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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: Brats
Title: Sleeping Beauty drabble: Brats
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: G
Length: Drabble
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

AN1: Random SB drabble - only 700+ words! No rhyme or reason for it. I had a STUPENDOUSLY SHITTY DAY at work today and well… came online and drowned in Changmin so I’m going back a few years :P or forward…depending if you’re living in this reality or Sleeping Beauty’s ;-) Wrote this in 10mins so I guarantee it’s gonna be weird.

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE


“Oppa! Oppa!”

“Which oppa do you want, brat?” Changmin hollers from the indoor swimming area. He appears in the doorway leading to the kitchen slash family area, drying his hair, droplets flying everywhere, completely unperturbed to find four pairs of eyes blinking owlishly at him. Nana and Mimi are very popular, despite their propensity to prefer each other’s company, and they normally travel with an entourage of sorts. “You have six of them under this roof right now since JJ and Jiyool are here.”

The youngest Jungs are only twelve, and the most normal pair of girls there ever was.

Normal grades.

Normal friends.

Normal interests.

Just as normal as a Jung brat can be.

They were just rather fortunate to have been blessed with their oldest sister’s looks and height. Most people used to believe that Jiyool was a teenaged mother because of them.

Changmin hides a laugh behind his fluffy towel as he hears a couple of sighs. He is topless and entirely too comfortable about it. It’s taken him three whole months to get his old body back and all the grumbling in the world didn’t make his parents’ genes work for him. He can still remember his mama, back looking to how he used to within a week after the birth of this very set of cheeky twins grinning at him in the kitchen.

And Changmin himself took three freaking months! How is that even fair? Well, he’s definitely back though judging from the rather dreamy expressions on his sisters’ friends’ faces.

The idea of moving out of the house never ever occurred to him, nor did it occur to Kazu, and the two of them along with their baby boy are housed in one of the wings of the house. Fifteen bedrooms is plenty.

Not to mention all the built it babysitters.

Nana and Mimi exchange glances, rolling their eyes as their friends predictably, start to giggle as their youngest older brother starts drying his hair again.

They’ve never really understood it.

Their father gets all slack-jawed at their mama too when he walks in drying his hair.

Kazu oppa too though amazingly, he’s a lot better at hiding his reaction compared to their father at their mama.

And now their friends are staring at their brother like he’s food or something.


“We need someone to drop our friends off,” they speak in unison, shuddering slightly at their identical thoughts, communicating with each other in the strange way they do.

“I wish you’d stop doing that. You’re too old to be speaking in tandem.”

“You only hate it cos you don’t know who is whom.” Mimi replies cheekily as she shakes herself from being mildly irritated with her friends and moves to start digging around the fridge.

“I’m staring at Nana’s mole so I’m pretty sure you’re Mimi.”


“Are you sure you’re twelve?”

“Bite me.”

“I wasn’t even talking to you.”

“I can read her thoughts.”


“Right back atcha, She’s in my head, Daddy!” the twin mimics as her brother frowns at her. The tale of the strange connection between Jiyool and Changmin is a story that has been passed right down to the youngest Jungs.

Changmin sticks out his tongue at his sister before turning back to the wide-eyed girls still staring somewhat slack-jawed at him.

Or rather his abs.

“Take a picture, ladies. It’ll last longer.”

“Lame-o, bro-yo.”

“And that wasn’t?”

Kazu walks in on the siblings trying to have some sort of stare down, with four girls watching interestedly.

Well, watching his Changmin interestedly.

“Come on ladies. I’ll take you home.”

“He’s the best of the lot, trust me,” one of the twin states, nodding sagely at her friends as her brother-in-law laughs while Changmin swipes his towel at his bratty baby sister who squeals and runs out of reach.

He will never admit that he’s actually not sure which brat that was.

They’re all brats to him.

And really, it takes one to know one.

AN: Now I just need watch the m!countdown performance and win from today and my Thursday shall be made.

so changmin already had a baby, Jiyool and JJ married, the twins are twelve..how about junsu and yoochun???

First off that gif is just amazing!!!

I'm sitting here grinning like a mad woman because Minnie had a baby!!!!!! Also I love the little twins cause they are very similar to Changmin! It does take brat to know a brat. Good job! ^^

AHHHHHHHHH~ SO CUUUUUUUTE~ hahahahahaha. "She's in my head, Daddy!" lolololol

Ack! a future SB fic! wow, you really know how to make us squeal huh? Gads, I can totally imagine the scene. I think, I'd gladly be one of nana and mimi's friends. I don't care if I look like an idiot. who needs pride when you can have Min's abs. :-P

omg changmin already married and hav baby?no way! they adopt the baby or ???

Yes! Grown up Changmin, love love love! Okay this will help me get through my day now, thanks! :) Btw love how he complains it took 3 months to get back. Lol.

This is one BIG ... No, make that GIANT step into the future.

I don't think I can think of Changmin as a mommy yet or worse, Jaejoong as a grandparent. Give me time .... Loads and loads of time.

Loved it. Finds it funny though that it never occurred to Changmin to move out. Does that mean everyone is staying? 5=1 really true huh?!

whaaaahahahahahahhahahahah CM got pregnant!!!!!!! i thought CM is a top in his relationship OTL

Nana & Mimi i missed youu!!

That brat changmin already had a baby? OMG!!! Missing the SB verse, even the drabble was never enough to make me smile. So, Changmin really married to Kazu... I guess the Jung brat following his mother by married early age.

Oh the ever increasing sb drabbles :)))
I love it. Makes me wanna have a brat like Minnieball lol

Omfg! Changmin alr has a baby witg Kazu!! Omfg omfg kyaaaahhhh~~~~\O/ wonder how Yunho feels about it though, since your kast SB one shot, Miracle, I remember Yunho shouting in horror when Jae told him he pity Changmin's future spouse! Hah! xP but really, Changmin walking in like that, omfg I really dunno how I'll react, or if I will react since I'm pretty sure I'll have a major brain malfunction, OTL xD
Aaahhhh Kazu, I wonder how you managed Changmin's appetite xD /pats/ and I love Nana and Mimi, ahuhuhuhu gawd Nicki please right abt the girls twin more? If you have time to write them I mean ^.^
Thank you for this update!!! :)

Changmin has a baby already?

I'm not surprise that Minnie ball complains about getting back his figure after pregnancy.
He is rather vain after all and we know this when he complained about his ears.

I wonder if Minnie's baby takes after him or Kazu?

A pregnant Minnie ball /off day dreaming/ He'd be more ornery than Jae.

Annd Nana Mimi inheriting that lip mole.. None of the other babies except Jiyool has it and it needs to be passed down!

Btw, it's 4 oppas (Min, Kazu, Yoosu) and 2 unnies (JJ and Jiyool)..^^