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Drabble: Sharing is Caring

Title: Sleeping Beauty drabble: Sharing is Caring
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Drabble
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

AN1: I’ve been schmoozing with annoying business people all damn day, I needed a break. Wrote this on my phone while at a gala dinner lmao… IDK what I wrote so forgive me... IDEK how many words it is but it's definitely short. NORMAL DRABBLE...ish...

AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE


Yunho is going a little crazy.

His baby boy is too much. Last week seems like a distant memory compared to that morning.

What happened to the baby that had to be carried everywhere?

What happened to the infant who was happy to chew on his father’s tie rather than his father’s important documents?

What happened to the adorable little boy who loved to sit gurgling from the swing hanging from the doorway of the study?

What happened?


That must be it.

The chubbiest Jung of all has had too much milk. Over eight months worth of milk and counting for it doesn’t seem as if Jaejoong’s supply is dwindling any time soon.

Demand and supply.

Yunho tried to explain this to his wife just yesterday. Stop feeding the demanding baby and maybe the supply will stop.

Perhaps he is being punished for trying to keep his own son from his food but considering how the misnamed Minnie has appropriated one of Yunho’s favorite parts for his own use for longer than all his other children combined, he feels he should be allowed to be a little grumpy about it.

He is broken from his grouchy thoughts by a cheerful gurgle.

Much too cheerful.

Accompanied by the crunching of paper.

Yunho peeks under his desk, to find his bambi-eyed son staring innocently up at him with next week’s merger documents in his mouth and squeezed in his chubby fingers.

“Minnie…” Yunho groans, shaking his head. He has no bloody idea how it happens. He is sure every single thing is out of reach of the very resourceful baby, but somehow, something important always magically ends up in his mouth.

He pushes back, crouching over to stare at the little boy cheerfully drooling all over the multi million dollar figures that his comptroller has spent weeks putting together for him to peruse while working from home.

Well, trying to work from home.

And his youngest son has just chewed the hardcopy.


That has to be the reason for this.

He’ll have another talk with Jaejoong tonight.

As if hearing his father’s thoughts, the round little baby pulls the chewed up documents from his mouth, staring seriously up at his father, chin covered in drool.


“Daddy,” Yunho corrects patiently, determined to at least be the infant’s next word.

“Mama!” the little tyke bellows insistently.

“Daddy,” he tries again. Why can all the other children get it and their youngest and possibly smartest, cannot?

“Milk!” the gummy baby demands, ignoring his father’s attempt at teaching him a new word, wiggling his chubby little body as he scrunches up his father’s important documents tightly in his fists beyond any recognition.

Yunho rolls his eyes. Perhaps his son doesn’t want to learn.


The man leans back and catches sight of one of the small photo frames on his desk, taken just a couple of weeks ago by his wife after they rescued the man from a university mixer gone wrong.


Yunho sighs as he picks up the photo frame before bending forward to talk to his eight month old baby.

“See this?” He points to the photo.

Changmin gurgles, eyes staring, but he doesn’t move.

“This is you, and this is me.”


“Daddy,” Yunho tries again, pointing to the photo. “Daddy, Minnie-ah. See? You love daddy too, don’t you?”

He looks up as his baby makes a quite whimpering sound. The baby has scrunched up his face, and Yunho knows the boy is about to start some serious howling since Jaejoong hasn’t come running in and unzipping or unbuttoning or just pulling off whatever it is he’s wearing to feed the baby.

The Jung sighs again as he places the photo frame carefully on his desk before reaching down to haul his son into his arms.

Changmin’s whimpers get louder and Yunho stands, hugging his hungry baby to his chest as he sighs in resignation.

“Alright, fine. Mama and milk. Mama and milk are the most important things in your life and your only words and I will be fine with that.” He kisses his son’s damp brow and chubby cheeks as he nuzzles the infant. “It’s ok. Daddy loves you whether you know my name or not. You’ve only got me today though. Mama’s in school.”


“And it’s good to know food comes before me,” Yunho grumbles a little more good-naturedly as he kisses the cute baby as they leave the room. “Come on, your mama left milk for you. Daddy just needs to go get it.”

“Mama!” The baby starts jiggling and wiggling, looking around excitedly when he realizes they’re going somewhere.

“He’s not here, son. It’s just you and me and a bottle of milk.”

Changmin understands perfectly, and he pouts.

Accusatory bambi eyes staring at his father’s dark almond ones as he tries to figure out if the man is hiding his mama. He’s done it before. He wants his mama not a bottle.

Father and son stare at each other.

“Milk?” Changmin tilts his head, bottom lip jutting out as he continues to pout.

Yunho enters the master bedroom and heads to the corner counter where countless bottles have rested. He opens the four bottle warmer and pulls out one, twisting the cover off with his thumb and letting it clatter onto the marble countertop, drawing the baby’s attention.

The little round baby sees the bottle and he starts to struggle, shaking his head insistently as tears start to form.

“Mama! Mama!” he calls out as his father heads to the bed.

“It’s just daddy today, love. And I’m just as sorry as you are that your mama isn’t here.”

“Mama!” Changmin wails as his father deposits him gently on the bed and stretches out next to him. The boy crawls away from his father immediately, looking around the large bed, hoping to find his mama.

But no luck this time.

Yunho tilts the bottle up, opening his mouth and giving the teat a quick suck to make sure the milk is fine.

It’s always fine.

More than fine.

He suddenly finds a grouchy baby crawling on him and trying to grab the bottle of milk.

Changmin’s tone is indignant indeed as he glares at his father for trying to steal his milk.

His father is always trying to steal his milk.


AN: Lol…I have no idea why but I’m laughing so hard right now.
Tags: drabble, fic:sleeping beauty, pairing:yunjae, pg-13
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