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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Sleeping Beauty

Some stupendously evil person sent me this in my ask and I am now crying because this is so much Jung Jaejoong post the epilogue of the original Sleeping Beauty I can't even... he's all cute and sheepish and a little shy and hiding his baby bump and self-conscious cos HELLO UGLY SHIRT but you know, he doesn't give a fuck cos he's pregnant and well, he just bought a whole load of stuff. That ball of sunshine...i'm dying rapidly here.

CAN YOU SEE SB!JAEJOONGIE OR AM I JUST IMAGINING THIS? God... I want to write something so bad. It's always SB though... Sleeping Beauty will win ANY AND ALL MUSE WARS... There's like no fucking contest. Unfortunately, this time what wants to be written is not a oneshot but a short sequel that i've been toying not so seriously with for over six months T__________T I think I would get killed for another WIP considering all the stuff I am in the middle of. This photo though just made my not-so-serious toying into an urge to write that i'm trying to mute ;;

Mianhae to my patient readers cos seriously y'all are incredible for putting up with my fickle muses and my inability to control them.

uknow what i have a gr8 question for u nik
WHERE IS FORESKIN FORSAKEN? ;AAAAAA; u promised 2 have it finished by da end of da year...





that lady in the bg laughing; I bet Jung Jaejoong had another moment of being himself and she's lost it. I would have if I saw that adorable dork hiding his baby bump with his shopping bags OTL

OMG, he is cute :O

Edited at 2013-12-12 05:49 am (UTC)

Lol I love your muses, you should listen to them! I would totally wait for a sequel.

Do it pleaseeeeeeeeeee
SBS is one of my favorite stories ;A;!!!! Sequel pleaseee

Kyaaaaaa~ the Jungs Mama!
I agree with you!! he's jung jaejoong!XD

Sequel? *ears raised and eyes twinkle like a puppy*
I really hope for one...should I thank the person who sent you that pic? *thank you to whoever you are!!!*

jj - so pretty - his prettiness inspires gr8 fics n he is conscious abt this fact too...lol on the ugly shirt.. jj style back then aish...wish for a sequel too...on the fic not the shirt...

A sequel, my heart races at the thought! Stare at the picture until you give in to those darling muses!

hello there JUNG JAEJOONG were you pregnant with minnie there or the twins? :)

Edited at 2013-12-12 09:09 am (UTC)

Yes...SB JJ.....he is pregnant and nothing and NO ONE is going to stop him from baby shopping.

How about the sequel on his trouble in being pregnant with the twins and giving birth to them....I remember it was a problemative birth.

Ooooooh~ I want to the sequel, plsssssss.
Just give the 'joongie mama' comeback :D