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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Not the kind of update some of you are hoping for i'm afraid...

Why do I need to write when we have brilliant people who create manips like these? ;-) A picture paints a thousand words...so i'm redundant.

What's the story, morning glory?Collapse )

Congrats on the new job!!!!

author-nim~ Happy New Year~~ ^_^
that's okay author-ssi, I am really glad you didn't give up to write between your busy time.. when write is your hobby, my hobby is read your story.. I'll wait for every chapter that you will be share with us.. Thankyou.. :)


All the best with your new job and may you have an amazing experience with these new challenges :-)

Hey..hey..no worries ok..congratulations on the new job and wishing you all the best....
And a weekly update is better than no update at all...lol! and love the manip...gd job to the creator..you all are fantastic...you too nikki
lotsa hugs and a happy new year to you..seems like you're off to a gd start and hope it stays that way for you throughout. Hwaiting!! *winks*

It ok Nikki just to what you have to do. I will always be waiting for your good stories. I just hope in the end you are happy with your job. Don't stress too much, you are good in what ever you do. Your boss will not put you in that position unless she knows you are not highly capable. So she has a lot of faith in you and she is confident that you can handle the job.

Best of luck. It's really important to have a job you enjoy and it sounds like this is a chance for that. We will enjoy whatever you post I am sure.

This morning I had the urge to check up on you, because I missed you and your updates. I thought it was over time for you to update and hey here you are updating!

First of all good luck with your new job, you will be doing great, the stress aside. May your new house be shelter to you, warm and save and be a place you would run to if your unhappy, may it be home to you and the people you love.

Besides, your right I did expect something different when you updated. Nontheless any update from you is allways pleasureable... ok to be honest most of the time, when your not pissed because someone messed with your stories ;-)
Sure thing we, your lovely readers, as you refer to us, read everything to the bottom.
About your rambling talk and need to learn to make things short:


It is one thing that made be like you. As you see I do have the same "illness".

To stop my own rambling I like to come to the main point of this post.
You are the amazing person.
You habe a job, a husband, a house, perhaps other stuff like socialwork you do and so on and you update for us...
I mean you share your stories with us, a part of yourself.

Thank you

Destress! Don't forget to take some time for yourself. It's good that you wrote for your self isn't it ;) readers will wait and reap the rewards of your Dee stressing. Hope you had a merry Xmas and happy new year.

Thanks for writing

Good luck in your new job and fighting!

Good luck with your new job! And don't worry, we'll all wait patiently for fics and even if there's no update for weeks, I'd still wait with all the patience and love I have. Remember not to overwork yourself! :D

oh yes we love you more than you can imagine, nik..i miss ur rambling tbh.
good luck with ur new job...please be healthy and happy :)
don't worry about us, real life should always come first.
we'll be here, waiting patiently for ur update <3
(we're lucky enough to be able to read ur fic no matter how sparse your update might be)

Congratulations on your new job I'm sure you'll have it mastered in no time. Bigger congratulations on the new house, I'm happy for you and your lovely hubby. I appreciate the "warning" of less updates, but honestly, look at how long your explanation of what's going on in your life was. We'll be hearing from you more than enough because every update is a gift and quality is supposed to be better than quantity, even though thankfully you only know quantity when it comes to word counts<3 Take good care of yourself and let us know how your doing, Nikki fighting!!!

Gongrats, Nicky!!!
Good luck in everything!!!
Thanks for your wonderful fics, we can wait!!!

Congratulations all around and good luck on all your endeavors! Happy new year!

I'm happy to see you have so much in your life (no I can't tell my friends that there are not only hermits in this music fandoms.
Taking on a new job is, I suppose, quite some work and I'll take whatever little pieces of your mind you let us see.

I hope to hear from you when you've got time and I wish you the best.