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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Title: ICE/SB crossover oneshot: Miracle
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, mild angst, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here :P

Summary: Jung Jaejoong has always been Yunho’s miracle, but he knows that when push comes to shove, any other little miracles will always take second place to him in his husband’s eyes. Unable and unwilling to chance this again, he seeks the help of another man.

AN: This muse was holding my other muses hostage. I had to discharge this one before being able to even look at something else.



Most people are lucky to get diamonds on a ten year anniversary. You get a diamond mine.Collapse )

Jung Jaejoong and Jung Yunho are back
Yeayyy :)
Miss them too and also Hero Jaejoong
Love this story
Love SB verse
Love SB crossover

Thank you for writing this :D

I love you forever, Queen Nicki!!!!! Yay! The beginnings of Nana and Mimi!

Ah yes, the best thing when you (or the readers) are stressed is some classic SB/ICE fluff and love. I was always curious about the second twins. And it is truly funny thinking about the different Jaejoongs and Yunhos meeting each other.

I Love so much this one shoot. They are so perfect, They Always remind me the little stories that happens in our life and bring us fun and joy. Thanks for writring it

Perfect, just perfect!!!
Loved it!!!

get well soon author shii :D
sweet moment like always,, love this story so much :)

I wanted babies who look like Jiyool. What Jaejoong wants Jaejoong gets >_

Tattoist, SB, ICE, I think they have defferent level of Jaejoong character... sometime will get confuse which Jaejoong this one?! but in the end, who would care as long as this Jaejoong with Yunho.. LOL I can't belive Jung Yunho get worried with other Yunho.. LOL what can I say just between Yun and Jae there is only love, and that love make other things dosen't matter... Love this chapter~~~ love you too author-nim, thankyou for update.. :)

oh gawd, I've always wonder how Jaejoong got through his pregnancy with the twin girls since he had been alr in danger when he really wasn't to have any more child since Changmin...
and now you made a one shot about this... I don't know what to even feel... thank you for this Nicki... <3
I love how Hero Jaejoong took care & comfort Jae in his distress... and gawd it hurts so much remembering those times when Yunho has chosen Jaejoong over his twin boys... I mean I'm not in any position to judge him and I clearly do understand him and his undying love for his wife... and it must've been so hard for Jaejoong when he found out that he's pregnant again... I wish someone was there to hold him when he has those nightmares about his twin boys... T^T
but I'm really glad Yunho was able to really be at ease... well a little, since he knew that they can get all the best doctors to make sure his wife will be in good hands and so his twin girls ^^

OTL, is the trophy wife that did pole dancing, is it TW!Changmin? or TW!Jaejoong? HAH! xP

"How does a person miss a fictional pairing..."
don't worry Nicki, you aren't alone... I miss them too.. I'm actually waiting for you to post a SB verse tbvh, OTL. I just don't want to bug you with my complains and whining because I know how busy you are... but thank you for taking the time to write this and share this with us... ^^

I hope you feel better soon,and thank you for giving in to your muse. Even when the SB!verse travels a difficult path, the love between and among the Jungs always leaves me with a warm feeling.

Yay I miss them. So this how yunho found out jae is pregnant with the twin girls. I'm glad hero is still in there lives. I love sb/ice cross overs.

Hope you feel better Nikki. And hope you see your husband soon.

Thanks for writing again.

The SB universe is so vivid. It's not just their "fairytale" love or their perfect family... the characters really seem to have a life of their own, so endearing and unforgettable. Of course the love story is beautiful too, with Jae's light melting the ice around Yunho's heart and helping him to heal, so amazing. Then we get to see their "happily ever after" with all the drabbles.<3 And they're so realistic, like every family they have their ups and downs and it's so fun to read about. Aaanyway, I'm rambling LOL. I just thing they're so real, and that's why we miss them and get so caught up in their world. Also, every time you add to it we get a bigger/clearer picture. I love it!

Back to "Miracle" now, wow. Jae's having twins?!? I guess I missed this somehow. Things just get more and more interesting in the Jung household, don't they? I loved SB!Jae with Hero, of course they'd understand each other.^^ Can you imagine seeing them together irl? OTL One Jaejoong is probably more than I can handle already LOL! But yes, "Hero" was sweet with Jae, and perfectly Icy with the nosy onlookers. I love hearing about how much Jung Yunho spoils his wife.<3 Too cute. Anyway Jae being so upset is understandable... no one should ever have to choose between their husband and their baby(/babies). Even the possibility of having to choose would be scary. I'd blame it on the pregnancy hormones though (the irrational bit). Still, the song must've been quite the performance, and that song is surprisingly perfect for this situation too (the way you wrote it anyway). Ah, so much emotion in your writing.<3 Thanks for the update!

I loved this.

There were a couple things that especially caught my fancy
- the separation of Jaejoong and Hero making it easy to distinguish
- how much Yunho spoils them
- the heartwrenching fears Jaejoong faced (new mom here, i apparently get really torn with sad baby stories nowadays)
- the loveliness of UniverseXJaejoong

When i finished reading this, i thought about a scene from your Tattooist/SB crossover where KittyJae and Jaejoong talk about Yunconda that is pierced... wondered if Hero would try to talk Jaejoong into piercing himself... but then i couldn't imagine Jaejoong topping. Hero yes, Jaejoong and KittyJae no. (and there i just recalled the part where KittyJae said the only way there will be 'fitting' is if he fit into YakuzaYunho.

I LOL :)

The ways that Jaejoong comes up with to tell Yunho that he is pregnant are darling. I'm so happy that you chose to do another crossover, they are just so enjoyable to read. Hope you feel well soon, thanks for sharing this<3

I really miss you and your story..love this..