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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Wishing On A Star [2/2]
Title: I’m Wishing On A Star
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fantasy, fluff, supernatural, a little non-AU, mild angst
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.
Warning: VERY BRIEF, mild underage kissing.

Summary: A little boy makes a wish, not realizing that all magic has a price…even the magic of Christmas.

AN: I needed an outlet for my feels...thank you everyone for being with me in 2013. Let's hope 2014 will bring a miracle or two.

I wish to have someone that is just for me, always and forever mine...Collapse )

thank you for this beautiful story ... :')


This is too fluffy and the image of YunJae babies kissing is too cute for words!!! ILU Nicki! <3 Merry Christmas!

Beautiful. Just so beautiful!

Too good to be true ;~;
Well, my tears fell the moment i read your A/N.. (and still falling while i'm writing this.)

Happy Holidays Nicki-unnie! :D
gash, i'm still crying

Yunjae's destiny is so heartbreaking but so beautiful ;;; I hope they always find their way back to each other ;_;
Love this <3
always love your writings thank you for sharing and happy holidays.

MERRY CHRISTMAS my Favorite author!!!

You have such a gift and you share it with people you don't even know, I think you're an angel too<3
What a lovely story, just perfect for the anniversary.

i cant' stop my tears from falling, and now poeple are looking at me....this is beautiful dear ^^
really full of hopes and joys and magic
we need this magic
thank you

This is sooo beautiful in a fluffy-but-heartwrenching kind of way and nd I love how you incorporate some of Jaejoong's song lyrics into your stories.

Thank god for the happy ending. It's sad that they can't show their love to the world as the world is not ready for them, but I guess, it's enough that they have each other for eternity behind close door.

The element of magic mixed with real life is truly interesting. How RL events are intepreted by you and added into the story makes this all so much more interesting.

I really like how you made Jaejoong an elf/almost-angel in this story cause Jaejoong are truly ethereal looking and yes, he does glows even when he's not under stage lights. That's why so many fans called him Angelic looking. The few times I saw him from close distance, he does glow and when I saw him from about 1 meter away in Jakarta, he was glowing even though he was quite sick then. I might be bias but he did glow to me.

There's always a saying that children and animals could see things/ people we can't right? I guess Hiro is most probably chasing Joy around the room then, haha.

Everyone needs a little magic during this holiday season and this story is just perfect for this season of joy, love and magic.

Merry Xmas and happy holiday to you and your family and all the readers and friends here.

Edited at 2013-12-24 09:11 am (UTC)

I'm in awe.. that was heartbreakingly beautiful. the sacrifices made, the wishes and how they were miracles, it made my heart ache and soar at the same time.

I think that's what my mind concludes at times when I get emoshinki and think about the separation of the whole group, that they were too good together.. sigh.. I'm going to go spend a day watching their concerts.

Thank you for the Christmas gift! That was such a lovely present. Hope you have a merry Christmas~

A perfect story to read while sipping eggnog on Christmas eve...just warms the heart and soul. And makes anyone believe in miracles once again and see things with wonder and awe just like a child.

Thank you so much for writing and sharing this with all of us. Happy holidays! :)

Omg all sorts of fluffy and cute and then boom emo shinki .... Awwwhh one kiss! The angst in the fic is just the right amount and oh god the determination they have for each other is just oh my I want to lick jj and yun in the nuts fantastic! Is that too much information? I don't know but oh god ! Merry Christmas everybody! Merry Christmas to you Nikki! God bless love!

Thanks for this Christmas gift. A very touching story for a cold and wet weather. Merry Xmas .

ugh this was so beautiful and romantic and just pure awesome <333
thank you for writing this! happy holidays to you and your family (:

oh my feels are all over I love this so much thank u nicki for writing and sharing ♡♥