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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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One Night in Busan [8b]
Title: One Night in Busan
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Only god knows at this point thanks to JaeMin
Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance
Important: This is AU but HoMin are TVXQ and JYJ never existed. Basically the only non-AU thing about it. EVERYTHING about this fic is super freaking AU… I just can’t get BLOND BLOND BLOND out of my fucking head. Also, characters may be a little OOC but it’s fiction and AU and just roll with it, ok?
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: It was meant to be a one time thing, and it takes Yunho a while to realize that a one time thing for him means exactly that.

AN: Wrote all of this while in the company of other people during long ass fucking meetings so there’s probably a million errors or whatever not to mention I spent most of this chapter arguing with Jaejoong in my head. I think I’m losing my mind. Please be kind about any mistakes etc.

He’s been watching videos for a good hour or so now.

Yunho and Changmin sleep like the dead. A nudge from him against the younger half of TVXQ only results in a grunt, a flailing arm that almost clocks him in the face, and then the man turns over, grumbling loudly about being very hungry and there being no food in the house despite having a beautiful personal chef.

Jaejoong doesn’t question that, figuring it is he whom Changmin is referring to, slightly amused at the man’s sleep talking tendencies. He’d actually thought for a brief, soul-stopping moment that Changmin was awake but no, he’s sound asleep.

He shifts uncomfortably, his half baked plan is a soufflé that just collapsed.

The blond teenager is lying stark naked between the two halves of TVXQ. He is pressed up against Yunho though, who has a heavy arm laid across his waist.

That is truly what they are, he decides, after more than an hour of videos he’s watched of “HoMin”. Two halves of a whole. Changmin is Yunho’s other half, and vice versa.

Which begs the question, where does Jaejoong fit in then?

He wrinkles his nose, dropping his iPod onto his chest as he stares at the darkened ceiling. Dawn is upon him, and he knows both men will be up shortly.

It’s a little hard trying to determine something through a tiny iPod screen, but there is no doubting the connection Yunho and Changmin have. There is also no doubt that it is the younger that takes care of the older. Yunho is hopeless, lost half the time he can’t even remember which way to go at the airport or even on stage, but Changmin is always there to guide him. There is genuine affection and love in the eyes of the older man when it is turned onto the younger, and what gives Jaejoong pause at times is the way Changmin reacts to that attention. He turns shy and maybe even a little sheepish and tries to somehow distract everyone from the attention lavished on him by his leader by a well-placed brutally honest comment or two or simply bringing the attention back to Yunho.

Sometimes he even ducks behind Yunho, hiding from the fan cams pointing at them.

And look as Jaejoong might, he sees nothing but love.

A whole lot of love.

But not the love he is worried about finding.

He is honest enough with himself to admit that he even looks at it through the eyes of a “shipper”, trying to determine if Changmin’s utterly lost expression when Yunho ducks out of sight for a brief moment is something more. One particular video clip had been painful to watch, for Jaejoong could practically feel the anxiety rolling off the younger member, the man barely paying attention to the people talking around him as his eyes dart agitatedly around the room he is in. The way his tense body visibly relaxes when he finally has Yunho within his sights is startling, and he covers it up deftly, finally paying attention to those talking to him, the nonchalant facade back in place. He literally transforms before Jaejoong’s eyes and the teenager wonders if anyone else notices.

Unfortunately, it is clear his husband doesn’t though for when the camera pans to Yunho, it is obvious that he has absolutely no idea of the stress he’d caused his partner, and Jaejoong truly wonders at that.

He still has “shipper” goggles on when the other members of their company “bully” Changmin onstage and Yunho tugs his partner to his side and kicks out at those bothering him. Or the way he stops male and female MCs or hosts alike from touching Changmin. Jaejoong reckons it’s because he knows Changmin is not the tactile sort, and these strangers are invading the younger man’s personal space and he gets his back up because of it, but it is undeniably odd because Yunho always does it. It doesn’t matter the situation, for if someone gets overly touchy with Changmin, Yunho steps in instantly. He’s even been known to grasp a female MC’s hand and lifting it from the young Max Changmin trying to once again, duck behind him in a clip from early on in their career.

He always does it with a smile, but it is clear he doesn’t like it.

Jaejoong can see Yunho try to draw out Changmin during interviews through the years, wanting and sometimes even insisting the younger man take the lead. The younger is far more reticent, but he does actually seem to bloom under the careful watering by Yunho when it comes to interviews. He’s watched videos from their debut till something from just last week, and the difference is stark. Changmin went from someone who is always practically hiding behind Yunho, to someone comfortable when speaking for more than half the time during a short interview with Yunho taking the role of the nodding side-kick.

In variety shows, Yunho is naturally more exuberant and vocal, and yet he never ever forgets the man next to him, bringing attention to him time and time again. Jaejoong can see on some occasions that Changmin would really prefer to remain invisible, but Yunho never lets him. Theirs is a partnership, and it will always be a partnership. Changmin may look out for Yunho off camera, but Yunho never ever lets anyone forget that no matter what happens or what they do or how it looks, TVXQ comes as a package deal. You want Yunho? You sure as fuck better take Changmin too.

And be nice to him.

He’s been known to cut off over-zealous MCs who find Changmin too difficult to engage with due to his natural reticence, in order to give him more screen time. An action that most would deem rude, but because it’s U-Know Yunho, he’s forgiven for it. It is during these times that the fact that the two members of TVXQ communicate with their eyes is clearly shown. Half the time, Jaejoong is trying not to laugh for Changmin’s eyes are always sparking fire, warning of dire consequences later while Yunho just smirks and laughs it off.

And yet, no matter how much Changmin “sparks” at Yunho, he’s always the first to grab his hand, the first to hand him a towel, the first to hug him, and he practically cuts off anyone trying to pass to Yunho any form of anything edible or drinkable. Yunho only eats and drinks by his hand. He even gets visibly annoyed when anyone gets between him and Yunho on a crowded stage, or when his hyung ventures too far away. If looks could drag Yunho back to his side, Changmin seems to be continually honing his skill, although Jaejoong has to find it somewhat amusing that his 27 year old husband acts like a puppy without a leash and if Changmin’s expression is anything to go by, he’d dearly love to collar the excitable leader.

Max Changmin is happiest (or perhaps calmest might be the better word) with Yunho next to him, there is no doubt about that. It doesn’t quite work vice versa though for Yunho seems at home whatever the setting, but Jaejoong merely writes it off as Yunho being oblivious as usual.

Changmin’s more “precious” tendencies are also taken in stride by Yunho. Jaejoong can certainly see why people refer to the younger man as the wife in these instances, for really, the man (onscreen) avoids doing any “manly” work when Yunho is around. Given a hammer and two pieces of wood? He stares at it blankly while Yunho is already happily hammering away nonchalantly with his own hammer and wood. And then he even asks Yunho for help. Jaejoong figures it’s a company construct the way they purposefully give fans the opportunity to label the duo, but then he’s also seen Changmin at the airport and if his sense of fashion is anything to go by, he really is fucking precious.

Yunho is happy strolling through in torn jeans and a tee shirt, and then you have the supermodel behind him strutting by looking like a million dollars.

Well, he should be because he is literally wearing millions of won.

But yet there is nothing “entitled” about the way he carries himself. He likes looking good, but if he wants to wear short shorts and a tee shirt, he will still look like a million dollars. What he wears makes no difference, but Jaejoong can tell he likes looking presentable.

Changmin, like Yunho, doesn’t rub him the wrong way.

Yunho’s eyes are always very soft when they look at Changmin, and when the latter doesn’t think there are cameras on him, his eyes are equally soft.

The love is definitely beyond what might be considered “normal”.

What is normal anyway? These men have practically lived and breathed each other for over a decade.

One particular video amuses Jaejoong. It is a very rare occasion that Yunho shows anger, and what makes the video more amusing is that he is clearly irritated with his partner sitting next to him which almost never happens.

Not that Jaejoong has seen anyway.

As far as he can tell, Changmin can do no wrong by Yunho.

And from Yunho’s actions that have been practically uniform in the last decade, it is clear that the two of them come as a package deal.

If you want Yunho, Changmin comes along whether you like it or not.

And so Jaejoong will bow out.

He cannot live like this.

At least, not as far as his experience of eighteen short years on this earth tells him.

He married Yunho because he thought he was the only man in his life. The way Yunho looked at him, still looks at him, Jaejoong has never felt more cherished.

But his husband comes with a wife.

”This is why you need the wife on your side, for if he believes you worth protecting, it’s a done deal.”

Jaejoong doesn’t want to have to get the wife on his side. This is his damn marriage, not some fucking three way he wasn’t told about. If he’d known how close Yunho was to Changmin that people consider them married, he would never have agreed to marry Yunho.

Hell, he wouldn’t have married Yunho if he’d even known about BoA.


“Shut up,” Jaejoong growls out loud, causing Changmin to grunt, and Yunho to grunt in reply.

Both are still asleep as far as he can tell.

The teenager rolls his eyes at the ceiling. They even fucking talk to each other in their sleep.

He’s entitled to be a little selfish isn’t he? He should be able to only want to be married to one man and not be “brother husbands” or whatever the term is. He is fond of Changmin. More fond than he’s ever been of anyone in such a short amount of time, but he feels it’s really asking too much of him to be ok with some fucked up three way marriage. He barely knows how to be a husband to a man, let alone a man who already has a wife. And the fact that he practically needs permission from Changmin to be husband to Yunho?

What kind of fucked up shit is this?

The pang in his chest is growing as he leans up, feeling the twinge in his ass, and the twitch in his semi-hard cock from the plug he’d put up himself in preparation for the worst idea in the history of worst ideas.

Well, it just got trumped by his new worst idea.

He glances at Changmin’s bare torso, down the man’s slim and unadorned back, resisting the urge to reach out a finger and trail it down that smooth expanse of flesh.

Changmin truly is beautiful.

Yunho will be ok.

He’s been happy for ten years.

Jaejoong’s only been happy for less than a week.

He can survive this.

Yunho feels soft lips nibbling his ear, and he smiles, wrapping his arms around the body laying atop his.

If this is a dream, it is the best dream in the world.

The mouth moves along his jaw, as his hands sweep down to meet a pert bare ass, just as familiar pillowy lips press against his own sticky-from-sleep cupid’s bow.

He groans deep in his throat as the kiss deepens quickly.

No nibbling, no teasing licks.

Just a very thorough tonguing as Jaejoong presses heatedly against him, moaning quietly as he digs his erection against his belly.

Yunho is vaguely aware of Jaejoong’s hands and feet working to divest him of his pants. The teenager’s movements are in no way hampered by the fact that their mouths are fused together. The leader of TVXQ is more than happen to let his young husband do what he will. One night of sleeping without Jaejoong was one night too many, and he respects the teenager enough not to push it, so he certainly isn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth as he helps the blond push down his pants and boxers.

The fact that they aren’t alone in the bed is completely missed by him, more asleep than awake, he allows his gorgeous young husband to have his way with him.

Changmin wakes, and it is not light enough for him to be awake already which means that something has woken him rather than his internal clock rousing him. He has this truly irritating habit of waking before his alarm goes off and then being unable to go back to sleep.

He raises his arms over his head, yawning widely just as a low moan behind him freezes him mid stretch.


No fucking way.

A groan.

This time he recognizes that throaty sound and he squeezes his eyes shut.


No fucking way in hell.

Yunho is not doing this to him.

Changmin knows he should probably roll out of the bed and sneak out of the bedroom, but his curiosity is far too great. He’s seen enough of the teenager to know the boy is without any sense of shame. He feels like Jaejoong is even prideful of the fact that he is so fucking shameless, though Changmin has a feeling it’s just a defense mechanism of some sort. His lush sexuality is very in your face, and you’d be blind not to see it.

But he bestows his favor very selectively.

Jaejoong doesn’t flirt with anyone.

And yet everyone is drawn in whether they want to be or not.

Changmin has caught himself on more than one occasion staring at the pale blond teenager, and trying not to drool.

He never even looks at Victoria like that.

Or any other female really.

Does this mean he swings that way?


Does this mean he likes Jaejoong in that way?


Jaejoong is way too much.

And most importantly, he is Yunho’s.

Another fucking moan.

He bites his bottom lip, remembering Heechul’s scandalized yet titillated reaction when they’d walked in on the couple that night that feels like aeons ago.

”Even I wouldn’t dare. Did you see him? God, he’s a beauty alright. So fucking brazen even I’m considering batting for him. That is an incredible turn on.”

“Are you insane?”

“Not as insane as that blond up there. Yunho can get possessive as fuck of you when he’s not being oblivious so I don’t know how he’s going to keep from being driven mad by that one. No offense but I have a feeling he’s going to know the second Jaejoong leaves the room, and then go trail after him.”

“Why should I be offended? I’d wager the same thing.”

“Not jealous?”

Changmin rolls his eyes at the amused older man. “Even if I was, you’d be the last person I tell. Yunho doesn’t have to worry about Jaejoong anyway.”


“He doesn’t care about anyone else.”

“What do you mean?”

“Since they met, Jaejoong has only had eyes for Yunho and vice versa. Hyung is possessive of me but not in that way. He doesn’t need to be possessive of Jaejoong because that boy is so much his, he might as well have it tattooed on his body. I have a feeling he knows it too, deep down somewhere, otherwise he would have kicked us both out when we caught them earlier.”

“So Yunho wouldn’t care if we make a pass at his husband?”

“He’d care, but your eyes will get clawed out first by Jaejoong for daring to try for him so hyung wouldn’t have to do anything.”

“You seem to know a lot for someone who’s probably seen him just as long as I have.”

“I saw them in Busan. Even I could see that some things even the universe cannot stop. That night they met? They were a sure thing, as sure as the tide ebbing and flowing. All I could do was make sure Jaejoong didn’t accidentally hurt Yunho if it was just a one time thing.”


“I wasn’t sure…”

“And now?”

“We’ll see.”

He is shaken from his thoughts by a sensual voice practically dripping in sex as Jaejoong coaxes his husband to be silent.


Well, fuck you very much Jung Jaejoong. It’s really too fucking late for that.

Changmin finally turns around, and when he does, he promptly wishes he hadn’t.

The dim light from daybreak has fallen across the boy’s pale body, making it practically incandescent. He knows he’s being stupid and fanciful and just everything in between, but the blond is really too much.

Jaejoong is riding Yunho, just as he did the other night, but this time, his gaze is fixed solely on Changmin’s face.

He smiles, but it doesn’t reach his eyes, and Changmin finally notices the sheen of tears.

Behind those tears though, is a fire of determination that gives him pause.

“Do you want a taste, baby?”

Changmin’s jaw drops, for Jaejoong is still riding, but he has a feeling those words are directed at him. He watches as Jaejoong tugs at his lush and wet bottom lip with his finger, before trailing it slowly down his undulating body.

Against his better judgment, Changmin’s eyes follow his finger down.




He looks away from the teenager’s sex, swallowing hard, his mouth dry. Perhaps he’s really not bendable after all because smart as he is, in that very instance, he honestly has no fucking idea what he would’ve done with Jaejoong.

All pink, pale and so very…wet.

The teenager is still moving though, and Changmin’s eyes follow to see the blond lifting a heavy strand of something from Yunho’s chest.

Changmin wants to stop looking.

He really does.

But it is as if heaven is against him and hell is for him in that moment, trying its best to lure him to the dark side.

Changmin groans out loud when Jaejoong sucks on his finger, eyes glittering in the filmy dawn light. He can feel his cock filling, but you’d really have to be a fucking saintly monk to be able to stop your body from reacting to that.

The devil on his shoulder is making him hard as fuck, and the angel on his other shoulder is reminding him that the fucking angel practically glowing in the stupid light filtering through the windows, is a ticket straight to hell.

Changmin really doesn’t want to go there.

That plush mouth, slick with saliva and god only knows what else, wrapped so suggestively around his finger as he sucks, his cheeks hollowing before he pulls the reddened tip out, licking it, eyes never leaving Changmin.

A siren’s smile, with a hint of steel behind the undeniable welcome Changmin can read in the blond’s eyes.

What is wrong with Jaejoong?

Changmin can still see the shimmer of the tears that refuse to fall.

What the fuck is going on?

Yunho, credit to him, is being largely silent, hissing sounds coming from between clenched teeth as he grips the teenager’s hips and starts to try to pound into him.

A hand against his mouth though as Jaejoong bends low, murmuring something into his ear, stops him immediately, though a heartfelt grown is ripped from him when the teenager removes his hand, slipping in a fingerful of fuck instead.

Changmin closes his eyes as Yunho tenses, willing his ears to block out the sound of Yunho orgasming with a mouthful of Jaejoong, and the blond’s name upon his lips.

He opens his eyes again, to find Jaejoong kissing his leader thoroughly, licking at his mouth.

But it is as if he knows he’s being watching for his eyes pop open, and he tilts his face, still licking at Yunho’s lips, the older man still whispering a litany of Jaejoong’s name and how much he loves him.

The two men stare at each other, before Jaejoong grins.

That grin scares Changmin, and he doesn’t scare easily.

He moves back, away from the presumably sated couple. A quick look at Yunho’s face reveals the man with his eyes closed, a tiny smile playing about his lips.

He’s really going to fucking kill Yunho if he did this knowingly.

His ass is practically hanging off the edge of the bed, and really, he should’ve stuck with his instincts and left the bed a very long time ago. Three is most certainly a crowd, and if Changmin doesn’t witness this again for the rest of his life, it will be the best gift anyone can give him.

Against his better judgment for what feels like the millionth time, he watches as Jaejoong straightens, eyes never leaving him. He flinches, moving away as Jaejoong reaches out a hand towards him. He cannot help it as he presses himself into the pillows, staring in growing apprehension as the boy grins again, mouth quirking.

The smile never ever reaches his eyes.

Jaejoong moves his hand behind him as he lifts himself up.

Yunho’s groan draws Changmin’s attention back to his leader’s face as the older man opens his eyes, gazing up at Jaejoong.

“No, Jae…stay.”

“But I want to share…”

“Share later…i’ll clean you up. Just stay.”

“I’m not sharing anything.”

Yunho’s head turns, eyes widening in shock as he meets the eyes of Changmin. He moves quickly, practically shoving Jaejoong off him towards Changmin who suddenly finds himself with a sticky and very naked blond pressed against him as Yunho gets out of bed hurriedly, pulling on his pants.

To Changmin’s utter shock, the blond leans back against him, rubbing his ass against his semi-hard cock.

Instead of moving away, he clamps a firm hand against the teenager’s ridiculously slim waist, eyes turning towards Yunho who is staring at them both in confusion.

The leader of TVXQ has multilayers of cobwebs in his mind. Sleep haze, orgasmic haze, and even remnants of a lust haze for once is never enough with Jaejoong. He is trying to work out why the hell his group member is in bed with him and his husband. He knows they went to sleep sandwiching the teenager, but he’d expected Changmin to return to his room during the night.

Waking up next to the man is one thing. He’s actually rather used to sharing a bed with Changmin.

Waking up next to him with his cock half buried in his husband’s pliant body is another matter altogether.

Partner or not, decade or not, surely some things are fucking sacred?

Like his goddamn marriage bed for one.


“Me?” Changmin’s eyebrow goes up incredulously for there is no doubt as to whom Yunho’s demand is directed at. He’s using his leadershii voice and Changmin suddenly wants to laugh at the ridiculousness of the entire situation. “I fucking woke up with you moaning like an animal in heat. Why are you asking me to explain? Ask your husband. He’s the one who suddenly wants to share.”

“Jaejoong?” The tone in Yunho’s voice changes, softens even as he casts his eyes down on the silent blond whose eyes are resolutely on his pillow.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Twinshinki ask in unison.

Jaejoong growls, sitting up and tugging at the sheets to wrap his bare body, leaning up against the headboard, he folds his arms and glares back and forth between his standing husband and Changmin lying prone next to him.

“You two are so irritating. You talk to each other in your sleep. You talk in silence with your eyes. You even fucking talk in tandem. Where the hell am I supposed to fit in? Spit-roasted between the two of you?”

Changmin catches the reference instantly, having seen more than his fair share of porn while Yunho’s expression grows even more perplexed. His tone is cutting, filled with exasperation and a healthy amount of frustration at the unpredictable teenager.

“Yesterday you were weeping about the prospect of being shared, and today, you want to be shared? What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“I don’t want to be shared.”

“Then why the fuck do you want to fit between us in a spit roast? I wouldn’t go near your ass even if you paid me and as for hyung’s? I’ve seen it enough times to know I want to have nothing to do with it so I’m asking you again, what the fuck is wrong with you?”

Jaejoong pouts mutinously, feeling defensive because with Changmin verbalizing his crazy thoughts, it sounds even more ridiculous out loud. He has no idea what his train of thought was. It started off with trying to figure out if Changmin and Yunho wanted each other, and then it morphed into Jaejoong compromising and including Changmin in their fucked up three way marriage, and then it morphed again into Jaejoong somehow fucking Yunho one last time and then sneaking out of the apartment and returning to Busan.

That had been his final plan when Yunho filled his body.

But then Changmin had to wake up, and Jaejoong’s earlier crazy ideas came back because the mere idea of leaving Yunho had grown more and more difficult as he watched his husband’s face as he rode him. And so he decided that maybe he’d have to compromise on the three way marriage.

And then of course for some reason, three way equals sex in his head.

Hence his attempt at trying to seduce Changmin even though it burned in his soul with how wrong it felt.

What choice did he have in those long seconds of trying to decide what to do? Yunho’s words of love for him as he orgasmed strengthens his resolve enough to decide that he’ll do whatever it takes to stay with Yunho.

And so he figures he’ll share.

So he offers.

Only to be rejected flat out.

“Nothing is wrong with me,” Jaejoong finally replies, defiance in his tone because the whole thing is now sounding even more ridiculous in his head and he’d just as well want to erase it from the annals of his mind and everyone involved. This is why he hates drinking. It makes him act weird. First he turns into a giggling sod with Heechul, and then a weepy baby with Changmin, and then he comes up with absurd hypothetical thoughts that he actually fucking tries to see to fruition, and now he’s in the middle of a mess he’s not sure how to salvage.

At least Yunho hasn’t said anything. His poor husband is just staring at him like he’s grown an extra head.

Jaejoong winces inwardly.

“Nothing is wrong with you?” Changmin’s voice is getting higher by the second, sitting up and getting out of the bed to move to stand next to his leader. Both men are now staring at the sullen blond who refuses to meet either of their eyes. “You cannot just pull shit like this!”

“I was saying goodbye. And…”

The teenager trails off, coloring slightly which sends alarm bells sounding through Changmin’s head. Jaejoong is not the blushing kind.

“And?” he prods, fixing the blond with an unflinching gaze.

“And it may have started off as some experiment to see if you and Yunho liked each other in that way…”

“You could’ve just asked,” Changmin remarks sarcastically, though he tempers his disgust at the teenager’s crazy notions for he knows it’s not a farfetched idea. “You know, like a normal person. Oh hyung, do you like my husband in that way?” he simpers mockingly.

“And you honestly expect me to believe you if you said no?”

“Yes,” Changmin declares matter-of-factly.

Jaejoong folds his arms crossly, glaring at the scowling Max Changmin.

Two beautiful men refusing to back down, with Yunho caught in the middle.

“Then you’re crazy.”

“I’m crazy?” Changmin cards his hand in disbelief, tugging at his thick hair, fisting it and reveling in the brief pain at his scalp before he lets his hand fall free along with the drop of his jaw at the impossible blond man. “I didn’t fuck in front of someone else for the hell of it. Your impulsiveness actually scares me. How the fuck would you have reacted if I said I wanted to join in?”

Jaejoong shrugs. “I was actually expecting that.”

“You think too highly of yourself,” Changmin snaps.

“Or too lowly.” Yunho finally interrupts. “Changmin, can you leave us for a moment?”


Both Jungs watch as Changmin turns on his heel and leaves the room quickly, slamming the door behind him rather pointedly, though neither Yunho nor his young husband so much as twitch.

“What was that about, Jae?”

Jaejoong stares at the sheets wrapped around his body. He suddenly feels naked and exposed, even more so than earlier when he was actually naked and very exposed.

“Talk to me.”

“Why did you marry me when you have him?”

Yunho pauses, taking a deep breath as he remembers what Changmin said to him the previous day.

The room is quiet, with only their soft breaths filtering the silence between them. Light is slowly coming into the windows and Yunho knows they don’t have much time, and he will be damned if they leave the apartment without resolving this. He is disregarding Jaejoong’s attempt at goodbye because his brain just flatly refuses to process the thought that the teenager will actually seriously contemplate that. They haven’t even been given a chance, and he is not about to let the boy go without a fight.

“Changmin is a part of me.”

Alright, so perhaps saying something like that is not the best start in the world. He has a point though. He just has to find it. Jaejoong is distracting as hell looking all pale and woebegone, some of his earlier bluster leaving him the second Changmin exits the room.

Jaejoong chews on his bottom lip, closing his eyes as the pain from those words wash over him. This isn’t fair. He never had a chance.

“I want a divorce.”


Jaejoong’s eyes pop open, searching out Yunho’s almond eyes that are filled with softness.

“What did your little experiment tell you?”

“My ass isn’t as attractive as I thought?”

“Be serious, Jaejoong.”

The blond pouts, sighing as he scoots lower in the bed, ignoring the twinges in his ass as he lays on his back to stare at the ceiling.

“He doesn’t want you romantically.”


“Nor me.”

“Thank god for that,” Yunho mutters fervently.

“But he loves you very much.”

“And I love him.”

Jaejoong sighs. “This really doesn’t seem fair somehow. Why did you marry me? I think the two of you would’ve been fine by yourselves whether there was any romantic feelings or not. No wonder you fucked me five ways to Sunday that first night. You had a lot of pent up sexual frustrations.”

“Don’t cheapen what we have. I loved you even before I saw your very attractive ass.”

“What?” Jaejoong leans up on his elbow, staring at his husband.

“I married you because I fell in love with an impossible young man who is afraid of dogs. A man who constantly surprises me and I want to spend the rest of my life trying to figure him out. The silliest thing you do makes me smile and ache at the same time.”

“So I give you blue balls even when I’m being stupid? Like now?”

Yunho shakes his head as he sits on the bed. “The ache is in my heart, not in my groin Jaejoong-ah. You’re very attractive but give me some credit.”

Jaejoong chooses to ignore the mild chastise, and ignore the fact that Yunho’s low, mildly amused voice is making his whole body thrum.

And not in a sexual manner.

Something infinitely better.

“And despite your irrational fear of dogs, you are unimpressed by me, and unafraid to speak your mind and that’s something I value especially considering where I work.”

“You just described Changmin, and perhaps Heechul hyung as well.”

“Changmin has a dog and Heechul is actually careful to an extent around me. It may seem like he isn’t, but he is. Being teased by you makes me grin while I usually want to clobber Changmin with my shoe when he does it. He doesn’t seem to know when cute morphs into uncute.”

“Is uncute even a word?” Jaejoong wrinkles his nose dubiously.

“It is now.”

“Not cute, Yunho.”

The older man merely beams, causing Jaejoong to close his eyes as he sighs.

“I didn’t know who you were anyway. Now I know and I’m afraid, so let me go.”

“I will let you go if you want to be let go, Jaejoong, and not a second before.”

“I already told you I wanted to be let go.”

“Your mouth speaks, but your eyes tell me different.”

“My eyes are closed.” The teenager points out.

“They weren’t earlier.”

“You’re reading them wrong.”

Yunho laughs then.

Shaking his head, he moves to slide under the covers, pulling them up as he tugs Jaejoong over till they’re practically nose to nose.

“You are so fucking stubborn. What do I need to do to convince you to give this a chance? That to the world, I might be married to Changmin, but in reality, I’m only married to you. I think most men, let alone Korean men, would’ve balked at the stunt you pulled earlier, but I can see it’s partly my fault that you felt you had to do that. I can read people. It’s been honed to perfection thanks to Changmin. If you haven’t noticed, he speaks more in silence than he does verbally.”

“I’m not Changmin.” Jaejoong grumbles, staring at Yunho’s shoulder as he tries to ignore the surge of warmth coursing through him from his husband’s touch. “And he’s been noisy enough for the duration I’ve known him. He’s very screechy.”

“I know you’re not Changmin.” Yunho leans forward to give his husband an Eskimo kiss. “You’re Jung Jaejoong. My Jung Jaejoong. I know we started all wrong. I know I should’ve returned to Busan to fetch you the second the memories came back to me. I know I haven’t really acted like the adult here, even though I’m practically a decade older. I’d tell you that you’re so distracting I almost didn’t get through morning practice yesterday with my head intact because Changmin was very close to beheading me. But that isn’t my point. My point is that I know how I feel about you, and if you’re still unsure than it’s up to me to convince you otherwise.”

“Don’t you care how I feel about you?”

“You came for me, didn’t you? You’re a better man than I am already.”

“I came to burn the damn marriage contract in your face and yell at you for marrying me while still with BoA noona.”

“You haven’t done either of those things. Why did you stay?”


“Look at my eyes and tell me you want a divorce.”

Jaejoong glances up, and Yunho’s breath catches at the sorrowful doe-eyed beauty. He can see confusion more than anything else, and he is reminded just how young his husband is. The teenager is right about the whole thing being unfair, but it isn’t just because of Changmin. It’s not fair for him to demand that he be ok with living in a fish bowl for good part of his youth, and having to share him with not just Changmin but millions of adoring (and some psychotic) fans as well. Yunho went into it fully knowing what it will do to his life, his family and friends and everything else. It’s a price he pays for wanting to be the best, and for working in something he loves. Jaejoong didn’t sign up for any of this. He just thought he was some hot young business executive at a meeting in Busan.

He cups the teenager’s cheek, as he loses his gaze once again as Jaejoong’s eyes drop to his mouth.

“Look at my eyes.”

Jaejoong forces his eyes up, willing the tears not to fall. He’s strong. He’s stronger than this. He can do this.

“I don’t want you to go.”

Jaejoong shakes his head.


The teenager closes his eyes.

“Don’t you remember? I do…I didn’t want you to leave me that afternoon, and I don’t want you to leave now, but I won’t keep you here against your will. Look at my eyes, Jaejoong. Tell me what you see?”

Jaejoong opens his eyes, the shimmer of tears more pronounced now. He knows what he will see.

“Give me time to know you. That’s all I ask. Give me time to show you that I didn’t marry you because of any other reason apart from the fact that you’re a very strange man that showed me something I’ve been missing for years and I inexplicably fell in love in the space of a few hours. Think about it. I love Changmin very much. I owe him the world. My world. Without him, there would be no me. If I wanted him in that way, it would’ve been a done deal a long time ago. Changmin doesn’t want me either. He told me this yesterday with an experiment or two, and I think he made it perfectly clear to you earlier. He really wasn’t kidding when he said he’s seen my ass countless of times.”


Yunho smiles at the indignance that manages to creep into his husband’s voice despite the shimmer of tears in his eyes.

“He kissed me. It was nice, but…nothing.”


“He said he’d bend for you but he wouldn’t bend for me.”

“I think we’ve established that he won’t bend for me either.”

Yunho chuckles ruefully. “I think you shocked him out of his mild preoccupation with all your pink and paleness. He hates being taken by surprise. He absolutely hates it and I think he’s finally realized that you are going to be a constant surprise and he cannot deal with it. He prefers to be the one providing the surprise.”

“Can you deal with it?”

Yunho smiles. “I’m very adaptable for the right person.”

“You don’t know if I’m the right person,” Jaejoong whispers. It’s too much optimism for him to deal with.

“You’re right. I don’t know that, so let me get to know you.”

“What if you get to know me and realize I’m the wrong person?”

“Changmin likes you.”

Jaejoong cannot contain the eye roll, and he pushes Yunho away as the man chuckles. “Changmin, Changmin, Changmin. Can’t you see how this won’t work? I can never compete with him.”

“It’s not a competition though. And Changmin liking you is just me explaining that between the two of us, he is the better judge of character. His judgment is so good that even the founder and former CEO of the company has decreed that nobody, not even our managers should question him whenever he decides on something. He can even gainsay me. He rarely exercises this privilege he has for he deems very few things worth sticking his neck out for, but he stuck his neck out for you.”


Before Yunho can answer, the door bangs open so forcefully it bounces against the door stopper in the wall. Had it not been there, a doorknob size hole will probably be a new addition to Yunho’s bedroom decor.

“I swear to god if you two are fucking again, I’m going to hose you both down with ice water. Ice fucking water and I’m not kidding. We have thirty minutes to get to the studio for the calendar shoot and if we are late again, Jung Jaejoong, I am blaming you. You’re supposed to be my fucking personal assistant and keep me on schedule, not make me fucking late. Now get skipping! And I really don’t care if you can’t skip because your ass is sore. That’s your own damn fault and I’m still scarred I’ll have you know! I’m forgiving you this once because I think I just had a mouthgasm in the kitchen.”

The door slams shut again, as Yunho chuckles loudly.

“Personal assistant? Mouthgasm?”

“I think he had your dinner for breakfast,” Yunho laughs before sliding thumbing Jaejoong’s sharp cheekbones, caressing them as he continues. “And uh…I was going to ask you last night but there was no opportunity. That’s your answer to your how question though. You’re Changmin’s personal assistant so we don’t have to explain your presence.”

“Why can’t I be yours?”

“I don’t need one because I have Changmin and everyone knows this. It’ll raise more eyebrows for me to have one than him. I think our managers are already feeling sorry for you to be honest. You’re also his personal chef by the way. It’ll be alright because Changmin is always with me.”

“Of course he is,” Jaejoong remarks with a sardonic smile. “You’re lucky I’m not the jealous type.”

Yunho chooses not to point out that the teenager’s actions that morning have shown anything but what he professes. “Does this mean you’re staying?”

“For now.”

“I can work on for now,” Yunho grins as he nuzzles against the gorgeous blond who protests half-heartedly as his mouth is nibbled on softly. “I’ll work on it till we get to forever.”

AN: Ok, my Jaejoong muse is honestly terrible. I can’t do anything about him. He’s confused so I’m confused and so everyone is confused. He’s also crazy mad at me right now btw and I think y’all can tell from the mess that came out OTL He wanted something, and I said no and it wasn’t pretty… T________________T

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i was suddenly wondering how this would turn up if...say...if Min did join them earlier and i swear my mind went blank....Glad that the story is not encouraging my yunjaemin feelings..XDD

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