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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Wishing On A Star [2/2]
Title: I’m Wishing On A Star
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Length: Oneshot
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fantasy, fluff, supernatural, a little non-AU, mild angst
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.
Warning: VERY BRIEF, mild underage kissing.

Summary: A little boy makes a wish, not realizing that all magic has a price…even the magic of Christmas.

AN: I needed an outlet for my feels...thank you everyone for being with me in 2013. Let's hope 2014 will bring a miracle or two.

I wish to have someone that is just for me, always and forever mine...Collapse )

So beautiful. I love it!

Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

This is wonderful ! So happy yo read this fanfic, and that is is based on Paradise - the really mesmerizing new song of Jae and frankly speaking Jae is really ethereal .. . May be he really is an angel :)

Thank you for this warm story and just on the Christmas Eve

Nikki you're a genius!!!
As I started reading and had read half through it, I had no idea that it's going to be like this. I even secretly wished you would tie it with Sleeping Beauty. Lol

This story is so beautiful. Since Moss Sanzo's Always and Forever, I haven't never come acrossany band fic as awesome as this one (although WOAS isn't exactly one).

Thank you for writing this. I wish you a happy holidays. And Happy 10th Anniversary. (I always am bitterly happy when it comes to TVXQ anniversary in these past years.)

The best non AU or band!fic YOONJAE I've ever read!!! Nicki you are awesome! You never dissapointed me.. You will always surprised me with your story.. Are you for real..? Bc I want to take you and put you in my pocket so every night you can whispers me all YJ story you have in your mind accompany me to sleep.. You are really wonderful.. Thank you very much.. Really really thank you... And I'm so glad in my whole life I got to know you.. I will always cherish it dearly.. Nicki I love you.. I think I fallen in love with you.. God.. What should I do to make you mine alone.. OTL I'm so hopeless.. We're both have a husband already LOL.. But I still want you.. Sobs... How lucky your hubby to having you.....

Anyway, Merry Xmas Nicki Love.. Happy Holiday.. And I love you.. Really... ^^

Edited at 2013-12-24 06:27 pm (UTC)

I am crying a bucket..
And too busy trying to breathe to type a coherent comment.

To me, this is your best piece of work so far...your masterpiece.
(though I admit, I've never read SB & all its drabbles)

Thank you for writing & sharing this Nik.
Have a nice holiday <3

thank god i opened my lj tonight,,
thank you for this story dear,,i love it soooooo much~!!!<333
happy holiday to you all~!! >/////

that was so incredibly lovely and Christmas-sy! Thank you for the wonderfull gift. Happy holidays and may your loved ones be with you forever

Nikki! This...is.....amazing. The supernatural setting juxtaposed with reality, it's perfect! Explains Jaejoog's ethereal beauty... he should be an angel and Yunho is too good for this world, I'm going to cry. I always think that and hope Yunho's not taken early but I hate thinking that! Redirecting... Yunjae as kids was SO adorable<3 Who can resist baby JJ, cute little pouty cherub! With peppermint kisses no less^^ very sweet.

I love how you wrote their connection, I truly think they have one. How they can live apart I have no idea. The shared pain, it's too realistic, it hurts them both. The way Jaejoong wanted to take Yunho's pain or even die in his place... I can see that happening too. And that GLOWING! So, so true. It's like their love and happiness can't be contained, so it shines on their faces and in their eyes. Light. Love. "An angel with an angel" *sigh*

Yunho in 2010, I can't... it's so sad. Yunho's insecurities...

“I am not giving up on him. He gave up on me.”
“He’s not the Jaejoongie from before. He’s changed.”
“He’s not my Jaejoongie.”

“He has always been yours. He will only ever be yours."

But the ending was so sweet. Finally, they are back together. Jaejoong's song... you tied the lyrics in perfectly. Paradise... it's obviously a Yunjae song, even if he says it's for the fans (riiight LOL) but the way you used it here, Jaejoong doesn't remember and yet he does... loved it. Poor Yunho, he can't say anything, but perhaps eventually Jaejoong will remember everything (on a more conscious level). I'm just happy they're together in the end. Their wishes are the same “I wish to have someone that is just for me, always and forever mine.” It reminded me of Yunho in AADBSK saying he just wanted things to stay the way they were forever (or something like that?) T.T Well at least in your fic they are together, and we can hope that real life is just as good or better for them. I hope so! Anyway, thanks so much for writing and sharing. It's perfect, as always. You are amazing.

Merry Christmas!<3

that was sooo good! asdjfhasufs!
it turned out to be kinda a rl fic hehe ^^
i love it!
Yunho and Jae really have something special!
im so glad they end up happy together even with the emoshinki haze falling on all of us!
this... this was a great fic and perfect read for this holiday!
thank you for writing this!
i just love it so much!
its one of those that i know i will be coming back to read over and over again!
thank you for writing it! <3

So glad to have read it, it was truly beautiful
Thank you for this amazing fic ;))

Just the right amount of angst, cuteness and romance for Christmas. Happy holidays!

OMG MY EMOSHINKI HEART.... it's dead and then been resurrected and just squeezed so hard because of all the heartache i just read. OMG THIS. THIS!!!!


why and how are you so amazing?

i can't help but be incoherent t because of this and just.... wow. i am being continuously wowed by you and your genius.

jaejoong's sacrifice and suffering... coupled by yunho's own sacrifice and suffering and his understanding... really~ they really are too good to be human and they really are meant for each other and no other can get in between them.

this was just full of heartache that gradually becomes fluff and romance and it's so heartwarming~ anyone reading this would have been smiling at the end of it.

:') ...Love it! Happy Holidays! <3

Like you said, I'm try to smile even when my eyes got teary.
10th anniversary approaching and my heart hurt. Miss them.
Happy holiday nikki...

oh my god! this is just so beautiful..thank you so much for this wonderful christmas gift >.