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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Not the kind of update some of you are hoping for i'm afraid...

Why do I need to write when we have brilliant people who create manips like these? ;-) A picture paints a thousand words...so i'm redundant.

What's the story, morning glory?Collapse )

happy new year and lots of courage to the neww beginnings!!!!

good luck with your new job! and house hunting ^^
wishing u health and happiness, happy new year!

wow, everything at once! You are definately very busy this year.
Good luck in everything, Happy New Year and a lots of inspiration!

well, good luck. and... be strong. and, um, happy new year, i guess ^_^;;

all the best with your new job! from what i've read you're still pretty young, so getting a job like that, a new challenge, would be such a good experience for you! fighting! :D

Happy new year and all the best for the things that have happened and that have yet to come.

Omg. Good luck with your new work. :)
I understand.
You know you can always rant here :)
Keep safe and don't push yourself too much

Good luck with your new job!! It seems hard, but I know you'll get the hang of it sooner than later!

Updates can come slowly. No worries. Just want you to settle into what you're gonna set out to do and soon be less stressed than what you might be now.

Best of luck!! ^.^/

wish you the best of luck with your new job and congratulations for the new house :)

we'll always be here waiting for you so just do what you have to do :)


Hey Nikki, i wish many good things to come with your new job, i'm sure you can do anything you want :3 Just do your best and learn more it will be good for you, fighting.
Thanks for always thinking of us, really.
I just wish good things for you. xoxo *hugs*

Good luck with your new job..

I will miss the updates, but good luck with the new job!!! We all have been sellouts at one point in our lives.

I love it when you are in "rambling" mode! xD
I've read it all the way to the bottom, I usually do so when it comes to your updates, no matter what kind.
Sooooo, good luck!

Wooow congratulation on your new job nik!
Hope everything's going well to you :D
Ofcourse we can wait patiently for your updates.
Goodluck always for youuu

Good Luck with the new job!!

/sits and waits patiently/