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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Not the kind of update some of you are hoping for i'm afraid...

Why do I need to write when we have brilliant people who create manips like these? ;-) A picture paints a thousand words...so i'm redundant.

Long story short, I accepted a new job, we're buying a new house, my husband is considering a new job and my life is in total upheaval. I'm out of the office more than i'm in the office which is why there haven't been updates as i'm running around supervising too many things while my boss is overseas. When she made me "managing" director, I thought it was just a trumped up title.

Turns out she wasn't kidding...

So yes, hello to you, i'm managing an international company by my freaking self it feels like at times. That's actually part of the reason why i'm resigning. I'm not a business type person. My dad is, my mum is, but i'm not. I try to thrive in whatever I set out to do, but i'm not really that happy here. I love that this job puts me in contact with children, but it's really not me.

So i'm going back to being a lawyer. A corporate lawyer. I've sold my soul to the devil it seems lmao! But hey, I can't knock it till i've tried it right? My boss in NZ (jokingly) called me a sellout cos I had to resign from my position in NZ too. A position i've been babysitting really because there is someone in the firm more than capable of taking my position but my boss and I go back a ways (went to university together thought he was a senior when I was a freshman) and he was kinda hanging on to me for some reason or other. I love that job to bits. I'm a real defender of the little people type lawyer but it's almost all i've ever done and I want to try something different.

So I am. God knows, i'll probably regret it two months into the job and whine at my husband that my soul is being sucked from me but hey, like I said, can't knock it till i've tried it. My contract is for four years.


Ok, so that's a little nuts but they are amply compensating me. I'm an adult with adult responsibilities now which include a freaking mortgage I never thought i'd need. So yeah, maybe my boss is right and I am a sellout lol.

Long freaking ramble short, i'm busy as hell.

I'm going to try my best to update at least once a week, but ladies (and gentlemen), please forget about the Nikki y'all had for 2012/2013. I'm working in an area of law I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE IN AT ALL and yet they are paying me like i'm the foremost fucking expert in it so I have to work my butt off to make sure I don't embarrass myself. Sadly, I can't actually remember the last time I probably needed to use my brains this much. I could multitask easily because I knew my previous jobs like the back of my hand that I don't need to give it my full attention.

Unfortunately, I have to with this.

The ramble got longer... I HAVE TO UNLEARN THIS!!!

Anyway, yeah, so i'll try and update once a week. I have no idea what i'll update at any given time, but do know that every update is written in whatever SLIVERS of time I have in the week. I'm probably going to be stealing time to write ;;

Rest assured that I plan on finishing EVERY SINGLE WIP I have so don't be sad. 52 weeks in a year means 52 potential chapters, right? I'll do my best, but the days of multiple updates a week are probably a thing of the past. I had a good run, and if you're still reading this sentence after all my long-ass rambling, you must love me more than I ever imagined possible.

All of you are amazing. Your patience especially is amazing.

Much love from me, especially for reading all the way to the bottom here omg.



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all the best with ur new job ! I hope you will be happy there ! :)
and as long as you update some time I don't think we readers will mind lol
we will patiently wait ~

Happy new year btw :D

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