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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Tethered Ship to Paradise [1/2]
Title: Tethered Ship to Paradise
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Length: Doubleshot
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Non-Au
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.
AN: That manip is by Ran and ISTG this girl/guy should be worshipped in this fandom... This is a repost because I can't remember my jungjaejoong password. Whoever has more than one LJ account has my admiration cos ugh...IDK why I bothered ;;

Summary: Two songs, two men, one love that transcends all boundaries. I loved you, I loved you, I loved you - I love you, I love you, I love you.

There is a scrabbling at the door that tells of an attempt to get in.

He doesn’t move, merely tilting his bottle of drink to his mouth, up-ending it as he stares from his vantage point. He’s had one fucking long day, spending more time on a plane than out of it. This trip is unplanned though, and he knows whoever is coming through that door will not be expecting him.

So much shit could rain down on his head for this little visit but he’s at the point where he doesn’t give a fuck.

Someone has a fuck load of explaining to do.

It’s almost worth the trouble he will likely get into if he’s found in that apartment by whomever is on the other side of that door. He can only hope that luck is on his side this night.

“Hyung! Oh my god I can’t believe you forgot the password again! Do I need to tattoo it on my body for you? Or better still, get hyung to tattoo it on his because you’d never forget it then.”

Luck is on his side, but he finds that he cannot bring himself to care. He almost wishes there was someone else because he is gagging for a fight. Perhaps he should’ve stayed where he was meant to be rather than coming all the way over here to do this.

To do what?

It made sense at the time when he bought the ticket.

It even made sense when he was sitting all zipped up to his nose the entire duration of the flight.

Hell, it even made fucking sense when he got into three different cabs, taking a very meandering route to get to his destination.

Laughter comes from the doorway and he squints in the light that spills in with the two men.

And still he doesn’t budge, merely waiting as he finishes the dredges of his bottle before dropping it carelessly to the floor.

The loud sound of the sturdy bottle hitting the tiles has both men in the doorway looking up in shock.

Several beats pass, before one of them, the younger one of course, has the sense to slam the door shut.

He doesn’t just lock it.

He chains it.

Someone hits a light switch, but the view that is accorded to the newcomers has that someone hastily hitting the light switch off again.


“Hello, Changmin-ah.”

“Couldn’t you have worn just a little bit more? What if we’d come home with someone?” The voice is pained, but there is a wealth of quiet affection in his words regardless. He is vaguely amused, though more so at the man standing frozen next to him rather than the one lounging indolently in an armchair wearing nothing but a fur jacket, a Tohoshinki cross pendant and a sullen pout.

“Allergic to clothes, remember?”

“Currently trying to forget,” comes the rueful reply.

The apartment is shrouded in darkness, the only light coming from outside, and even then it is muted for the day curtains are still drawn across the windows. The two men of Tohoshinki have been out all day and the last thing they expected was to be welcomed home in such a manner.

Well, the last thing one of them expected anyway.

The other one had a feeling this would happen.

“Am I really that easy to forget?”

The soft question filters through the darkness, touching the two tall men of Tohoshinki. Neither have even managed to toe off their shoes, still standing in the foyer.

“Why did I have to find out like this?”

Changmin sighs.

He really did try and warn his hyung, but would he listen?


Neither of them ever listen. They pretend to of course, but he’s had enough phone calls from Yoochun and Junsu, both separately and together, to know that neither of their hyungs ever listen to anyone.

Will they finally listen to each other though?

All this talking through songs is driving not just him crazy, but their fandom. He’s already seen the online bickering about it, and what makes it far worse this time, is the fact that the song is Yunho’s.

Lyrics are Jaejoong’s modus operandi.

But Yunho has stayed quiet for a very long time.

Changmin protects him from the more vindictive words hurled at them from so-called fans, but he can only do so much.

Yunho’s silence is damning.

It doesn’t matter that both of them are practically flaunting the fact that they are still seeing each other. Changmin is already practically resigned to the fact that their Japan base is as much Jaejoong’s as it is his. The man flies over so often with no one the wiser, that he’s always half expecting to find the man when they come home.

This is why he always makes excuses for them whenever any of their managers want a night cap to discuss activities or anything similar. Changmin is the king of excuses, making things up on the fly, like a pro. Yunho always goes with it, though the maknae has a feeling the man does it more out of the fact that he doesn’t want to have to deal with work in their home rather than expecting Jaejoong to be there welcoming them both.

Despite the number of times it’s happened, there is always a sense of marvel, a sense of wonder that hangs about Yunho when they open the door to the welcoming scent of seafood stew or ddeokbukki or perhaps even something local like curried katsu. Changmin has noticed that Yunho never ever assumes that Jaejoong will be there, when even he himself has started to. Their reunions are always colored by Jaejoong smiling and blushing happily when Yunho asks his new favorite question.

Am I dreaming?

It’s been years, and the man still asks the same question.

It hurts to hear it, and Changmin’s smile is always a little stretched compared to the blushing beauty who basks in the leader’s tacit adoration. They treat each other like fine china, nothing like the fights they used to have when they were five. No real temper tantrums from Jaejoong, nor explosive instances of jealousy from Yunho, angry at the men that think it’s ok to paw at his Jaejoongie.

They both act like the outside world doesn’t exist.

Jaejoong has his little games to goad the leader.

And Yunho has his own games to make sure Jaejoong remembers to whom he belongs.

This is especially evident during the older man’s recent solo concerts.

But apart from these little power playing instances, Changmin doesn’t see either of his hyungs treating each other like they used to; like no matter how much the other pushed, the other will stay and take it.

Fine china.

That’s what they are.

Jaejoong is made of the most delicate, fragile porcelain in existence, painted so beautifully it entrances everyone.

Yunho is crafted from the best ceramic that money can buy, looking sturdy, but utterly breakable under the veneer of paint.

One hard knock, and both with shatter into a million pieces.

He wonders if the knock just came.

And if it did, will their pieces be so mixed up that to fix one, would mean to fix both with the pieces of the other?

Changmin moves to lean against the wall, dropping his backpack silently to the floor and praying very fervently to whoever might listen that Yunho doesn’t ask his favorite question.

“Am I dreaming?”


Clearly, the gods are not listening to him.

AN: I don't want this dream to end........... IDK about you but i'm still hngggggggggggg at the manip. I could've used it for ONIB tbh but IDK if JJ will ever end up on stage with Yunho...but damn Jae really looks so fucking young and i'm just... I NEED TO BE ALONE RIGHT NOW.

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Wow he really does look young!
I don't know about Jae in ONIB never being on stage with Yunho, when he wsnts something no matter what he will follow througj with it.

If you wanna put JJ and Yunho together in the same stage the easiest way in ONIB would be if they are from the same company and make a duet. But I have to confess confess that while I was reading this all I could think of is this being part OF LITI.

Wow, loved loved loved it!!!

I want a dream of me coming home with Jaejoong on my couch with only a fur coat and that Chrome Heart necklace. Arghhhhh >///

Am I the only one wondering so far what Yunho did?
But its understandable, the pic IS very distracting :) And I agree, its more of the LITI feeling. Not sure I want Jae onstage in ONIB..

i love that picture XD and i am really feeling this story. i was wanting to read an angsty yunjae where they are not together or a having relationship issues. i love this XD

I cannot wait to read more.

Like always Changmin is always the one stuck in the middle when both of them are facing each other.

I was just thinking about this one<3 Yunho's solo had me wondering at first, but I'm okay now (I think) LOL Oh Yunjae...

I really do feel sorry for Changmin irl too, having to deal with these two hyungs. It must be tough, you know?

Love that picture, wow.

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omoooooo... This is so beautiful ^^ u will kill me girl, Gosh...

wow... i just stared at that manip for five whole seconds before i forced my eyes away.

really. props to the one who did that.

reading this tho reminded me of ICE and LITI. LOL. cause of jaejoong's persona here and well... what you described he was wearing. :p

poor minnie though... if both his hyungs break... how will he ever manager to put them back together?

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