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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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One Night in Busan [8b]
Title: One Night in Busan
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Only god knows at this point thanks to JaeMin
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance
Important: This is AU but HoMin are TVXQ and JYJ never existed. Basically the only non-AU thing about it. EVERYTHING about this fic is super freaking AU… I just can’t get BLOND BLOND BLOND out of my fucking head. Also, characters may be a little OOC but it’s fiction and AU and just roll with it, ok?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It was meant to be a one time thing, and it takes Yunho a while to realize that a one time thing for him means exactly that.

AN: Wrote all of this while in the company of other people during long ass fucking meetings so there’s probably a million errors or whatever not to mention I spent most of this chapter arguing with Jaejoong in my head. I think I’m losing my mind. Please be kind about any mistakes etc.

But I want to share...Collapse )

I understand jaejoong's insecurity and he will have more in the future from the look of homin's bond. But it cute how to yunho sometimes when it comes to jaejoong it seems like there is no one else in the world but him.

i look forward to more!

“I can work on for now, I’ll work on it till we get to forever.”
^ omg that's so sweet of you Yunho ;; forever is the sweetest thing ever ;;

OTL nicki I feel you.. It was kind of all confusing because at first it was all crack and then it turns into uhhh... Smut and then humor and then angst and then fluff, LOL.
I think you're the only author I know who can put all genres all together in one chapter, hah!

I feel bad for Jaejoong though, because somehow he have to share Yunho with Changmin and everyone else and who wants that, right? My heart ache when Jaejoong had asked for a divorce and decided to leave Yunho but then again, I could bot blame him... I just hope both Yunho and Jaejoong will be able to make their marriage work because I can see that they fit each other perfectly...

I'm not a HoMin shipper but because of this chapter I think I'm in need of some 'HoMin' loving in my life, OTL.

Thanks for the update Mama Bee!! ^_^
Oh and I hope you and your Jaejoong muse will somehow come to an agreement, kkkk

Great for no 3some.... Love u n cm so much... Feels like spanking jung jaejoong but that paradise lyrics... Ahh.. Gonna go live streaming jj's con now...

Maybe because I'm a very possessive and jealous person at heart, the angst in me, hoping Jae to said goodbye and leave to have thinking time alone. But the romantic side of me smiling and grinning also drooling like idiot with this.

damn yunho for being such a smooth talker.
that last line was so romantic i wanted to melt <333

I got scared for a bit thinking that jae might actually leave! But the yunjae love in the air was awesome ^^

Thanks for sharing!

A confused jae is soo cute, the things he does to feel yunho's love for him. I really love your work although it doesn't happen in real life (but I really hope it does) u really address to all of the issues in the story and not just breeze pass it like many authors do.

Even if I expected something else instead of Changmin saying no to Jae's offer I'm not disappointed at all, I really enjoyed the chapter and I can't wait to see the further development of this marriage!

Thank you for the lovely update! [heart]

Oh... I feel for your Jae muse... I knew it wouldn't happen buy I stiill hoped and its like I have blue balls now or something xD

OMG.... Yunjae smex infront of Changmin is epic...
I fucking love this update..
Thankie auhtor-sshi for this wonderful update...
Keep it up, you're doing great..
Looking forward to you next update.

eep, idekh you can dissect homin like this. :OO takes a lot of brain cells, haha. my brain only uses like 1% of it's entire capacity, and heh. i can't wait for more! :D/

You know? I just want to say that was worth waiting this update. Not a chance I would have imagined all that is to come ...
I really feel very happy after reading ... I'm so anxious to come!
Thanks for giving me the best of both worlds
I love you!