and locking it behind him.

The demon makes a tsk tsking sound as he swaggers to the door. Yunho can hear Jaejoong whimpering quietly behind the door, trying desperately to stifle his fear. Out of worry, Yunho struggles within his own body, trying to fight against the mental barriers that hold him back, but it is futile. Unbeknownst to him, his anger and terror is feeding the demon, making him stronger.

Behind the locked door, Jaejoong is terrified. He bites down hard on his bottom lip to stop the scared whimpers from escaping as he crouches close to the door, trying to listen for any movement on the other side and cursing himself for leaving his cellphone in the den. What the hell was going on? Outside was Yunho but it was definitely not Yunho. The gleaming black eyes too real and those words… those words. What did he mean by he will be screaming? Jaejoong isn’t sure he wants to find out. Whoever it was that was out there had said that Yunho was somewhere inside. Does that mean Yunho was trapped?

He jolts, startled from his thoughts as a heavy fist lands on the door, the vibrations felt in Jaejoong’s very soul.

“Come out, come out, my pretty. You really don’t want to make me mad. I just need a little sustenance. You understand don’t you?” The last of those words come out in a leer, causing Jaejoong to shudder while Yunho’s beautiful voice infused with cruel amusement floats through the door. He has no idea what to do, but if Yunho is indeed trapped in there, then maybe he can free him somehow. Does that mean cooperation with that thing? Jaejoong’s fight or flight response is at war with each other. He wants to flee but he has to fight for Yunho… but is Yunho really in there?

Jaejoong stands up and clears his clogged throat, realising his cheeks are wet with tears.

Voice wavering, he bunches his hands to give himself some strength somehow. “Let me speak to Yunho,”

“I really don’t think you’re in any position to demand anything, my pretty. I can break this door down easily enough.”

Trapped in his body, Yunho can feel his heart thudding painfully in his chest. Jaejoong’s voice is clogged with tears, and Yunho starts hating himself intensely for bringing this on his friend. His self-hatred, however, simply serves to feed the demon that laughs at the sudden surge of vitality he feels. He lifts his hand, and a tiny ball of energy hovers over his palm, before casually letting it loose, smashing the door to smithereens.

Jaejoong screams in shock as the door suddenly bursts in on him, showering him in splintered wood. He backs away slowly, heedless of the wood chips on the floor lodging in his bare feet as he tries to escape, the not-Yunho standing in the doorway, smirking. Watching. Waiting.

“What shall it be, my pretty? Do you want to do this the hard way or the harder way?”

Yunho feels his heart break at the stark terror on Jaejoong’s face, watching powerlessly as his friend backs away into the side of the bed, letting out a yelp as he falls backwards onto the smooth black covers.

The chuckle that leaves Yunho’s throat is unpleasant, as are the words which follow. “Ah, you’ve chosen hard then? Good choice, my pretty. I really wouldn’t want to mess up that pretty face of yours.”

In the blink of an eye, the demon is standing next to Jaejoong, and leans over the prone figure. Plastered to the bed petrified, as the familiar face of his friend looms over him, Jaejoong finds his head raising to look into the deep, black, soulless eyes and whispers brokenly…

“Yunnie… please.”

In response, the demon simply reaches down and rips the clothes from Jaejoong’s scared body eliciting a stunned gasp from the man and a mad scramble to get to the other side of the bed. Jaejoong’s eyes are wild as he tries to hold together the tattered remains of his clothing, though they had not been much to begin with. His underwear had been ripped so cleanly that there was no hope of repair, the buttons of his shirt had been ripped off and his knuckles were white with how tightly he was fisting the front of his shirt closed.

“Are we back to choosing harder now, my pretty?”

“S…ss…stop calling me p…p…pretty.” Jaejoong spits out, hating that he is stuttering, mind almost blank with fear, yet he has no idea why his mouth has decided to run itself off now of all times. He lowers his head, not wanting to look at the thing in Yunho’s beautiful body.

The demon cocks an eyebrow at Jaejoong, knowing his only need is to fuck this man into the floor. Yunho is silent within, having retracted into himself upon realising what the demon intended to do with his body. The demon couldn’t have that. He needs Yunho’s anger and fear. The jealousy and lust is almost all but gone. He needs to bring forth the lust in order to feed on it. He may be able to currently feed off Jaejoong’s fear but it is not his body that he possesses.


Jaejoong’s head whips up as he stares at Yunho.


Yunho steps forward, but Jaejoong steps back, the former wincing at the fear still lying behind those beautiful doe eyes. God, he is starting to feel anger again. Anger at the demon, at the situation, but especially at himself for tempting the demon in the first place. He has no idea why the demon has decided to relinquish power, but he is grateful, even though he knows it is only for a while.

“Is it really you?” Jaejoong’s voice is a whisper as Yunho steps closer into the light in order for Jaejoong to see his face. The second the scared man sees the warm brown eyes filled with sorrow, he doesn’t hesitate. Yunho doesn’t have time to brace himself as Jaejoong flies into his arms, knocking them both flat onto the bed. Jaejoong is sobbing hysterically into Yunho’s chest and he finds his heart aching. He knows what the demon wants, having seen into its mind while struggling for control within his own body. Yunho doesn’t know how to comfort the terrified man lying on top of him, tears soaking through his own shirt. He shifts in discomfort, and Jaejoong’s legs fall naturally on either side of Yunho’s thighs. That brief movement is enough for a flare of something to shoot through Yunho and in that instant, he is lost.

“Ah, that was a good idea, wasn’t it? I now have you right where I want you, my pretty.”

NO! NO! NO! Yunho screams but his voice is no longer his. The demon is back and he laughs uproariously as Jaejoong starts to struggle violently on top of him, within his enclosed arms. In a quick movement that knocks the very breath right out of Jaejoong, the demon flips him so that he is now fully on top of the other man. Jaejoong’s breaths are coming in panicked gasps as the thing in Yunho’s body leers down at him, eyes as dark as midnight. It is no longer his Yunho.

The demon pins Jaejoong easily beneath him as he sits up to strip off the clothes on the human body he has possessed. There are no niceties as he simply rips them off, just as he did with Jaejoong’s clothes earlier. Too soon, he is stretched out completely naked over a severely whimpering, Jaejoong. The demon reaches up and cups Jaejoong’s jaw tightly in his hand, forcing the man to look up at him

“I really just need to fuck you to feed. Your boyfriend here is spitting mad. Do you ever want to see him again?”

Tears leak slowly out of Jaejoong’s eyes as he tries to nod, not bothering to correct him about the “boyfriend” assumption.

The demon smirks, gleeful at finally getting his way, and forces two fingers into Jaejoong’s mouth.


Unfortunately for Jaejoong, his first instinct wasn’t to suck but to bite and bite was exactly what he did. Yunho flinched from within as he feels Jaejoong’s small sharp teeth dig into his fingers. The demon simply laughs into Jaejoong’s face and forces another finger in, effectively choking him as Yunho’s fingers reach the back of his throat.

“My pretty, you are simply hurting your boyfriend. I’m not fucking you for the pleasure of it for I can feel nothing in this human body. I am fucking you for the emotions you will both feed to me. Now the human inside this body on the other hand, will be able to feel every little nip.”

Yunho’s metaphorical eyes widen at that. What did that mean? Did that mean what he thinks it means? Oh god….

Jaejoong is gagging on the fingers in his mouth, his senses so blinded by his fear of choking to death that he hears nothing of what the demon had just said to him. To his relief, the fingers are removed ingracefully, but that relief is short-lived as he feels a moist finger prod and penetrate a shameful place. His sharp gasp elicits a chuckle from the demon that follows the single finger with a second quickly and with no preamble, causing Jaejoong to jerk in pain.

Yunho is being driven almost mad with anger, feeding the demon the exact emotions that he is looking for. He can feel Jaejoong’s inner walls clamp down around his fingers, trying to force out the foreign object penetrating his most private place. He is shamed at what his body is doing but impotent to do anything as the demon only gains in strength from his anger and Jaejoong’s terror.

“Hmmm, you’re oddly jumpy for someone with a boyfriend. A boyfriend who is really packing I might add.” The demon continues with his cursory prep, rotating the fingers to gradually loosen the hole he needed to fill. It should be said that this is a demon of terror, anger and pleasure, but not a demon of pain. Those demons were a breed of their own; pain would do nothing for him. He needed the pleasure and anger more than anything else, with terror being a close third place. Hurting this man would bring him the terror and maybe a little anger but no pleasure, and it is this emotion that is the best and most powerful food for him. It is what drew him to Yunho in the first place, the raw frustrated lust held in tight control yet aching to be released. Something suddenly clicks in the demon’s mind, if you can call it that and he stops moving his fingers.

Jaejoong is a mess of confused emotions. He is terrified because for all intents and purposes, he is about to be raped. Raped by Yunho’s body. Would it be rape if it were Yunho, someone he has been secretly in love with for the better part of a decade? Is it rape? He wants Yunho, but this person holding him down isn’t Yunho; the one he truly wants is trapped inside his own body. Is he watching right now? Watching Jaejoong laid out on the bed like a cheap whore, clothes torn and thighs spread. Jaejoong stifles another sob, determined not to cry anymore. What did the thing say? He just needed a fuck to feed, then Yunho will be free. Jaejoong swallows hard, teeth clamped down on his bottom lip already swollen from his earlier abuse of it. If that is what it would take to free his friend then he’d submit, despite his fear being still very much present. He knows that whatever terror he feels, he can control just by thinking of Yunho. Doing whatever he could for Yunho. Always.

He suddenly realises that the fingers in his body have stopped moving. He looks up to see those endless pools of oil staring intently down at him. Then in one blink, enraged brown eyes meet his instead and he flinches at the change.

Yunho is stunned at the sudden relinquishment of control by the demon, however all thoughts fly out of his head when Jaejoong reaches down and grabs him. He grabs him. Yunho can only gape down at Jaejoong who is staring up at him, eyes full of unshed tears as he says the words he will never be able to take back.

“Yunho, I love you,” Jaejoong whispers. Wanting, hoping, that the man will understand. He knows Yunho feels something for him, but doesn’t know if it is the same. All he can do is hope his friend loves him back enough to forgive him for submitting to the otherworldly being. He recognises anger in those eyes and worries, believing it is directed at him.

In that instant, the demon takes control once again, leaving Yunho almost howling in anger and frustration, anger only matched by the growing lust as Jaejoong’s hand swiftly brings him to hardness. He can feel everything, still conscious of the fact that two of his fingers are buried up to his knuckles in Jaejoong’s warm body. He has no control though, merely a spectator to this entire sick event. A spectator who can feel every single thing that was being done to his body.

The demon smirks, twisting Yunho’s face into a lascivious leer as he feels the lust starting to build from Yunho’s presence in the body. Jaejoong has his eyes clenched shut, hand still roving over the velvety hardness of Yunho’s cock, his own body responding to the heat coming off Yunho’s bulk. If he keeps his eyes shut, he can pretend that it is Yunho who is doing this to him. He squeezes the length in his hand, marvelling at the size, flicking his thumb experimentally over the tip the way he does to himself when he masturbates, before flushing at his thoughts as he feels his own neglected member respond slowly. He is mortified, not daring to open his eyes as he fears the anger or censure reflected back at him should the thing decide to let Yunho come out once again.

“Do you have any lube?”

Jaejoong, his eyes still clenched shut and legs moving restlessly on the bed, nods and inclines his head towards the bedside table. The demon is pleased with his progress so far. Both pathetic humans were starting to feel lust, although in Yunho, the anger is still far stronger than any lust. He is sure that it is only Jaejoong’s touch that is keeping Yunho aroused, because the man’s formidable anger could likely begin to overpower everything. But the demon needs the pleasure, pleasure from both of them. Pleasure with a tinge of fear and a whole lot of anger sounded absolutely scrumptious to him.

The demon lifts himself up and away from Jaejoong, pulling Yunho’s now dry fingers from Jaejoong’s tight body as he speedily gets the lube. After squeezing a liberal amount on the three middle fingers, he moves again with no warning, penetrating Jaejoong’s protesting body. Yunho almost moans from within as Jaejoong lets out a loud gasp at the intrusion of three fingers. Lubed or not, it still burns as his virgin hole is penetrated so thoroughly. Shame burns through Jaejoong as he tries instinctively to move away from the intrusion, moving up the bed and letting go of Yunho’s cock. The demon leans forward, expertly lubing up Yunho’s cock as he whispers in Jaejoong’s ear.

“I don’t want you to enjoy this too much yet. I am a demon after all,” and with that, he removes the fingers, replacing it with Yunho’s hardness, burying himself to the hilt into that abused formally-virgin hole, before Jaejoong can even comprehend what has just been said to him.

Twin moans resonate. One silent, trapped within himself. Yunho’s moan echoes around him as Jaejoong’s tight passage hugs his cock like nothing he has ever felt before in his life. Nothing in his life has ever prepared him for this, senses overwhelmed as the pulsating walls protested to the intrusion. If he could bite his knuckles, he would have done so, yet all he can do is moan in pleasure and despair. What Jaejoong must be thinking of him to have allowed this sort of invasion…. he can only hope the older man remembers what had been said before because Yunho is going to hold on to that like a life preserver. Lost in himself, sinking fast and Jaejoong is his only salvation.

Jaejoong’s moan is one of pain. His body hurts terribly. Yunho is big, huge, and nothing could have prepared him for this. He bites back pained grunts as he struggles to draw breath, his body so in shock at the intrusion that he had forgotten how to breathe. His eyes flutter open, tears seeping out against his will as he watches the man he loves, no, the body of the man he loves take his virginity. As his eyes catches sight of Yunho’s face, the empty black eyes bring reality crashing down on him, before remembering the words whispered by not-Yunho to him just before his body was ripped apart. A demon. Yunho was possessed by a demon. Jaejoong lets out a wail of pure terror at that, his mouth finally catching up with his brain. He starts clawing at the body above him, the body that had started to move within him, ripping pained grunts from him as his own self felt like it was about to be torn in half. Jaejoong’s fear was not helping, as his body was so tense, making the coupling much more painful than it should have been. The demon didn’t care though; at that point, Jaejoong’s fear was enough, and Yunho’s anger and guilty lust more than made up for the lack of it from Jaejoong.

The demon sped up his movements, holding his body upright as he pushes Jaejoong’s thighs apart, a hand gripping each calf. Jaejoong’s limp cock flopping around at each hard thrust, and from within Yunho finds himself unable to look away no matter how much he wants to. His body in flames as Jaejoong’s tight body begins to welcome him more with each passing thrust. The guilt was like liquid fire eating through him as his body betrayed him, giving in to the overwhelming lust he had always felt towards the older boy. He couldn’t remember a time where he didn’t love Jaejoong, the love that had cost them Dong Bang Shin Ki. And now, it would cost him Jaejoong. Yunho’s angry growls, mingling with his panting moans made the demon smile as he shifted, trying to hit that spot in the other man, seeing if he could coax a response through the pain.

Jaejoong’s holds his eyes tightly shut, hands fisted with his fingernails digging into his palm, anything to distract him for the pain in his lower half. Anything at all. Thoughts of Yunho play in his mind; this was not how he imagined their union to be. To be honest, he’d never got far enough in his own head to imagine what it could have been like but it certainly wouldn’t be this. The burn lessens marginally as the steady pounding loosens him little by little, the pain reducing with every thrust. At the pain in his heart, though, the fear at what the demon might do next to him or to Yunho, Jaejoong is a tightly coiled spring of worry and fear. He feels the demon shift slightly to breach his body at a different angle and his eyes fly open, his mouth agog at mid-gasp as something powerful within him is hit.

The demon smirks down at Jaejoong when he stares back in shock. So… he’s one of those. This should be easy then, the demon thinks as he angles Yunho’s hips to steadily hit that spot over and over, Jaejoong’s eyes clouding at the intense feeling beginning to overwhelm him. Yunho is lost in the intensity, watching somewhat curiously as Jaejoong’s cock slowly comes back to life. What was going on? He wasn’t entirely certain but the change in angle seemed to be hitting a spot in Jaejoong that was slowly driving him insane. Staring at his face, contorted in a mix of pleasure and pain, Yunho desperately wants to touch Jaejoong. The demon appears to have read his mind as he lets go of a calf and reaches down to fist Jaejoong’s now fully erect cock. Jaejoong noticeably flinches but doesn’t move to stop him, his eyes still clenched shut and his head thrashing about from side to side as choked whimpers escape his lips.

Yunho can feel the pressure building in his groin and knows he won’t last. He knows the demon has been feeding on their emotions but exactly how much was needed before he’d be satiated, Yunho can’t begin to answer. His own moans are loud in his ears as he cries out Jaejoong’s name, desperate for the other to hear him, wanting him to come as well.

In that moment, Jaejoong cries out a desperate wail of Yunho’s name as he comes hard, sobbing as he does, the palms of his hands pressed over his eyes to stave the flow of tears he knows are imminent. The heart-wrenching sound echoes around the room, ringing in Yunho’s own ears as he comes as well, choking out Jaejoong’s name in shame and pain. As he watches the sated yet broken body splayed out in front of him, Yunho knows he will never be able to touch Jae. His Jae. No one could recover from being raped by his or her friend. He strangles on a sob as he recalls Jaejoong’s last words to him…. Yunho, I love you.

The room is quiet save for the sound of Jaejoong’s harsh breathing as he tries not to cry but not quite succeeding. His palms are still pressed to his eyelids, unwilling to face the reality of what has just happened, body burning in pain and pleasure, the anguish he feels indescribable even to himself. He will never be able to face Yunho again. This was it. This was far worse than when they were forced apart because Lee Soo Man thought they were “too close”, and didn’t want anything to taint the SME name. He was willing to be dragged through the courts rather than acknowledge that two of his biggest stars were possibly dating. That YunJae was truly real. It was laughable because they hadn’t been, hadn’t even THOUGHT of dating - Dong Bang Shin Ki fell apart because of a stupid man’s paranoia. Jaejoong thought he’d felt pain then, being unable to see Yunho every day as he used to. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. He lived for the stolen calls, secret meet-ups in foreign countries and messages passed through loyal friends and family. Every day was a challenge and the hope that Yunho may return his feelings dwindled with each passing day. At least when they were together then, he could pretend that Yunho’s hugs were that of a lover, and each time he allowed himself to feel the safety and warmth of those arms it was like coming home.

Jaejoong gasps as he feels fingers stroking his belly, making a track through the evidence of his ultimate shame as he is reminded why Yunho’s warm hugs would never be his again. He forces his hands away from his eyes and opens them, blinking in the light as they adjust to the lit room. He looks up at Yunho just in time to see the demon put two cum-soaked fingers in his mouth while staring right at him with those gleaming black eyes. Tearing his own away from that emptiness, he focuses on Yunho’s mouth. If he doesn’t look into those eyes, he can still pretend it is just Yunho. Watching as the demon removes his fingers again only to scoop up more cum from his belly, Jaejoong looks with sick fascination as the demon takes a long, sensuous lick off the top of Yunho’s beautiful fingers, tongue and lips snagging every last drop of Jaejoong’s treachery. Yes, treachery because that is what it will look like to Yunho whom Jaejoong knows can see everything. How he let the demon debase him and give him unwanted pleasure…. Jaejoong hated himself with a vengeance. The loathing running through his mind almost strangles him. Letting the demon fuck him was one thing, but actually deriving pleasure from it was another. He folds his arms across his chest, hugging himself as he closes his eyes once again, falling within himself as he struggles to accept the fact that Yunho is lost to him.

Yunho imagines he can hear his heart breaking into a million tiny pieces as he listens to the muffled sobs Jaejoong is trying so desperately to disguise, his uneven breathing. He has heard him crying enough over the phone to know that the beautiful man lying shattered in front of him is now beyond his reach. Now, he doesn’t even have the right to beg for forgiveness, not after what just happened. Yunho, I love you…those words will haunt him for the rest of his life.

As he watches Jaejoong struggle to compose himself, he notices the demon reach down and run two of his fingers through the strands of white decorating Jaejoong’s belly and chest, watching as he brings those fingers to his mouth and suddenly, Yunho can taste him. He shudders as his mouth, the mouth that can feel and taste despite the lack of control over his body, fills with the essence that is Jaejoong, the only man he ever loved. His gaze meets Jaejoong’s who has finally opened his eyes, and the pain within them is almost his undoing. Anger flares up once more, much anger, and he yells out at the demon, knowing it can hear him. Raging that he had fucked Jaejoong like it said it had to. Demanding it let him go. The only response he receives, though, is the demon once again scooping up more cum, and licking it off, making Yunho almost dizzy with being torn in two. The fight between his anger and self-loathing and the desire he still feels towards Jaejoong. His body betrays him as years of pent-up desire wins over his own denials, and he can feel the stirrings of lust tug low in his belly, much to his mortification.

The demon chuckles darkly as he pulls out of Jaejoong’s body and moves off the bed, heading for the open closet. Jaejoong doesn’t even bother opening his eyes, being physically and mentally exhausted. Seconds later, he feels the bed dip again, and someone straddling his belly. He opens his eyes and tries to rear up and buck the body off him but the demon merely laughs, not budging. Jaejoong’s eyes widen as he notices what he is holding. Neck ties. Three of them. He looks up at Yunho’s face and is met by a wicked smirk. He is almost paralysed as the demon lifts his left arm up and loops the necktie around the bedpost, securing his left wrist to it. Something snaps within him at the feeling of the silk band around his wrist, and he lashes out with his other hand. Punching and clawing with his right hand, Jaejoong thrashes wildly, angry yet terrified. If the demon manages to get his other wrist secured, who knew what he would do to him.

“What are you doing? You said you just needed to fuck me and Yunho would be free,” Jaejoong rails at the demon, pounding and clawing desperately at Yunho’s body. Screaming in fear and frustration, the demon merely quirks an eyebrow at him, not reacting at all to the abuse being inflicted to Yunho’s body. Yunho’s body…Jaejoong stops, letting his arm drop back onto the bed. He stares horrified at the scratch marks on Yunho’s chest, some of them so red it looks as if he may have drawn blood. His eyes dart back up to the face he loves, those lips twisted into a mocking grin.

“Caught on, have you? You’re only hurting your boyfriend, my pretty.”

All the fight leaves Jaejoong’s body as he stares at the red scratches, sinking once again within himself. He’d just hurt Yunho. His fate is sealed, the pain inflicted on Yunho complete. Nothing is left sacred. Sacred? He almost laughs at the notion. Anything sacred was lost the second he was used like a street-side whore with a VIP box seat for the only person he had ever truly loved. He closes his eyes again as the demon’s laughter echoes around the room as he secures the other wrist. Jaejoong would only have his memories now. Those, the demon could not touch.

Jaejoong’s eyes fly up in alarm as he feels a cloth being put over his eyes, eyes that open up to darkness as the third necktie is secured tightly around his head. Jaejoong could feel himself panic, as the blood pounds in his ears and he starts to tug at his restrains and shouts for help.

“Do you want me to gag you too, my pretty? You have a lot of neckties. Remember what I said earlier? If anyone interrupts, I’m going to have to kill them all. Do you want someone’s death hanging over you?”

Jaejoong’s shouting is cut off at that, all of his senses heightened and his hearing seems especially acute and so he hears every word.

“Mmmmm… that’s a good boy.” The demon leans down over Jaejoong’s prone body, his mouth against the shell of his ear, breathing hotly into it and delighting at the scared flinch Jaejoong makes. He can practically hear his heart thudding a mile a minute under him. The demon pauses, drinking in the fear coming off him as well as revelling in the fury being unleashed within him as Yunho is almost out of his mind with anger and terror. His host is terrified at what he was planning for the pretty man. He smiles a twisted smile as he whispers into Jaejoong’s ear.

“I have a much better use for that mouth of yours….”

Jaejoong hears him, unable to believe his ears. Yunho’s voice is like honey, but it is still not Yunho. It is not Yunho, but in the darkness that surrounds him, he can pretend that the hands touching him are those of his beloved. He can’t see those mocking black pools in Yunho’s face, replacing the familiar brown eyes. If the demon was not done with him yet, then the only way he would be able to get through this was maybe, maybe pretending that it really is Yunho.

“Don’t bite…remember, you’d only be hurting your boyfriend.” The demon whispers, licking at the curve of Jaejoong’s ear.

Jaejoong stiffens beneath him, hands fisted as he wars with himself internally. He needs to make a choice.

The demon blows a warm stream of air against Jaejoong’s ear, causing him to shiver in response and strain to try and get away from the torment. The demon simply chuckles as he licks around the curve of his ear once again, nibbling gently around a piercing.

Jaejoong is lost. The demon is being oddly gentle and quite lover-like and because of that, Jaejoong can feel his defences relaxing. He doesn’t know what the demon has in store for him and the fear of the unknown will always keep a grip on him, but in the darkness of his bound eyes, he can lose himself and be with Yunho this last time. The body is Yunho’s. The mouth, the hands, the voice; all Yunho. His Yunho is in there somewhere and that is enough for him. He knows that when this ends, everything will be over between him and Yunho, but Jaejoong steadfastly hopes that he will understand and forgive him some day for submitting to the demon in possession of his body.

A solitary tear leaks out as Jaejoong whispers brokenly, “Yunho, I will always love you.”

The words hit Yunho like a sledgehammer, but before he can react, the demon has moved and is now pressing his mouth against Jaejoong’s, licking at his lips, asking for entry.

Jaejoong feels Yunho moving and suddenly, a warm mouth is on his, soft lips nudging at his swollen lips. Another tear falls as Jaejoong opens his mouth and welcomes Yunho’s tongue into him. He kisses him with all the love and regret he feels, unable to stop the tears now steadily seeping out of his covered eyes. He kisses him back, knowing that Yunho is watching, probably in disgust at his actions. He kisses him back knowing this will be the only time he will be able to feel those lips on his, loving him back the way he wants to be loved. Jaejoong is lost.

Yunho moans at the feeling of invading Jaejoong’s mouth. It is a strange thing, being able to feel everything as if his body is still his, and yet not having that all-important control. The demon is most certainly the one with all the power. The way he licks around Jaejoong’s mouth, massaging his tongue, it is all the demon… and yet, he is doing it the way Yunho would have. He can’t help but gasp in shock when Jaejoong starts sucking on his tongue, never expecting him to respond. He is stunned when Jaejoong forces his tongue back and is now invading Yunho’s mouth with his tongue. There is a battle for dominance and Jaejoong is giving as much as he takes. Yunho is going crazy. Why was Jaejoong doing this? He had just been, for all intents and purposes, raped by Yunho. Why was he doing this? As his mind wars with the desire that is starting to consume him, he belatedly remembers Jaejoong’s last words to him. Almost an echo of his last words before. Yunho, I will always love you. Will there be redemption in this after all?

Jaejoong cannot stop the silent tears, his heart breaking even more with every gentle kiss back that he receives. His body is also responding and he squirms underneath Yunho, wanting a little more friction as he tugs at his bindings, wishing his hands were free so he can touch, feel, anything. He wants to run his hands up and down that long body, no longer as lean as it used to be but always beautiful to Jaejoong. He aches to put a soothing hand over the scratches he caused earlier, and kiss them in apology. He wants so much but he knows, he KNOWS this is still the demon’s game. Jaejoong is still lost.

Yunho’s mouth slants over Jaejoong’s, the kiss becoming rougher as the demon feels both Jaejoong and Yunho responding with desire. He smirks. The feelings between these two humans are strong, every emotion magnified even more and the demon drinks it all in.

Jaejoong moans in distress as the hot mouth over his is abruptly pulled away, lips trailing along his jaw and down his neck. His body is a mess of heightened senses as every lick, scrape of teeth, and puff of warm breath is enhanced because he has been blinded. He jerks as that hot mouth closes over a nipple and starts sucking and licking feverishly. Jaejoong is lost in the sensation, desperately wanting to see Yunho laving over him in such an intimate way and yet knowing that if he looks into those black eyes, all will be lost. He sobs out loud, unable to keep it in, fiercely trying to keep the illusion of Yunho.

The demon gives the same attention to both nipples as both Yunho and Jaejoong harden to fullness. He hides his satisfied grin as he moves further down. He is first and foremost, a demon of pleasure. Sure, he takes pleasure in anger, and what demon didn’t like to be feared? But pleasure? He LIVES for it. This was turning out to be the best meal he’s had in ages. It really is too bad that a demon cannot ever return for seconds.

His mouth drifts down further, licking at Jaejoong’s belly piercing. That taut, flat belly, with its hard planes, so narrow and beautiful. Yunho loved Jaejoong’s slim waist and even when he lost his softness, it did nothing to stave the love he felt, and the hidden desire he had for it. When Jaejoong first showed him his pierced belly all those years ago, Yunho’s eyes had almost popped out of his head, and now his mouth was on that piercing, licking and tugging at it. Yunho can feel his cock hardening even more as Jaejoong moans out loud at every pull, his head starting to thrash from side to side. He can feel Jaejoong’s hardness against his chest and he is almost terrified at what the demon plans on doing next. He has an idea of what the demon is planning, but despite wanting it, it still feels wrong. Despite Jaejoong appearing to be consenting, it still wasn’t right; Yunho had not missed the Jaejoong’s sob earlier, and coupled with the blindfold and the fact that Jaejoong was tied to the bed, it was wrong to him. Yet despite it all, Jaejoong’s last words play in his head. Yunho only wishes that he could voice them back, at the same time clinging to those words like they were his salvation.

The demon frowns a little around Jaejoong’s belly as he feels Yunho faltering slightly. Time to move things along.

Jaejoong’s hips almost leave the bed as he feels his cock enveloped in moist heat, tongue massaging languidly around the glands at the head. He bucks his hips wildly, unable to control himself, not knowing what more there was to come but wanting it all the same.

The demon smirks once again, mouth around Jaejoong’s smooth cock, oddly pleased at the fact that Jaejoong shaves. Well, it shouldn’t be surprising really with such a pretty boy. He is feeding off Yunho’s lust, which had exploded the second he’d taken Jaejoong into his mouth. He moans cooperatively as he swallows Jaejoong all the way to the hilt, nose kissing what would have been his pubes if he had any. It pays to be unable to feel anything since gag reflexes are a non-issue.

Jaejoong keens loudly, Yunho’s name a litany on his lips as he desperately jerks his hips closer, wanting more, more, more! His hands are fisted above him and his arms are starting to ache from all the tugging he’d been doing against his restraints, but he is impervious to the pain as he chases his orgasm.

The demon keeps up a steady pace, allowing Jaejoong to fuck Yunho’s mouth as much as he likes, all the while sucking and biting and licking, driving the man crazy while simultaneously massaging his balls with one hand, pinching and rolling a nipple with the other. The desire feeding him was steadily increasing from both humans, and he hums almost happily as he swallows Jaejoong all the way down once again, the cock hitting the back of his throat, vibrations reverberating around the slick, rigid flesh.

Jaejoong’s hips stutter as he comes, screaming Yunho’s name, the explosion seemingly out of nowhere as the humming and Yunho’s throat contracting around the sensitive head of his cock push him over the edge. He feels his balls tighten and his entrance contract spasmodically as spurt after spurt follows down Yunho’s throat.

The demon laps up at Jaejoong’s still-hard cock, sucking down everything and anything Jaejoong’s body gives him. Jaejoong flinches as Yunho’s teeth grazes his over-sensitive cock as his mouth moves back up and groans when lips close over the head, gently licking before coming off with an obscene pop. Jaejoong hears a deep chuckle, Yunho’s baritone flowing and caressing him as lips start travelling back up his body. His arms are now hanging limp in the ties and he is starting to feel the ache. The whirling sensations that began in his belly and travelled the length of his body from his head to the tips of his toes are slowly abating, and he is starting to come back to his senses. He feels languid, almost without a care in the world. Something in his head was trying to tell him something but for that moment, Jaejoong is more than happy to ignore it. He licks at his dry lips, moistening them and giving his mouth something to do as he feels a wet trail coming up his body. He feels Yunho’s body coming up over him, hovering, not quite touching him as he senses arms caging him in on either side. He lifts his hips to see how far away that other body is and comes into contact with Yunho’s painfully aroused body. Jaejoong gasps and drops back onto the bed, shivering in both fear and something else he isn’t willing to examine just yet. The warm body over him follows him down, pressing him into the bed, the heat radiating off him and searing Jaejoong.

Yunho is coiled so tight it really isn’t going to take much for him to explode, in all senses of the word. His brain stopped working the second his mouth filled with Jaejoong, feeling both appalled and yet immensely turned on. He’s never been with a man or attracted to any man apart from Jaejoong, and that he was now so intimately connected with Jaejoong’s body as a lover and yet not, was twisting him up inside. On the one hand, it is more than anything he could have imagined or wanted and on the other, that damn demon’s control of the situation. The taste of the other man, though, he will never be able to get enough of and he doesn’t quite know how to handle it. He wants more, so much more and he hates himself from the very depths of whatever soul he has left for it.

The being chuckles out loud as it feels the inner struggles within Yunho. It had really picked well this time.; the man was an ocean of conflicting emotions, strong emotions, and all of them relating to the pale man underneath him. The extreme dichotomy of those emotions baffled the demon at first because it assumed that the two men were already lovers. However, the desire and lust that it’d been feeding on were not those of old lovers. In fact, Yunho’s continued anger at himself for his desire, which had been running like an undercurrent through all the pleasure and lust, made the demon wonder if these two had ever even been intimate. The thought that they hadn’t amused it greatly, and the evil pleasure demon decides that perhaps playing with food isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Yunho feels the shift within himself as the demon once again relinquishes control. He almost sobs in relief, the ache between his legs still palpable, but his first priority is talking to Jaejoong. He doesn’t know how long the demon planned on letting him free, and if the past were any indication, it wouldn’t be long.

“Jaejoongie….” Yunho whispers achingly as he shifts, not moving from Jaejoong’s body but enough to reach up and push up the black necktie that bound his eyes, softly caressing the cheek and jaw as he does so.

Jaejoong hears his name. He hears Yunho calling him. He feels his hand brush tenderly against his face as it raised the cloth binding his eyes, feels each shallow puff of breath against his face as Yunho exhales, feels the weight of the man covering his naked body, the hot hardness still evident as it pressed against his belly. He is overtaken by the crushing urge to open his eyes but he does not dare. He knows it is Yunho, but his mind is frozen in fear at what he will see in those eyes, and he simply cannot face him.

Yunho stares down at the pale face, seeing the dried tear tracks running from the closed eyes. He wants so badly to kiss him, to kiss Jaejoong as Yunho. Jaejoong doesn’t move beneath him, he doesn’t respond to Yunho gently stroking his cheek, over his cheekbone and back down again to the corner of his mouth and up again with the pad of his thumb; a constant soothing movement. Yunho’s eyes fill with tears, his arousal long forgotten as he watches Jaejoong lie unmoving and unresponsive underneath him. Is he really beyond redemption now?

“Doushite… kimi wo suki no natte shimattan darou?” Yunho starts singing softly, remembering how Jaejoong used to look at him when he sang those opening lines. He should have said something then because maybe, just maybe, Jaejoong returned his feelings. He wants to close his eyes against those memories, but he is afraid of losing sight of Jaejoong. His Jae. Lying underneath him all still and cold, his face a mask. He continues to rub Jaejoong’s cheek as he resumes humming the song, his throat too clogged with sobs he refuses to give in to. However, he loses the battle and two tears splash down on Jaejoong’s face as he closes his eyes in misery.

Jaejoong is feeling so much, wanting to memorise each caress. His mind is completely focused on Yunho’s thumb stroking his face, desperate to hold onto it forever. He doesn’t know how long they lay there, with him committing every run of that thumb across his face to memory when the silence is broken by a voice dripping in sorrow, singing that song. The song Jaejoong was told off repeatedly for by their managers for looking too meaningfully at Yunho. Told off in private, behind closed doors. Told off by Lee Soo Man himself. No one knows, not even Yunho. And now his lines are being sung back to him in a voice that is almost shattered in its pain. But why? Why is Yunho singing that song to him? Why does he sound so broken?

Jaejoong keeps his eyes shut, wanting to hear more. However, Yunho starts humming the rest of the song instead. Why? Was he just asking that question and wondering why he’d fallen for someone like him? Was he wondering how he could fall for someone who would do the things he just did? Jaejoong is close to screaming. To rail at the injustice of the world. To curse the demon to hell. Why? Why? Why? So many questions, he is overwhelmed with the sudden burst of anger at everything when what is unmistakably tears land on his face.

He opens his eyes just as Yunho closes his, tears flowing out of those almond shaped eyes, hidden from him. Before he can move or say anything, Yunho presses down fully into him, burying his face against Jaejoong’s head, his voice breaking as he sobs the words Jaejoong has always dreamed of.

“I will always love you….”

Yunho feels the change as once again, the demon takes over control. He is too heartbroken to care. Jaejoong is lost to him. Maybe the demon is done and is about to take his leave. Maybe hell has frozen over.

“If it weren’t for the strength I can feel within the two of you, I would think you the stupidest humans imaginable.” The demon sits up, straddling Jaejoong’s waist once again as he wipes at Yunho’s eyes, grimacing at the wetness and staring derisively down at Jaejoong who is staring back blankly, taking in the inky darkness representing the demon’s possession of Yunho’s body.

“If it weren’t for the strength in him,” the demon gestures towards Yunho’s body “and the depth of his feelings for you,” he continues, looking back at Jaejoong, “I would have gone looking for some other prey after the first fuck.” He watches closely as Jaejoong’s eyes widen at the implication. “And If it wasn’t for the depth of your feelings for him,” Yunho’s lips twist in a semblance of a smirk as the demon watches on amusedly as Jaejoong flinches, “and how much it magnifies everything that I need to feed on…”

“Don’t say it….” Jaejoong pleads.

“I would have left his body a long time ago.”

Burning black eyes bore down into frightened brown ones as they stare at each other.

“Yes, it is both your faults that I am still here. No use blaming one over the other. I’m a demon of pleasure and the potential for it in both of you is so great, I probably won’t have to feed for a fortnight after this.”

Jaejoong is pinned by those eyes, unable to look away as the demon cocks his head, looking down at him.

“This body is a vessel. I feed on your pleasure, your anger and your fear. That is all I can feel. How this body reacts is all down to your boyfriend. I may make all the moves, but ultimately, without his own desire, there’s no way I can force his body to react to you in any way. I chose him because he absolutely reeked of pent up desire. Once unleashed, I knew I would be able to gorge myself. However, your boyfriend seems to have this self-hatred going on as well, stopping him from letting that desire take over and me from feeding on the pleasure. Why is that?”

“What do you mean it’s all him?”

The demon looks pityingly down at the stricken man.

“This.” The demon takes hold of Yunho’s limp cock, scowling down at it, “I cannot feel anything. He does. Right now, he is neither feeling pleasure nor anger but fear. Not of me but of you. Hence why this,” he tugs with his hand, “is no longer hard. This is still his body. The only thing he loses when I take over is control. He feels everything, he just cannot control what I do with his body.”

Jaejoong’s eyes are huge in his face, his mind trying to absorb everything the demon has just said. However, before he can formulate a response, the demon moves up his body and he is now eyeball to cock with Yunho’s groin.

“Now then, can we just get on with it so I can feed and get the hell out of here? Or do you like having me around that much, my pretty?” The demon’s tone is challenging as he caresses Jaejoong’s face in a mocking mimicry of Yunho’s tenderness earlier. “Perhaps you do like me around seeing as you’re finally going to get fucked properly hmmmm?”

Jaejoong is unable to move or look away from Yunho’s cock, his blood thundering in his ears as he feels the colour rise in his cheeks, knowing he is probably as red as a tomato and there is nothing he can do about it. Yunho feels everything? So if his body is aroused it means Yunho is aroused? Jaejoong flushes even more at the thought as a familiar laugh rings around the room.

“Awww, the pretty boy is blushing. Isn’t that cute? I wonder if your boyfriend likes that. I can feel a change in him. He loved the taste of you by the way. Why don’t you return the favour?” The demon leers down at Jaejoong who is fighting the urge to stick his tongue out because if he does, it will….

He does.


this is educated weirdness.

so wondering how you will finish this.

though not. Demon 0. Yunjae 1.


Educated weirdness? That's an interesting observation ;D What do you mean?

Well, currently it's Demon 1 YunJae 0 lol!

... I seriously don't know what to say to this... :O I'm like, blankly staring at my screen. That was... yeah, no words are coming out except... Update *-*

Hahahaha whenever someone says they don't know what to say, I never know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Are you blankly staring at your screen in horror? Shock? Or maybe you're thinking what the fuck is she doing? Hehehehe :P

I'll update as soon as I can. Damn head is stuffed full of snot I can barely think straight let alone write more. There's already about 4k worth of words after this already written :P

wow o.o
I'm curious how it'll end.
good job ' 'b
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Hehe thank you! I'll try and update as soon as I can! This was actually meant to be a normal one-shot but somehow I think it's gonna be about 20k words o____O

Take medicine, eat & rest a lot...
I'll wait patiently^^

Awwww you're sweet. I'm doing my best! Thank you!

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Hullo there! I don't know who that is. I've only been in the YunJae (and DBSK by extension) fandom since... November 2011? There are so many fics to read lol. I have a massive backlog (mainly because I keep re-reading Damaged).

And thank you! I hope I get better soon too. I already have 4,000+ words written ;-)

Update update update nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Wow. This......... this..... are you sure this is your first fic???
Please update soon :)

LOL! I'm guessing you liked it then? This is my first YunJae fanfic but my 5th fanfic in total. The other four were for the Tokio Hotel fandom :P

There's already about 4k worth of words after this already written if it makes you feel better :P I'll try and update as soon as I can. This bug is just really clogging my head.

I'm like super weirded out by the demon. Truly, earnestly speechless. Update soon though it'll be interesting to see what happens. Lol bb notice the lack of exclamation here? Im like in this post reading your fic haze. Hur Hur.

Weirded out how? I think the first review said this was "educated weirdness" lol so i'm wondering what you mean by weird.

Me gusta post-fic haze :PPP Definitely aiming to update by Tuesday at the absolute latest. Hopefully my body cooperates and stops producing snot lol!

Omooo...this fic is so twisted in a good way. Kyaa can't wait till monday for d last part. Hope u will get well soon.

Awww thank you for that. Glad you like it XD

Smut with a dark theme. Me gusta. B)
I find this incredibly hot. And your way of expressing the conflicting emotions that Jaejoong and Yunho are feeling is genius. Everything about this fic is just sexy. *Q* I love it!

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Thank you! I'm glad you like it. I was a little worried it would get confusing tbh but seems like everyone's been able to follow it. I'm feeling better this morning so will work on finishing this!

Ooo this was good! I was so caught up in both Jaejoong's and Yunho's inner turmoil~ Waahh~ But omg Jae was too friggin cute (and I'm sure entirely too sexy to Yunho) when he reacted all embarrassed and blushing when the demon said Yunho's body reacts because of the way Yunho feels! Hehehe~ And how Yunho loved being with Jae even though he hated himself for it. It's so hard to feel just one thing at a time in this! I feel bad for them and I'm trying to sympathize, but at the same time it's so damn sexy! And they're finally actually getting to be together~ Seriously guys, it took a demon to make it happen?! *facepalm* LOL

I was giggling hard out when writing that part tbh. When I wrote "eyeball to cock" I laughed for a good minute. I obviously amuse easily lol!!!

That aside, shy and blushing Jae is soooooooooooooo hot to me omg... I can't imagine Yunho being able to resist him at all like that.

I'm really happy to hear you say that it's hard to feel just one thing at a time. Hehehe... If you're feeling this as a spectator, imagine how they feel :PPP Thank you so much for your words and review hehe XD

And IKR? /head desk

OH MY!!! I love this! That demon, I kind of hate him! I want him to go away so Yunho can make sweet love to Jae once and for all :)

Lol!!! I'm happy you love it but i'm sad you hate the demon heh.

I don't know about sweet love................ Just a warning for the next chapter :P

Ohh la la! It's ok if it isn't sweet ;) haha I shall wait for your next update :)

Lol it's up :P Let me know if you like/hate it heheheheh ;-)

I was creeping myself out when I wrote it tbh...

But then he totally grew on me ;-) http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzps19C51x1qab86xo1_r1_500.gif

I can't wait for the last part *excited*

Lol i'm really pleased to hear that because I enjoyed writing it :PPP And the next part is up ;-) Just click next :P


I was tearing up a lot too during it... poor YJ ;A; Hurry up and go away Mr. Demon D:

I was crying a lot while writing it :-(

I'm glad you like it despite that though heh. And awwww I was actually starting to like the demon :P Can you really begrudge him a sumptuous meal like YunJae? Cos I know I can't cos i'd want to feast too tbh lol... XD

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